day 11/45


part 1:
Power Clean - 3,3,3,1,1,1; rest 180 sec b/t sets
Dead Lift - 50% 1RM; 10 sets of 2; 45 sec b/t sets
3 sets of 16 GHD Raises

rest 4+ hours

part 2:
for time;
30 burpees
Row 500m

post loads and notes for part 1 and time for part 2 to comments
include notes as you wish on the past 3 days; rest well
chest to deck and jump and clap overhead on burpees!


depaul said...

Coach any particular tempo on DLs?

Geoff Aucoin said...

No tempo stated; lift hard and well.

Ryan B. said...

looking for a little help here...

im really going to start "training" my HSPU...where should i start? assisted with a bench or box?? any tips would help!
Thanks guys

Ryan B.

Greg Soneff said...

Part 1
Power clean: 80/85/90/93/95(fail)/95
Deadlift: was definitely feeling my lower back in these
GHD: no major issues here

Part 2 (approx. 1 hour rest)

Didn't really have much for expectations going into today given that I was so trashed from the past 2 days (yesterday afternoon's WOD in particular) but managed a Power Clean PR and the met-con under 3 mins. Looking forward to a day of rest.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Ryan B. said...

Part 1.

PC'S 135x3,145x3,155x3,165x1,175x1,
185x1 (not pr, but my first bodyweight PC)
Deads= 1rm = 405, used 225 tho
-felt really strong here
-subbed goodmornings for last part...used 75lbs (no GHD)

Bob Cook said...

Are the DL's to be performed westside barbell style? Each one explosive and for speed with a complete reset at the bottom? Thanks.

Wes hendricks said...

Part 1.

PC: 155-170-185-205(current PR)-205X-205X
DL: As fast as I could, felt easy
Subbed 3 x 16 of Good morning with barbell

Todays first WOD looked like a typical effort/speed/volume day seen in the advanced ME black box that was discussed briefly in the latest issue of Performance menu. Would anyone be able to tell me where I could find additional reading on effort/speed/volume training such as this, I am very interested in it

Rob Ottesen said...

i dont have your email but i wanted to have you insite on something. My wife wants to get into crossfit program. but she is someone that is coming from i guess you could say a complete sedetary lifestyle and i dont obviously want to jump her into the big dawg program. I just want your opinion where i should get her started she is 5'0'' 118lbs. She has been sidelined for a while with a knee injury and has kind of lost her confidence to start a program if you have the time i would love to hear what you think. and other big dawgs if you wanna comment as well please email me.


Pfeifdog said...

Part 1:

PC: 205,225,225,235,245,255f
DL: 265

Post WOD: 35g Isopure whey and an apple

really took a while to warm up, calves and wrists are sore.

Wes hendricks said...

Rob not sure if you are aware of this site but Jeff Martin puts up scaled WOD's for each day of the mainsite WOD's. I know i am not coach but I figured I would share this with you nonetheless

Pfeifalife said...

Part 1

PC: 235/245/255/270/280(PR I think)/290F (got greedy, but felt like i had some left after 280)

DL: 240 (felt super strong and fast on these)

GHD raises felt fine

KSC said...

Did them both this morn.

GHD R as rxed

BP row - 3:08

Erik Luber said...

PC: 60 kg, 62, 64, 66, 68, 70 (PR)
DL: 70 kg
GHD raises: 16 x 3

Soo pumped!! Final hit the 70 kg PC. Have been trying this for the last 3 months. DLs fast and strong, focused on exploding on the way up. Disd GHD raises with hands behind head.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Part 1, 9am.
Warming up on the PC, my left knee began to bother me again. Did some soft tissue work, then started very conservatively to test it out. Felt better as I went along, ended up PRing my last set.
DL: 185
GHR: 3x16, 90sec rest. Hands by side first set; crossed at chest 2nd two.
PWO: just 15g BCAA+greens today.

Chris Dunkin said...

Part 1 with Scotty at 9am.


10x2 @ 250

GHR's 3x16 hands at sides for first two, and crossed on chest for the last.

PWO: VMG,chkn sausage, 2 scoops Refuel

Erik said...

Sure wish I could go to the Black Box Seminar

PC: 185,205,215,225,225,225
DL: 205

Sub: Goodmornings 75#

Ryan B. said...

part 2.


last 5 burpees and the entire row killed core is destroyed, awesome week tho!

mission for everything in sight.

Ryan B.

joey warren said...

part 1 :

squat cleans - 205, 215, 215, 225, 235, 245(f), 245(f), 245 (power clean)

deadlift - 245lb

3 x 16 unbroken raises

Chad Action Brandt said...

Part 1
PC =
165/175/185 X3
195/205/215 X1
DL = 215x10setsx2reps
GHD-Raises: 3x16reps
Finally found a groove on the GHD-R with my backextention machine funky set up. Worked really well around 2ft back from pad and two 45# DB's under the pad bar to give proper GHD angle.

Anonymous said...

Power cleans
3/155 3/175 2/185 f/190 f/190
Deadlifts 185lb felt good
GHD raises felt good

Did this right away no time later 3:24.

Paul Klein said...

Part 1;
155, 170, 185, 195, 200, 200

DL with 185lbs no issues
GHD raises unbroken no issues

Part 2: 3.20

I am gassed. I emptied my tank during yesterday's part 2. I feel like I hurt myself on a cellular level. If that makes any sense. I just feel tired and run down. I guess that means my diet needs some work. A rest day is going to feel great!

Rob, regarding your wife. I used the brand x scaling for my wife at first and it worked great. Especially the nameing (buttercups, puppies, pack etc.) After a few weeks she didn't want to be a buttercup, so she worked hard to do the puppy wods. Then she didn't want to be a puppy anymore and now she is on the pack scaling. It can be a good motivator. I can tell you that training your wife is as dangerous to your relationship as teaching her how to ski. You have to be PATIENT and KIND!!!! No point in having to sleep on the couch because you laughed at the face she makes when she does pull ups. You get the idea.

Rob Ottesen said...

Wes and Paul thanks ill take a look at that we had a run at it this morning something like..
2min 1 min rest bt
air squats
push ups
sit ups
step ups

it went ok for the squats but its going to take alot to get her comfortable with being uncomfortable. i will be patient it is frustrating but will work with her..

Part 1

DL 235lbs

unbroken raises

I had to do this in a gym on post that didnt have bumpers and i let the bar go a a few times forgetting that. i got some bad stares from the meat heads in the gym over by the cable curls.

I am about to do part 2 although i dont have a rower at the house so i am going to sprint the distance.

if anyone else has any more suggestions about my wife i would appreciate it. post on here or email me

Wes hendricks said...

part 2:

Had a timer beep for me every 30 seconds to let me know where I was. Row was 1:43.

This is the first time in awhile I am looking forward to a rest day. This last 3 day cycle before every WOD I did full body trigger point therapy. And post WOD full body PNF stretching and foam rolled sore spots. Along with 5 min shower as cold as water gets. My recovery from day to day seemed good. Had a great resting heart rate upon waking on day 2 and today. I found day 1 to be the toughest

Chris Dunkin said...


2nd: 2:37 row was 1:33:8

Thanks a ton Scotty. Had a really good time up here in Portland.

Had a lot more energy this cycle than I expected. 4 hour drive home, and looking forward to the 2 days off.

PTS said...

part 1 -had to cut it short due to time constraints.

PC 3x185,3x185, 3x195
DL 6 sets at 225
1 set of ghd raises

part 2- 10 mins rest 2:52.

tomorrow active rest with basketball.

Pfeifdog said...
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Pfeifdog said...
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PTS said...

Notes on the past 3 days:
I worked 2, 12 hour night shifts this weekend and work another tonight. This makes it tough in regards to sleep/rest/fueling/warm-up cfor doubles. I don't sleep well during the day and I felt gassed today during the cleans. The weight felt super heavy today. I may have to tweak what I do during doubles when they fall on work days as the rest/recovery is too tough to manage. I will be getting plenty extra work on the side with basketball and soccer shortly as it is. Tomorrow is active rest with basketball.

Pfeifdog said...
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Pfeifdog said...

Part 2

Time 4:42
rowed .4 mile on a Stamina ATS 1400 rower.

Great 3 day set coach, I really enjoyed it. Reminded me of college football 2-day practices, were your body is screaming and you just have to keep on moving.

Rory Hanlin said...

Part 1
PC 225, 245, 265, 285, 295, 305 (PR)

DL 295

Good Morning 135 3x15



joey warren said...
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joey warren said...

part 2:


500m row took me 130.2

I felt pretty tired going into this one, but was able to push myself here and all weekend long... overall I felt really good, well rested, and my nutrition was on point. Ready for a couple days off and back at it again. Im trying to push around heavier weights cuz thats a weakness of mine... hopefully if I focus on that when they appear in the workouts, I will gradually get stronger...
Any other suggestions on how to get my max lifts a little higher. I feel it limits me some, for example, this morning I could power clean 245, but could not squat clean it cuz I was failing in the front squat. If my front squat was higher, I could squat clean more weight. Any suggestions are appreciated. And thanks OPT for all the hard work you put into this.


Pfeifalife said...

Part 2

Time 3:04
rowed .4 mile on a Stamina ATS 1400 rower as the time for this distance better compares to what my time has been on a 500m done on a C2.

finished burpees right at 1:30, using a shoulder width stance with my feet really improved my endurance and turnover on burpees. was shooting for under 3 mins when i glanced at the clock near the end, but it took a few more pulls to finish. was trying to focus on PC to row with as my quads would have smoked way to easily on the row. Also couldn't use much of a lay back as my abs are shot.

Don't feel sore exactly, just really worn down. Awesome 3 days Coach! You have successfully turned my 4 day weekend into a 1 day, and I regret nothing. Awesome job this weekend big dawgs!!! Looking at everyones posts kept me motivated and pumped for every wod...

Scotty Hagnas said...

Part 2, 2:15pm

2:52' (1:37 row)

PWO: 40p/20c Tuna, coconut water

This was a great weekend of training; thanks so much for stopping by, Chris! We'll make it down your way soon.

Feeling very good thru this cycle. The first 3 days created more soreness than usual for sure. My energy levels have stayed very good all weekend. Spent lots of time doing SMR/joint mobility/stretching sequences/contrast showers, etc...and sleeping a lot. Thanks, James!

Erik Luber said...

part 2:

Felt like I was going to pass out on last 100 m. Happy with this effort though, really dug in hard. Goal was 4 min. Ready for a rest day, great cycle. Still really pumped about setting that PR on the cleans. Never thought it would come at the end end of a tough cycle like this one.

YoungManRumble said...

Part 1

PWR CLN-185(3x3) 205(2x1) 215(1x1)

DL - 245(10x2)

GHD Raises - 3 x16

Part 2

2:57 - (Row 136.8)


Last 3 days were all in all good. Recovering nicely from a ankle injury and me running feels way stronger. My recovery during the WODS is also improving. I need a better warm up routine, I'm playing with fire cause I just "grip it and rip it". Looking forward for the 2 day break.

Chris Biles said...

Power clean-


Goodmornings with bar.

Skipping part 2 to let calf rest and have some family time. Gonna try to get better at staying on track. Probably not going to do the doubles every time they come up but I think I can get better at handling the workload. Really, really excited about these workouts. They're stretching me mentally and physically.

Mack Lar said...

Part 1: 195,205,215(PR)
DL's at 195
5 min rest
Part 2: 3:01
Felt really good today. PR's on both sets of PC's. 235 will go, I just need to work on getting under the bar a little more. Somewhere around 205lb I stop dropping under the bar and my feet start to spreadout to get myself lower. Mental thing.
Burpees went fast. Row was at 1:44. Row again was the limiting factor for me. No choice but to hit them back to back. This was less painful than the wrath of my loving wife had I doubled up on a sunday afternoon.
All in all a great weekend. Not tremendously sore. Did some hot cold shower after day 1 but nothing since. Only variable is that I've been hitting the Refuel hard PWO this week. Big lesson relearned is that I need to forget about pacing workouts to attain a better time. I paced Flight Simulator hoping that all unbroken would give the best time. Still had some broken rounds and my time sucked. Same with 175lb C&J's. Big weight for me so I didnt want any failures, thinking that they required as much effort as successful lifts. From here on out I will hit it hard everytime and focus on increasing work capacity by grinding it out. Thanks for a great week Coach.

Joel B. said...

Part 1:
Power Clean: 150X3, 155X3, 160X3, 175, 180, 185 (pr)

DL: 150X10X2

3X16 GHR's --on Roman chair against wall

Felt great to PR on PC, and actually might have had a little more in me.

Part 2: 3:15
500m row was 1:43. Burpees are much faster than my pre-OPT blog following days, but still could get faster apparently. That and maybe my transition was slow.

My body was more sore today than yesterday. I think the squat cleans took an extra day to kick in. That and my fueling and sleep was not normal last night.

How do you all warm up for the 2nd on these multiple WOD days? Full/normal warm up or shortened? I have been doing a shortened one and just wondering if that is up to snuff.

Surrey and all:
I just read the comments from last night, and I may have done the HSPU yesterday wrong. I did them with my thumb and index inside the 21.5" mark and not my whole hand. Looks like maybe I did it wrong I guess and that would make a difference in my time. Not sure how much. I guess I should stick to copy+paste+print the WOD like I usually do.

Ryan @ CFGP said...

Part 1 –
135# , 165, 195, 215, 225 pr, 235x
200# DL
Completed 3 sets of GHD raises, dont know the time
Part 2 – subed run for row
30 burpees, 500m run
Got more sleep than usual. It really helped. I was surprised I could still get a pr on PC after the three days. The 25 Squat PC's for time was a big mental battle. It's been great. Thanks OPT. pr's on double unders and power clean. But ready for a rest.

unit said...

30hrs in a row at the hospital stayin busy bw yest am till noon 2day... a 4hr nap then hit the WODs...

subbed minutes for hrs on the rest bw WODs...

FS - 8:58

10min rest

MetCon 1 - 24:24 (hspus difficult... felt fatigued on ghds situps 4 some reason)...

10min rest

PC - 185 / 205 / 225 / 235 / 245 / 255(f)
DL - 255
GHD - hands at side

10min rest

MetCon 2 - 2:48


unit said...

shirts came!... thanks coach!... thanks trevor!... they're pretty much next 2 awesome!...


Doug Zirkle said...

Part 1:

PC: 140, 140, 140, 145, 145, 150(f), 150
DLs at 155
GHRs w/band assist

Felt lethargic; had a hard time waking up the CNS.

Part 2:


Off the burpees at 1:12. Row was 1:47; I paced it a little too much; ended up with some in the tank, which I didn't want. Still, goal was 3:30 or better so I was pleased with the outcome.

Effort was good this weekend. Have a lot to work on, particularly (everything) stength-related.

Thanks, James, for a fun and challenging week.

Congrats, Dawgs, on some fine performances.

Hope everyone enjoys their rest.

depaul said...

Only had time for part 2 before the gym closed and had to do it after back to back games of IM basketball. A disappointing 3:39. Everything was unbroken but there was really no pop to the burpees and no explosiveness on the row. However I am excited by all the prs on the PC, I will definitely hit part 1 tomorrow.

I can echo that there are both rewards and dangers in training the girlfriend...but my girlfriend has used the Brandx scaling for a while and likes it.

unit, 4 wods on 4 hours of sleep? 1 hour for each wod I guess...get out of here man!

Surrey Sterling said...

PC - 185 /185/ 185 /205/ 215 /215

DL - 200

GHD - Hands at side

Burp/Row - 3:10

Unit what do you run on? You skimm'in some prescribes off the top. Perhaps some SPEED to see ou through! Awesome numbers brother! You are an inspiration!

Slater Coe said...

Power Clean - 3,3,3,1,1,1; rest 180 sec b/t sets
205, 205, 205, 220(f), 210, 215(f). 15lb drop-off from my previous pr... disappointing.

Dead Lift - 205lbs (~50% 1RM); 10 sets of 2; 45 sec b/t sets

3 sets of 16 GHD Raises, rest 60 sec b/t sets

for time:
30 burpees
Row 500m
3:19 (1:39.5/500m row)
Burpees slowed around 25... wasted a good 15 sec trying to get strapped in to the rower.

David X said...


I'm glad to see all the Big Dawgs again putting up great numbers over the weekend. Garage and I got back into the states late last night after the cert and I gotta say, for the one millionth time, the CrossFit community is the shit! Everyone was very welcoming and the trainers were great as expected.

I got a couple technique points hammered into me, so with that in mind know I have the bigger Big Dags squarely in my sights now!!

I'm resting up and looking forward to getting after it later this week!


Geoff Aucoin said...

Good to see Garage front-and-center of the group photo in his OPT hoodie. Josh, where's the baby blue shorts man? I'm guessing David X is to the left?

David X said...

Geoff, that's me in the bright ass day glow sweatshirt with the snaggly ass beard working the slump.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Toronto Cert was a good time.... Fran on a 2 inch fat

We've recruited some new big dawgs, so start posting boys..... WHOOOFF!

AdamBall said...

Toronto Cert was sick indeed. Great meeting you guys both! The cert was definitely what I needed to get fired up for the big dawg workouts. Set a new PR for Fran during the cert despite the fat bar and torn up blisters, Great times all around!

Good meeting you Josh and David, Thanks to OPT in advance for the awesome programming, and can't wait to get into it.

Adam Ball

PTS said...

David and Josh congrats on the cert.

For anyone with a C2 rower keeping it in a garage. Do you bring the rower inside during the winter, or will it stand up to the elements?

David X said...

Thanks Adam. It was great meeting you too!

Pat. I've always kept mine in the garage without problem. I do oil up the chain, clean the rail and the damper vent around now just to keep in running smooth.

depaul said...

Finished part 1 this afternoon.

PC: 175x3, 180x3, 185x3, 190x1, 200x1 (pr), 210f

DLs: 175x2x10

GHDs - raises on matt w/feet anchored.

Funny...I definitely was feeling a little bit run down by today, but the weight on the PC just didn't feel that heavy. I didn't even struggle with that 10 pound pr. I'm sure it has something to do with that 25 squat C&J workout, but to me that is still pretty crazy to pr something after three doubles in three days. But hey...I'll take it - and thanks Coach!

Martin Altemark said...

Still have a bit of a cold that I cought travelling with family all weekend, but had an horrible day at work and I had to let some steam out. So trained a bit.

1. Gave myself 60 mins on "flight simulator" and didn't even make the 50-set. Embarrasing, but in that way that I need to get better on it. However, a few weeks back I couldn't even do unbroken DUs so I guess it will just have to keep practising. Thanks for showing me where I suck coach.

2. narrow HSPU-GHD etc: 18 minutes. Slow. Very slow.

3. Power clean: 3-3-3-1-1-1: 60kg, 70kg, 75kg, 82.5kg, 87.5kg, 90kg (f)

4. Burpee-row: 3:06. Got stuck getting into rower and lost some time there.

Michael McCabe said...

playing catch up... did this one all at once...
power clean 175, 185, 195, 205, 215, X225
deadlift 10x2 at 215lbs
5min rest
burpee/row metcon - 2:58
good mornings 3x16 at 95lbs

Chris Fodera said...

Part 1:
PC: 165, 170, 175, 180, 185F, 175, 180
DL: 240
GHDs: Rested 1 min between

PWO: 40P (MRM Shake) & 15C (mashed yams with cinnamon)

Part 2:

PWO: 30P (MRM Shake) & 25C (mashed yams with cinnamon)

Chris Fodera said...

This was a rough 3 days for me. I am glad that I moved from the MainSite WODs to here. I am clearly being challenged more here and love every minute of it.

I need some help w/ jerks. The flight simulator was tough as I kept messing up just shy of 30 after the round of 35 on the way up. Power cleans could/should be heavier...just didn't have it.

Steve Smith said...

Flying all over the place here. Getting caught up on posting and WODs.

Part 1:

PWR Clean
- Huge PR for me.

Dead Lift
- Felt strong all the way through

GHD Raises
- No problem. Played with hand placement.

Part 2:
Sub 95# SDHP for 50 reps

Very fun workouts. Thanks, Coach.

M@ said...

Part 1:
Power Cleans: 3x175, 3x185, 3x185, 1x205, 1x215(f), 1x210(PR)
Deadlift @225

Part 2: 2:55