OPT "3"

Front Squat 3RM
Snatch 2RM
1 set - Max Reps - Chest to Bar Pull Ups

combine load for highest 3 in front squat, highest 2 in snatch and max rep pull ups in your one and only set; that is your score; take as many sets as needed to get squat 3RM and snatch 2RM
(i.e. 255+145+50=450 as your OPT "3")

post wod fuel - male:
above 12% - 40g prot/0g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/20g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/40g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30 g prot/0 g carb
12-14% - 30 g prot/15 g carb
below 12% - 30 g prot/30 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


Garage Crossfitter said...


priceless....i laughed pretty hard while watching this eating breakfast this morning.


Gord said...

Front Sq 202.5 X 3 ( previous 1 rep max is 205)

CTB Chins- 22

Snatch only worked up to 75 and had to cut it short due to 7 am meeting.

Jefff said...

Do they have a "Think & Get a Heavier Back Squat"?

I need that one.

Hixy said...

3RM FS: 85 kg, ~190
2RM Snatch: 52,5 kg, ~117. Felt easy. Previous 1RM: 50 kg.
CTB pull-ups: 9.

Total: 190+117+9=316

Garage Crossfitter said...

Jeff- I am going to see if it works with my Front Squat today, I havent moved off the couch since 5am this morning just thinking about squating more and listening to the CD i purchased off of thinkandlose.com

rwcorson said...

Snatch Balance to 155# PB
Snatch to 130# and failed @ 140# 3X, packed it in. 150 is PR in snatch, so a bit disappointed.

Garage Crossfitter said...

front squat x3 235
snatch x2 155 (split snatch)
CTB pullups 32


Scotty Hagnas said...

Front squat 205 x 3, just failed @225. Probably would have had 215-220, but time limited today so I had to move on.
Snatch 125x2 Little rusty on these, always a weak point.
C to B chins: 16 Another weak point.
Total: 346
PWO: 40c/40p mackerel, sweet potato, and fresh blackberries

Michael FitzGerald said...
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Michael FitzGerald said...

Had some fire today..so a good choice of WOD's.
FS - 261(3) PB, was about 95% effort
PS - 133.5(2) PB, getting comfortable with uncomfortable... finally
C2B's - 24 tough reps
MU practice
3,2,1 rep rds for fun:
111# Power Snatch
MU's - unbroken
A little walk to clear my head, and focus on what is important.

PTS said...

gonna be skipping this one. 4 softball games on saturday in addition to the power/enduracne WOd and a 90 minute soccer game at full intensity has left me wrecked. I feel like the rest day would do me more good than a training day.

Todd Dyer said...

225 + 135 + 19 = 379
weak snatch today and pull ups were off

David X said...

Front Squat: 230
Snatch: 145
C2B: 7

240 was my 1RM for my front squat and I almost made it my 3RM, however I was losing control of teh bar on the third set and bailed.

155 was my 1RM for snatch and this weight seemed to be a little to heavy to manage the 2 reps.

Burnt and toasted at this point. I was too ficused on breaking my PRs that I had nothing left for the C2Bs.

Rory Hanlin said...

Front Squat- 315
90% of PR and a weak effort. Squatting in my garage is a logistical nightmare. The bar fell off my make shift stands twice (fully loaded). I called it after the second time.

Snatch- 225


Total: 570

This past weekend was a smoker. CF competition was who could lift the most total poundage in 5 min in the DL, you picked the weight. I came in third with 19+ thousand pounds of work. (135lbs 144 reps)
Winner was 25k pounds of work. (275lbs, 94 reps Yikes!)

Rory Hanlin said...

I forgot to mention, I learned the catapult technique this weekend from a real Oly weightlifting coach. All my experience prior to this was self taught. Its a much more powerful movement than the traditional triple extension, surprisingly.

The 225 for two was probably the easiest its been since last December, when I was Oly lifting consistently.
I'm looking forward to really refining the movement.

Evan said...

230 + 100 + 12 = 342

Did 3RM front squats yesterday @ CFRegina and maxed out at 225. Somehow found another 5 pounds today.
Snatch is a terribly hard movement for me, anything overhead is really. Plus dealing with 9, yes 9, tears on my hands from friday's wod in regina, made it even more difficult.
Really think I couldve done more CTBs but hands just could not take it.

swartzap said...

Front squats 275lbs
snatches 185 lbs
pullups 30
total 490


Chad Action Brandt said...

FSQ 215#
Snatches 145#
C2B Pull-ups 27

Rob Ottesen said...

Did the WOD from Friday. i am new to this site a friends of OPT turned me onto this Rory Hanlin i am in the army with him. i just wanted to do and introductory post. love this site love the variety and intensity. looking forward to future workouts.

Jefff said...

Front Squat - 3/225#
Snatch - 2/125#
Pull-up - *28

* Did chin break vertical plane rather than chest 2 bar. Chins felt brutal today.

Steve said...

Front Squat - 220#
Snatch - 135#
Pull ups - 40

Total - 395

deejay said...

FS - 308# x 3 (got 328# for 2)
Snatch - 210# x 2 (got 222# for a single a couple of times but couldn't get the double)
C2B PU's - 25 (felt good)

Total - 308+210+25 = 543

I definitely rush this WOD but I am pretty happy with the number considering...

Brent Maier said...
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Brent Maier said...


Front Squat x3: 130kg (286lbs)
Snatch x2: 75kg (165lbs)
Pullups: 45 (chin to bars)
Total: 496 w/chin to bars

FS Notes: Last front squat x3 was 100kg (220lbs) back on Aug 22, 2007. Last front squat x1 PR was 127.5kg (280.5lbs). The fact I did it 3 times today is great. ALMOST lost it breaking through the sticking point on rep 3 of the last set.

Snatch Notes: Single PR is 80kg. Not what it should but I need to work with heavier weight on a regular basis to keep reenforcing to squat more at the heavier weights. I think I could have pulled in 80kg today but my 3rd pull sucked today and discouraged it.

PU's: Still have that damn strain?!, something, going on in the lat/shoulder blade area on the transition down from where the chest hits the bar. Felt it on pull 2, so I stopped... Transitioned to chin over bar which is ok and hammered out 45 of those babies. I typically do a wide grip on my pullups but the next go around of Chest 2 bars I'm going to try narrowing the grip to see if it gets rid of that odd strain.

Matt said...

FS: 305 (maybe could have done more but back was starting to give way on rep 2 and 3 with 305. pretty happy with this, felt strong back was very solid, only gave a little as fatigue set in)

Snatch: only managed 185 (I've done 210 for a power snatch before so I was pretty disappointed with this. movement felt unfamiliar again as I haven't much oly lifting for a little over a month.) catapult technique sounds interesting, especially since the triple extension seems to look it effectiveness once fatigue sets in and you've lost that speed.

C2B PU's: 26 (these felt really good, maybe could have done more, but grip was giving and arms were smoked. rhythm felt great on these.)

Total: 305+185+26=516

def need to practice oly on the side, probably start incorporating burgner warm up now.

brother Michael
FS: 280 (3)
Snatch: 185 (2)
C2B PU's: 12 (not too bad for a 250lb man)

Matt said...

brother Michael Total: 280+185+12=477

Kathleen said...

FS = 140#
65X10; 65X10; 75X3; 85X3; 95X3; 105X3; 115X3; 125X3; 135X3; 140X3; 145X1
S = 74.5# - the movement sucked - became a wide-gripped push press
Used 22# bar [narrower grip] and added wt. Burgener Warm-up: 22's; 42's; 52's; 62's. Technique seriously departs once I get out of the 60's - grrr!
C2B = 14 consecutive singles

Grant said...

@ CFC @ 7:00PM
FS 250#x3 (prev 1RM PB @ 250#

2 Sn @ 125# (ran out time & space with CFC class)

30 CTB CUs

Steve said...

Front Squat - 231x3 PB
Squat Snatch - 141x2 PB
CTB - 20

Total - 392

Lauren said...

FS- 195 x 3 (new PB!)

Snatch- worked up to 85 x 2 but was unable to catch it. Not sure if I was smoked from the FS.

CTB- 10...

total- 290

Brittany said...

FS- 145

Snatch- 88lbs x 2
93 failed on second rep

CTB CU- 5 in a row unbroken: that is a first for doing more than one at a time.

PTS said...

PS- 145x2
CTB -18 hands facing