high power/short duration

for time;
30 box jumps - 20"/14"
12 burpees
12 squat clean - 135#/95#
20 box jumps - 20"/14"
9 burpees
9 squat clean - 135#/95#
10 box jumps - 20"/14"
6 burpees
6 squat clean - 135#/95#

post warm up routine, pre and post wod fuel strategy and time to complete to comments
full extension of hips and knees at top of box jumps
chest to deck for burpees, jump and clap at top
full extension of hips at top of clean before lowering weight, ass to grass squat catch


David X said...

Wanted this one under 10 minutes and got it at 9:29.

Had 30g protein and 20g Carbs aftewards.

Anonymous said...

Hi James...

warm up = 1k row 4:00...easy pace

knee still pretty sore...scaled workout....115lbs...and had to pretty much clean and front squat....box jump..a little slow ...kind of landing mostly one one leg...but got through it



Gord said...

warm up
2 min row-stretching/foam roller-pushups-DU-stretching-front squats- jumping shrugs-KB swings-box jumps-strict chins-situps-light to rx weight cleans-burpees-more strectching-OHS

work out specific warm up
5 box jumps- 3 burpees-3 squat cleans - 5 sets with some rest between each set.


time- 7:26

Prefuel - glass of water-multivit- hand full of cashews
post 30g protein/30g carbs/1 scoop of glutamine

Hixy said...

Warm-up: 5 min rowing - 2.30 / 500m. Light cleans to rx weight.

3 rounds:
10 PU
10 Squat jumps


Pre-fuel: 30g whey
Post-fuel: 40g p/ 30g c. 60 mins later PFC meal.

Which warm-up routine would you recommend for this WOD?

Brent Maier said...

Gord, you forgot pinky pullups in your warm up. Good thing hobbits live to be 300+ because that was a hell of a warmup. :)

My new roller will arrive tomorrow!

Scotty Hagnas said...

Warmup: some foam rolling/SMR, full body joint mobility, and dynamic flexibility. Then, some parkour vaulting to ramp up the CNS, followed by a specific warmup for the clean.

WOD: 8:41'

Pre workout 5:40am: light meal-ham (no nitrates), 3 plums, 4 T avocado. 20c/17p/10f Also, fish oil, multi-vit

PWO 9am: Ham, shredded carrot and blueberry salad 35p/40c Also, 2g taurine, vit C, 300mg magnesium

Hixy said...

Scotty, I noticed you consume vit C and magnesium post workout. Is this because the antioxidants are supposed to help repair the muscles? Anyway, I found an article at tmuscle.com - thereby not saying it's correct - that suggests that "antioxidants taken after exercise may increase muscle damage and delay recovery". Here's the link: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_nutrition/the_top_10_post_workout_nutrition_myths

I'd like to hear what you think about it :)

Michael FitzGerald said...

4:44 as rx'd.
Done with Ryan Molle (5:25), fellow OPT'er - junior level hockey player.

unit said...
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unit said...

yesterday's wod [didn't rest... whoops]...

did crossfitfootball's wod for a few day's ago...

on the minute 5 burpees followed by 135lb thursters during the remainder of the minute... time called when finished with the 100th thruster...

time ~ 22:52

this w.o. blew... def kicked my rump after all the rowing the previous day...


will post today's wod later if i can get to the gym... have meetings that might go late after work and gym w/ shitty hours may be closed...

PTS said...

worked a night shift last night. 4.5 hours sleep then a 3 block meal. WOD 1 hr later.

warmup -40 mins-way longer than normal and I felt really good going in. warm-up included leg/arm swings. CFWUx1 , double unders, box jumps, burpees, OHS for a tough triple and then warming up to the Rx'd weight in squat clean.

wod time- 7:59. box jumps and burpees were good squat cleans were a little slow.

PTS said...

post wod- 30g whey protein, 30 grams banana/blueberries

Chad Action Brandt said...

TIME = 7:11
Not at full effort today, warm-up was stopped a few times to help out my clients prep for the ACTION Challegne this weekend.

Roll out tight spots & get up and skip
90/90 Hip Stretch
70/30 One leg "bar resembles spine" dealifts/goodmornings
70/30 Box Calf stretch "bent knee to straight knee"
10 Back roll toe touch "knees by ears roll side to side"
10 Back Extentions
10 GHD Sit-ups
10 Hammy leg swings
10 Hammy "T" Balance floor touch
10 Hip Smashers
8 sec base side to side
8 sec base rotation
6 lateral jump and stick
10 Adduction/Abduction toe touches
Small mix of Burgner warm-up drills
Box Jumps
Hip Smashers
(make small mini WOD to get CNS ready to move)

2 1/2hrs Pre WOD nutrition:
2 tbsp ground beef
1 Pear
1 tbsp Coconut Oil
Few cashews

30min Pre WOD BCAA

Post Nutrition asap
30g Protein
1 Scoop Recovertite

Pantothenic Acid

I'll eat a ZONE Meal 1hr after this
5 Protein
12-15 Fat

Michael FitzGerald said...

Turns out I used the wrong weight, my box was too low and I didn't do push-ups on the burpees but other than that it was as rx'ed.

Pre-workout I ate a some Wendy's and had Aucoin kick me in the junk for a warm-up.

I love Nickleback.

rwcorson said...

Mike forgot to log out!!!

Garage Crossfitter said...


Warmup was CFWU x1 with a 300 m row. Then 10 thrusters, 10 OHS, 10 jerks and push presses with the bar. Then did a bunch of mini rounds with box jumps, burpees, and squat cleans.

The wod today was a smoker for me, garage was 88 degrees and extremely humid, first time in a while that I was gasping for breath. Good test though.

Post PNF stretching, shoulder dislocates. Meal was 1 jarrow whey shake and 1.5oz sausage with 1 cup no sugar added applesauce. 30p, 30c.

Scotty Hagnas said...


The main reason I use the Mg and taurine is to reduce the excitability of the nervous system following a workout with a CNS component. I'll usually add them PWO for O-lifting, or ring strength work.

The jury still seems to be out on the antioxidants and training issue. I didn't have access to the full study he quoted, but I see that it was from the Biochemistry of Aging Laboratory, Center for Exercice Science, College of Human Performance, University of Florida. I'm going to guess that the subjects were likely untrained elderly folk, and it's very dicey to extrapolate the findings from that population to healthy athletes.


This study (on endurance athletes) shows a protective benefit.


This one mentions the difference between trained and untrained subjects relating to this.

It also looks like any antioxidant, in high dose, can become pro-oxidant - whether or not exercise training is involved.

Chad- How long have you been taking the Umbiquinol? Did you notice improved recovery? I just began taking that 2 weeks ago, and my recovery and energy levels have been amazing...it's the only thing I have changed.

While I'm at it, just did as 2nd workout:
A) ring strength sequence x 2: (muscle up to 10" half press to 2" back lever to 2" front lever)twice thru, no rest
B) stall bar support 3 sets of 5 sec. (a brutal pec minor active stretch)
Recovery work

April said...
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Rory Hanlin said...

Pre workout: 3 blocks prot, 3 blocks fat

Dynamic Movement
Planche Pushups (feet on the ground)
Pull ups
Burg Warmup

Work up to 315lb C&J

WOD Time: 5:39

Wanted sub five... damn burpees

Cool Down:
15 strict HSPU

Post Workout:
35p 20c

swartzap said...

Warmup: Had a lot of trouble getting going. Did lots of dynamic mobility (20 mins worth).

Saw Fitzgerald's post earlier and thought it was easy pickings...sadly WOD 5:56. Next time Mike.


Chad Action Brandt said...

Hey Scotty, it's been about 4 months now and I have noticed a big improvement in recovery and DOMS. I have been taking it every other day and after big smasher WODs.

Do you take your Mag mostly during the day or do you take it before bed along with some zinc?

Jefff said...

WOD 8:17 (Did 3 extra burpees in round #3 by accident)

Pre-WOD fuel

B-fast - 2 eggs, 1.5 org chicken sausages, 1.5 Cup cherries, 45 cashews)

Mid AM snack - 60g org chicken breast, 1 plum, 15 cashews, 15 almonds

Lunch (1:00PM) - 120g org chicken breast, 3/4 cup apple sauce, 36 cashews

WOD (4:00PM) - 8:17

Post WOD - 3 scoops Refuel


500m row (1:35)
samson stretching, KB swings, OHS, front squat, box jumps, skipping, power clean, squat clean, burpees, sit-ups, reach & rolls.

Todd Dyer said...

time= 6:36 at cfc with DJ
hardest workout in a long while
lots of legs

Grant said...

I have to pass on this one. My sore throat has come back in a big way. Going to have to take a few days off. Good job Mike, Todd, Gord etc

Brent Maier said...

Time: 7:16

15 minutes stretching
5 minutes on roller
10 back extensions
10 glute ham raises
20 ghd situps
10 minutes of double unders (Sets of 20 seperated by 20 breaths for 10 minutes)
Burgener Warmup
Upper body mobility stretches

2 sets of the WOD with only 3 reps per station.

WOD Notes: First round was blazing fast. I had plans of touch and go squat cleans but that turned into a "drop it from the top approach" after the first 12 burpees. I am pleased with this performance today. Back in October '08, I would have been in the 10-12 minute range. Full squats used to destroy me in metcons.

Post: 1 Scoop Recoverite, 1.5 scoops protein.
Post Meal: Grilling some alaskan Salmon a friend brought down for me as the main dish. Mmm

I'm learning a lot from reading everyones warmup routines and how they are supplementing. Thanks!

Matt said...

Warmup involved some moderate rowing and light stretching. Worked on pose running for about 10 minutes.

This wod destroyed me. Probably needed more warm up. Burpees and cleans really slowed me down. Was a little aprehensive with my back still hurting from Monday, but just humbled from looking at all the times posted. Got a ways to go.

post: had 1 scoop protien with fruit. Rolled out legs and hips.

Ali Jansen said...

Very pleased as I've been having Migraine issues again so have been taking it REAL easy and getting REAL frustrated. Was a little afraid to start the workout but thought I'd give 'er a go.
Warm-up was iffy but once I got into it things were all good...not even a sniff of a potential oncoming migraine. WHOOOOOO! :)

bLing said...

recoverite and refuel? what is the brand name and where do i get it?

has anyone tried brendan brazier's vega sport optimizer? you drink it before a workout, i thought it gave me a ton of energy, but i've only tried it twice...


Jefff said...

bLing -

I get Refuel at OPT in Calgary. I'm not 100% sure, but I think thats the only place you can buy it. He can tell you more about it than I can.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Hi Chad-

I take the mag post workout (not always, though) and in the evening. Sometimes, I'll use topical magnesium pm. Zinc, methylated B-vitamins at night also.

How much of the Umbiquinol are you taking?

deejay said...

4:28 as rx'd
too tired to post warm up and fueling strategies.

Lauren said...


did this wod at noon, when i normally wod in the early morning hours. energy was good and wondering if its because i had a meal in me before .

post 1 scoop refuel

then chicken broccoli apple and mac nuts approx. 1 hour later

Sweeney said...

Pre: 400m row; practice triple unders, 3x10 - sit-ups, squats, push ups, rolled out the t-bands, glutes and lats. Several rounds of 3reps of the wod gradually working up to the posted weight.

WOD: 7:23

Post WOD: Wheelbarrowed a few m3 of concrete (they're pouring my RV pad today) cursed a few times with the boys...

2 scoops refuel, 1 scoop whey protein.

1 hr later: 4 eggs fried in coconut oil, 2 toast w/mac/cashew nut butter, 1 apple.

CDunkin said...

pre: BCAA's, and water
warmup: ghd su's, be's, joint mobility, dislocates, clean and jerk up to 235.

wod: 5:45

handstand hold

post wod: whey/coconut water, 40g/30g

Kathleen said...

Missed the sequence. Sunday June 28 did 1 of 3. 9:00 mins

Have not tried the "optimizer" Brazier product. Have used "Vega" product which is no gluten, soy or dairy.

New hemp product out:
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein - Hemp Pro 70
First water soluable hemp protein concentrate made without the use of Hexane [used often with soy and protein isolates]
Made in Canada, eh!

Mike C said...

Catalyst Athletics Warmup.

WOD: 8:09