Wed, June 17th, 2009

Dead Lift - 3,3,3 - 90%
Max Ring Dips - 3 attempts; rest as needed b/t sets
as many rounds in 15 minutes;
135# Dead Lift x 10 reps
10 ring dips

post loads, reps and rounds to comments
single on Thursday, double on Friday and triple on Sunday


Gord said...

DL X 3 reps-306,316,326- happy with this. Deadlift normally suffers early in the AM. Last Am DL I only got 316 for tough single.

Ring Dips 19,15,12 -2min b/w sets

Metcon- 16 rounds + 1 DL

Gman said...

275, 308, 308
13 rounds + 5 DL
Dips very sore on shoulder

Gman said...

max dips
12, 10, 10

Michael FitzGerald said...

My Hammies are crying uncle already..

Brent Maier said...

The 75 hammies in this cycle had zero affect on me... FINALLY. The cycle of 50 7 days before that tore me up BAD for a good 6 days. It made stretching during that period next to impossible.

Coach, brilliant WOD's the last few cycles. Most of my greatest weaknesses have been targeted and I'm loving it!

I need a POSE class very badly. If I can learn to drive more efficiently through the runs while gassed, that is the other half of my battle.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Deadlift 315x3; 325x3x3 (hadn't maxed in a while; feeling it out)
Ring dips x22x19x15
AMRAP: 10 rounds + 10 DL,2 R.dips
Shoulders smoked and really slowed this one down...

Geoff and Brent - glad you guys like the pumpkin cookies! I hadn't made them in a while until last week. I didn't snack on any while making them, then I took them to a barbecue. I ended up only getting crumbs...

PWO: grape juice, 15g BCAA, whey
60c/40p I wouldn't normally have used liquid PWO for this one, but I got jammed for time before a meeting and had to use this route. Later, a "peaches and cream omelet" (upcoming recipe)

David X said...

Welcome aboard Scotty! I've tried a bunch of your recipes in the past and I can't wait to try these pumpkin cookies!

Ali Jansen said...

Part 1: 185/195/200
Part 2: 10/10/11
No rings so I just did strict dips - very pleased as I didn't think I'd do that well
Part 3: 7 rounds (used band assisted dips after first round)

Garage Crossfitter said...

DL- 295,305,305

Not a good day. Re-group for tomorrow

PTS said...

DL- 325, 355, 365
dips- 17,17,17
AMRAP 12 rds + 10 DL's + 6 dips
dips were killer, deads were easy and all unbroken

had a first time cross fitter join me today in my garage. he did 8 rds with a 95lb deadlift.

Lauren said...

DL- 275, 275, 275
Dips- 3, then did assisted off a box for 10 and 10- need to work on the kip dip

AMRAP- 10 rounds with jumping and slow neg dips.

swartzap said...

DL - 392, 392, 392

Amrap - 11 + 10 Deadlifts + 6 dips

Didn't have time for the max dips


April said...
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April said...
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Rory Hanlin said...

DL: 485x3 505x3 505x3

Couldn't get to 90% of 1RM (517) on the account of I didn't have enough room for the weight on the barbell. But, still felt good.

Ring Dips: 28, 21, 16

Strict, no kip dips

14 rds +2 ring dips

kipped the rings dips on the metcon

David X said...

DL: 315/320/325
RDips: 19,16,10 (slipped off rings)
Metcon: 10 rds, 10 DLs, 9 dips. Kipping like a mofo the whole time. Deads were very easy.

Michael FitzGerald said...

DL - 330/350/350
Ring Dip - 20/20/16
Rds = 12 rds + 10 dl

Anonymous said...

Hi James

D/L =345/365/365

No Rings...just did regular strict dips


11 rounds


Evan said...

Ring Dips: 16/13/9
AMRAP: 11 Rds + 10 dls, 1 ring dip
DLs seemed easy, dips were the opposite

Jefff said...

Deadlift - 3/373,3/383,3/393
Ring Dips - 14, 11, 10,

Metcon - 8 Rounds (Damn ring dips)

deejay said...

deadlift - 405/425/435
amrap - 17/19/14
metcon - 9 rounds + 4 ring dips.

Brent Maier said...

DL: 140/160/175kg (385#)
RD: 25/20/20
Metcon: 13 rounds even

RD Notes: I've never been able to do 20+ 3 times in a row. Getting better.

Metcon Notes: DL were a breeze in the park. Kept them close and kept full piston like movement every round. No burn buildup in lower back. The first 2 rounds of ring dips were unbroken. 5's and 3's up till 7. 2's and 1's with 3 quick breaths between each single. I lost two pounds of skin just outside the crook of my arm and another pound of oozing fluid out of both arms.

unit said...

405 / 405 / 435

32 / 28 / 26

21 rounds + 5 DL


deejay said...
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deejay said...

unit, you are not human...

Kathleen said...

DL: 230; 235; 245 [last rd at 90%]
RD: 9 9 8 [with 4.5 mins btwn]

Rds: 4 +6 RD except for Rd 1 all the RD were singles; DL straight

Grant said...

DL: 352 (which is 15% off 415# but wasn't feeling 100% tonight)

RD: 22 22 18 [~4 mins btwn]

Rds: 10

sore throat today. Didn't push it. Another day...

Steve said...

- Dead, 271x3, 311x3, 321x3

Subbed 25lbs Dips for rings:
- 20, 16, 17

9 Rounds *Regular Dips not rings.

CDunkin said...

Fitting these in whenever I can.

DL's: 405/435/455
strict ring dips: 26,21,20

WOD: 15rds+10dl's/9dips (plenty-o-kips)

BWT: 215