"I can see everything from up here"

Awesome videos, great efforts, the intensity was there, that is what matters at this time of year.

Great to see some new faces...and finally SEE some faces that have been out there.

Of course there is only me on this side and I have to watch, tally and record; I will get this done ASAP...my highlights were the videos, inspirational, you have all taught me again.

From Joel B's little girl to late night in Surrey to the Anvil savages in the dark to Joey Warrens "competitor" shirt (memories...mmm) to Soneff's world shattering banging weights to Wes Hendricks burpee pull up outdoor wod (that was beautiful!) to Martin oversea to Dunkin and his knee wraps in Oregon to the OG's Josh, bso, PTS and Maier...it was simply delightful! thank you!

I have not completed tallying, will do so by tomorrow for results of weekend (which will include everyone) then I will have more results based on the overall championships in the following days which will of course not include everyone unless you participated in the 1st one.

Again, congrats to everyone who participated. As was mentioned by my homies; it is IMPERATIVE that you tie in the intensity and combine it with correct ROM; learn from this.


Martin Altemark said...

Thanks from across the pond to everyone who participated in #1 & #2! But most you Coach, for taking the time to make me better!

If you or anyone has comments/help on my tech then just drop me a mail or a note or anything.

You don't need to mention that my intensity need to go up, because that I'm already a bit disappointed with :-)

Steve Smith said...

OPT Challenge #1 --

So, this is just a little late, but now that I've got time and a good internet connection, I figured I could post this.

This was somehow completed within the time standard between Air Assaults and meetings. Would run over to the gym, then back to the flight-line. Each video then took, no joke, 24 plus hours to upload. Regardless, here they are:

Fight Gone Bad
Score = 351

Front Squat 3 Rep Max
Total = 355 pounds

Snatch 2 Rep Max
Total = 185 pounds (Very disappointing, by the way)

Max Pull-ups (Chin breaking plane)
Total = 43
No video. Battery died.

Max Double Unders in 10 minutes:
Total = 543

Posting this more for kicks and feedback than anything. Please feel free to call me out on form, reps, or whatever.

Coach, completely your call on whether or not to add it to the standings.

Hope everyone is recovering from Challenge #2 nicely.


Joel B. said...

I guess I'll fess up and claim my daughter's quote. She is a laugh a minute, seriously, and inspires a range of emotions. I never knew what a "spirited child" was until I had one.

I am still going through the video's, but I am having a great time seeing all of you Dawgs. Y'all are beasts and put me to shame!

Thanks to you, Coach for putting this challenge on and really everything you put into this thing. Maybe it's weird to feel this way about someone I've never met, but you inspire me to make positive choices all the time. You, and this community make me a better husband, father and person. Thank you.

Lisa M said...

This past weekend was amazing!! It was very inspirational to workout at OPT and listen to you James and your no holds barred encouragement to the athletes and in particular i heard you from the gallery when i was doing wod 3 - "Pull your head out of your ass and get in the game!!!" I LOVE IT i learned sooo much this weekend and really appreciate you opening your doors to us locals and for all that you do it is truly amazing.

It was great to hang out with like minded people you were all inspirational Gord, Laura, Liz (thanks for counting for me and yelling at me during my KBS i seriously wanted to stop sooo bad and was close to puking but you totally pushed me through it)Rob S - perseverence at its finest during the snatch sequence! , Geoff, Rob C - thanks for telling me that frustration was wasted energy and being the ROM nazi, and Eric you are seriously a beast in the making and whomever else i missed it was awesome!!! ok blah blah blah later...

Surrey Sterling said...

I got hit with the flu last night at about 1am. Might explain why I wanted to bail on number 4 so bad. I knew something wasn't right. I think its the ol' H1N1 I've got all the symptoms and we had a confirmed case at our daycare last week.

Slept from about 6am till 10am and feel better. I hope my better then average health pulls me through in a timely fashion!

Might be a few days before I can get my video up now. I've got to get a new cable and I'm now quarintined.

Great job everyone!

Scotty Hagnas said...

Amazing performances here in #2.... congrats to all who competed! I wish I could have joined in this time.

I knew I would be out for this one... we were moving this week and there was no available time or energy for competing. (Originally, I had hoped to come up to Calgary this weekend instead of when I did.) Now, everything is in storage while we wait for things to come together w/the new house...then do it all over again. No soreness at all from several days of lifting odd objects...a nice real world test of functional fitness.

Once things have settled, I'm looking forward to watching everyone's videos!

Lisa M said...

Hey my birthday is coming up and my mom offered to buy me a GHD anyone know the best place to order one from in Canada and the best one for the money. It has to be adjustable as I am vertically challenged. Thanks

Geoff Aucoin said...

I think there's a few folks that can field that question. Sifton? Flemming? Bueller?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Oh and I wish my mom would get me cool stuff like that...

Lisa M said...

Ha I know isn't she the coolest. Most normal women would be asking for a coach purse or a nice pair of boots from Arnold Churgins. She was like " you want a what??? Oh never mind dear just go ahead and buy it and I'll give you the money". She rocks.

Trevor Salmon said...

Lisa M, the one we have at OPT is from Atlantis and you can check with fitsystems here in Calgary.

April said...

Lisa M,


This is the one that Rory and i want soon. We have a good relationship with the guys at Sorinex and their stuff is great quality, I'm just not sure if they ship to Canada...

Lisa M said...

Thanks Trevor and April. Shipping a big item like that from the states is a nightmare because we have this bizarre brokerage fee that they randomly add on at the border and you never know what it will be and they won't tell you ahead of time so it is safer to find it here but thanks. I often buy stuff down there and ship it to the inlaws in Phoenix and then just bring it back with me when I go down but a ghd is a little hard to bring on the plan - hee hee. I will check out fitsystems tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


We can get them in from Rogue (Sonex), let Trevor know if you want a price. The Atlantis one at OPT was quite pricey


Chris Fodera said...

The Sorinex M2 from Rogue is awesome!

Sweeney said...

I just bought 2 Sorinex M2 GHD's (one for home and one for office). By looking at the picture, I thought it would be flimsy, but it's not. It's great!! It's also very compact compared to the Atlantis so for a home gym, it's hard to beat.

Lisa M said...

Is the Sorinex adjustable? From the picture i couldn't tell. How much were they Sweeney or Trevor i would totally be interested in getting one, as long as it is adjustable for us vertically challenged individuals!!

Martin Altemark said...

On the GHD-buying discussion: nobody here knows anything about where and what to buy for GHD in Europe do you?

Steve Smith said...


Only word of advice would to NOT get the York. I've got it - too many parts, too expensive, too anoying.

Good luck finding one that works!


Chris Fodera said...


It is adjustable, although very tall individuals may be limited. This thing is built like a tank. Rumor has it that if you get one, you turn into a hybrid o$ Rory/Unit.

Justin Flynn said...


I agree do not get the York. Way too many pieces and bells and whistles.

I really like the Legend GHD. Its built really well and its cheap.

Lisa M said...

Hmmm I definitely want to be the female version of Rory/Unit - I am ordering today!!!!!

Found the Sorinex one at rogue in Edmonton a little pricey but from the feedback it sounds like it's a good unit.