Wed, Nov 24th, 2009

day 6

A1. mixed grip chin ups @ 31X0; 4-6 x 4; rest 90 sec
pull to supinated hand
A2. 1 1/4 back squat @ 4010; 6-8 x 4; rest 90 sec
full depth, come up to parallel, back to full depth, then up
B1. lean away supinated chin ups unweighted @ 4111; amrap x 3; rest 75 sec
pull straight up, lean away as far as you can on lowering
B2. db forward lunges @ 10X0; 8/leg x 3; rest 75 sec
drive through heel on return
C1. powell raises @ 3010; 8-10/arm x 3; rest 60 sec
C2. anchored sit ups; 35 reps x 3; rest 60 sec

post weights, reps and notes to comments
ensure loads are 2-3% more than day 2 of this cycle

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/10g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/25g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/40g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30g prot/10g carb
12-14% - 30g prot/20g carb
below 12% - 30g prot/30g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


tania said...

James - I'm going home after spending a few extra days in Austin to ponder and plan after the Black Box Summit. Many thanks for taking a few minutes here and there throughout the weekend to talk to my mother and I about the big things and little things that matter. I haven’t been doing the Big Dawgs program in recent months, so by standard definitions, I have no right to call you “coach”, but that’s how it felt this past weekend. You said the right things, the things that needed to be said, both during your presentations and in individual conversations. On top of that, you said them in such way that you became everyone’s coach for the weekend. Amidst all the controversy, you instructed us, trained us and empowered us.
Thanks coach!

PTS said...

mixed grip chins- 25,30,35,40
1 1/4 back squat 100,120,135,140

lean away chins 12-13-8
barbell forward lunge- 95,115,115

no db's so did hspu 6,6,4
3x35 all unbroken.

Martin Altemark said...


A1. mixed grip chins: 5x17.5kg, 5x17.5kg, 4x17.5kg, 4x17.5kg
A2. 1 1/4 BSq: 4x6x72.5kg (jeesus these was hard today)

B1. slow lean away chins: 10, 6, 6
B2. Dumbell lunges: 3x8x24kg

C1. powell raises: 10x5kg, 10x5kg, 10x6kg
C2. Anchored situps: 35, 35, 35

Jefff said...
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Jefff said...

A1. 20,25,30,35(4)
A2. 115,125,135,145
B1. 6,6,6
B2. 35,45,45 (45's are the heaviest I have)
C1. 6kg,8kg,8kg (Used KB)
C2. 20#DB,30#DB,35#DB

Did not do day #2 due to travel.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Mixed chins-

Subbed Air squats @ 4010 15x4, slowly easing knee back into this madness...

lean away chins 7,6,5

DB forward lunges, 10lb DB's

powell raise 15lb DB x10 reps, 2 sets

anchored situps 35x2

I cut the wod alittle short as i was completely exhausted. knee felt pretty good

Wes hendricks said...

A1. 35x6-50x4-50x4-50x4
A2. 160-170-175-180 x 6
B1. 8-7-7
B2. 50-50-50 x 8 (grip was a huge factor for me)
C1. 10lb DB for 3x10
C2. unbroken/very fast/consecutive

Numbers were up from last time, definitely felt a little worn down from training the last 4 days in a row to get caught back up. Luckily my diet/recovery/sleep have been on point. Tomorrow huge focus on recovery.....trigger point therapy/PNF stretch/and ice bath

Ryan B. said...

a1. bwx6,15lbx5x3

b1.6, 5, 5,
b2.25lb 35lb x 2

c1. 12lbs x 3
c2. 2 sets unbroken 3rd set broken

Jon M said...


Quick intro and apology. My name is Jon, and I've been doing the programmed WODs for the last two months at Potomac Crossfit in Washington DC. I competed last year in Aromas with you as an individual, and am looking to continue making progress.

I had no idea that you programmed based on the athletes who post so I'll start doing it now.

I'd love to start learning more about the methodologies you are using.... any recommended reading? (specifying tempo, the supplemental shoulder work, dictating rest periods etc.) I really like learning about other S+C techniques and using them to continue progressing as a coach and athlete.

Results for today:

A1: 9,8,8,8 (The tempo stuff thrashes me)
A2. 225 6 reps, 230 6 reps, 230 6 reps, 230 6 reps (High Bar BS)
B1. 5, 5, 5 (Grip went because of the slow negatives)
B2. 60 lb DBS sets of 7,7,7 each leg
C1. 15 lb DB Slow negatives and lots of strange looks in a CF gym
C2. 35,35,35, fast and unbroken

Dave X said...

Welcome to the Pack, Jon!

Gord said...

A1. did 10 kipping chins x4 --elbow feeling a little better and wanted to test it a little bit.
A2 118/128/138/148(6) -ouch
B1. did strict chins. irst feeling of pain in elbow I came off the bar. 10/8/6
A2. 45/55/65
C1. 12.5#/15#/15#- right arm weaker than left.
C2 all unbroken

Becky said...

a1. 7x7, 7, 10x6, 10
a2. 100/8, 110x8, 120x8, 130x6
b1. 6, 5, 4
b2 10#, 15, 20
c1. 10#, 13# only could get 6 with left arm, 10#
c2. 7#, 10#, 13#

rwcorson said...

A1.12.5X6 left arm, 12.5x4 right arm, 12.5x4 right arm, 12.5 left arm.
I need to start with my right arm as it is weaker.
A2. 115x8,120x8,135x8,145x8
B1. 7,7,4
B2. 55x8/leg, 55x8/leg, 65x8/leg
C1. 15x10/arm,17.5x10/arm,20x10/arm
C2. 35 x 3 unbroken

Ali Loach said...

No training today. Impromptu rest day as my shoulder is a mess. Will focus on treating it well for the next two days and will be back at it again on Friday.

Sarah Du said...

A1. Mixed Grip Chin Ups - Assisted: 4/4/4
A2. 1 1/4 Back Sq.: 8x45#/8x55#/8x65#/6x75# (first time doing these; need to start heavier next time)

B1. Lean Away Sup. Chin Ups -unassisted: 2/1/2
B2. DB For. Lunges: 3x8x20#

C1. Powell Raises: Right - 10x5#/2x9x8#; Left - 3x9x5#
C2. Anchored Sit Ups: 3x35 unbroken

Chris Stroud said...

LT: November 19, 2009
A1. 25x4/30x4/30x4/30x4
A2. 135x6/140x6/140x6/140x6
B1. 5/5/4
B2. 25/30/30
C1. 15x8/10x9/10x9
C2. 35/35/35

TT: November 25, 2009
A1. 35x4/44x4/44x4/44x4
A2. 140x8/145x6/147.2x6/150x6
B1. 6/5/5
B2. 35/40/40
C1. 12x9/12x9/12x9
C2. 35/35/35

Omar Arvizu said...

A1. 8/7/7/7 Did them strict, killed me an my heavy butt
A2. 115/125/145/155x8. Needed an extra few breath the last two rounds, so had to take more than specified

B1 6/5/3 That was hard!
B2 105/115/115. No bells @ mu box so barbell was used. 8 reps on all

C1 15x8x3
C2 35x3

Erik Luber said...

M/25/5'10"/140 lbs

A1. 6x0, 6x10 lbs, 6x25, 5x30
A2. 8x95 lbs, 8x100, 7x105, 6x110 (low back)
B1. 8,6,6
B2. 35 lbs,40,45
C1. 10x10lbs, 8x12, 8x12

Found the 1 1/4 squats to be extremely challenging, took a bit of getting used to. Holding on to the dbs after the amrap chins way tough. Left arm not too much weaker than right on powell raises.

Weezie said...

A1 - 30 x 6 / 35 x 5 / 35 x 4 / 35 x 4
A2 - 225 x 6 / 225 x 6 / 225 x 6 / 225 x 5

B1 - 8 / 6 / 4
B2 - 30 x 8 / 30 x 8 / 30 x 8

C1 - 8 x 10 / 10 x 10 / 10 x 10
C2 - 35 / 35 / 35

Completely underestimated the difficulty of the squats, given the pace and addition of the quarter movement. Pace was not at all what it should have been. Will need to adjust the weight next time.

Chris Dunkin said...

A1. 35, 40, 50x5, 50x5
A2. 195, 200, 205, 215x6
B1. 11, 8, 8
B2. 145, 150, 160
C1. 20, 20, 22x8L and 7R
C2. straight thru

Loads went up. Did not get as many lean-away chins as last time. Shoulders were feeling it from the first set of chins and lunges.

Trevor said...


A1. Body weight on all Sets (not extra weight. 6 reps on all 4 sets. Will use weight next time.
A2. 125/125/125/125
B1. 5/5/5 (these kick my ass)
B2. 40/40/40
C1. 15lbsX10 LR /15lbsX8 10lbsX2 LR/15lbsX7 10lbsX3 LR
C2. 35/35/35

love this wod

Paul Klein said...

The hotel I'm at is short on good strength equipment. So I did double under practice this morning (I carry my Buddy Lee rope) and the DB external rotation with 10lbs. Then in the afternoon I ran a 5K, 24.58.

Steve Howell said...


A1: BWx6/Bwx6/20x5/20x4
A2: 176x6/176x6/181x6/186x6
B1: 6/5/5
B2: 40x8/50x8/50x8
C1: 10x10/16x10/16x10
C2: 35x3 unbroken and fast said...


Laura said...

A1: 12.5/12.5/15(5)/15(5)--elbow starting to get a bit aggravated with on supinated side (left)
A2: 65/70/75/80--better form than last time, still doesn't feel all that strong especailly for last 2-3reps

B1: 6/5/6--1 sec at top a killer.
B2: 30/35(7)/35(6)--not quite as good as last time, grip again a problem

C1: 8/10(8)/10(7)--both arms equal today
C2: all complete

Thanks again Rob for technique/counting crtique, always appreciated!

Lindsey said...
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joey warren said...

A1. 60x6, 65x6, 70x5, 75x4
A2. 195x8, 205x8, 215x6, 215x6 w a spot - felt a lot better than first day, i love the burn on these, I was sore for days after the first time

B1. 11, 8 or 9, 7
B2. 70lb, 75lb, 75lb
*limiting factor was forearms on both exercises

C1. 15lb, 15lb, 15lb
C2. 45sec, 48sec, 43sec- hands behind head

Justin Flynn said...

A1. 50, 60, 70x5, 70x4
A2. 195, 200, 205, 215x6
B1. 13, 10, 9
B2. 145, 150, 160
C1. 20, 20, 20
C2. straight thru

Those squats hurt!!

Lindsey said...

A1. 6/6/6/6 - band assisted
A2. 75/85(8)/85(8)/95(8) - the count on the set with 95 was probably closer to 4210 for regular squats than 1.25 at tempo... Gotta do better

B1. 5/5/5 - band assisted
B2. 25 ea hand -8 ea leg/8/8

C1. 10(10)/10(10)/10(10) - both arms
C2. 10# db - 3x 35 unbroken

YoungManRumble said...

A1. 20lbs for 4 x 6
A2. 40kg/45kg/50kg/60kg sets of 8
B1. 7/5/5
B2. 20/20/20lb db's
C1. 15 lb dbs used sets of 8 L/R
C2. 35/35/35

still working my way back into the swing of things, feeling good though...

Mike Molloy said...

28 yrs, 5-11, 167#

A1: 65#x4 all sets. (+15#).
A2: 165#x6 all sets. (+10).

B1: 8-7-7 (extra reps).
B2: 55#x8. No increase but better drive from heel. Grip killed me.

C1: 17.5x8 for all sets (+2.5, 2 less reps).
C2: All unbroken and fast.

Felt something strain on the last set in my right mid-back.

I'm off on my first vacation in 3 years tomorrow. I'll be back to the Big Dawgs in 9 days, but I'll be working hard while away.


Kyle F said...

102 Degree fever. No WOD for me today :(

Surrey Sterling 39/5'10"/174 said...

First day back since challenge. Got sick right after. Totally sucked.

Took it nice and easy but today still kicked my ass.

A1-20# for 6 reps across the board
A2-40KGx8,45KGx8 for last 3 rounds

Squats were tough and my legs felt like rubber after. Been a while since I've done any leg work.

B1-5,4,3 Wow really hard.
B2-20#DB'sx8 per leg across the board.

C1- 15#x8 across the board.

The powell raises felt almost theraputic. My shoulders really like these.


Didn't kill the situps just kept an easy pace through all sets.

I was tanked at the end and felt a little pukie. I think it was the squats and lunges. My legs haven't had a good hit in a while.

md said...

a1. 15,20,25,25 all x6
a2. 140, 140, 140, 140x5
b1. 11, 8, 7
b2, 45, 45, 45
c1. 15, 15, 15 (9)
c2. 35, 35, 35

I have a few questions for coach or anyone that can help.
1. Do i stop at fatigue OR when I can't hold tempo anymore. On the supinated chin ups I good have done a few more but i could not maintain tempo?
2. On the 1 1/4 back squats, on the 4 count down does that occur from top to bottom and reset on the 1/4 squat or is it inclusive of the 1/4 squat.
Thanks for any and all of your help


dmarsh said...

A1. 22x6(CTB),22x6(CTB),33x6(5 CTB),33x5(4 CTB)
A2. 155x8,155x8,175x6,175x6

B1. 6,5,4 (All CTB)
B2. 30,40,45

C1. 15x10x2
C2. Ran out of time

Missed this one the first time around. Feel like the squats would be much more manageable with a pause at the top. Pretty brutal without. Powell raises performed lying flat on a table.

Doug Zirkle said...

MGCU: BWx6, 6, 5, 5 - total up 11%
1 1/4 squat: 125x8, 135x8, 145x8, 160x8: total up 28%
Lean-away chins: BWx6, 5, 6: total up 14%
Lunges: 30s, 40s, 50s: total up 14%
Powell: 12x10R/10L, 15x10R/10L, 15x8R/8L: total up 18%
Sit ups: 35, 35, 35

Much stronger going to the left than to the right on the mixed-grip chins.

Squats felt quite a bit better than last time.

Right index finger likes to fall asleep on the lean-away chins.

Didn't feel great before or at the start, so I'm pleased to have improved.

Doug Zirkle said...

James ... do you have a preference for high-bar or low-bar on the 1 1/4 squats?


Ryan @ CFGP said...

A1. 15# x 6 / 5 / 5
A2. 115 x 8 / 135 x 8 / 155 x 8 / 165 x 7
B1. 10 / 8 / 8
B2. 72# / 108# / 108#
C1. 15# x 10 / 15# x 10 / 18# x 10 each arm
C2. unbroken

Feeling more of a balance between R and L arms

unit said...


A1- 45(6) / 45(6) / 60(4) / 60(4)
total load = 1020 [21% inc]
last time = 840 [25(6)x2,45(6)x2]
A2- 195(8)/ 200(8)/ 205(8)/ 210(7)
total load = 6270 [8%inc]
last time = 5820 [185x8,205x8,225x6x2]
notes... not sure if this is how total load increase is to be calculated, however i'm analyzing it nonetheless... A1 last time, i quit at 6 b/c this was the high end of the rep range... 45lb this time, would not have been able to get more... although i did not squat as heavy on any given set, i kept the reps up at a high-ish wt (for me) and wound up increasing my total wt load lifted...

B1- 5/5/5... dec one rep ea set, a dec of 17% if you use bodywt as the wt lifted...
B2- 70s/ 70s/ 70s... inc 24%
last -50/60/60

C1- 20(10)/ 25(10)/ 25(8)
total load = 650 (18%inc)
last time= 15(10)/20(10)/25(8)= 550
C1- hands behind head, elbows to knee... 35sec/ 37sec/ 41sec

i've had some difficulty figuring out the correct movement for the supinated chin-ups so i filmed a set and was wondering if i could receive some critiques and suggestions as to how to better perfrom this exercise as it's supposed to be done... thoughts on how to improve form, tempo, movement, etc... would be much appreciated!


Lauren said...

A1. All body weight for 5
A2. 115 (8), 125 (8), 135 (8), 135 (but focused on no bouncing at the bottom)
B1. 5, 5, 5
B2. 40/h (8) for all.
C1. 12.5, 12.5, 12.5
C2. straight

EHR said...

Eric R

A1 30,35,45,50
A2 145,155,170,180
B1 10,10,8
B2 55,65,70
C1 15,18,20
C2 unbroken/fast

I felt great today. Felt like I found another gear

Michael McCabe said...

A1. 50x6, 65x5, 70x4, 75X4
A2. 165x8, 185x6, 195x6, 195x4... these did not get any easier from last week but that's how i know how badass this movement is... love it!
B1. 8, 7, 7 - same as last week... when i'm pausing for one second at the bottom am i leaning away or should it look like the bottom of a normal chin?
B2. 75sx8x3
C1. 15x10, 20x8, 25x8...last one sloppy, a little too much
C2. unbroken, pretty quick for me

Joel B. said...

A1: 27X6; 27X6; 36X5; 36X5
A2: 120X8; 130X8; 140X6; 140X6
B1: 9; 8; 8
B2: 81.5 (total wt)for all 3
C1: 10.5X10; 15X8; 15X8
last 2 on 3rd set and last 1 on 2nd set pretty shaky form
C2: all unbroken

Went up in weight on all set as compared to last time. close to the 2-3% rx'd as my weight situation allowed.

Those log books looks pretty sweet. To make the shipping worth it I may have to order some shirts for the wifey heh heh.

Chris Biles said...

A1. 15,20,25,30(6)
A2. 115,125,135(7),135(7)

B2. 35,45,45(heaviest db I have)

C1. 5,10,10
C2. unbroken

Again, I missed the first time. Squats were more difficult than I had imagined. Lunges got heavy and felt tight in R glute.

dmarsh said...

unit and Michael McCabe,
I am fairly certain that the 1 second pause at the bottom is from a dead hang (not held leaning away from the bar) and the concentric portion is a straight chin up (not pulling to the bar from a "leaning away" position).

So, it would look like this:
1. Start from a dead hang
2. Pull up over the bar (1 sec)
3. Hold the top position (1 sec)
4. Push and lean away from the bar on the way down (4 sec)
5. Once you reach the end range of the eccentric (you've straightened your arms) you would reposition your body under the bar to assume a dead hang (same as the starting position of the first rep)
6. Hold the bottom for 1 second and begin the next rep.

Coach, correct me if I'm wrong.

Hope that makes sense and helps answer your questions.


Steve Smith said...


A1. 62 x 6, 71 x 5, 71 x 5, 71 x 5
- 37% increase from previous.
A2. 230 x 6, 230 x 7, 230 x 8, 230 x 8
-7.4% increase from previous. Noticed a pretty interesting deficiency doing these. My lower back and hip flexors are absolutely wrecked. Kept the same weight while increasing reps.

B1. 8, 8, 5
- 5% Increase
B2. 2pd KB
- 18.3% increase

C1. Ran out of time. Gym closed
C2. Ran out of time. Gym closed

Completely wrecked. Came home, laid on the floor and passed out. Just woke up, cooking some dinner about ready for bed.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I am, among so many other blessings, thankful for this blog and the people who follow it.

unit said...

dennis... thanks 4 the thorough explaination!... it's a big help... I'll work on correcting my err...
thanks again,

Steve Smith said...


I did them the same way Dennis is describing. After each rep, I would go back to a dead-hang, then do a regular pull-up, before leaning as far back as possible at the top of the bar and lowering down.

Coach or anyone else?


Lisa M 41/128/f said...

Feel like shite today tired stressed out!! Going to hit this one tommorow when hopefully I feel better.

I have been doing a supergreen food smoothie with protein and fruit and raw cacoa on the mornings but found on the days that I do this my stomach/bowels are "off" and I quite often feel crappy. Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone have a clue why this is happenning. Any insight would be great. Not sure if it's a detox thing happening or what

Evan Johnston said...

Hey dawgs,

Been out of the loop past couple days as term papers are kicking my butt. Little sleep and too much time staring at a screen. Back in it for next day though. Welcome to the new Dawgs and some great numbers today and yesterday.

Sugar Shane said...

A1: 10lbs,6; 12.5lbs,6; 15lbs,6; 17.5lbs,6. No kipping on these

A2: 135,8; 140,8; 145,8; 150,6; I moved the bar to a low bar back squat position and these felt much better today.

B1: 6,6,5. I did dead hang, then strict on the way up.

B2: 50,8; 55,8; 60,8.

C1: 15lbs, 10; 15, 10; 20, 4. 15 lbs felt good, but stepping it up to 20 felt like a huge jump.

C2: 35, 35, 35

I got the 3% increase on most of the lifts. I was really tired when I came into the gym, but once I got moving everything was better.

unit said...

steve / dennis,
thanks again...
after reading y'alls explinations it became apparently clear that i wan't doing them as rx'ed...
i think i had the 'front lever pull' in my head as the movement (tough as $h!t)... as seen performed by the beasts from

anywho... the source of err came from picturing the above... thanks for the clarification!... what a great community this is!


Chris Fodera said...


A1. L=35#x6, R=35x6, L=45#x5, R=45#x6
A2. Resting Right knee
B1. 9, 10, 10
B2. 40#, 45#, 45#
C1. 15# x 10 on L/R, 20# x 10 on L/R, 20# x 10 on L/R
C2. All unbroken w/ AbMat

PWO: 40gP (MRM shake), 15gC (mashed sweet potatoes w/ cinnamon)
60 min later: turkey, apple, almond butter

Notes: Didn't do this WOD last time...was resting my knee.

Warmed up with 1000m row at about 2:20/500m pace. Knee felt tight at first, but but loosened after row/stretch/FoamRolling.

A1. Mixed grip chin ups felt pretty good. I think I can go heavier next time.

A2. I skipped the back squat because I could feel the tightness when I went below parallel doing AirSquats during the WarmUp.

B1. Lean Away Supinated ChinUps felt pretty good. I used a kip to get up since it was only 1 sec. I would like to see some more videos if anyone else (besides unit) has them. Is the idea to just lean back as far as possibly or attempt what could be described as a pseudo lever?

B2. I decided to do the lunges because my knee was feeling good and unweighted lunges felt ok. This wasn't that smart, because my knee felt tight and uncomfortable from that point forward.

C1. Powell raises were fairly easy at 15 but somewhat difficult to get 10 at 20#.

C2. Used the AbMat here and worked on speed. All were unbroken and felt pretty fast.

Chris Fodera said...

unit and all,

I thought this was to be a hybrid of what is being described and what unit actually did. I am under the impression that it should have been a normal chin up, but your best attempt at a level on the decent. Thoughts?

That YouTube video is sick, unit. That kid looks like he is about 16...daaaaaaamn

Brent Maier said...

A1 MGCU: 20/30/40/50# x6
A2 1.25 BS: 75/85/90/100kg x8 (220#)
B1 LASCU: 7/5/6
B2 FW Lunges: 70/70/75# x8/leg alternating
C1 Powell: 15/20/22.5# x10
C2 A SitUps: 35/35/35 all faster than last go around!

Kicked up all the weights today. It was hard, it hurt and I feel good. Coach is keeping it toasty in the dawg house. Ouuu. Brought the wrist straps today because my grip gave way last week on the 3rd round of 65# db lunges.

So, I broke my magical jump rope before Challenge #2 and ever since, my jump roping has went to hell in a handbasket. What the... I'm still dumbfounded and still trying to figure out what the hell is going on. I go from x75 unbroken to can barely keep 20's going in my warmups. *shaking head*

Brent Maier said...


atom said...


Very physical and long (10 hours) day at work. Recovering from mild food posioning and feel at about 85%.


A1 20/20/20/20x6
A2 145/155/165/175x 8

B1 12/10/10
B2 30/30/30x8

C1 20/20/20x10
C2 consecutive


a1. 25/25/25/25 x 6 reps

a2. 185/185/195/205 x 8
Good ROM and tempo, at the end of each set I was feeling the effects of the extra movement. Last 2 reps on last set went to shit and out of tempo.

b1. 12/10/10
Not feeling the love here.

b2. 48/8 48/8 48/8
All the weight I have for dumbells.

c1. 20/20/20

c2. consecutive
went for speed, quickest set was 45 seconds.

Steve Smith said...

Brent - The magical jump rope's downfall didn't happen to coincide with the appearance of white lightning, did it?

Unit - Couldn't agree more. This is a great 'place.'


KSC said...

A) 135&8/145&8/165&8/185&8

B) 40lbs for all three
B2) 7/6/8

C) 15lbs all three
C2) 35 all three

rwcorson said...

Steve, you're dead on with the lean away. Strict supinated pull up for 1, hold chin over bar for 1, push away from the bar/lean away for a 4 count, dead hang for 1, repeat.

rwcorson said...

I should have said ...lean away to full arm extension on a 4 count, ....

Michael said...

A1. all with 20lbs
A2. 155, 165, 175, 175
B1. 8,7,6
B2. 1pd KB's, 1.5pd KB's, 1.5pd KB's
C1. 12lbs
C2. unbroken

Anonymous said...

A1. 5/55 4/55 5/55 4/57.5
A2. 8/160 8/165 6/175 6/175
B1. 9,7,7
B2. 8/50 8/50 8/50 need bigger DB's
C1. 10/15 9/15 9/15
C2. 35,35,35

evanz said...

A1. 27.5x6,27.5x6,27.5x4,27.5x5
A2. 145x8,155x7,165x6,175x(5)
B1. 9,8,6
B2. 50,55,55(5) lost grip strength
C1. 12.5x12,12.5x12,12.5x10 (messed up rep count, but shoulder felt better)
C2. as RX'd

Sorry for the late post.

Kathleen said...

A1: 5.5[L] 6[R] 5[L] 4.5[R]
*A2: 98(6) 98(4) 98(5) 98(5.5)
**B1: did with kips 7 7 6
B2: 35# 40# 40#
C1: 10#(10) 12.5#(9) 12.5#(9)***
C2: as prescribed
* Definitely a different exercise if you don't "bounce" out of the bottom, so weight was lower
** understand the movement better now
***tried to raise 15# but too heavy for one

Thanks to OPTBRO for the demos, suggestions and critiquing - all of which made this a much harder WOD than the first time - THANKS MIKE!

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7PM

A1;Rx'd x6 no weight
A2;154#x8 for 4
last time I did 198# but with Mike there tonight it was MUCH HARDER. Hmm. If this movement wasn't killing weren't doing it right.

B1; 10x3. Best effort. Again if you do it right it is very tough
B2; 65#x3. Last time 40#,45#,55#. Had to go to 656# because that was what Corson did last time. Tough

C1; 15#x10. Huge tweek on technique from Mike
C2; Rx'd

Ross Blake said...


A1. 15kg x6 x4
A2. 62.5 x6 x4
B1. 8-8-7-7
B2. 20kg db's 8/leg x4
C1. 7.5kg x9 x3
C2. (ghd sit up) 30 x3

All loads up from last cycle. Shoulder prehab work feels better already.. Awesome programming Fitz!

Darin Deaton said...

OPT, thanks for the insightful lecture and presentation at the Black Box Summit. The Summit was a great venue to share "open source" ideas and concepts that can help us do what most of us want to do the most, "help humans reach their potential." OPT, your business and training model rings a tone with my over arching philosophy of how I operate. I have been in PT practice for over 20 years, and I would say that your knowledge and practical experience rivals that of any lecturer I have heard in years! Keep it up. I have signed up for your newsletter and look forward to all the new product development in 2010! CrossFit Fort Worth

Dave X said...

A1. 25x4
A2. 185x6/190x6 3 sets
B1. 7/7/7
B2. 45 all sets
C1. 15x10 all sets
C2. UNB all sets.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Did my own thing on today's rest day as I didn't do the WOD yesterday.

Worked up to 274 for 3 reps in back squat, felt good so stopped there. Then I did half of the WOD of;

20 min for rounds - 15 DUs, 15 GHD sit-up, 15 back ext. 7 full rounds + 1 sit-up in 10 minutes. Ow, abs are fried. Everything unbroken.

Robin Lyons f/32/150lb said...

1A. 20lbs/5,5,5,4
1B. 135/6,145/6,155/6,155/6
2A. 5-5-5
2B. 25lb/8, 30lb/8,30lb/8
dnd 3A/3B

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

A1: 7.5# 5/5/5/4
A2: 95/100/105/110

B1: 5/5/5
B2: 35/40/40

C1: 12.5# 10 bilaterally last set 9
C2: quick easy

WOW big improvement over last time
No weight for A1 last time
Did all of A2 with 95 and felt like crap this time felt really good and not a lot of hip pain. Really concentrated on sitting and sticking ass out and pushing from heels
B2 more reps hurts trap insertion on left arm ouch!
B3 more weight this time as well!!

I think taking mental/physical health day yesterday was a very wise choice!!

Tyler Smith said...

A1. 20# - 6,6,6,6
A2. 155,165,175,175
B1. 4,6,5
B2. 105,115,125
C1. 8,9,8
C2. all unbroken

- happy turkey day

Marcus Allen said...

Couldn't post yesterday as Blogs are blocked at work...

A1. 10# all reps. 4,4,2,2
A2. 135, 155, 165, then Jesse questioned my form so 155 again and form looked fine.

B1. 4-3-3-3 these wre horrible, but I stink at all things pull up.
B2. 30, 36, 53
Hey Chris and Ryan, where did you get the heavy DB's, or how did you hold more than 1?

C1. 15# all reps, next DB is 25 so...
C2. all unbroken

Greg Soneff said...

A1. 15x7/17.5x6/20x4/20x3 (kg x reps)
A2. 70x10/80x7/85x6/88x5
B1. 8/6/5
B2. 3 rounds x 8 reps each leg with 2x24kg kettlebells held up under my chin
C1. 5kg x 10 reps each arm
C2. unbroken (tried an abmat for the first set but didn't really like it so did the last two without)

Had some pain in my left shoulder during the powell raises but it subsided 2-3 reps into each round. Nothing major but definitely present.

The 1 1/4 squats and KB lunges destroyed me.

Bowser said...

A1. BW- 4,4,4,4
A2. 95,115,115,115
B1. 4,4,4
B2. 20# DB's 8/leg
C1. 6,6,6
C2. 1st set unbroken, others fractured

Sweeney said...

A1. 15/15/25/25 - Form was better
A2. 95/115/125/135 - Another test for the adductor

B1. 10/10/8 - Form was better
B2. 30/45/50 - Again, grip was fried

C1. 10/15/18
C2. All straight through, 10/15/20lbs on chest

will said...

a1. 25x8,35x6,45x5,55x4
a2. 155x8,175x8,195x7,225x7
b1. 13,14,13
b2. 75x8,75x8,85x8
c1. 20x10,30x8,30x8
c2. as Rx'd
sorry for late post

Nick Kizzee said...


A1. 6,6,6,5 (improved from day 2)
A2. 115(8), 135(8), 145(7), 145(6) (improved.. i feel it in lower back)
B1. Did kipping pullups.. 5,3,3
B2. no db.. used plates.. 15lb, 25lb, 25lb.
C3. skip
c4. Skipped.. hurting