Tues, Dec 1st, 2009

Day 10 Training:

A1. Front Squat @ 30X0; 2-3 x 5; rest 10 sec
A2. AMRAP Chin Ups; 5 sets; rest 240 sec
3 rounds for time;
135/95# hang squat clean unbroken x 10
35 anchored it ups

post loads/reps for A1/A2 and time for conditioning workout to comments


Geoff Aucoin said...

Methinks the reps are missing for the HSC?

Chris Dunkin said...

Let's go with 135 unbroken reps at 95lbs. Who's in?

unit said...

CDunkin... ur on!... it's on like donkey kong!...

evanz said...

So, I will be posting in hours versus minutes... maybe even days.

dontpanic356 said...

I will personally mail any of the Big Dawgs 100 dollars if they can perform 135 unbroken 95# HSC.

Chris Fodera said...


you're lucky Rory is in the field. Unit may still take you up

JAM said...

is it seriously 3 rounds of 135 reps at 95lbs?

dontpanic356 said...

I made that offer knowing Rory was busy in the Q course.

That would be an interesting workout...As many unbroken HSC as possible. Forearms and legs would be cooked.

Unit if you manage 135 reps unbroken....you are my hero.

bso said...

he's your hero.... and $100 richer, right?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Yeah Jam. Get to it.

Geoff Aucoin said...


I made this today, it's pretty damn good but if you blocked it out Zone-wise I'm thinking it would be off the charts for fat blocks.

Andrew said...

whats the final rep number for the conditioning training?

Andrew said...
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Lindsey said...

Question on unbroken... Does the pace have to be unbroken, i.e. no pause at the top, or are we referring to unbroken grip?

Martin Altemark said...

Off to do this in 45 mins (lunchbreak), and will just take a number for cleans. What would be a good choice? 5? 7? 10?

Tyler Smith said...


Martin Altemark said...

Jesus, my grip was toast BEFORE this. :-)

Front squat: 3x80kg, 3x85kg, 3x90kg, 2x92.5kg, 2x92.5kg
AMRAP Chin ups: 35, 27, 20, 20, 20

metcon (did 7 unbroken HSC): 5:11

Haha, now for some well deserved rest for my forearms!

Wes hendricks said...

I really need to build a pull-up bar in my garage.....looks like I will be doing front squats then getting into my car and driving to the playground for every set of pull-ups

Gord said...

Goofy day-
no power at OPT from 6am to 6:30. Warmed up in the pitch black....the whole time waiting for Aucoin to jump out from behind some door with a wig and plastic axe.
Didn't have a lot of energy from the start today. legs felt rubbery before I started.

A1. 165/176/186/196/206(2)
A2. 20/14/10/10/5- came off bar when elbow started to hurt. It is getting much better.

met con

looking forward to the rest day.

Chris Dunkin said...

A1. 185, 225, 235, 245, 255
A2. 40, 30, 25, 25, 20

Metcon: 4:12

Honestly tried to "not dip too far into the tank" but with a rest day tomorrow and a little bit of smack talk being tossed around I gave it what I had. A1 got heavy, but felt good. A2. could not seem to recover from the first set. Metcon. sit up's done at consistent pace throughout the three sets.

Ryan @ CFGP said...

A1. 135/ 155/ 175/ 195/ 205
A2. 30/ 25/ 25/ 20/ 15 = 115

Metcon: 6:52 unbroken

Grip and arms were toasted from the PU's.
PU's felt good.

Kyle F said...

A1. 225/245/245/265/265
A2. 20/20/20/30/20

Metcon: 6:33

Couldn't get my head in the game for the chin ups. Plus my favorite bar keeped on getting stolen. Had to use a bar that is no good for chin ups. (just excuses)

my sit ups are terrible.

Becky said...

a1, 75, 95, 115, 135, 145
a2. 33, 25, 20, 15, 15
could only do 3 in rest b/t sets
met con was a bummer. i could not do it all unbroken.
feel wiped out from yesterday still.
but i did finish
unbroken first rd
7/3 2nd rd
6/4 3rd rd.

Omar Arvizu said...

A1 205/210/215/225/255
A2 26/25/11/20/7

Metcon 4:42 Grip was toast!

Knee was bugging this morning and a little when catching the bar on the clean. Strong though

Becky said...

tried to post my mistake. hope it gets through this time. first rd. wasn't unbroken. it was 9/1.

Ali Loach said...

A1. 155(2)/165(2)/175 (1,F)/170(1,1)/170 (1,1)
*had to re-rack in between reps on the last two sets because I felt like I was going to pass out.
A2. 20/25/25/20/8* tore on the second last set and was mentally hooped for the last set. (excuses, excuses)
*it's a strange day when my pull-ups feel better than my squats.

Met Con
*1st round unbroken then last two rounds broken; grip was damn near non-existent!

unit said...

can u sub L-pullups and use ur squat bar/rack as your pullup bar?... just a thought...

Michael said...

A1. 185, 205, 225, 245, 255
A2. 27, 21, 17, 15, 11 (Chest to bar)

Metcon: 7:12
Sit ups are still my biggest struggle.
Front Squats felt solid

weezie said...

A1 - 185 x 3 / 205 x 3 / 225 x 3 / 255 x 2 / 255 x 2
A2 - 25 / 17 / 12 / 12 / 12

Conditioning work - 6:34

Cleans unbroken. Situps were slow. First two sets were unbroken, last set was broken.

Wes hendricks said...

unit not a bad idea....but my squat rack is pretty sketchy. It was part of a bench press I got from sears when I was like 12. And I just screwed it off the bench so needless to say its not very narrow.

Wes hendricks said...

It is very narrow I mean!

Sweeney said...

A1. 155/165/175/185/195
PR is 265 but still rehabbing the groin. Good test today.

A2. 30/27/21/21/20 Hands felt good, tried to use fingers only

Metcon. 7:38
re-hooked after each rep.

Lauren said...

Took a bit to warm up this morning.

A1. 135/145/155/165/175
A2. 15/17/20/18/15

metcon- 4:33

joey warren said...

A1. 225x3, 235 (fx1- I was smoked after first set of pullups, could not muster up the energy may have started too heavy so went back down) 225x2, 225x2, 225x2, 225x2
A2. 55 (butterfly over horiz plane), 34 (vert plane), 29 vert, 24 vert, 22 vert- I was smoked after first set, butterflies are much easier than breaking vert plane

t= 3:53
felt fast & strong

Becky said...

met con time was 9:03

Jess skov said...

A1: 75kg x 3. 70kg x 3. 70kg x 3. 70kg x 3. 70kg x 3.
A week point, have not dot Front Squat enough because i A1: 75kg x 3. 70kg x 3 70kg x 3 70kg x 3 70kg x 3. Weak point, have not veen doing Front Squat enough because i was not 100% ón the form. But it is improving.

A2: 40 (pr). 22. 21. 25. Forgot that is was 5 set, so only did 4.

Next goal is to learn butterfly kip :-)

Medcon: Forarms where smoked, so only did the HPSC Whit 40kg.

Time: 5:02

rwcorson said...

Pre- rowed 5 mins. Half tabata row.
A1.163,168,173,178.5,183.5 all 3 reps
A2. Upper back & neck still sore, so opted out of pull ups & did amrap 88# press.
Mecon - 5:26, the HSC were very tough.
I'm feeling pretty burnt.

Ali Loach said...

Nice work on the met con Lauren!

Greg Soneff said...
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Greg Soneff said...

Unfortunately won't be able to swing today's WOD. However, I did manage to upload some video's from yesterday's Hang Power Snatch. The tempo was tough to follow exactly so I really tried to focus on technique. My PR for Power Snatch is 70kg but yesterday I missed 67kg a couple of times. Would appreciate any feedback available on the lifts.

Cheers and thanks

Here is the link to the videos (http://www.vimeo.com/7907093)

Trevor said...

Warm-up: 3 min jump rope, 5 min row, air squats

A1. 95/115/125/135/135 Still working on correct form
A2. 24/24/20/18/12 Pull up bar is about a 20 second jog away from squat station.

1:33 / 1:36 / 1:42 at 75#

Post: 40g p / hour later 40g carb

evanz said...

A1. 145,155,165,175,185(2)
A2. 30,26,21,22,22 Forearms were shot from front squats. Yes, I am not very flexible.

9:09 all squat cleans broken. Was hoping for just one set unbroken, but noooooo. Situps all day.

Eating like a bear today and hibernating tomorrow to rest, except for that work thing.

Cubs Win said...

A1 - 245,245,245,225,185
A2 - 35,30,20,20,20 (125)
Metcon - 7:30

A1 - 245,245,245,245,245
A2 - 18,18,18,18,18
Metcon - 6:39

JAM said...

first OPT wod for me...getting used to the tempo prescription

A1- 185x3/185x3/185x3/185x3/185x3
(3 rep max 245)
A2- 20/20/20/15/15

metcon- 9:45

dmarsh said...

A1. 242x3,252x3,252x3,262x2,262x2
A2. 35,25,20,20,21 (chin over bar)

Metcon: 8:06 (all sets unbroken)

Felt lousy from the get go on this one. No second gear, especially on pullups. Just went through the motions on the metcon, although that third set of unbroken cleans was no walk in the park.

Question re: tempo on front squat. At these loads I have to pause for 1-2 seconds at the top to take a breath. Is this acceptable or does 30X0 mandate absolutely no rest at the top?

Garage Crossfitter said...

FS 135x5 sets, first time front squatting on knee, felt pretty good

butterfly and chin breaking vertical plane, mixed them up

*subbed HSC for 95# Front squat x10


I didnt have any juice with pullups today and my legs need to get strong again...

Steve Howell said...

Yesterdays Part1:

A1: 111x3/116x3/121x3/126x3/131x2/136x2
A2: 200x3/225x2/243x1/205x3/230x2/273x1
B: 268 for all sets felt strong.
C1: 20#x6/30#x4/50#1
C2: All 3 sets unbroken

rested 10 mins

A1: Front Squat - 200x3/210x3/220x3/230x3/243x2
A2: 30/21/20/23/20 - grip was toast

Metcon: 5:10

could barely hold on to the bar. feeling pretty run down thought that extra rest day would have helped not guess not.

dontpanic356 said...

A1: 235, 255, 275, 285 x 2, 295 x 1 (I tried for 2nd rep but had to dump it)

A2: 32, 22, 20, 17, 15

Metcon: 5:07

Started to cramp up in my right hip flexor on sit us. It was doing this yesterday as well when I was rowing.

Chris Fodera said...


A1. Did not attempt b/c of Right Knee
A2. 40, 30, 22, 25, 23

MetCon: 5:40* (Subbed Hang Power Clean for Hang Squat Clean b/c of Right Knee)

PWO: 40gP (MRM shake), 15gC (mashed yams w/ cinnamon)

Notes: Warmed up with 750m row and stretching. Did a couple pull ups and a couple GHD sit-ups. Attempted some air squats in the warm-up and was able to do them, but needed to be very slow going into and coming out of full depth. Right knee was still tight/sore so made the call to modify the WOD.

A2: Was pretty happy w/ the first round though I still find myself getting stuck between a normal kip and butterfly kip. This really kills my rhythm and momentum. Subsequent rounds were significantly lower than last time we did this WOD (FS and AMRAP PullUps on 20091105).

Rested 5 minutes.

MetCon: Subbed Hang Power Cleans for Hang Squat Cleans. Felt decent until round three. Grip killed me and I dropped the bar b/t reps 8 and 9. Upper quads sore from dropping the weight to them between reps.

Have been under the weather lately and sleeping like trash. Looking forward to getting home tonight, relaxing with the kids, eating some Turkey Soup that the wife made especially for me, and hitting the rack by 8:30

Jon M said...

A1. 225x 4, 230x 4, 235x3, 235x3, 235x3

A2. 25,21,21,15,17

Finisher: 5:35

bso said...

A1. 215x3*-245x3*-245x3-255x2-265x2
A2. 27**-21-20***-14-21

* Forgot about tempo
** Regripped into a bad position, started tearing
*** Tore

No juice for metcon (day 4... ready for rest). Practiced hang squat cleans x 5 reps up to 165.

Tried OJ + whey 30 minutes pre-workout... that doesn't work for me.

Geoff Aucoin said...

A1. 176,186,191,196,201
A2. 20,22,25,20,20

Metcon - 5:05

3rd day in a row and it showed. Just puss'ed out on the pull-ups, really, but I was starting to gass there. That made me dread the metcon but that wasn't as horrible as I imagined. Time isn't anything special but sit-ups, as usual, need to speed up.

Gord I was so gonna jump out at you with the axe but you looked so cute there in the dark that I didn't want to bother you.

OPT said...

the tempo as written 30X0 means that there is no pause at bottom or top, if you have to catch your breath, do it quickly..the X is for intent on moving the weight as quickly as possible on the upward motion..sometimes there are pauses used to overlead the lockout..or for purposes of regripping, resettign scapulae (as in top of bench press) or to overload end ROM...such as 30X2 like in rack press outs or rack work...hope that makes sense
good work today everyone!

Agnew said...

A1. 185 x 3/205 x 3/225 x 2/225 x 2/225 x 2
A2. 20/20/15/15/14

Metcon 9:57 broken

Grip was done!!

Matt said...

Are you supposed to rest between the A1/A2 part and the 3 rounds for time?

Wes hendricks said...


A1. 185x3-205x3-210x2-215x2-217x2
A2. 38-35-26-27-21 Chest to bar

Time - 5:57

So I almost didn't post tonight I was so frustrated with my metcon time. I started my last round of HPC at about 3 minutes, and my grip gave on rep number 6 and I completely mentally lost it. The last two metcons I have completely sh*t the bed and I am very very discouraged.
And I also want to note for the pull-ups I had to get into my car and drive 45 seconds down the road to the play ground to do them.

Laura said...

A1: 103/110/115/120/125(2)
A2: 25/25/24/23/22/23 (Kip wonky round 3 on)
Had the shakes after A section--next part a bit of a disaster. Round 1-- got 3 HSC then singles almost gave up, then decided to forget about the time and just finished--3/3/2/2 for last two sets 95# seemed really heavy today. Situps all unbroken but slow. Peeked at time--last 2 rounds just under 8 minutes

PTS said...

front squat 195,210,220, 2x220, 2x220

chins 32,26,23,22,20

metcon- 9:26. legs felt fine, grip was shot and had to rest to keep hsc unbroken.

Joel B. said...

A1: 165, 170, 175, 180X2, 182X2
tempo killer
A2: 24, 22, 21, 20, 20

metcon: 7:27
switched to 115 after first round. terrible day. mental midget today.

dmarsh said...

Thanks Coach. Definitely needed a 1-2 second pause at the top of the last 2 sets. Interested to see if I can maintain these loads next time this comes up without a pause at the top (and without passing out!)

unit said...

HSC 95lbs AMRAP...
grip gave out after 60


time to do the actual WOD...

EHR said...

Eric R

195,205,215,225,235(2) this beats my 1rep max pr by 10#
30,25,25,20,21 worked on a stong kip

Metcon 5:18

joey warren said...

Unit, you are f&*%$ing crazy. And BTW I love your video of weighted ring dips, not cuz that weight is very impressive, but because of the kids on the right side of the video doing calf raises and shrugs!

Evan Johnston said...

A1. 185,190,195,200,205 (all reps of 3)

A2. 20,15,17,14,11

B. Got halfway through and my back seized right up. Really frustrating but last 2 days did a ton of snatches and I think back and hips need rest

dontpanic356 said...

Unit...60 is crazy. Once I get a working camera I'll try that as well. Glad I get to keep my money for now.

Paul Klein said...

A1. 205, 215, 225, 225, 2reps @ 225
I had a hard time keeping the tempo with 225.

A2. 32 (PR), 16, 15, 15, 12
I am surprised at the drop from set 1 to set 2.

Metcon. 5.43
The anchored sit ups put the fork in my quads.

unit said...

joey... good call!... i do get to see some interesting things at that gym!

DP356... i'll keep working on it...

A1- 223(3) all 5 sets
A2- L-pullups w/ softball grip... 16/ 13/ 12/ 11/ 11 - 63

- 3:34

grip has been thoroughly thrashed today...


Lindsey said...

A1. 95/105/115(2)/115(1-second try)/115(1)
A2. 7/8/9/10/8 - learning how to kip so this was a half kip, half jump

7:51- used 65# to ensure good form and unbroken sets. situps were sloooow at the end but unbroken

Erik Luber said...

A1. 60 kg, 62, 64, 66, 68.5(1+f)
A2. 40 (PR), 22, 20, 20, 15

No metcon for me. Got a really nice and deep rip in my hand and the last set of pull-ups. Got into 4 reps of the squat cleans and ripped it open even more. Called it quits there. Pot just wasn't hot today.

Brian Maier said...


Had a great time over Thanksgiving working out with Brent in Colorado. Back in Vegas and did this workout with Dan.

A1: 175,195,205,215,225(2)
A2: strict L-pullups with 25lb plate on lap. 5,5,5,5,5

Metcon: 4:35 (1:15/1:30/1:50) RX'd - all HSC's unbroken

I'll be feeling the quads tomorrow.


A1: 135,155,175,175,185
A2: strict pullups - 13,13,8,8,8

Metcon: 10:41

Brent Maier said...


A1 FSx3: 80/90/92.5/97.5/105kg (231#) wo/belt
A2 PU: 35/17/17/17/20

Metcon: 5:49

Wow, talk about a difficult one to get ready for. Could have gone a little heavier on the front squats. Hands were bloody before the metcon and every finger felt like a razer blade for the final metcon. Had to dig deep today just to endure the pain. All HSC's were unbroken but mentally I could have easily given up at 5 on sets 2 and 3. Situps were also unbroken but steady singles.

I'm proud of the results so far from the last 10 days. Glad this one is over though.

Craig said...

A1. 185(2)/195(2)/200(3)/205(2)/210(2)
A2. 30/25/25/20/20.
HSC w/ 95#'s.
Felt good today. First day with OPT after a long break from Invictus.
Tempo on FS was good, felt a little weak.
pull ups were smooth, slippery grip.
HSC were smooth, used 95# for a modest beginning. used abmat for situps.
Post wod snack: mashed yam with applesauce and blueberries with muscle milk. 71gC/42gP
Meal: 8 oz ground beef, with cauliflower, shallots,squash, and broc with Avo.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Unit, you are a freak of nature. If you can keep this pace up next year when your kid is mobile then I'm putting you in a non-human category. It will be fun watching you at the Games next year, 'cause you're gonna be there!

Mack Lar said...

A1. 185/205/215/225x2/225x2
A2. 42/27/26/21/22 1st set was COVP. Butterly and kipping after that.
Metcon: 4:16
Felt very strong on the metcon. Took about 5 seconds btwn situps and HSC's to ensure unbroken. Prob could have gotten through it without the small break. These hangs felt much easier than the squat cleans I did as part of Elizabeth last week. With weight from the floor my legs were tiring much quicker.

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7PM
A1; all for 3; 198/203/208/208/213
A2; 35/25/25/20/20 (=125). Grip strength not back where I'd like it yet. Soon...

Conditioning WOD
7:57 Helped once I figured out to never let go of the hook grip

Kathleen said...

A1: 115(3) 115(3) 120(3) 120(3)
A2: 22 20 20 15(8+1's) 15(10+1's)
Finally getting my groove back on the chins. Can't remember the consecutives on the first 3 rds

Part II
all HSC were broken singles = 10:04

Anonymous said...

29 yom 180lbs

A1 205/215/225/225/235
A2 35/34/25/15/12

met-con = watch stopped - Doh!

will said...

225x3,245x3,255x3,265x3,285x2 (pr)

met-con 425

will said...

and unit ur my hero

Dave X said...

A1. 215x3/215x3/215x2 last three sets
A2. 10/10/9/9/9. Shitty.
Met Con: 7:36

Tyler Smith said...

A1. 165,185,205,215,225
A2. 31,23,19,15,13

*Chest to bar on pull ups
**Skipped couplet because I haven't rested in a while and was feeling the effects. Finally caught up though!

Michael McCabe said...

A1. 195, 215, 225x2, 235x2x2
A2. 33kip, 15strict, 30kip, 10strict, 30kip

metcon: 4:57

love the rx`d unbroken stuff. knew i`d see a few of the dawgs go sub 4mins on that metcon... awesome work

Sugar Shane said...

Let me start by saying I had an egg nog with rum at the holiday pot luck lunch at work. It was a stupid decision and I definitely paid the price for having that slosh around in my stomach during these workouts.

A1. 3-225, 3-230, 2-230, 2-230, 1-230
A2. 29, 21, 21, 16, 15



I did the first two rounds of situps on the GHD so I didn't tear the skin off my backside. Round 3 of the squat cleans went quick because I started using the momentum when I brought the weight down to throw me right into my next rep. I'll definitely do this on all sets from now on.

Slater Coe said...

A1. Front Squat @ 30X0; 2-3 x 5; rest 10 sec - 225x3, 225x3, 225x2f3, 225x2f3
A2. AMRAP Chin Ups; 5 sets; rest 240 sec - 30, 24, 23, 13, 14

3 rounds for time;
135# hang squat clean unbroken x 10
35 anchored sit ups (GHD on 1st round)

Taking 4 days off and not eating correctly over that time wasn't a smart decision... I felt slow, weak, and generally pathetic during the entire workout.

Michael FitzGerald said...

Did Front Squat/Press/Weighted Chin-up, 5 sets
MetCon as rx'd:
Sit-ups were slow! Great job Unit.

Bowser said...

Hit this up with fellow pirates Surrey and YMR: Good to get a hit!

A1: 155,185,195,205,210
A2: 23,20,13,12,13

Metcon: Subbed 115#


YoungManRumble said...

A1: 205x3-215x3-225x3-235x3-245x2* form was getting a bit comprimised tomwards the end had to dial it back. I've been going ass to grass on all squats.

A2: 35(kip) - 10 strict - 25 (kip) - 10 strict - 20 (kip)

got interupted on my 5th set and timing went out the window

Took a good 10mins before part 2

Met Con - 5:25 - The hang squat cleans all unbroken but I had to huff and puff a few times with the sit ups.

Surrey Sterling 39/5'10"/174 said...

A1 - 205x3, 215x3, 220x3, 225x3, 230x2

A2 - 34 kip, 17 supanated, 20 mixed, 13 mixed kip, 16 kip.

choose to mix up the grip to save my hands.

Metcon was a total gong show. I felt really pukie after part one and could get moving in part 2.

A disgraceful time of 9:16. Another day.

April said...

A1. 75, 95, 100, 105, 110
A2. 10, 6, 6, 8, 8

Started the metcon, but Aubrey would have none of it. Might try and squeeze it in later.

Felt OK after two weeks of laying low because of my neck. However, no more neck issues so I'm back at it! So glad I took some time off to get better.

And Unit, your warm up is why I'm proud to be your sister!

Ross Blake said...

fs 70kgx2 70x2 75x3 80x2 82.5 f

chins 18-20-20-21-22

Started metcon but was totally fried. Failed on my first hsqcln rep 3 times before get 5 reps, then failed again. Pulled the pin as my fs and chin up numbers reflect some mental, emotional and physical stress.


Anonymous said...

Done a day behind

A1. 3/185 3/195 3/205 3/215 3/220
A2. 36PR 30,26,22,22

Metcon 6:04

Evan Johnston said...

A. 265x3, 295x3, 335x1 355x1 375x1, 400x1 (PR)

I know we werent going for 1rm but felt great and I think I could have even done a little more. Super pumped to hit 400#

B1. 105, 115, 115, 115, 115
B2. 17 2pd (had good pace then felt things moving around in my wrist), 21, 21, 21, 21 (all 1.5pd)

C. DB external
all 15lb

Felt awesome today