tuesday row


row 10 min @ easy pace warm up
Row 2000 m @ 5K race pace
rest same time it took to do 2K
Row 1000 m @ 5K race pace
rest same time it took to do 1K
Row 500 m @ 5K race pace
rest same time it took to do 500m
25 double unders; rest 30 sec
10 wall balls; rest 30 sec
3 times
row 10 min @ easy pace cool down

post notes to comments
work on your stroke and pace
next 3 singles are high power and short duration/moderate power endurance and high power long duration, rest well


Anonymous said...

Hi James

2:10 pace...2k = 8:40

1k = 4:00

500m = 1:47

wall balls and du's = 4:15


Gord said...

wanted a 2:05 pace- kept it around 2:02

2k -8:14
1km -4:02
500m -2:01

DU- straight
wallballs- I have trouble finding a rythm

Sweeney said...

Well, it's good to be back....again. We're moved in and I have no more legitimate excuses so my quest continues to be the fittest dwarf on the planet.

Did this workout outside on my patio.

2000m - 8:30

1000m - 4:10

500 - 2:00

I found it difficult to stay disciplined and maintain a 5k pace. I wanted to pull harder.

DU/Wall Balls - Unbroken

Ryan G. said...

2k @ 1:50-1:55/500m
1k @ 1:50/500m
500m @ 1:45-1:50/500m

First set of DU's straight through. All wall balls straight through.

rwcorson said...

I did the HSPU, PUB, 400m run WOD from Sunday.
HSPUs slowed me down.

Matt said...

Pulled my right rhomboideus major while doing some ring work yesterday. Tight hamstrings and hips were most likely the precurser to this. I've been icing it and taking some ibprofin to try and quench some inflamation. Any tips on how to deal with this besides the obvious need for increased range of motion? Should I try rolling it out after a shower or heat pad? This will be some interesting scaling today so as not to make it worse.

Hixy said...

10 min warm-up: 1700m

2k: 8:02 - almost 2.00/500m
1k: 3:57 - almost 2.00/500m
500m: 1:52

10 min cool-down: Easy SDHP 65# - technique work

Garage Crossfitter said...

2:17 pace for 10min warmup

1:57 pace for 2k

1:55 pace for 1k

1:54 pace for 500m

metcon, easy unbroken

cool down 2:38 pace

goal was 1:58 pace, so I kept it close. The only issue I had with this wod was my forearms were burning, then i started focusing more on leg drive and quick return and that took care of the problem.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Only had an old 5k to go off of, ~2:00 pace.
10' warmup - 2:29' pace
2k - 8:00'
1k - 3:57
500m - 1:57'
DU/WB - good double under practice, improving at that...
10' cooldown - 2:26' pace

Finished w/shoulder and elbow prehab work, then stretching.

PWO: 30p/50c Raw beet & blueberry salad w/tarragon + chicken sausage

swartzap said...

warmup 2:24/500m avg
2k 1:55/500m avg
1k 1:49.1/500m avg
500m 1:45.6/500m avg
cooldown 2:11/500m avg

7830 total meters. That's a first, I'm usually looking for excuses to get out of the boat after 350m.


deejay said...
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deejay said...

warm up - 2484m(201.2/500m pace)
2K - 6:58.5(144.6/500m pace)
1K - 3:28.4(144.2/500m pace)
500m - 144.9
mini WOD - 4:00 no breaks
cool down - 2437m(203.1/500m pace)

based on an 18:20 5K, I think this is definitely possible.

Jefff said...

Have never rowed 5k, so tried a 1:57/500m pace.

Warm-up - 2:14/500m
2k - 1:57/500m
1k - 1:56/500m
500m - 1:57/500m
Cool Down - 2:16/500m

Rows felt good. No problems.

Stumbled on a few DUs on round #1/2. Wall balls straight through.

Brent Maier said...

Welcome back Sweeney!

10 Min Warmup: 2:05 pace
2000m: 7:02 @ 1:45 pace
1000m: 3:27 @ 1:44 pace
500m: 1:37 @ 1:37 pace
DU's/WB: Unbroken
10 Min Warmdown: 2:06 pace

My last documented 2K was 18:45 (Oct '08). That is a 1:52m pace. So, I had the same bug as Sweeney, I found it hard to sit on that when I had a little more gas in the tank. It was nice to have a long workout without a "for time".

PTS said...

1k- 3:59
500- 2:00

metcon was 4:14 missed 2 DU's.

Todd Dyer said...

Row 2000m 8:00:8
row 1000m 4:00:3
row 500m 1:59:08
2 dbu's sets broken

unit said...

warm up - 2529m = 1:58.6 / 500m

2K - 6:51.3 = 1:42.8 / 500m
1K - 3:23.1 = 1:41.6 / 500m
500m - 1:37.6

metcon unbroken... felt relatively quick/strong, considering the recent rowing...

cool down - 2603m = 1:55.3 / 500m

the rowing felt pretty good today... best i have felt in awhile on the rower... goal for 5K is 17:30 (1:45 pace)... last time i rowed a 5K (feb?), time was 18:16 (1:49.6)...


Grant said...

Also no 5k pace so I went at Gord's 2:00 to 2:05 & then increased by :05 for the 1k & 1/2k. Anyway focus was on form. Got some sun out in the back at CFC @~7PM

10min warm-up;2:16/500m 2196m 27s/m

2k; 8:12 2:03/500m 28s/m

1k; 4:00 1:59.8/500m 26s/m

1/2k; 1:54.5 30s/m

DUs straight except for 1 trip on last set. All 20# WBs straight & focused on accuracy.

10minCoolDown;2378m 2:06/500m 26s/m

welcome back Sweeney!

Michael FitzGerald said...

Forgot to post yesterday.
2k - 7:10.5
1k - 3:35.8
500m - 1:47.7
5k pace - 17:59
All rows were damper 6. That felt really good, with a stroke pace of 26/27 @ 1:47-1:48. I could hold that for 5k.