day 38/45

Run 1 mile
(Athlete must increase speed and intensity per 400 m so that last 400 m is the same speed as your 90 percent 400 m)I.E. 60,70,80,90 percent
Rest 3 min
As many sets in 4 min:
30 unbroken double unders
(Athlete MUST stop at each 30)
Rest 3 min
Run 1 mile
(Reverse order of 1st mile...400's in 90,80,70,60 percent efforts)
Rest 3 min
Attempt in 6 x 30 second intervals;
20 double unders within each 30 second interval on a repeat 30 second interval timer
Rest 3 min
Run 1 mile as cool down, focus on form..keep effort below 80 percent

Post double under scores and notes of running to comments
Compare to


deejay said...


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Dave X said...

When spammers attack.

This morning was a little bit of a mixed bag.

Found it very hard to get up for this one mentally this morning. Dark , cold, wet and icy--sounds like perfect running conditions, I know. Call me crazy. I was thnking of you the whole time Joel!

Mile 1: 6:58.43 (PR I think)
AMRAP DUs: 2 sets
Mile 2: 7:48.00 (Bonked and tried to hold on to the 60% effort)
DU Interval: 20 in first 4 sets, just missed in last two. Gassed completely.
Mile 3: 10:34.23

Took me forever to warm up fully and got gassed fairly quickly during the wod, although heart rate didn't feel super elevated. Recovery seemed quick after run. I don't know how to interpret this. Anyway, have a great day dawgs! ARRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Scotty Hagnas said...

Hey Dawgs-

I am departing from the Big Dawg WODs for now; I am going to be doing an individualized program from James. (though this WOD would be fun to do in the storm outside) However, I'll be checking the blog regularly, hopefully offering some Paleo and cooking tips, etc.

Good training everyone!

Chris Dunkin said...

1st Du: 9 sets
2nd Du: straight thru

Runs are improving, form feels better. First run was 6:38, Second was 7:28, and 8min cool down mile. 2nd mile was a struggle to keep the intensity where I wanted it in the second and third 400m.
each set of 20 du's was under 15sec.

Ryan B. said...

-i have been "crossfitting" for the past 8 months, and today was the first time i actually attempted double unders in a workout... and i finally did some double unders!!

mile #1= 6:45

1st DU'S= 6... not sets, but 6 double unders! haha

mile #2= 6:57

2nd DU'S= 32 (pr!)

mile #3= 8:34

- i felt pretty sluggish on all the runs, legs were tired from yesterday....but im pretty pumped!!! FINALLY got some double unders!! they were all broken, but ill take em!! this is a big step for me!!

Ryan B.

PTS said...

run 1 - 6:14
8 sets of 30 unbroken
run 2 - 6:54
completed all 6 sets of 20.

couldn't maintain 90% in either run for a full 400m. these tempo runs are brutal.

Kyle F said...

Run 1 6:47
6 sets of 30 DU's
Run 2 7:13
As Rx'd (they were ugly though)
Run 3 8:00

Started too fast in Run 1. Run 2 was the correct pace for 90%,80%,70%,60%. Shoulders and calves are absolutely donzo.

rwcorson said...

Ryan B.,
Power/hang power snatch for warm up.
It started to snow & blow just prior to starting, so I opted to use the threadmill.
2 incline, 1st mile 6:15, last time on road 6:25
7 rds DUs, the same as last time, stumbled on 7th rd @ 15
Gased @ 800m. Did the DUs & stopped.

Martin Altemark said...

Awesome WOD!

Lagging behind. Only had time for #2 yesterday, so did #1 from yesterday today:

Front squats: 90kg, 90kg, 90kg, 95kg, 95kg
Pullups (on rings): 28, 25, 20, 20, 20

Hmm. Did 3x95 on the last OPT3, so this was not what I expected. Might be a bit sick from that flu shot.

Gonna try running tomorrow!

Ryan B. said...

Thanks alot rwcorson!! i actually used your advice, "single,single, double" now im going to be working on stringing them together!

-since ive started opt wods, ive done multiple dips in a row for the first time, kipping pullups for the first time, semi ROM HSPU, and finally achieved a few DU'S!! now, im pretty good at dips and pullups and im getting better at everything every single day!! and im still getting much leaner and much stronger all at the same time!! James is a miracle worker!!

"Know pain, Know gain"
-(my favorite quote of all time)

Thanks again James

Ryan B.

joey warren said...

mile 1:
5:24- 1:26, 1:23. 1:19, 1:16
30 unbroken Dus:
6 sets - broke x3 @ 20 reps
mile 2:
6:39 - i was gassed - 1st 400m @ 1:19 then could not hold a pace I wanted
30 sec interval DUs:
all unbroken, all around 11 or 12 sec
mile 3:
7:31 - recovered, focused on form

Lisa M said...

Slept like crap last night feel like crap today - am taking a rest day. Hit this tomorrow if i am feeling better. Have a great weekend everyone.

Great job Ryan!!!

Garage Crossfitter said...

I ran 800m in my warmup and i could feel my right knee was inflamed so i opted out of the running but still wanted to gas myself since my running isnt strong... sooo...

Row sprint 500m = 1:28 (tied pr)
Rest 3 min
DU- 5 rds unbroken in 4 min (legs were gone)
Rest 3 min
Row sprint 500m = 1:35
DU- all sets completed and easy
Row 1k cooldown

Wes hendricks said...

Mile 1 (did 200 meter turn arounds)
my times were suppose to look like this - 1:24/1:18/1:16/1:12

So for mile one I started off on the right pace but I couldn't seem to get myself to go any faster I actually think I went slower...first mile 6:12

As many sets in 4 minutes: 8 (had 15 done when timer went)

2nd mile = 6:41 same problem couldn't seem to go any faster then about 75%-80% but I can maintain that pace forever no problem

6 x 30 unbroken/easy/fast

Did 1/2 mile cool down at 4:49 - Bunions began to become irritated so I stopped

Gord said...

Did runs on the treadmill at OPT

run 1 - 7:05
4 sets of du in 4min (was jumping way too high so fatigued quickly)
run 2 -7:05
5 of 6 set were successful (got the jump height dialed in a little better)
run 3- 8:20

Lindsey said...

Great times so far everyone!

I was pretty disappointed all the way around today. Clearly I have no concept of my running abilities which are mediocre at best. Overall times were not completely aweful but splits were all over the place. Split times were probably ok but were in the wrong order.

4 min DU- PR is 11 in a row so just tried for amrap in 4 min, got 76 which is disappointing, couldn't even find the "Lindsey" groove of 5 in a row

6x 30" DU- 15/17/17/10/12/16 - again having trouble getting a groove

Glad tomorrow is a rest day so I can get my mind right and butt in gear for Sunday

Murdock said...

Run 1 6:48

I got rid of the middle school PE rope and got a rope for double unders. Big difference a rope makes!!

DU's No sets but 17 unbroken

Run 2 7:09

DU's No sets but 13 unbroken

Run 3 8:34

Putting DU's into my warmup.

Mike Molloy said...

That was uncomfortable...

Run 1- Had a hard time picking it up to that 90%level. Time 6:50

Double unders- 6 full rounds.

Run 2- Hit my 90% pretty easy, fell short on my 80%, 70% and 60% were in line. Time 6:44

Double unders- 6 full sets. Worked on going faster with the rope. Shoulders were burning.

Run 3- Didn't time it but form felt pretty good

Mike Molloy said...

Oh yeah, I hit a PR on a box jump with my warm up today. 50 inches

Chris Fodera said...

1st Set of DUs: 5 unbroken and 29 reps
2nd Set of DUs: Got all 6 sets...first 4 unbroken

I am a horrible judge of intensity/pace when it comes to my running. I went out way too fast on the first one and payed dearly for it for the remainder of the training. I really need to work on this.

Interestingly enough, my right knee began to act up again today during the runs. Has felt good for several days in a row, but the runs really seem to put some stress on it.

PWO: 30gP (MRM shake), 20gC (mashed sweet potatoes w/ cinnamon)
45 min later: chicken/apple sausage, apple, almond butter

Brent Maier said...

Guys, got to sit out on this one. I've caught something and head is throbbing beyond belief. Hopefully I'll rebound quickly.

Chris Fodera said...

feel better, Brent

Sugar Shane said...

1st mile: 6:14
400m splits were at 1:45, 3:02, 4:45, 6:35

Only 2 sets of 30 unbroken. I failed at 29, 29, and 27 throughout. So frustrating.

2nd mile: 6:35
Splits: 1:20, 3:02, 4:45, 6:35

Failed on the 2nd and 6th interval. All others were unbroken.

Last mile was 9:34.

I think I could've pushed myself on the the run more, but I was trying to focus on keeping my splits even on their respective percentages. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. It has been a busy week.

KSC said...

2)1 rnd sad

Joel B. said...

Mile 1: 6:05...last time 6:07
Pacing was pretty good.
DU's: 6 rounds unbroken. Broke 1 at 28. Last time 5 rounds complete, 1 broken at 28.

Mile 2: 6:24...last time 6:27
90% was good and I hit a wall after that fell below 80 for a bit and tried to make up a little, but it didn't go so well.

DU's on 30 sec timer 6 sets all unbroken.

Cool down mile 7:11 going comfortably. Last time 7:08

All runs same course as last time with 200m turnarounds. The distances are as accurate as I can figure with use of car/mapmyrun and pacing with measured steps. The improvement, however small feels great. The similarities are pretty amazing to me.

Feel better Brent! No ice for me, David, but I did get caught in a rain flurry. In the 40's here.

md said...

1st mile 6:03
du - 8 sets + one broken at 15
2nd mile 5:50
du all sets unbroken 10-11 seconds es
3rd mile 6:40 focused on form

Michael McCabe said...

mile 1 - 6:21

5 rounds of 30 unbroken du's... my quads were cramping up, i don't know if it was the change in temp coming in from the cold

mile 2 - 6:39

6x30sec double unders... 20 unbroken each round, found my stride here

didn't time 3rd mile, but it felt good.

didn't want to run today but glad i stuck it out!

Jefff said...

6 Unbroken rounds of 30
Complete, and all unbroken

Gassed on all runs. DUs felt great though. Must have been sHELLy's Barbie Lee rope.

Derek said...

Cant run so did rowing instead

Row 1: 6:49 min
5 sets of DU
Row 2: 6:44min
All unbroken
Row 3: 7:44 min

Lauren said...

1st mile 6:45
6 rounds DU
2nd mile 7:09 (totally died...)
all DU completed
3rd mile 8:15

Justin Flynn said...

1st mile 6:54
6 Rounds DU
2nd mile 7:06
3rd mile 7:21

Joseph Weigel said...

DU- 7 sets should've had more but messed up twice.
2nd DU straight thru.
running was different. not used to going out slower and get faster.

deejay said...

Mile 1- 7:17
DU1 - 2 sets
Mile 2 - 7:13
DU2 - made all attempts - 2 trip ups
Mile 3 - tapped out half way through. shins on fire, finished with a light 750m row at 1:45-50 pace

Trevor Salmon said...

Martin, have the tees made it to you yet?

Mack Lar said...

Run1: 6:08
DU's: 6 Sets plus 26
Run2: 6:22
DU's: UB
Run3: 7:00
Felt much slower today than the last time we did this. Yesterday took a lot out of me. Forearm's were screaming from jump.

dmarsh said...

Mile 1: 6:27
30 D.U.: 4 sets (twice broke at 24)
Mile 2: 7:02
20 D.U.: 6 sets (5 unbroken) and easy

Mile 1 was a PR. Wasn't particularly trying for one but I'll take it.

Big hill through the 800m-1200m span made it very hard to pace properly. The 80 of the second mile was more like a 60 and then was able to pick it back up.

Martin Altemark said...

First run: 6:17
30 unbroken DUs in 4 mins: 4
Second run: 6:24
20 DUs/30sec: yes

Second run was hard. Had to use threadmill.

Grant said...

Fri night @ Eau Claire Y indoor track; 11.2 laps outside lane = 1 mile
1st mile; 6:05 seemed too fast (miscounted laps? Usually do this outside @ OPT so maybe that is slower? Maybe 11.2 laps is inaccurate?)
DUs AMRAP in 4min; 3 (30,f,f,f,30,f,30). Hard floor
2nd mile; 6:07
6x30 DUs 20 rep's; as Rx'd
Cool down mile 6:58

Martin Altemark said...

Btw: couldn't do 30 unbroken DUs to save my life 1,5 months ago - now it's not a big problem. Tech still not good, but hey - thanks James!

evanz said...

Did yesterday's part 2 in the morning on Friday. 7:29 all unbroken but the swings were really slow. Hard to control the movement.

5 hours later...
1st DU's 6 sets
2nd DU's 6 sets, broke on the sixth.
Run was interesting outside. Found it hard to pace based on %'s.

will said...

first set of dus 4 rounds.
got second set straight through.

Omar Arvizu said...

Yesterdat did the "grace practice" WOD that I misssed and this today... score:
1st mile: 6:40
did 4 rounds of 30 unbroken and a very angry round of 28 but can't count that.
2nd mile: 7:14
Then did all 6 rnd of 20 in 30 sec intervals.
last mile I just cooled down.
Gotta learn more about tempo, I was just folowing my bliss on it.

unit said...

on call but snuck out 2 a track 2 get this one in while things were quiet...

this time / (last time)
mile 1- 5:12 (5:19)... 1:26 / 1:20 / 1:16 / 1:10
DU 1- 9 sets (7 +18)
mile 2- 5:59 (5:51)
DU 2- all unbroken 10-11 sec
mile 3- 6:03 (6:14)


Lisa M said...

Ouch running sucks - it really flares my knee and calf but persevered

mile 1 7:20
7 rounds of DUs all unbroken
mile 2 was easier to go fast and then slow down but my time still sucked 7:32 felt like my first mile 90% was too fast so I slowed it down then i think it was too slow

interval DUs easy all unbroken

Have brutal headache and still feel like crap

Anonymous said...

Mile 1 7:20 pace was little slower then it should of been
DU's 4 sets
Mile 2 6:44 was a much better pace
DU's Intervals all 6 completed
Mile 3 7:45 tried to really work on form right calf and knee started to get really sore by the end

Slater Coe said...

Run 1 mile - 7:14
Double Unders - 29, 30, 30, 30, 16
Run 1 mile - 7:35
Double Unders - 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20
Run 1 mile - 9:34

Running still needs serious work... calves are still very tight two days later.