day 37/45


A1. Front Squat - 1,1,1,1,1; rest 240 sec
A2. AMRAP Chin Ups - 5 sets; rest 240 sec

rest 8+ hours

5 rounds for time;
12 KBS - 1.5pd/1pd
12 knees to elbows
21 double unders

post loads for part 1 and time for part 2 to comments


joey warren said...

So what is the consensus when coach leaves the chinups unspecified on standards... chest to bar? chin break vertical plane? butterfly? strict?

Wes hendricks said...

The playground with the pull-up bar is about a 40 second drive from the garage I am renting to workout in. Its going to be pretty funny driving back and forth from the house to the playground. Luckily I got 4 minutes between rounds

Pfeifalife said...

my upper back is tweaked fairly good...any suggestions on subs for these wods?

Front squats, kbs, and possibly chin ups are in all likelihood out of the question tomorrow.

Garage Crossfitter said...

part II @ 5:15am

6:02 unbroken

Part 1 later with some subs

Mike Molloy said...

Joey, I remember Coach saying that if its not specified then you can go with any style you want. If you always do one style of pull up maybe today is a good day to switch it up and go with one of the other standards.

Rory Hanlin said...

Hey Dawgs,

For those who are wondering why I haven't been posting for the last two weeks, I've been hitting some CF benchmarks and I've had to do the final physical test to move on in SF training. I'm spent and will take the next two days off and pick up the programming in time to peak for the comp.

On another note, I sent out the Anvil shirts today. I sent out all of the Calgary Dawgs' shirts to Rob Corson's place. (Sorry Rob, much cheaper shipping) So he will have your all of your shirts.

Dave X said...

Done at 0530
A1. 225/235/245(Tied PR)/255(PR)/260 (new PR) elbows dipping slightly.
A2. 15/15/12/10/10. Getting better, but still a weakness in my game. I gotta step it up.

Had a great warmup and really concentrated on a good long incrimental increase in the weight on the front squat. Felt light and really focused on hand placement, pointing the elbows up.

The chins are what they always are for me, but I felt like I had more speed and "get up" in the first three sets. Last two I chugged through.

Derek said...

Back super sore when I got up, could barley walk properly but I came in to see what I could do. Squats did not hurt at all, only hurts when I move my leg forward

A1: 255#, 265#, 265#, 270#, 275#
A2: 23, 21, 20, 20, 20

Pull ups

Omar Arvizu said...

Newbie guys:

A1. 215-225-255-275-255
A2. 8-6-5-5-5

Fat butt is getting to me at those pull ups

Omar Arvizu said...

strict pull ups tho!

rwcorson said...

Joey, it's your call on the pull ups.
No worries Rory.

PTS said...

FS- 225,245,260,267(F), 245
chins- 38(PR), 35, 28,28,24 - total 153. I used the chin breaks vertical plane standard. pleaseantly surpised at the # of chins today.

In warm-up felt great on the FS and felt primed to set a PR. I did not account for how the kipping chins would make my legs just tired enough not to have the hip explosion needed.

Martin Altemark said...

Did #2 because of time constraints today. Migh or might not enough time to do 1#, otherwise I'll try tomorrow. Feel a little iffy after that flu shot I got yesterday, so not sure.

5 rounds Swings, KTE & DU: 7:46

Chris Biles said...

A1. 185,190,195,205,215
A2. 22,20,20,16,15

Front squat flexibility less of an issue now. Just need to get stronger.

Ryan B. said...

Part 1.

A1. 205, 205, 210, 215, 225

A2. 12, 16, 15, 15, 13 (reg. kipping)

Ryan B.

Chris Dunkin said...


chin breaks vertical on chins.

PWO: 4 scoops refuel

Slater Coe said...

5:00a is early for Front Squats
A1. Front Squat - 1,1,1,1,1; rest 240 sec
240, 245, 250(pr), 255(f), 240
A2. AMRAP Chin Ups - 5 sets; rest 240 sec
28, 29, 22, 22, 22 = 123

Evan Johnston said...

Unexpected class to teach tonight so did part II this morning.

Part II: 9:32

Dissapointed, body and kb felt very heavy. Need a better mental performance

Kyle F said...

A1. 245/265/275/295/305(PR)
A2. 35(PR)/24/31/25/20 (Pull/Chin/Pull/Chin/Chin)

Happy with the front squat. Wanted to mix up the chin ups a little.

Kyle F said...


If it hurts when you move your leg forward it means that one of your disks is pushing on your sciatica nerve running down your leg. I'd consider resting the back for a couple days and loading up on advil.

Sorry for the unsolicited advice but I was practially bed ridden for a few days from this same problem.


Michael FitzGerald said...

When doing these kind of sets for weight training (front squat), you do not EVER g down in weight. If you fail on your 4th set for 1 rep, you have two choices - either stop the workout there, or make another attempt at the same weight. Read the FAQ for more info.

Wes - would love to see you drivin back and forth to do this WOD - awesome.

Wes hendricks said...

haha thanks Michael....making every attempt I can at doing it as recorded. Built a platform yesterday. This weekend is pull-up bar and plyoboxes!

Ali Loach said...

A1. 155/165/175*not full ROM/175/180
A2. 25/22/16/15/7 *tore my hand on round 2
PB on first round of Chins...Yesssss!

And as far as WOD 2 is concerned......
Today's the day I show Knees to Elbows they're my B*@CH!

Joel B. said...

A1: 185, 195, 200, 205, 205(f), 195
missed the comment by Michael and I really knew better than to do that last set. I even read the FAQ's last night again. I was p.o.'d about being distracted and bad mental game on the failed 205. Also, I have to wonder about reaching optimal numbers on FS first thing A.M? or maybe that is an excuse. Some pr's set by other Dawgs early this morning.

A2: 30, 28, 27, 26, 25: 136 total
OPT 3 I got quite a drop off today. Grip was a huge limiting factor. Must be still getting used to my new thicker pu bar. All chin over bar regular kip except first 21 reps of 2nd set were BFK just to mix it up. I was thinking the faster reps would save my grip a little. It didn't matter.

Lauren said...

could only get in 4 rounds today because of time constraints....

A1- 165/175/185/195- felt really good and wanted to try for the 205, next time.
A2- 24/25/27/20

Gord said...

Part 2- 8:07
only the K to E broken starting round 3.

Rest 15 min

Part 1-
Front squat-210,215,220,225 (PB),230(PB)
Chins- skipped. This is the one movement that seem to bother my elbow.

Doubles on work days alway tough. No down time during the day and the result is I find myself just doing the wod to do it. So I squeeze in what I can.

Steve Howell said...

Part 1

A1: Front Squat: 200/220/243/263/278(pr)
A2: Chins: 38/30/30/28/25

Justin Flynn said...

Part 1:

FS: 250-270-280-290pr-295f
Chins: 36-30-30-19-11 (last two sets backed off as my left hand was about to tear. Not worth it.) F#@K I hate when that happens.
QUESTION: What do you guys do to prevent tears from doing chins? Do you file the calluses? Wrap your hands? Wrap the pullup bar? My hands at the base where fingers meet palm usually middle and ring fingers. I would welcome any and all advice. Thank you.

unit said...

for those of you with questions about heavy am squats....

ensure ADEQUATE warm up... this is not a time to slight or cut corners on your warm up when placing heavy loads on your back, squatting or stressing the lower back...
the reason for this is that more slipped disks and back injuries occur in the am, the mechanism of which is related to water shifts in the discs themselves. throughout the night as you lay supine and sleep, basically water enters the disk space and in the am, they are as 'plump' as they ever are... as the day goes hydrostatic pressure gradually shifts this water from the disk....
thus, either warm up adequately, or if you have a tenuous back that is prone to injury, i suggest shifting this/these type of workouts so that they aren't the 'first thing' in the am...

my 0.02 [as coach says]


Erik Luber said...

Justin: Here is a link to an excellent Crossfit Journal article on causes, treatments and prevention of hand rips.

Wes hendricks said...

A1. 190-210-240X-240X-240X
A2. 25-26-28-28-30 (CTB Butterfly)

Grip was an issue on these as it was pouring outside, my numbers went up on them because the rain would let down a little from each set so I could get a little better grip each time.

Wes hendricks said...

It was also pretty hectic doing this WOD because I would do Frontsquats untie shoes, put on other shoes, run to car, drive to playground, try to dry off pull-up bar, wait 30 sec then do pull-ups, run back to car, drive back to garage, switch shoes and wait about 30 sec before F/s

Lisa M said...

That is serious dedication Wes - oh to be young!! ha ha

FS 135/145/155/160/170f really thought i could get 170 damn. I obviously totally suck at the heavy weight stuff. Oh well keep working. I know that 140 x 2 was a PR in last times challenge so i guess this is still improvement. I have the strength in my legs i just found myself tipping forward and as soon as that happens you are totally screwed!

Pullups 22/22/24PR/21/18 am super happy with these numbers. I remember even a month ago when doing 10's was a challenge. Hands are still getting used to my new amazing stud bar but the chalk is helping. couple of tears today must get out the pumice and work on calouses.

Ali you go girl make them your bitch. I too hate KTEs but might not have time for second wod unless i do it late tonight after volleyball...

Omar Arvizu said...

To Michael Fitz..

thanks for the comments, its funny I read the FAQ a long while ago and been using that template with my client at my box. I don't know what was I thinking, should've stopped.
Tnx for the cue man.

joey warren said...

front squat - 235, 245, 255, 265(f), 265
amrap CTB butterfly- 40, 35, 31, 28, 27

rwcorson said...

Front squat-186/196/211/218/223
traditional kipping, chin breaking vertical plane
35/31/28/25/19=138 grip went quickly on last set.

Erik Luber said...

Part 2:

Really wanted sub 8. Everything unbroken until last round. Finally figured out how to do the fast K2Es unit style.

Leaving for vacation this afternoon, no time for part 1. Going to do my best to drop in Xfit boxes for the week I am in Victoria/Vancouver. Then off too Mexico for a week. Not holding my hopes up for the facilities there, but will see if I can still compete in the comp.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Part 1
*subbed the front squats for 5 sets of 30 back X, still giving knee time to heal*

40,31,34,35,31 (this has to be a pr)

Used butterfly, frog and traditional, goal was to get AMRAP with chin clearly over the bar anyway possible. Grip was limiting factor.

Ryan B. said...

Part 2. 6 hours rest
-subbed 84 single unders per round


- i hate subbing for double unders!!! but i just cant seem to get double unders!! im getting super pissed!!

Ryan B.

KSC said...

I was with Lauren could only get in 4 rounds today because of time constraints....


needed more warm up time for Fsq

Lindsey said...

FS: 95/115/120(f)/120/120
PU: 13/13/11/13/13 (band assisted)

12:23 - time wasn't great but I did get 5 rounds of 21 actual double unders! They were horribly broken but I was able to string five in a row fairly consistently. Getting better!

Greg Soneff said...

WOD #1
A1: 95/100/105/107(f)/107 (PR by 8kg)
A2: 41/30/31/25/17

Didn't have the time to break up the workouts so decided instead to do the second workout with about 1/2 hour break.

WOD #2

K2E were rough after the AMRAP pull-ups in WOD 1 but gave it all I had.

PTS said...

part 2: 6:51.
kicked the rope out of my hands 3 times on rd 4, cost me a low 6 min. K2E had a couple breaks due to grip.

Lisa M said...

Ryan B

do you have a buddy lee rope?? If not it really is worth it.

Murdock said...

A1 185/195/200/205/215

A2 15/16/10/12/12

Omar Arvizu said...

Said it before, this is day 1 for me in OPT, its exciting!
Posted WOD 1 above.. WOD2: 6:03

unit said...

FS - 255 / 275(f) / 275 / 285 / 285(f)
1- c2b butterfly - 39 (slipped off bar and tweaked L shoulder)
2- COVP - 41
3- c2b dead hang - 12
4- underhand COVP - 34
5- L-up - 14
total = 140

15 min rest

5:54 (forearms smoked)


unit said...

Rory... u and April get ur sweet @$$ ready as I'll b in NC in less than a wk!

Chris Biles said...

Part 2: 9:46

That was tough on the 'ol system. Good fun!!

Chris Dunkin said...

Wod 2: 5:14

broke k2e's on round 5 at rep 9. Good times.

rwcorson said...

Ryan B.,
The longer you keep subbing singles unders for doubles, the longer it is going to take you to get them.
Start now. Force yourself to do them, no matter how long it takes to do the WOD. Start single-single-double, then single-double, then doubles. This is what it is going to take. Believe me.
I started doing doubles, but my form was crap. It took me 12 weeks to relearn them. But now I'm more efficient and it is definitely not one of my weaker movements.

Mike Molloy said...

Part 1:

A1: 155-175-195-205-210
A2: 43-34-40-36-35 (Chin over bar)

Part 2:


Did straight through without breaking reps. Clearly I gotta just go faster to get my times down. Force the issue.

Wes hendricks said...

Part 2
Time - 6:30

KTE on round 4 broken into 10/2 round 5 8/4

Very very angry about this time, first time in awhile I have been pist with my performance. I made an amateur mistake of going way to fast out the gate. My first round was done in less then a minute.

EHR said...

Eric R

Part 1
FS 185,195,205,215,230(pr)
PU 25,29,30,25,30

Part 2
7:08 du broken due to bad form

Grant said...

the long road back..

last night @ OPT did yesterdays WOD with Fleming
PS 162/172/177 (from memory?)
BP still hurts left shoulder on ecentric (back off for now)
KBS 17/17/17
HSPU 4/5/5
DBER 10#/15#

today @ noon @ Tower did today's WOD; 9:50. Hoping for sub 6 minutes
broke K2Es in 3rd round. Biggest time wasters were mini breaks between rounds. Stay with it & be patient. Train smart for now...

WOD #1 tonight @ OPT

deejay said...

Didn't have time for a double so I I did part 1 tonight, will do part 2 tommorow morning.
Part 1 -
FS - 304/319/329/355(f)/355(f) - started too light and forced myself to make to big of jumps.... Now I know
PU - 25/21/21/21/5(slipped off bar) - all chins on fat bar.

Dave X said...

Part 2:

KBS unbroken
K2Es broken in last round
Doubles unders sloppy, consistent, consistently sloppy

evanz said...

A1. 185/195/200/205(f)/205(f)
A2. 29,32,30,30,29
Have not been able to get back to do part 2 (work got in the way) and I need to play hockey in less than 3 hours. Not sure if this will work out for me today, unless there is a late night CF box somewhere. I really want to do part 2. Can I do it tomorrow and do a two part tomorrow?

Joseph Weigel said...

A1. 245, 255, 260, 260, 260
A2. 60, 45, 35, 40, 30
part 2. 7:02
front squats got hard due to arms being so tight from the pull ups. hard to keep high elbows

KurtGP said...

A1- 135-27,145-22,155-18,175f-17,165-13.

#2- 9:34 strained my calf on first round.

If anyone has any recommendations- I am constantly pulling a calf and hamstring on my right leg.

Michael McCabe said...

#1: front squat 205, 225, 235... pulled the plug here due to nagging hip problem
decided to work butterfly kip for chins - 38, 33, 30, 30, 30 - feels inefficient, and i don't feel as graceful as someone like speal looks doing this... i think traditional kip is better for amrap
rest 5 min... no time to split it unfortunately
#2: 9:02, KBS and double unders unbroken and felt fast, just couldn't hang on to the bar for k2e... grip is DONE

Ryan B. said...

lisa, no i dont have a buddy lee rope...i'll think about getting one tho!

thanks for the advice corson, ive just been subbing single unders mainly because i wanted to keep the "metcon" effect... but i guess ur right... Thanks Again guys

Ryan B.

April said...

Part 1...4 rds only
A1. 115 (worked on form with Rory)
A2. 7, 9, 6, 6

Part 2
only did 6 K2Es/rd as this was the 1st time i was able to do them since Aubrey was born (yay!).
Also had 1 round of unbroken DU. New PR!

Unit-our 18lbs of almond and cashew butter await your arrival! Yum. And I made applesauce today.

April said...

I can't believe I refer to my own brother as 'unit'.

Brent Maier said...


FS: 90/110/120/125/135kg (297# PR)
PU's: Skipped, shoulder jacked up and migrane headache all day. Hope I didn't catch something.

Metcon: 7:20

The last rep of front squat felt light. SOLID LIFT! Last PR was 127.5kg (280#) back in Feb '08. As far as the metcon, the first two rounds were entirely unbroken. KBS all unbroken, few minor trip-ups on DU's but K2E kept me from the 6 minute mark. Same with Annie the other day, DU's are no longer the weakest link, it's abs!

Joel B. said...

WOD 2: 8:11

KBS and DU's unbroken. K2E's took most of the time. I am slow on them to begin with, and I actually had to drop due to grip. Frustrating. I obviously need the work, so today's wods were great for me.

Unit: thanks for the .02 on the back. My back isn't tenuous, but I can definitely feel it in the bottom the first few warm up sets when I do those movements first thing. I should re-arrange timing if time doesn't allow for an extended warm up in the a.m. Good advice. I have noticed before that those movements are stronger later in the day for me.

depaul said...

Sorry dogs, I have been remiss in posting for the last few days as my old high school ankle injury seems to have been reawakened by the last series. Pretty bummed...I'd been going strong for a long time but the row/du workout was the last straw, later that day I was limping around everywhere. Trying to be smart about things; with the ankle + being out of town this weekend will definitely have to make some subs and be smart but I'll try not to let it keep me totally out of commission. Today did a hybrid of what I could do from the last 2 days without causing too much pain (it is ballistic stuff that bothers it the most):

A1: FS 1x5: 225, 235, 245, 265 (pr), 270f (rest 2 minutes)

A2: AMRAP COVP dead hang pullups: 14, 11, 11, 11, 11 (rest 2 minutes)

B1: Bench press @ 20x0 2-3 x 3: 205x3, 225x3, 245x1 (tie pr) (rest 2 minutes)

B2: 70 lb overhead DB swings x 15 x 3; last set was in 32 seconds (this was pushing it on the ankle) (rest 2 minutes)

C1: YTWLs with 5 lb DBs, 3 second hold each position, 3 second rest x 8 x 2 (rest 60 s)

C2: GHD situps (hands to floor) @ 20x0; 12 x 3 (rest 60 s)

Sorry for the long post...tomorrow will probably try to work on some bw goats (HSPUs, PUs, SUs) or anything I can do and still progress towards getting healthy for the competition in 1 week...!

rwcorson said...

8:53 grip and turnover speed on K to E was an issue, only 1st set unbroken.
KBS was horrid from 3rd rd on. 1 & 2 unbroken
DU were smooth & missed last rep on rd 5.
3 scoops Refuel

Lauren said...


Grip on the K2E was the biggest issue. Everything else unbroken.

Pfeifalife said...

did crossfit mainsite wod tonight as bodyweight movements were all that i could do right now. spent about 30 mins streching and rolling.

pullup ladder
18 minutes (hands were so beat up at this point that i stopped and didn't go for 19 or more, not so sure i would have succeeded anyway.

2 minute pr from my prior best, effort didn't really get hard till the last couple of rounds when my hands started tearing.

tomorrow should be a go with running and du's, hopefully i'll be squared away come sunday.

Chris Fodera said...

Part 1:
A1. 265, 285, 295, 305, 310
A2. 40, 30, 35, 30, 25

Notes: Arms were smoked by the time I got to set 5 of the PullUps. Squats felt pretty good but were heavy towards the end. Really had to keep my elbows up to prevent me from leaning forward on the last 2.

PWO: 40g Protein (MRM shake), 10g Carbs (mashed sweet potatoes w/ cinnamon).
-50 min later: turkey deli meat, lara bar (apple pie), and mac nuts

Part 2:
Time = 6:13

Note: Felt really good here. Everything unbroken except for the last set of Knees-To-Elbows. I can't remember if I came off (grip) after 8 or 10, but did the remainder when I got back on. DUs felt smooth.

PWO: 40g Protein (MRM shake), 20g Carbs (mashed sweet potatoes w/ cinnamon).
-1.5 Hours Later: steak, asparagus & mushrooms, mac nuts (dinner took longer than expected).

Ali Loach said...

Wod #2 11:00
1st round of K2E unbroken...I made them my bitch. Round 2 and 3....they made me their bitch. Got refocused and owned them again in rounds 4 and 5.
Still not my best OR most favorite movement but DEFINITELY an improvement!
KB Swings and DUs all unbroken.

joey warren said...


5:23 -
all unbroken except one slip on DUs when the rope hit the wall behind me

everything felt awesome, except I wanted all unbroken

2 scoops refuel, 1 banana, 1 scoop whey protein

Steve Howell said...

Part 2: 5:13

Rob Sifton said...

A1 FSquats 1,1,1,1,1; 240sec rest
loads= 170,185,192.5,197.5f,197.5f
elbows just to limp today. Warm as Unit suggested unavailable, result showed that.

A2 AMRAP chinups X 5;240sec rest
Reps= 38,31,29,28,26= 152

15min rest

5rounds for time
12 K2E
25 DU's
fore arms are totaly smoked.
KBS were all straight. Not so on the K2E
Du's were pretty good, but not unbroken

I was not going to do this wod today as I was scheduled to be working for 13hrs. Got news in the am that a family member passed away. So since I pulled myself off from work I decided that this person would not want to see stopping life to lament the loss. I strive to be the man that he was. He is sorely missed.
Travel safe everyone. Hug someone special today.

Lisa M said...

Managed to squeek in 2nd wod between work dinner and then volleyball. Needless to say I am totally bagged now.

8:32 frickn KTE broken from second set on everything else UB. They hurt my shoulders for some reason morenthan anything. Felt good to force myself to do the second wod.

Anonymous said...

A1. Front squat
1/205 1/215 1/225 1/235 f/245
A2. Chest to bar PU's
26 26 25 20 17

10min rest didn't have time to split up workouts

Part2. 8:25
KB swings unbroken
K2E 3-5 broken
DU's 1-4 broken

YoungManRumble said...

A1: 245 - 255 - 255 - 265 - 265
A2*: 30 - 30 - 25 - 25 - 20

PART 2 90mins later


*took it easy on the WODS today have a local Crossfit competition on Saturday

Justin Flynn said...

Part 2: 8:56 Everything was unbroken save for the knees to elbows starting in fourth round. I just need to move faster.

Did 3 sets of 10 unbroken strict supinated chins to make up for my last two sets this am where i pulled back due to a tear.

Eric, thanks for the link to that CF journal article.

will said...

first time posting.
wanted to start by saying thank you. my friends and i have been following the blog for a couple of months and have all seen huge improvements in places where we had previously plateaued.
wod 1
front squat
pull up
30 pr by 5, 25, 21, 16, 18
wod 2
thank you again i am so grateful

Grant said...

Part 1 @ CFC @ 8PM
FS 155/195/205/225/245
KCUs 20/21/22/24/25
1st KCUs in 3 months. Better than I was expecting but didn't push it

Mack Lar said...

FS 245(PR)/255F/255F/245F/235
Chin Over VP 50(PR)/32/32/34/26
Hand ripped on last set of pull ups, had more in me.

Coach/Mike/Anyone, PR on first set of FS, but the kip on PU's really smoked my hamstrings making all other FS's more difficult. I knew better than to lower the weight but at the rate I was going I was going to complete 1 full FS today. Is that still right??

Part 2 in 2 hours

Anonymous said...

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Murdock said...



KTE broken in rd 1.
Struggled a lot with the double unders. Broken from the start. These both are weaknesses.

Dave X said...

@Murdock: Keep your head up dude! I know you--you will lock these in eventually and be killing it. Remeber those pointers we discussed.

Jefff said...

Only did Part #2 due to recoverring from illness:

8:52. Grip on K2E done by round #4.

Slater Coe said...

5 rounds for time;
12 KBS - 1.5pd/1pd
12 knees to elbows
21 double unders

7:56... first two rounds of double-unders were badly broken as I tried to find my rhythm & last two rounds of K2E's were broken into 8 & 4.

Slater Coe said...

Michael, thanks for the advice on never going back down on weight training (like the front squats in the morning). I missed that in the FAQ. It's good to know guys like yourself are regularly reading the comments... keeps me on my toes.

Sugar Shane said...

#1 5:00 a.m.

A1: 240, 250, 255, 260(f), 250
A2: 31, 30, 22, 23, 15 Did butterly kip chin to bar

I did the workout before I read Michael's post on not going down in weight per the FAQ

#2 5:00 p.m.


Double unders were broken on 3 of 5 sets and knees to elbows on 1 set.

Mack Lar said...

Part 2: 6:59
KBS and DU's unbroken. KtoE not so much

deejay said...

part 2 - 7:53

md said...

a1. 175,185,190,195(F), 195
a2. 18,19,15,18,17

#2 5:56

Pull ups are my goat, but, im working on them.

Michael said...

A1. 255, 275, 295, 305,315 (PR)
A2. 30, 30, 30, 30, 25

Pull Ups- started w/ L-Pulls then to strict, then to kip.

dmarsh said...

Part 1:
A1. 262,277,286,296,301
A2. 47,32,30,30,21

306 is my front squat pr and probably could have gotten it today but wasn't sure about the L knee.

47 is a pullup pr. 21 in the last round was weak sauce. just let go of the bar...

Part 2:

KTE strict, slow and broken in rds 3-5.

KSC said...

2) 6:44 hands and grip