moderate power endurance

3 rounds for total reps;
45 sec "cousins" - 20#/14#
15 sec rest
45 sec R arm KB turkish get up - 1.5pd/1pd
15 sec rest
45 sec prisoner back extensions
15 sec rest
45 sec L arm KB turkish get up - 1.5pd/1pd
15 sec rest
45 sec triple unders
15 sec rest

post total reps completed to comments
cousins = med ball touching floor overhead lying on your back under wall ball area, sit up with momentum carrying yourself into a squat position with med ball in front rack, and from here throw 10 ft to wall ball marker, catch ball in a full squat and in doing so fall backwards into lying with ball overhead, repeat sequence
TGU - starts on back, reps end on back, no 1/2 reps
BE's - hands interlocked behind head and elbows out wide at all times
TU's - if rope does not pass through 3 times, its a double and DOES NOT count

post wod fuel - male:
above 12% - 30g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 30g prot/35g carb
below 8% - 30g prot/50g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 20 g prot/20 g carb
12-14% - 20 g prot/35 g carb
below 12% - 20 g prot/50 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


Anonymous said...

What exactly is a prisoner back extensions? I don't know if I have ever done one.

deejay said...

keep reading

Gord said...

ra turkish-1,1,1 (used 1pd--enter joke here)
la turkish -1,1,1

First time doing turkish getups--tough movement.
TU- felt like I was learning DU again. frustrating

Geoff Aucoin said...

Those cousins look scary!

Team CFC WOD at 6:30 this morning.
2 min Row Cals/2 off/2 min Wall Ball/2 off/90s Ring Push-Up/90 off/90s Power Clean #135/90 off/60s doubles/60 off/60s PUB/60 off/30s BJ 20"/30 off/30s sit-ups


Good to have the team together again!

My word is 'lucks', hopefully I won't need it.

Sweeney said...


You mentioned yesterday you are suffering from migraines. Do you see Jeoff Drobot? If not, give him a try. My wife was getting nasty headaches several times/month and they would sometimes last 3-4 days!! She paid a visit to Drobot and he straightened things out for her in a big way. You may want to discuss with James first, but Monette sings the praises for what Drobot did for her.

Garage Crossfitter said...

cousins- 8,7,8
getup R- 2,2,2
prisoners- 28,28,28
getup L- 2,2,2
Triples- 3,3,0

great wod, new movements which i liked, triples were tough, i clipped the front of my shoes on most of them which was frustrating. the prisoners really made my back tight. getups were a great challenge, i like this movement because it forces me to keep the weight locked out which is a weakness for me. cousins were cool, nothing too hard.

rwcorson said...

Same WOD as Geoff this am.
54/46/37/15/71/20/25/25-293 total
G got me by 4 reps, arrrgghhh!

bso said...

Needed something different today and this fit the bill. Very fun workout! Just doing it to burn off some frustration so didn't count reps... but I've been waiting to do triple unders in a wod for a long time.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Fun WOD, cool to do some different movements.

Joint mobility, dynamic flex work with a band. Two light warmup rounds of 2-5 reps each.

Cousins 10/10/10
TGU R 2/2/2
Prisoner BE 20/20/20
TGU L 2/2/3
T unders = 0/0/0

R shoulder stronger, but less stable. Really notice it on TGUs. Got more double unders than usual, but no triples.

PWO: 30p/50c Hodgepodge of stuff: chicken with applesauce and allspice, carrots, plums.

Now, time to clean the gym for the Robb Wolf cert this weekend...

Todd Dyer said...

cousins 10, 8, 7
r arm tgu 5, 5, 5
prisoner 20,19,20
L arm tgu 5, 4, 3
triple u's 2, 4, 1
total reps 118
tough but interesting to try some new stuff

Garage Crossfitter said...


Michael FitzGerald said...
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Michael FitzGerald said...

C's = 31
RaTGU = 10
BE's = 100
LaTGU = 5
TU's = 14
Total = 160
Took it easy on the BE's - just testing the LB.

Michael FitzGerald said...

Geoff, I will leave my account open for a little while longer encase you swing buy OPT.

Ali Jansen said...

Thanks for the info Sweeney. My sister-in-law also saw Jeoff for her migraines and it worked wonders for her too. I went a whole year without one...until earlier this week., I'm trying to convince myself it was a fluke. If they persist, I will be checking him out for sure!

PTS said...

first time for all movements
cousins - 8/4/6
rarm- 2/2/0
be 19/19/19
larm 3/1/1
tu's 0/0/2

low back was super sore before workout.
won't be abld to workout tomorrow will hit it on sunday along with a soccer game.

Sweeney said...

Cousins: 9/7/7 = 23
RTG: 3/3/3 = 9
BE: 28/24/28 = 77
LTG: 3/3/3 = 9
TU: 10/7/7 = 24

Total: 142

Thanks Laura for counting.

That one felt good.

Ali Jansen said...

Cousins: 10/9/10
R Arm: 5/3/3
BE: 31/32/32
L Arm: 5/4/4
TU: not a damn one...:o)
Total: 148
*First time doing all movements.*

unit said...

warm up - yesterdays wod ~ 6:10

C - 26
RTGU - 6
PBE - 105
LTGU - 6
TU - 16

Total ~ 159

~ gm2

Jefff said...

Cousins - 8,9,8
RATGU- 2,2,2
**BE-28,37,39 (Did "Superman" style as GHD has still not arrived)
TU - Zero, zippo,zilch

Brittany said...

Cousins 11/8/8 = 27
RATGU 5/3/3 = 11
PBE 35/33/32 = 100
LATGU 4/3/3 = 10
TU 7/4/7 = 18

Total = 166

deejay said...

cousins - 13/10/8 (31)
RATG - 6/4/4 (14)
PBE - 32/30/30 (92)
LATG - 6/4/4 (14)
TU - 9/8/7 (24)

total = 175

Rory Hanlin said...

Only did two rounds. Family is here and is priority.

Total: 96

Warmed up with some Back lever/front lever work

Bad news...

The Army is not letting me go to the CF games. I'm in the Army SF Qual course and cannot get the time off.

I'm seriously bummed that I will not get to meet Coach, Mike, DJ and the OPT crew and compete with the best. There is always next year...

Chad Action Brandt said...

Cousins: 10/9/8 = 27
RTG: 5/4/4 = 13
BE: 40/41/40 = 121
LTG: 4/3/3 = 10
TU: 7/6/6 = 19

Total: 190

Fun WOD. My gym was friggen hot today, sweat like crazy. Love it!

Rory that sucks brother. You will have to make a trip up to Cow Town and train with the Big Dawgs!

deejay said...

Rory, that is too bad man... I'm sure we'll see you next year

Brent Maier said...

Been a long day and don't have time to get this one done tonight. I'll manage my time tomorrow so that I get both of the workouts done.

Sorry to hear about that Rory, was looking forward to seeing you out there. We'll see you next year!

Lauren said...

Cousins 13/12/10 = 35
RATGU 2/2/2 = 6
PBE 37/33/30 = 100
LATGU 2/2/3 = 7
TU 2/1/0 = 3

toal- 151

had to sub DB for KB on TG

Matt said...

cousins: 10,8,8
Ratgu: 4,3,4
PBS: 28,25,24
latgu: 4,3,4
tu: 0,1,2

total: 128

tuff wod, think I was focused to much on stability on my tgu's instead of picking up my speed. Triple unders were a joke, basically a jump swing land in full squat.

Matt said...

My brother Michael

cousins: 5,4,6
ratgu: 3,3,2
pbe: 23,24,23
latgu: 2,2,2
tu: 0,0,0

total: 99

Mike C said...

Cousins: 7,9,10
Right TGU: 3,3,4
BE: 17,21,20
Left TGU: 2,2,3
Trip Un: 3,2,0(those are frustrating)