Monday, November 23rd, 2009

It is imperative that if you are doing the Big Dawg program that you post!
If I can set up this blog with my technological expertise??? then you can post your scores and notes.
It helps me, the others and the community grow.
The data is what is important!


unit said...

thanks again for all that you do and the work, time and effort you put in2 these workouts... it's ever so appreciated...

Joel B. said...

I second that. Your efforts are much appreciated!

Katrina Burton said...

I third that.

Thank you James for everything that you do for us and the CrossFit community. I know personally I wouldn't be where I am today in my training and life without your (and Leighanne's) involvement.

word verification - topfdog :)

dmarsh said...

It was an honor meeting you this weekend, James. Thanks so much for giving us all a glimpse of your knowledge, mindset and inspirational journey.

I think I speak for all of the other attendees when I say that you set the standard for what and who we are all striving to become.


Dennis Marshall

Dave Bonanni said...


I have just started following since your last Big Dawg challenge. Let me first say a congrats to the winners. I'm just settling into the workouts and will start posting. I think its a top notch program and look foreward to all the workouts and upcoming challenges.

Wes hendricks said...

I apologize for not posting I am a day behind. I will be caught back up tomorrow.

day 3
A1. 155-170-185-190-195 PC/PP/failed PJ at 195.....190 and 195 were PP PR
B1. 70-70-70 x 15...this is the heaviest I have so I worked on speed and getting the KB vertical overhead
B2. 9-8-6.....measured shoulder to shoulder which is 20 inches then put pinkies on that distance
C1. 12-12-12
C2. 15-15-15..Kipped

Day 4
165-166-167-168-165-163 at damper of 7 = 1157

Justin said...

Will do Coach. Was at the Mark Rippetoe seminar over the weekend but I will be picking up where we left off.

* said...


Just starting Day 1 of this cycle so data will be lagging a few days behind. Will post faithfully though. Appreciate all the hard work you put into this and will keep that in mind when my training gets "uncomfortable".

'Sup to all the Dawgs. Hey Scotty Hagnas and CF Portland!

Crossfit Camas

Dave X said...

I also doing the wods a day behind to get the gym set up for my 5 am WOD.

Tyler Smith said...

I would like to apologize for not posting... I have been following your blog to the "T" for about 2 months now... and I will post all of my scores/times. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your programming and training.

unit said...

day off WOD...
got off of work a bit early, so i just had to take advantage...

Power Snatch
5 sets of 2 @ 135lb... 45sec rest b/w sets

5min rest

5 rounds of the following
Squat clean, Split jerk 205 x2
Ring Muscle Ups x2
120 sec rest b/w rounds

5min rest

5 rounds for time:
320m run (2 laps around 160m track)
4x 205 lb power clean
6x 100lb DB Swing
time - 12:51

5min rest

5 rounds
trap raise 15lbs each arm @ 3011 x8
GHD situps x15
60 sec rest b/w rounds

time for some fuel...


dontpanic356 said...

I'm guilty. Working out but not posting. Sorry coach, ill change my ways.

(I've been a little down on my game lately, missing workouts and posting crappy scores that I'm embarrassed to display).

Lisa M said...

Once again thank you for all you do and your continued learning that you pass on to us.

James I was checking out the gymnastics warmup article in the crossfit journal. I was wondering what your opinion of it is and if it would be worthwhile to improve my hspu and quest for muscle ups

Brent Maier said...

Thanks for everything coach! "I'm giving her all she's got captain"! I'm interested to see what this strength phase is going to do for my metcon game. Thanks again to you and of course all the rest of the big dawgs that continue to raise my game every day, even if it's just a little bit at at time! Ouuuuu


Steve Howell said...

I apologize for not posting over the weekend coach I was out of town on a snowboard trip. Back at it 100% tomorrow.

will said...

thanks coach. i am grateful to have you doing all this work. i need to pick up my end.

Martin Altemark said...

A little late but me too is very grateful for the work you put into this!

Was really not decided on following this for more than a few cycles (workouts sometimes take a little too much time for me - I work 60h/week and have a family + that WODs area posted in the middle of the night in my timezone (GMT+1), so not much time to plan logistics), but have ended up doing almost every WOD including the two challenges since early Sept!

I love it/you do to my body and mind and I see training differently now compared to when I have done mainsite and other programs.

I take it for what it is, and focus on the result it gives me.

As Brent I am very interested in what this strength cycle can do for me as I am quite weak compared to you other guys.

Thanks also goes out to you other dawgs who really show me what is possible!

(sorry for my English not speaking/writing it too often these days...)

Andrew said...

Hi Coach.

Im following your training from Montreal. I am doing it a few days behind, should I post to the workout I did, or the day I did the training?

Damon Stewart said...

Same question as Andrew, I'm a couple days behind, where would you like me to post?