day 34/45

Sprint Row 30 sec @ 100% effort
Rest 2 min x 5
Rest 7 min
AMRAP Double Unders in 1 min
Rest 1 min x 5

find your avg watts for the 150 sec of work in rowing; divide that avg number by your body weight in lbs; post this score to comments
record your total double under reps for 5 minutes of work; post score to comments
(goal is high speed effort for both modalities)


Rob Sifton said...

Great Vid of James

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Daron said...

Hey guys, Newbie here. Can someone email me the answer to this?

If it says:

3 sets:
12 SDLHP - 60% BWT
Row 90 sec @ 2K row race pace
rest 2 min

Do you rest 2 minutes between EACH SET or after the 3 sets Sorry if this is answered elsewhere. Heard great stuff about this blog. Excited to give it a try.

PTS said...

sprint rows - avg watts for each565/585/585/595/565. avg=579. bwt=188 score =3.08

du's 109/84/66/74/74. total =407. cardio was good, shoulders got fried and I couldn't keep the rope going. started with 89 in a row which I think is a pr.

David X said...

Cotinued to get up @ 0500 to train, which has been working well, but this morning was a little more challenging to loosen up due to the cold.

Row sprints:
1. 425
2. 519
3. 528
4. 474
5. 474
Ave Watts: 484
Ave Watts/BWT: 484/210= 2.80

Extremely bummed out by this. I had a brain fart on the first set, and picked up the pace the next sets, however I felt as if I couldn't maintain the high watt output although I was busting ass. Frustrating.

Double Unders were a complete cluster f. Warmup was fine then got tripped up contnuously to start, then daughter woke up. I'll finish this one tonight.

Erik Luber said...

Row: 443.5/450.5/435.6/410.3/425.5
Ave: 433 watts
Score: 433/139 = 3.11 watts/lbs

DUs: 63/57/46/49/46
Total: 261

Arms were absolutely smoked after the row...I knew this was going to making the DUs rough. It did! Really had to dig in on the DUs, low numbers but 100% effort.

Erik Luber said...

David X - sorry to add to your frustration this morning, but 484/210 = 2.30

Gord said...

row avg watt 420(7) 374(6) 374(6) 345(6) 381 (4.5)
avg 378.8/158=2.40

DU 56/48/47/49/50=250

Chris Dunkin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris Dunkin said...


rows: 644.2,615,613.1,610,599
DU's: 102,90,92,91,102

The recovery feels good; amazed that the energy reserves are there when I call on them.

working on some BL compatible jumprope handles. tried our first pair this morning and they worked well.
The swivels and cords are inexpensive through the BL website.

Ryan @ CFGP said...

Row - Average was 517.2, BWT 205
total = 2.52

DU's - 2 rounds could not find rhythm
total = 231

Anonymous said...

Rows 368/ 379/ 394/ 394/ 386
=avg watts 384.2 bw 160lb = 2.4

DU's 67/ 34/ 63/ 71/ 75 =310

Kyle F said...

Rows = 443/391/420/447/449
Score = 430/195 = 2.20

DU's = 54/60/63/58/65 = 300

Not until the 4th set of rows did I realize that I wasn't going all out at the start. A good start is the key for such a short duration.

My DU's need work. I'm impressed by you guys in the 400s, good job.

Marcus Allen said...

been a bit since I posted due to working nights and my schedule is all messed. anyway...

Rows= 462, 452, 418, 475, 430 avg.=447.4
BW= 190#
Score= 2.35

DU's= 43, 44, 38, 32, 45= 202

Total= 204.35

have a great day!

Trevor Salmon said...

Lisa M, if you are interested in pull up bars you can go to the opt online store and view the stud pull up bar. We have them in stock here at the moment.

Joel B. said...

Rows: (d7) 483; (d6) 492; (d5) 457; (d6) 483; (d7) 492

experimented a bit with the damper...trying to figure it out.

Avg: 481/157#'s bw= 3.06

DU's: 83, 71, 77, 85, 81: 397

rwcorson said...

Check the comments from the day of that WOD. Your questions will be answered. FAQ also helpful.

Ryan B. said...

461.9 / 185 = 2.50


Subbed reg. skips then double under practice after that...

-double under practice tonight(i hope)

Ryan B.

Evan Johnston said...

Nice numbers Dawgs,

getting my butt kicked by some sort of stomach bug so sitting today out. Hoping to get back soon.

rwcorson said...

two different readings:
off the rower at the end of each 30 sec set-
634/601/557/526/489-561.4 average watt
damper was 7.5, foot postion 3 for the first 3 sets. Damper 4.5, foot position 2 for the last 2.
off the memory - 625/595/556/519/483-560 average watts
average watt/BWT=561.4/181.5=3.093

KSC said...

Row = 473.6/160= 2.96
DU = 319

Wes hendricks said...

Watts = 497/504.8/509.5/505.9/476.7
Average 498.78
BWT = 145
Average = 3.43

DU's = 99/86/88/80/82 = 435

Martin Altemark said...

row ave watts: 504, bodyweight is 165 pounds which gives a score of 3.05

DUs: 58/55/47/42/39 = 241

Still struggling at DUs, but certainly getting better. Have a problem with not really spinning with both arms, mostly with my strong arm. Strange and I need to get rid of that movement pattern.

OPT: Will either get you a contact at Eleiko or get them to get in touch with you. Those guys are really into CrossFit and they are really cool guys.

Competition this weekend was the second ever comp in Sweden and went nicely (me and a friend on the crossfit certification team organized it at Eleiko's training facility).

It was 4 events that brought out 3 finalists. The events were kettlebell run (2km carrying 16kg KB), 50 DU - "Grace" - 50 DU, tabata row for distance and 4 minutes to find a heavy deadlift and then AMRAP air squats for 4 minutes - score was DL kgs + Squats.

Final was AMRAP 12 minutes of 5x60kg squat clean, 7x60cm boxjumps, 9 burpees.

The male event was won by Blair Morrison. Nice to see the level of athleticism you have "over there" - we're trying to close in!

Garage Crossfitter said...

My model B doesnt record average watts ( i think), it just gives the last pull wattage. any advice?

Brent Maier said...

Rob and Dunkin, how many rows per minute did you average today?


Garage, good question considering watts can jump around so much. Look at this SPI calculator on this page:

It looks like it calculates wattage based on your 500m split times. So if you have that at the end of the 30s sprint, then this may work. No one posted their time with the watts today so I was unable to verify that this is accurate.

Sugar Shane said...

Had a question for the group. I've been following the site since May and ran the Chicago marathon on October 11th. I started back with the WODs a week later. I've notice a huge drop in strength (1 RM DL was 405 and I couldn't move 365 yesterday) and I feel more sore after WODs. Do I need to take some more time off or will my strength slowly build back and the soreness go away by doing the WODs. Thanks?

rwcorson said...

My stroke/min was above 50 for all 5 sets. Strokes were short and all over the place in the 1st 2 sets and a bit longer, smoother in the last three.
James & Geoff helped me out quite a bit with the damper/foot setting after the first 2 sets. They also gave me some technique tips, as my 1st 2 sets had a high watt average, but my efficiency was crap.
Sugar Shane-I'd wait for OPT to answer that.
Soreness may be due to the slower tempos & doubles we have done lately. What do you do post WOD as far as recovery? ie. fascial rolling, hot/cold baths, stretching, epsom salt baths, diet, warm up, etc. The deficiencies &/or lack of these can really effect soreness. Also, remember that soreness has no affect on performance.

Ali Loach said...

Avg watts per row: 364/364/357/329/310
Total Avg: 344.8 BWT: 148
Score = 2.33

DUs: 65/66/66/38/66 TOTAL: 301
Lost focus in round 4 and it all went to shit. Glad I was able to get it back together for the final set.

Sugar Shane said...

Thanks for the response rwcorson. Post WOD I have a shake made with protein powder, coconut milk, mixed berries and some raisins and do some stretching. I eat strict paleo with a cheat meal here and there.

Lisa M said...

Did yesterdays WOD and hit this one later tonight depending on how i feel

DL 185/210/225/235/245PR!!! and still had more in the tank plus minimal rest between reps - wow

HPC 85/95/105/115

Press 65/75/85/95f at 3 but... this is a huge 1RM for me and I did 2 reps and almost 3 - coach you totally rock!!!

Grace practice did it at 95# felt good last rep in the last two sets was tough but felt quite explosive

I have never done Grace before does anyone know what the womens weight is for it??

Heading to MEC tomorrow to get some chalk i think my hands will thank me - thanks again Rob

md said...

Row - Avg 458/185 = 2.47
DU 81, 94, 82, 107, 97 = 461
I'm guesing on the row watt avg. It kept hoping around. I was in the 500's for the first 20 sec or so and then it would drop to the mid to high 400. (oh, and i fell off on the third set) DU went great only had two misses total. First and third set

Chris Dunkin said...

My strokes were in the 38 range. I haven't been able to get above that and hold the form together.
Shane I'd say you have to give yourself some more time to adapt back into the GPP. How much time away from this blog did you spend before the marathon, and what was your effort for the event?

Sugar Shane said...

I actually just followed this blog for my training right up to 5 days before the race. The marathon was a last minute thing. Long story, but my girlfriend and I found out we were going to be parents. She had registered for the race and couldn't run it. Chicago won't let you transfer the bib, so I just filled in since I knew I wasn't going to be setting any records under false pretenses. I finished in 4:31 and cramped a bit around mile 23. I was pretty gassed at the end of it.

Ali Loach said...

Ladies weight for Grace is 95#

rwcorson said...

Congrats on the news.
Do you follow OPT's recommendations for PWO fuelling regarding body fat % and amounts of protein & fats? This should help with recovery for sure.
I have days when I'm very sore, especially after those slow eccentric movement exercises. Lately I've been fairly good. I've been using Wobenzyme B regularly for about 6 or 7 weeks and this has really helped my muscle soreness. It is a anti inflammatory used extensively in Europe (Germany). Check it out.

rwcorson said...

I should have said carbs instead of fats, re: PWO fuelling, body fat % & protein/carb amounts.

Lauren said...

average row - 348/155 2.25

DU- 75/75/72/70/70= 362

Laura said...

Rows: 297/255/254/259/259 ave 264.8
264.8/bwt 116 =2.28

DU's: 294--last 2 sets were the best with 60+

joey warren said...

Row: ave/BW = 3.19

DUs= 483

103- unbroken
102- unbroken
102- unbroken
90 - broke x 1
86 - broke x 2

*Finally my double unders are coming around- felt good today

Lisa M said...

Thanks Ali i thought it was 95 but wasn't sure.

Thanks Trevor my handy husband welded me one on the weekend and it works amazing. Now i just need to figure out how to hang my rings form the ceiling - how do you guys do that is it just with eye hooks??

Brent Maier said...

Thanks Rob/Chris. I'm going to see where a fast 50spm and a slow 24-28 spm get me at 100% effort tonight. I have never pushed these to extremes to see how the body reacts and times differ. You got some pretty good watts last go around and I want to try and hit a few 600's tonight.

Garage Crossfitter said...

548/180= 3.04


Felt good.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Rows: 464/509/457/449/441 Av=464
Bw=180; score 2.57
DU: these were a mess today; 76 total.
PWO: 30p/30c chicken mole w/yams and homemade applesauce.

How did the feast go, Brent?

April Hanlin said...

From 2 days ago... (playing catch up)
ring dips on toes and for BJs used 17" box

total time: 17:30

Super happy as I had 2 sets of unbroken pullups. Big break through for me today.

Aubrey Rose is 15 weeks old!

ROBO- where are you?

Sailorcrew said...

Well, I'll report the good as well as the bad, today is both.

Rows: 538, 542, 539, 500, 479. 519.6 ave / 181 BW for a 2.87.

DU: Total of 115. They were a mess but at least I got a PR for a 1 minute round at 36.

Lindsey said...

Had to get creative today...

No rower - subbed 45# high pulls amrap 30 sec- 25/27/24/24/23 - shoulders/traps felt tight today and don't think I warmed up enough

DUs - just got my rope today so will be working on getting proficient at these - for the time being, I thought it more beneficial to work on overall rope speed for the intervals to prep for arm endurance needed rather than whipping myself for 5 min. Subbed amrap singles- 139/151/120(yuk)/149/154. Did DU work in warmup and after singles.

Justin Flynn said...

Rows- 721-757-723-734-723 3,658watts/5= 731.6 avg./200bw= 3.66

Double Unders- 70-60-60-60-70= 320

Doubles were tough. I dont know how you guys get 80-100 thats nuts.

Mike Molloy said...

Sorry Coach, rowing is one of two movements that still hurts my fractured rib (injured from a slide tackle).

So instead I did the two things I suck at most.

Snatch- worked from 45 to 135 by 10 pounds with 1 minute rest between sets. Pretty happy.

Front Squat- 135-165-185-200-205
All reps were ass to grass.

unit said...

A- 711/700/700/646/646 - 681/189 ~ 3.6
7min rest
B- 97/85/90/92/90 - 454


Rob Sifton said...


SPM were: 56,52,42,42,42. Gassed hard on 3,4,5.
Damper: 5,5,5,4,4
Foot stretcher: 4,4,4,4,4
7min rest

AMRAP Double Unders 1min, 1min X5
So badly wanted 500
Rowing sucked so bad. Glutes were fried. Took all of the
7min to be comfortable standing up.  Could see efficiency
coming back as the skipping sets continued
right calf is still feeling tight from the Box Jumps 2 days ago, didn't have the bounce as I would have liked.

Rob Sifton said...

Unit, I have to stop posting after you. Your numbers blow my mind!

unit said...

rob... insane du's bro!... so close 2 500!...

Justin... sweet rowing WATTage!... perhaps I can talk u in2 powering my house through the winter...

Rory!... where'd u go?!

DJ... welcome back bud!...


Chris Fodera said...

Row Avg Watts Per Effort:
595 @ damper 6, 572.9 @ damper 8, 582.4 @ damper 7, 560.7 @ damper 6, and 539.5 @ damper 7

Total Avg Watts: 570.1
BodyWeight: 170
Score: 570.1/175 = 3.26

DoubleUnders: 89, 52, 53, 56, 73 = 323

PWO: 40gP (MRM shake), 15gC (apple)
60 minutes later: chicken, apple pie lara bar, and mac nuts.

Rows all felt OK. Couldn't really tell which damper was the most efficient for me...will need to continue to work on this.

First set of double unders felt great. Stumbled a little at the end w/ about 10 seconds left, but was moving nice. Remaining sets of DUs were rough.

EHR said...

Eric R

483.2, 501.6, 511.4, 515.2, 514.7
score 2.99
Based on my numbers I think I need to spend more time warming up
DU 69, 74, 70, 75, 69
Total 357

David X said...

Redid this wod after pulling my head out of my ass.

1. 565
2. 585
3. 537
4. 583
5. 544
T: 562.8/210=2.68
.38 point increase. Doesn't seem like much, but I'll take it.

Double unders: 297. Back to the bullshit. Tripped myself up early and often, just have to keep practicing these in warming up again.

Paul Klein said...

588.3 603.7 602.7 574.8 591.2
Average = 592.14 / 185lbs = 3.2

Double unders were a mess. It was like it was my first day again.
50 52 42 36 50 = 230

I notice with the rowing that if I don't get a big wattage in the first three strokes the average never gets up.

Michael McCabe said...

row: 640.9, 620.7, 568.4, 550.1, 539.5 - ave:583.92/179lbs=3.26

du: 72+68+67+63+63=333

love seeing people posting 700+ watts and 100+ double unders/round... great efforts, i'll be there soon!

Michael FitzGerald said...

Row (damper 1 - SLOW) - 527/498/502/512/492
Score = 506.2/184 = 2.75

DU's - 109/98/98/102/101
Total = 508

Doug Zirkle said...

Rows: 492, 474, 457, 449, 433
Avg: 461
BW: 150
Score: 461/150 --> 3.07

DUs: 71, 64, 75, 65, 65
Total: 340

Did my 14" bench press 1RM first. Will try to do the three test exercises ASAP and report results.

Brent Maier said...


769w (45rpm/195m/1:16)
678w (42/187/1:20)
657w (44/185/1:21)
575w (37/177/1:24)
537w (40/173/1:26)

Avg: 643.2/194 = 3.31

DU's: 75/62/56/60/55 = 308

Rob, took your advice and kicked up the rpm's tonight. I had the rower dancing all over the floor tonight. Tanked the last 15 seconds on the last 2 rounds of the rower and just tried to hold on. I was so uncoordinated and fatigued tonight on the double unders.

Brittany said...

Going to try and do big dawgs more frequently now that we are back in Calgary.

Row: 372avg/153= 2.43

Skipping: 120/112/110/102/98= 542

Geoff Aucoin said...

Holy Jesus, Brittany, those are some seriously huge numbers for skipping.

deejay said...

Skipped this WOD, intensity to high, need to ease back in. Did CFC WOD instead. I'll hit the next cycle hard...

On a side note, click on the following link, this shit is funny!

Evan Johnston said...

deejay that video made my day, lol

Ali Loach said...

Nice work Brittany!!!

Garage Crossfitter said...

Brent: i think my model B may be off a row distances were...


Mark R said...

440 average /160 = 2.75

After 42 DU had an achilles problem and bailed. Will ice, rest and stretch.

Slater Coe said...

Sprint Row 30 Sec
Rest 2 min x 5
Avg Watts = 743.8, 695.9, 567.2, 647.2, 618.0
Total Avg (654.42) / Bodyweight (218lbs) = 3.00

Rest 7 min

AMRAP Double Unders in 1 min
Rest 1 min x 5
# = 42, 61, 52, 59, 56 = 270

Derek said...

Have not posted for a long while........

Row: Avg 551/175(bwt) = 3.15
DU: 332

Had a hard time starting on a coulple of rounds of the DU.

rwcorson said...

Yesterday I mentioned Wobenzym B, as a treatment for muscle soreness. It is actually Wobenzyme N.
In Canada, it is manufactured by Heel, the makers of Traumeel, which many of us use.
There is a ton of literature if you google it.

Chris Dunkin said...

Corson- What form of the Traumeel do you use and how often? Same with the Wobenzyme?

D-Rob said...

Fist Post on your guys have some great metcons. I am in Tennessee in the States. Keep up the great work and motivating performances.

746,657,678,636,667 / 232lb bw = 2.917

58,47,60 (switched ropes), 51,57 = 273

Strength Work (done prior to above)
Wendler 5/3/1 Bench Press
225x5,240x5,275x12 (max reps on last set)

Derek Robinson
Crossfit Knoxville

rwcorson said...

I use the Traumeel cream as needed on any stiff muscles or joints. I use it to help make frictioning a bit easier.
Wobenzyme N, 3 tablets when I wake up, 3 mid day and 2-3 prior to evening meal. All are taken 30-45 minutes prior to eating.
If we are doing a double or I get crushed by WOD, I increase the the dosage to 4 tablets for morning and mid day and keep the evening dosage the same.
OPT helped me with the dosages.

Brent Maier said...

Garage, all that tells me and by looking at my numbers, there are a lot of variables in how a C2 determines wattage. With my numbers you do not see a direct coorelation between wattage and any one thing like my (damper@8, foot settings @3 holes above top, row rate, acceleration force). I actually ran this WOD on a new C3 rower because the rebound tension on my C2 chain is a little weak and I didn't want it slapping around while trying to hit 50rpm's. Your a beast so if your still curious, I would give it another go on a fresh day and truly give it a balls out attempt on your 3,2,1 go and see if you can pick it up.

The pace for todays performance on this WOD would crush me on anything much more than 45 seconds. What I learned with this WOD is if we're rowing on a short sprint, balls out on rpm's AND pulling force is the only way to consider it an all out effort. Why did I emphasize AND? The last time we had 100% for wattage high, my mentality was wrong in that I was going to maintain a slower pace but pull like a freaking ox. Nope, who was I trying to kid? After 3,2,1 go, the walls should start to shaking.

YoungManRumble said...

Row 1 - 546w - 198m - 6 damper
Row 2 - 585w - 195m - 6 damper
Row 3 - 585w - 201m - 6 damper
Row 4 - 565w - 193m - 6 damper
Row 5 - 575w - 200m - 7 damper

AVG 571.2/174lbs = 3.29


100 - 82 - 85 - 85 - 86 = 438

Struggled with these today.

Joel B. said...

Hey Chris Dunkin,

Maybe this should go on email, but perhaps others are interested too...

You mentioned a couple weeks ago or something that you were going to experiment with the low carb PWO/no PWO fueling as detailed on Robb Wolf's blog. Did you start that experiment...if so, how are things going?

Lisa M said...

ave watt 358/128= 2.8

DU 88/82/80/77/85 = 414 pretty happy with that my arms were baked.

Rob and everyone interested on the wobenzyme they now have a physicians strength so you don't have to take as much. I am not sure if james has it or not but I can get it if anyone is interested in Calgary. I am sure OPT will be able to get it as well

Chris Dunkin said...

Joel- still early (starting 4th week) but I have noticed strong performances, and no afternoon tiredness. I eat a lot, but only when I'm hungry. Lots of protein and fats, and the only carbs are coming from veggies. I have continued to use Refuel on our double days. So far so good.

Rob Sifton said...

Just noticed that I did 30sec rest between each of the 30sec 100% Rows. No wonder I was so gassed.
Read twice do once!

Mack Lar said...

BW 175
Damper 8 Avg 40S/Min

DU Total 387

Joel B. said...

Thanks Chris!

Sounds good. I eat a lot too, but I am pretty light. I eat some fruit mainly PWO following coach's protocol. Overall mainly protein and fat and with some carbs from veggies. Good plan on the double days, I think. Let us know how it works out in the future?

dmarsh said...

Row: 515/180=2.86
DU: 87,70,73,59,65=354

Arms just gassed in rounds 4&5.

Anonymous said...

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