day 10/45

"toes forward, like you're sitting in a chair, stay tall, ensure knees do not go forward and NEVER go below parallel"


part 1:
on a 2 minute timer sprint run 400m and immediately perform AMRAP chin ups with the time you have left in the 2 minutes; rest 3 min, repeat 5 times

rest 8+ hours

part 2:
25 reps for time;
80/55 kg squat clean and jerk

chin ups - chin must break vertical plane; record all of reps completed
C&J - hip crease below knee cap in catch; you must jerk the weight overhead; pressing, thrusting, push pressing not allowed

post total chin ups reps and time for c&j to comments (i.e. 120 + 7:30)


unit said...

bump that!... get that ass 2 grass!...

Lisa M said...

calf is good knee/hip/leg bad so no running for me damn it ... looks like i will have to sub rowing which is going to seriously hurt i am already thinking about pukie from those 300's

Lisa M said...

OPT (or anyone)

quick question for WOD 2 that weight is close to my 1RM of 130 should i still attempt the 25 reps at that weight and obviously take longer or should i lower the weight - I am not sure which would be more beneficial any suggestions would be great.

Martin Altemark said...

"for example 7:30". Yeah...

Only had time for one workout today and choose the second one since it was a long time since I actually did C&J. 80kg is 108% of bodyweight and more importantly 89% of 1RM in C&J... But went with it anyways, not caring about the clock too much.

25x80kg C&J: 24:24

Pretty freaking happy that I managed to do it at all.

Pfeifdog said...

Part A
It's poring in Central Illinois so I
Subed rowing .3 miles on a stamina 1400 air-dyne rower


post WOD 20g isopure whey and apple

Paul Klein said...

5:00am Part 1

13, 15, 15, 11, 13

67 pull ups total.

I just can't get warmed up this early in the morning.

I am not looking forward to 185lb clean and jerks tonight.

PTS said...

part 1
25-16-17-17-17 = 92 total.
runs felt good today. 100 was there with a bit more mental toughness. I really liked this wod. comfortable with uncomfortable.

Slater Coe said...

OPT... I would love it if you guys could make the blog mobile-friendly...

Rob Ottesen said...

you gotta have a full web browser. i have a crackberry storm and i often post my comments from it. just depends of what type of phone you have..

i am going to have to do this in reverse since i have to travel all the way on post just to get to a gym. those CJ are going to suck.

Joel B. said...

Part 1:
15-14-15-14-13: 71 total
Did an extra PU on the last 2 rounds, but didn't count due to being over time.

I am also interested if it would be better to grind it out on the C&J (rx'd is about 90% of my 1RM) or to scale back the weight to....70%? 80%? Or just something I can do in a certain time frame?

Chris Dunkin said...

Part 1: 18,13,15,14,17= 77

pwo: 4 scoops refuel

Wes hendricks said...

I am freaking psyched for the clean & jerks later!

Gord said...

Part 1- 18/20/18/18/17= 91

Ran on a tredmill at OPT due to crap weather outside (ice and snow) so my runs were faster today than if I did it outside.
Warmed up with a different kips (butterfly, frog kick, and traditional). Started each set with butterfly and when I got tired switched to frog kick and then traditional.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Part II

*did 27 reps, 2 reps were questionable*

disappointed with this time. I compared my notes to the last time i did 30 reps CJ with 155lb at 6:45. So today it took me 2x as long and i moved less weight? i felt good, cardio was not an issue.

Notes: -The more efficient my squat clean was, the better my jerk was
- SPEED on the jerk was key
-the more fatigued i got, the better my form was and the stronger I felt...

I want this workout again in a few months...sub 10:00

No part I today, no time, leaving for Toronto for level 1 cert....WHOOF dawgs...i'll be wearing my OPT hoodie all weekend...

Garage Crossfitter said...

Less weight, i met...4650 lbs compared to 4375 lbs

Rory Hanlin said...

Part 1:
Total: 73

Dropped off a cliff after round 1.

Evan Johnston said...

Done on a treadmill and on one of those pu bars on your doorframe so about 90% strict pu's. Not the way i wanted to do it but limited to equipment today.

Part I
15,17,13,12,12= 71

deejay said...

My running is bad, but when I get tired It's scary. With that being said, my goal today was to be consistent with my running, which meant I wanted to focus on form, which ment slowing down. I was happy with the results. I didn't gas as hard as I normally do, and my numbers were decent.

now I will make up time tonight....

David X said...

That chick definately does not do CrossFit--she's way too happy workingout! Where's teh puke bucket???

deejay said...

Oh and Gord, I sucked it up and did the running outside... -20 with the wind chill... But I did it at CFC instead of on the bobsleigh track at OPT...

joey warren said...

part 1:
total: 104

26, 23, 17, 19, 19

Scotty Hagnas said...

AM: 7:45am
First run felt great, after that the bear was on my back.
PWO: 35p/30c refuel, whey, BCAA

Aaron said...

Is a split jerk acceptable? I assume it is, but since you went out of your way to list a bunch of unacceptable subs for a jerk, I wanted to make sure.

johnj said...

All this time my trainers have been teaching me the wrong way to do least air squats won't hurt that bad anymore since i don't have to break parallel...on a serious note anyone know where i could find some good info on proper squat technique so the next time i come across someone who wants to argue against breaking parallel and knees tracking over toes i know what to say?

Erik Luber said...

PUs: 13, 16, 17, 18, 15
Total: 79

It is winter in Edmonton, no more running outside for me. Had to do this on the dreadmill. Besides first 2 rounds treadmill was at max speed, would have liked to go faster. Transition was a bitch, took at least 15 seconds. Would like to do this one again, 100 is definitely possible.

Gord said...

DJ--I get cold just thinking about you running outside. screw that. I am delicate and fragile.

I will start part B 1 hr before you and maybe we can finish at the same time. My best squat clean is 176 so this should be interesting.

Lisa M said...

Slater Coe

you need an iphone dude then you can view, post etc from anywhere plus you have your music with you it totally rocks.

Again anyone have advise for the CJ the weight is 90% of my 1RM I am not sure if it would be better to scale the weight down a bit or if James has a reason for the weight being high and we are meant to just slug it out Anyone...

KSC said...

AM)12/10/12/15/15 = 64

Ryan B. said...

Part 1

69 pullups (assisted with slight jump) runs between 1:17-1:19

6.5 Hours rest...part 2 to follow

Ryan B.

Pfeifalife said...

Rowed to .3 miles insubstatution of the run do to 36 hrs and counting of continuous rain. Used ATS 1400 Air Rower.

Row time/pullups
1:11/17 (hand tore 4 in, if not for that I feel I could have matched 20)

Breaking vert plane def changed and challenged. Had to do frogger and what ended up feeling like a frogger/butterfly hybrid. This one was def tuff as hell. FML after rd 2. Pumped for evening wod, but sure that will changed about 3 mins in. 

If anyone can butterfly Kip while breaking the bars vert plane, could you please video and post it as I'm interested in seeing it done? Almost seems counter productive in my mind as to literally get chin over bar and then out of the way during the then forward and down portion of the b-Kip. Probably just need to see it a few times for it to click.

YoungManRumble said...

Surrey and I had the 400m measured out to right under the pull up bar. It is 12 degrees in Vacouver so perfect temp to do this WOD.

1st - 14 (came out way too slow)
2nd - 19
3rd - 19
4th - 18
5th - 19

TOTAL - 89 pleased with this.

Finally feel like I'm getting my "wind" back.

Looking forward to part 2.

Big Dawgs - 80KG is 176.4lbs and Dawgettes - 55kg is 121lbs

Surrey Sterling said...

Last run two runs I was completely gassed. Rumble had a 5 pull-up lead on the last round. I was so Sllloowww.

16-20-18-17-14= 85

Lauren said...

400m done at talis, so it really ended up being about 320m on the track, down a flight of stairs and across a gym.

11, 10, 10, 9, 10 = 50

Wes hendricks said...

Went to home depot and got a measuring wheel for this one. Did 200 meters then turned around. First 400 I did in 1:09, and that might have been a little fast. So every other 400 I would make it back right before 1:30, take a deep breath and start banging out pull-ups until I heard the beep.

1. 26
2. 20
3. 20
4. 18
5. 19

Total = 103 (Chest-to-bar)

Sweeney said...

Lisa M,

I would say slug it out at the RX'd weight.

It's meant to be heavy and you will have shitloads of confidence once you finish it.

Good luck!!

Lisa M said...

HOLY CRAP that was a whole lot of suck!!! Felt like the damn 300 workout from the other day glad i did this one on empty stomach. Had to sub rowing for run due to bum leg. Couldn't finsh that 400m in less than 1:30 by the time I unstrapped and got to the bar only had about 20 secs plus my arms were baked from the row even though i concentrated really hard on the push with my legs to save the arms. Rows actually felt way better than the other day...

Pus - 10,9,9,9,10 = 47 not a great score but i actually feel good about how i felt during this i sense improvement yipee

I kind of figured as much Sweeney based on how heavy the guys weight was too and that many of you were saying it was heavy. Should be fun just might take a couple of hours - haa haa Thanks for the advice

Gord said...

Hi guys, I just thought I'd let you all know I really really miss my wife and if anyone out there knows where I left my red and white striped tie please let me know.

I'm gonna go watch 'Scrubs' and cry now.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Lisa, that's a tough call. Knowing you a little better I'd say you might be able to do this as rx'd (as long as you warm-up really well and are comfortable with that weight) or you could taper it back (that takes more courage and common sense sometimes) and make it into a heavy metcon. If it's too heavy you'll be at it all day and putting yourself at risk...

Play smart!

Ryan B. said...

long day...not enough rest... busy day...lots to work on ahah

Part 2

subbed 155lbs


did 3 extra reps

rwcorson said...

I've been fighting off a cold since Monday & t finally beat me. Felt like crap last night p, but a bit better today.
The Oly lifting seminar starts tommorrow, so i'm going to rest up today and are how I feel tomorrow.

Joel B. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
md said...

Part 1 -
17, 15, 14, 14, 13, 14 = 87
Run was good but i stink at pullups, still working on them.

Part 2 -
180 is my 1 rm so i scaled down to 165 - 12:17

Mike Molloy said...

Wes, I knew you'd crush this first workout.

As for myself, it went:

Not too shabby. The bruised, but hopefully not broken, ribs were nagging a little bit on the pull ups but nothing to be overly concerned with.

Sweeney said...

Ahhh Gord, aka "Aucoin"....that's some funny sh*t right there.

Chad Action Brandt said...

Lethbridge is a Windy Ice-Rink outside. I tried a warm-up run and looked like a novice learning how to skate; so I used the rower.
400m Sprint Row, AMRAP Pull-ups
14,13,15,12,12 = 66

Get better Rob'O
Leighanne has the Poster cash I owe you. thanks again

Greg Soneff said...

Had to do both WODs with only about an hour break in between.

WOD 1: 23/22/20/19/21 = 105 reps

WOD 2: 17:15 (75kg) I started with 80kg but found myself pressing out the jerks on too many reps and given that my shoulder is just starting to feel strong again, I took a short rest, knocked off 5kg and went at it again with much better technique

All in all felt strong today. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Gord said...

that's twice I have fallen victim to Aucoin. But I got a good Laugh also. Geoff your an A -hole

Joel B. said...

Scaled to 155--80% of my last 1RM--about 7 hrs after part 1.

Really torn on whether to scale this back or slug it out. In my cf life past I have pretty much tried to go rx'd if at all possible--time be damned...tried this approach this time. It isn't like this is a stellar time or anything, so maybe I should have just gone rx'd?

PTS said...

part 2- 17:20.
the better the form on the lifts, the easier and they were. cardio was fine just need to get stronger.

off to work for 12 hours, then tomorrow's doubles.

part 1 was 92 reps.

Justin Flynn said...

Part 1. 27,23,20,18,20 Total= 108

Awesome WOD I scored alot higher than I thought. I am pleased with this especially at my size (205#)

Looking forward to tonight.

Chris Dunkin said...

Part 2: 6:03

77 + 6:03

Geoff Aucoin said...

It's windy in Lethbridge? Naw!

Gord; it's you're, as in 'you are' an A-hole.

Rory Hanlin said...

Part 2, used 175



April Hanlin said...

Part 1

Ran 200 instead. My 400s would have been 2 min...

1. 7
2. 8
3. 11 (tore open my hand)
4. switched to jumping pull ups- 22
5. 40

Tomorrow Aubrey Rose will be 12 weeks old!

Rory and Rob, thanks for running with me up the hill!

Lauren said...

Part two used 120# - 9:30

now off Vernon!!

Rob Ottesen said...

Made it over to the Anvil today. I did part one on a track on base but came over here for Part 2.

April no problem...ignore that flapper it builds character haha.

Part 1
55 PU

Part 2


Good to have Rory to go up against again. We havnt been able to workout together due to scheduling problems but it was a good day.

Gord said...

Part 2- oh my - 31:29-

My PB on squat clean is 176# so doing it 25 times was daunting. I failed 7 reps. Just used it as a strenght wod and did it.

Got to watch DJ crush the 2008 games wod of 155# squat clean thruster in 3:14....nice work buddy

deejay said...

For part 2 James suggested I do the final WOD from the '08 games instead. 155# overhead x 30
time - 3:14 .... 2:31 is insane!

Paul Klein said...

Part 2:
175lbs x 25

It's the first day of this cycle and I already feel like I need a rest's gonna be a long weekend

Evan Johnston said...

Previous 1RM squat clean and jerk was 1 RM but i really wanted to do this Rx'd.

80kg squat clean and jerk x 25 25:00

this was a struggle and failed about 5 reps. Felt better as it went along and form improved. Finally figured out how to pull from the pockets. Huge achievement for me and although it wasnt the best time, I haven't felt this good after a WOD ever! So pumped. This sh*t works folks!

DJ that is an insane time.

CF Hampton Roads said...

96+12:40 @ 175lbs.

Could have pushed harder on part 2. It wasn't the metcon, it was core stability and getting out of the bottom of the catch. Wrist still nagging from AMRAP OHS.


Mack Lar said...

BW 174
Part 1: 24/24/23/20/20= 111
Part 2: 12:26

I filmed part 2 because I wanted to see my technique when fresh versus when tired. I have a bad habit of muscling it early in the workout and not being very efficient until I have to be. I won't make you guys sit through all 12 minutes so I cut it down to my first 5 reps and reps 15-18 w/ a missed attempt on what would have been 19. Any and all criticism is welcome. Hoping maybe you guys see something that I'm missing.
Here's the link, thanks

Michael McCabe said...

Part 1 - 11/14/11/12/11... a little wet this morning in Toronto so these chins were done strict on a thick wet soccer net goalpost
Part 2 - 13:34... 85%1RM, took my time, focused on staying tight catching the weight and a big breath before the jerk

unit said...

part 1 - 30 / 25 / 26 / 21 / 24 = 126

30 min rest

part 2 - 185lb - 10:55


Slater Coe said...

part 1:
on a 2 minute timer sprint run (subbed rowing) 400m and immediately perform AMRAP chin ups with the time you have left in the 2 minutes; rest 3 min, repeat 5 times. (Gave myself additonal 20 seconds each round to unstrap from the machine)
20, 14, 15, 15, 15 pullups = 79

Rest 15 Min

part 2:
25 reps for time; 175lb squat clean and jerk

joey warren said...

part 2:
175lb -

t= 5:59

total part 1 & 2= 104 + 5:59

Wes hendricks said...

103 (CTB) + 10:29 as Rx'd (happy with this considering my body weight is 145)

Intensity not quite there tonight. Not sure if it was because I had to do this in my storage unit that is basically in the middle of the woods with only my car headlights as light. I was waiting for a guy to to come out of the woods with an ax. Kind of sketchy!

unit said...

Wes... that's pretty bad ass, bro...


Gord said...

Nice work Wes!!!!!!killer time. I would have a hard time concentrating in the environment you descibed. Funny stuff

Gord said...

Unit....I missed your time when I first looked. Love it. Amazing time!

KSC said...

pm) 15:22 as rxed

Scotty Hagnas said...

Part 2, 5:03pm
19:36' as Rx'ed. BW=180
Score: (72+19:36)
Pretty happy with this, as I have never done more than a few singles at this weight in any given workout. Missed one clean somewhere in the middle, then had to take two tries at the 25th rep.

PWO: 40p/30c Chicken apple sausages, yams

unit said...

thanks gord!

DePaul... great job 2 day at the gym... way 2 push yourself and get comfortable with uncomfortable... esp after seeing you PR at 190 in the clean a few days ago...


Surrey Sterling 39/173/5'10" said...

Part 1 - 85
Part 2 - 13:48

Those Squat Cleans were a real battle for me. Very stoked with my time. What will tomorrow bring.

Wes hendricks said...

Thanks Unit and Gord!

Surrey Sterling said...

Unit your sick by the way! Amazing dude!

Kathleen said...

Total = 20.5
Could not get the rhythm on the c-ups so had to do 1's.
Did 3 sets of 10 c-ups post WOD and got partly back into the "swing" of things
Will do plenty'o C&J tomorrow.

Kathleen said...

Forgot to mention rumaged through the lost & found for some outside gear and did the 400m outside at OPT tonight - last 400m in the dark - chilly but doable.

Mike Molloy said...

Part II- 15:03 (Combined 79+15:03)

I was alright with this time. The biggest aspect I lost with my previous low back injury was hitting the whole with an upright torso. Tonight, NO discomfort at all! I'll take all the little victories I can.

Wes, great job all around today buddy!


Wes hendricks said...

thanks Mike.......we are going to have to get after these WOD's at Samy's very soon. I may go up to Plymouth for Halloween, and you know I will detour to see that crazy SOB.

Jefff said...

Sick. No WODs today.

Lisa M said...

Ok i fought doing wod 2 all day but sucked it up after putting the kids to bed. Warm up felt ok but thought i would be best to do it at 110 but then i only have 10lb bumpers so ended up at 115 with the weights i had. man it was a struggle failed at 7 a couple of times techinque in and out but i managed to finish!!!! So only 5 lbs less than rxd time was brutal but i am ok with that. I think if i could drop the weight after the jerk instead of having to control it to the floor it would be much better.

anyways waaaa waaaa time 27:36 at least i kept it under 1/2 hour

Justin Flynn said...

Part 2: 9:30

Total 108+9:30

Never done squat cleans for reps at that weight before. Wes, Rory you guys crushed that WOD. Holy shit. Very impressive indeed. I look forward to getting better at the olympic lifts. Level II CF cert this weekend down in Oceanside. I will try to get in Sundays WOD before I drive down.

Anonymous said...

Part.1 -400m&PU's

Part.2- 25 Squat clean & jerk (175lb)

Happy with results over all c&j 1rm was 175 in March
could have done a bit faster with bumper plates.

depaul said...

Part 1: 19, 18, 16, 15, 16. Loved this takeoff on "Nicole."

1 hr rest.

Part 2: 15:49 @ 175. Unit, thanks for documenting this in all its bloody-shinned glory, man. And way to kill those pullups...wish I could have stuck around. Nice job to everyone who gutted it out, April take care of that hand.

84 + 15:49

Steve Smith said...

Part 1:

17+17+18+18+15 = 85

Part 2:

7:32 w/ 175lbs

A little disapointed with these numbers. Not so much the numbers themselves, they were within my goals. After each workout though, I felt I could have pushed my self harder. Learning to push the envelope, still.

Erik Luber said...


My 1RM is 65 figured the women's weight would be enough for me. Goal was sub 20, felt really strong today. All reps full ROM, happy with this result.

Pfeifalife said...

Part 2 as rx'd


100+5:36 total

felt good with this time. Killer workout and intensity felt through the roof...could have shaved time off as the collars lossened a few times and had to resecure the weights. Did squat clean thruster jerk on last 7. Could have saved time and some of my legs had I done that from the beginning. Last 5 didn't know if my quads were going to hold out for me on the jerks, a few times I thought I might collapse under the jerk. Wanted 5 mins or quicker but am still happy, under 5 mins next time for sure.

Absolutly loved this wod! Got my shirts today, and all I can say is kick ass! Look great, fit great, and feel great.

YoungManRumble said...

Went ass to grass for all of these... very pleased 13:00

total score from today was

89 + 13:00

Brian H said...

Part 1
61 total
Runs were around 1:32, so I had little time for pullups. I'm slow. High round of 15, low of 10.

Part 2
It always hard to judge if you can go faster on wods like this. The last thing I wanted was to go to soon and fail on a jerk.

Jordan said...

Part 1: 20 pull ups

Part 2: Used 45kg 12:10

Wow there was some great numbers out there for the pull ups! Great job everybody!

Chris Fodera said...

Part 1:
19, 15, 14, 13, 13 = 74

Part 2:

M@ said...

Part 1: 25, 23, 20, 20, 19

Part 2: 19:33