day 33/45

Dead Lift - build quickly to a heavy 1; not a 1RM effort
Hang Power Clean - build quickly to a heavy 2; not a 2RM effort
Press - build quickly to a heavy 3; not a 3RM effort
Grace practice - power clean and overhead touch and go reps
(choose a weight you can perform 5 manageable but challenging reps; rest 1 min; repeat 6 times; work on speed and good reps!)

post loads and notes to comments

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/10g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/25g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/40g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30g prot/10g carb
12-14% - 30g prot/20g carb
below 12% - 30g prot/30g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


Martin Altemark said...

Did this a bit split up inbetween events of the crossfit comp at Eleiko. By the way is Blair Morrisson over here in Europe and his pretty much dominating totally. Soon finals.

Nice quick progrssing up to slightly below 1R maxes.
DL: 170kg
HPC: 2x80kg
P: 3x60kg

Grace practise. Used 60kg, felt pretty light. Fast touch and go. Nice.

Chris Biles said...

DL 320# (all the weight I have at home and didn't want to go to gym)
HPC 155#
Press 125# (Surprised by this)

Grace practice 115#

Felt best in rounds 4-6.

Wes hendricks said...

Chris where did you get that pull-up bar you have in the pic?

Ryan B. said...

DL=365LB (PR 405) didnt feel very strong for deads..

HPC=150lb (not sure of pr)

Press=125lb (didnt expect that)

Grace practice=135lbs x 5 x 6
(felt heavy)

Ryan B.

Lindsey said...

Day behind....

Yesterday's- 2:10/2:54/2:44/2:37/2:47/2:42/2:47
First two rounds unbroken- pullups fx'ed rds 3-7, subbed bench dips fx'ed rds 4&7, box jumps all unbroken, air squats horribly fx'ed rds 3-7. Feel squat fx were due to mental breakdowns... Little disappointing. After rd 3 added one minute rest to get better quality reps out of my out-of-shape body. 18:45 wt + 4 min rest= 22:45

Hope to get today's in this afternoon.

Garage Crossfitter said...

DL @ 365 (pr 380), felt strong

HPC 2 reps at 195, strong

Press- 145 x3 (pr 165x1), i built very quickly with these. 135,140,145 with 30 sec breaks in between.

Grace practice-touch and go reps

Coach, I'm feeling much stronger, especially in my upper body. The last few cycles i've noticed my pullups, bench and anything overhead feels much stronger. its been almost 2 yrs since my press has gone up and i feel i can def beat my pr of 165 now and my bench now isnt too far off from my college days. pr was 225x10, i want that again.

*back to icing knee and left wrist*

Chris Biles said...


Dick's Sporting Goods in Arlington, TX. It's a rack that can be used for squats, presses, pull ups, dips. I can hang my rings on it for ring dips but it's not high enough for muscle ups. It's great because it can be broken down easily and moved. Not super sturdy but it gets the job done.

Chris Biles said...


Just clicked your profile and saw you're in your first tri of chiro school. My wife and I are chiros just south of Dallas.

Good luck in school and drop me a line if you ever need anything.


PTS said...

deadlift 1x415 pr is 442
HPC- 2x165. felt good maybe should've went a bit higher but wanted perfect form so stopped here.
press- 3x145

grace 135,145,145,155,155,155. Felt really good here. The weight went overhead easier than I expected. I think all the jerk practice is teaching me to get that weight overhead with some hip drive.

EHR said...

Eric R

dl 315 (pr 340)
hpc 2 rep 190 (1 rep pr 205)
press 3 rep 150 (1 rep pr 165)

C&J 145 x 5 rep x 6 sets
Felt fast, which is not normally the case for me

Gord said...

dl-350 (pr 380)
hpc 2reps - 170 (pr 2rep is 176)
Press 3rep -152 (pr 3 rep is 155)

c & J- used 137x5x6
all done with push jerk. Felt good.

Joel B. said...

dl: 285...last 1rm 300

hpc2: 165...don't know 2rm

press3: 130...last 1rm 145

grace practice:
125, 130, 135, 135, 135, 140
power clean last 1rm was 185. all were pc'd and push jerked.

focused on speed with full, good reps

my power version of cleans has really improved in last 3-4 months. Just noticed in the last couple weeks or so that some nagging, mild tendinitis in my right knee that I had for several months seems to have disappeared. Nice!

Lisa M said...

My husband is going to build me a pullup bar input garage does anyone know how high off the ground we should put it. We have 9' ceilings thanks

David X said...

Deadlift: 355
HPC: 175
press: 145
grace: 145 for all sets.

Paul Klein said...

Deadlift 330 (PR is 345)
HPC 185 x 2
Press 145 x 3

Grace practice with 135lbs. Felt fast and strong.

My deadlift is still weak. I just can't get my hamstrings under tension. Everything feels great until the weight gets above 300lbs, then I can feel my ass come up first and I finish the lift with my lower back. It works at 330 but I will never get 2.5 x body weight, ughhh......

Lisa M,

I have a 9' ceiling in my garage. I am 6'2" and I made my pull up bar with the vertical support 17" long. When I hang at full extension I can just barely touch my feet to the floor (not a problem during pull ups because my legs don't usually stretch all the way out with full extension of my arms). Hope that helps. Let me know if you want I can send you some pictures.

wslaterc said...

Dead Lift - Heavy 1; not a 1RM effort... 365, 385(f)

Hang Power Clean - Heavy 2; not a 2RM effort... 200, 205(f) - was unhappy with the distance of my feet on landing, so stopped there.

Press - Heavy 3; not a 3RM effort... 145, 150(f)

Grace practice - power clean and overhead touch and go reps
(choose a weight you can perform 5 manageable but challenging reps; rest 1 min; repeat 6 times; work on speed and good reps!)
165x15, 175x10, 185x5

Felt slow and a little weak today... blamed on the late night and the morning workout.

Erik Luber said...

DL: 130 kg (1RM 140 kg)
HPC: 65 kg (1RM 70 kg)
Press: 50 kg (1RM 57 kg)
Grace practice @ 45 kg

DLs felt pretty light at 130. Cleans were a bit off today, smashed my knee yesterday and it is still a bit tender. Went for a lower weight on Grace practice, figured this was a good opportunity to practice push jerks, still the movement that I the most difficulty with. Starting to feel a lot better, but flexibility still limiting me overhead.

Michael McCabe said...

deadlift heavy single - 375 (88% of 1RM)
HPC heavy double - 190 - left a little in the tank
press heavy triple - 125

Grace practice - 145 for all sets - all touch and go easily, lots of room for improvement in transition from clean to jerk, as i'm not strong enough to press out all of those reps so i have to push jerk

Anonymous said...

Deadlift 1/335
Hang power clean 2/175
Press 3/135

Grace practice clean & jerk
5/155 5/155 5/155 5/155 5/145 5/145
Speed & form were getting worse on 3 & 4 sets I decided to drop weight a bit then it was much better.

Ali Loach said...

Showed up at CFC with intentions of doing the Big Dawgs workout but it turned out that Grace was the WOD there so I decided to give it a go and see if I could achieve my goal of sub 4:00.
Very pleased as I knocked nearly 2 minutes off my time.
Oh and Coach.....No water breaks :o)

joey warren said...

DL- 335
HPC- 205 x 2
press- 165 x 3

Grace pract - 165 for all- felt light, fast and explosive.

deadlifts still weak point, as with Paul working on keeping tension in hamstrings

Steve Howell said...

Deadlift: 381
HPC: 165
Press: 155

Grace practice: 135x6 sets, I didn't want to go to heavy wanted to work form and speed. All sets felt strong and fast.

BK said...

DL - 435 ( I know coach said no 1rm but first time DL heavy for over 4 months,felt great hit a 15 pound a PR 435.
HPC- 185
Press- 155
Grace practice -135,145,145,145,145,145

dmarsh said...

DL: 442
HPC: 208x2
Press: 155x3
Grace: 155x5x6

Presses are still not feeling right since 135# x 100 Push Jerk workout a couple weeks ago in Toronto (David X and GC, you guys witnessed that debacle). Have a weak point in the ROM that I never had before. Need to figure out what's going on there.

Grace weight was about right. Last two sets were tough.

Justin Flynn said...

Deadlift 425 (pr505)
HPC 240 pr
Press 145 (pr155)
Grace 135 all. Worked on form. I have a nagging hitch between first and second pulls that im working on getting rid of. Was light but focused purely on making a good transition from floor to jump position.

Felt pretty beat up today. Weight felt heavy and im looking forward to rest day. Need to focus on better eating. Need to try some of the ReFuel. Anyone care to share that are taking it?

Kyle F said...

DL - 335#
HPC - 195#
Press - 145#
Grace Practice - 155

Felt pretty good. Didn't go all out on DL. Felt good but I wasn't happy with 335. Press felt weak as well.

unit said...

A - 455x1 (didn't feel 2 bad... pr is 505... form starting 2 not hold so didn't go heavier...)
B - 225 x 2 (felt relatively ez and light... pr is x2 is 255)
C - 160 x 3 (165x2... so close... 1rm pr = 185)
GP - 165 all sets ( all rounds 18-20sec except 4th (23sec bc had 2 do a 6th rep bc I didn't lockout the 2nd rep)...

gonna hit yesterdays wod here in a bit...


Mike Molloy said...

Deadlift- 370 (pr of 400)
Hang Power Clean- 200, felt great
Press- 140x3 (3 resp pr is 145)

Grace- 155# Good times.

Lisa M said...

Hey does anybody know where to get chalk in Calgary??

Sailorcrew said...

401 Deadlift
201 Hang Power Cleans
152 Presses

Grace done at 152 lbs, it just felt right after finishing the presses. Went fast, felt good.

Doug Zirkle said...

DL 285
HPC: 135
Press: 125
Grace practice: 105x6

unit said...

30min rest after 2day's WOD, did yesterday's WOD...

all unbroken on all sets... felt quick...
1:22 / 1:21 / 1:17 / 1:18 / 1:18 / 1:21 / 1:21

total ~ 9:18


Chris Dunkin said...

DL: 455
HPC: 245X2
SP: 160x3
Grace: 175 Total time w/ rest 7:17

last 2 sets of Grace felt heavy; pace slowed a bit.

Felt strong thoughout.

Rob Sifton said...

Deadlift = 310 (pb 320 1RM)
HPC = 150 (pb 160 1RM)
Press = 125 (pb 140 1RM)

Grace practice, used 135#
I have never done Grace as RX'd. Wanted to give her a run at 135. After re-reading suspect I maybe should have gone a bit lower to ensure speed. I was unable to touch and go for all the reps.
The rounds did get faster as they went along though.

Unit, those times for yesterdays WOD are awesome after today's WOD.

Rob Sifton said...

Lisa Go Mango has chalk in the blocks. I also bought at chalk bag from MEC, little bit cleaner.

rwcorson said...

DL-396 1RM-421
Press-130 1RM-137 lately, 145# a year ago, but I've never been close again, so very happy with this.
Grace practice- 143# last 2 sets tough but manageable.
Unit, you are a cyborg, related to AFT no doubt!

Lisa M said...

Thanks Rob. My husband welded my stud pullup bar today and we installed into the garage. It is freaking awesome. Nice to have a handy husband cost me $6.00 for the pipe it's going to take me a bit to get used to the size but at least now I will know when chin is over or chest to bar.

Going to hit this workout tomorrow

PTS said...

Wes, GC, and David: I sent out an email with a couple things in regards to the comp day on the 14th. Let me know what you think.

Brent Maier said...


DL: 170kg (375#)
HPCx2: 91kg (200#)
Px3: 61kg (135#)
Grace Practice: 71kg (155#)

Thought I bit off more than I could chew on grace tonight. Started to catch up with me on round 5 and 6 a little bit. Hands are pretty buggered up from the last 2 days.

Scotty, we're cooking up a some good eats from some old performance menus tonight.

Laura said...

DL: 218
HPC: 103--tried 108--got one, then form got away--was more of a high hang start.
SP: 75

Grace practice: 88#--all split jerks except for first set, got a bit slower on last two sets-lock out was getting sketchy, had to do extra one on round 6.

Wes hendricks said...

DL: 225-275-325-375 in 7 minutes (1 RM is actually 370, but weight felt light today and 375 didn't feel like a 1 RM attempt

HPC: 135-160-185 in 7 minutes (1 RM is 205 but super ugly, reps were good)

P: 115-125-135 (1 RM is 145)

Grace Practice: 155-155-155-155(4+1)-135-135

First 3 sets felt really good. Fourth set grip went to shit and technique was awful. So dropped down to 135. Biggest factor was grip.

Do other people re-grip the hook grip for touch and go clean and jerk reps?

Lauren said...

DL- 265lbs
mis read and did power cleans instead of HPC-130lbs
P- 85lbs

Grace Practice- 110lbs

rwcorson said...

I re hook grip every rep. If I don't, my grip fails sooner than later. In saying that, my forearms were jacked up after the 6 sets of the touch n go today.

Mark R said...

DL - 285
HPCl - 135
Press - 105

Grace practice at 115.

Chris Fodera said...

DL: 135x5, 185x5, 225x2, 275x1, 315x1, 345x1, 380x1
HPC: 135x4, 150x2, 160x2, 170x2
SP: 95x5, 110x3, 125x3, 135x3

Grace Practice: 135, 140, 140, 140, 140, 140

PWO: 40gP (MRM shake), 10gC (mashed yams w/ cinnamon)
60 min later: turkey chilli, apple, almond butter

Felt good with the DL and had to stop because that is all the weight that I have. Cleans felt good as well. Loads on the shoulder press were the most challenging of the three.

Could have probably gone a little heavier with the loads in the Grace portion, but my right knee was tender during the overhead (PushPress) phase. Probably best, though, because any heavier would have likely made touch and go slower.

md said...

dl 295x1
hpc 165x2
press 135x3

Grace 135, and the reat at 145. Felt pretty good. More of a push press than a strict press.

depaul said...

warm up IM basketball game

Deadlift: 315 (PR 350ish)
HPC: 175
Press: skipped, I have no idea why I didn't see this when I was writing this one down. I feel like a moron.
Grace practice: 155, each set was around 20 sec as unit said except for one where I missed a rep & had to redo. Used push jerk and focused on going straight from power catch to overhead. Last 2 sets were pretty tough to keep speed up.

Unit, 9:18 for yesterday's wod is crazy. You would have finished a full round ahead of me. I wish I could have been there, that is awesome.

Lindsey said...

Unit, ridiculous time... Good work

DL- 155
HPC- 82
P- 75

Grace practice- never done this before and took some time to get comfortable- with 65# :29/:25/:22/:21/:21/:21

Thanks for the coaching, Unit! Obviously helped the times!

Scotty Hagnas said...

Back in Portland...
DL: 345
HPCx2: 165
Pressx3: 125
Grace practice w/135. Felt good and quick.
PWO: 40p/25c Refuel + Dream Whey

Ryan @ CFGP said...

DL: 365 lbs x 1
HPC: 205 lbs x 2
PP: 155 lbs x 3
C&J Grace Practice: 155 lbs @ 8:05

HPC felt heavy and had a hard time getting my elbows up. C&J felt good, all touch and go, but would still like to get my hips more involved in jerk. The longer it went, the uglier my jerk got.

Mack Lar said...

DL 355x1 PR is 385
HPC 215x2 PR is 225x1
Press 135x3 PR is 155x1
Grace practice 155 lbs for all. Felt lighter than expected rounds 1-3. Roundds 5 and 6 slowed a little but still unbroken.

Justin, I've been taking Refuel along with Dream Whey for the last month now and I'm loving it. I was trying to do real foods PWO but I'm seeing much better recovery and less soreness with the Refuel. Against coach's advice I tried it pre workout/pre metcon for an early morning WO and nearly lost it.

Michael said...

DL- 385
HPClean- 205
Press- 175

Grace Practice w/ 155 (20sec/set)

YoungManRumble said...

DL - 205kg - 451lb
HPC - 90kg - 198lb
Press - 60kg - 132lb

Grace practice with 50kg - 110lb

* still dealing with this pinched nerve in my neck but it is progressing.

Aaron said...

I know I'm late on this but in case coach goes back to compile data I figured I'd post.

DL: 425 (PR 465)
HPC: 2x205
Press: 3x145 (1RM is 165)

Grace Practice 145 all sets. I am bad at Grace and I admit by the last two sets I slowed slightly and dropped the bar after four reps because of grip. All rounds between 29 and 38 seconds.

Kyle H said...

Hey Guys,
I just started OPT's workouts and am pretty stoked so far. I just turned 18 and am 145lbs.
Power Clean; 143(3),163(3),183(2)
Bench Press; 132(3),152(3),172(3)
KBS; 17,18,18(only have a 1.5pd)
HSPU; 7,7,7
DB External Rotation 10lb
(All with proper tempo)

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