Sat Nov 28, 2009

Day 8 Training:

part 1:
15,12,9,6,3 rep rounds for time;
Power Snatch - 95/65#
(chest to deck, jump and clap overhead at top; everyone video it and download)

rest 4 hours

part 2:
Sprint Run 3 min @ 90%
walk 1 min
Sprint Run 2 min @ 90%
walk 1 min
Sprint Run 1 min @ 90%
walk 1 min
Sprint Run 2 min @ 90%
walk 1 min
Sprint Run 3 min @ 90%
(try to maintain same speed throughout all intervals)

post time for couplet sprint and notes on run intervals to comments
rest on Sunday


Lisa M 41/128/f said...

damn it i am so excited for a metcon but am flying to Phoenix early in morning. Hopefully can find a box or gym and can do this on Sunday!!!

Chris Fodera said...


Could you possibly suggest a row (low impact) alternative to Part 2? I am still nursing a Right Knee with issues and think that I will be OK with the snatches b/c they are power, but the impact of the running is sure to eat it up. Thanks a ton.

Garage Crossfitter said...

I second Chris...thanks Coach
same wod but just row?

Greg Soneff said...

Had the opportunity to train with someone that could really push me so thought I would take it and focus on intensity. The WOD was;

-1000m row
-12 hang squat cleans (60kg)
-25 burpees
-750m row
-10 HSC
-30 burpees
-500m row
-8 HSC
-35 burpees
-250m row
-6 HSC
-40 burpees

Time: 29:12

Really pushed myself in this one and focused on intensity and limiting my rest periods. Overall very satisfied with my performance.

Weezie said...

No way I was making it to the gym today (celebrating a late Thanksgiving today). Modified both workouts based on what I had available at home.

Part 1:

15,12,9,6,3 rep rounds for time;
Power KB Snatch - 1.5 pood


15,12,9,6,3 reps done for each side per round on KB snatch (for a total of 30, 24, 18, 12, 6). Chest to deck on burpees with an overhead clap.

3 hour rest

Part 2

3 / 2 / 1 / 2 / 3 minute rounds of max double unders with 1 minute rest in between rounds.

77 / 64 / 37 / 70 / 91

I suck at double unders so this offered an opportunity for much needed practice.

Omar Arvizu said...

Well I dint' got a chance to post yesterday but here are some comments. From the 1 1/4 squats+lunges+GH raises My knee has been KILLING me. Is very swallen. YEsterday I had a very hard time @ the jerks but was determined to get at least the same as last time, and I did. It was hard on the joint.
I'm not in my town today, gotta be at TORONTO al day, working, being back tonight at midnight. Gonna do them tomorrow.
They say we are having the first snowfall so it'll be the first time in my life running on the snow! (I immigrated not too long ago)

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

Ok someone better be proud of me - i got super comfortable with the uncomfortable!!! Forced myself out of bed at 6 am to do part 1. I NEVER i repeat NEVER workout early in the morning. I am so far from a morning person that i honestly can't even fathom doing one of james workout early in the morning. But i form might not have been the greatest put i pushed myself tried to do it unbroken. Took a few breaths on the snatches but otherwise fairly unbroken.

time 7:23

by the way i feel great now!!!!! but wasn't quite up to setting up the video that would have been way too much for my morning brain to handle.

thanks for the metcon james - loved it.

Off to phoenix and a little golfing.

Garage Crossfitter said...

video soon

cardio was horrible...thought i was gonna die...the more tired i got the more i muscle snatched, not sure why? burpees deadly

David said...



Gord said...

6:58---but counting demons came out again. The video shows I only did 12 burpees on the round of 15 and then 11 on the round of 12 and 8 on the round of 9. believe me when I say miss counting is not an attempt to go faster. I love when people count for me so I can just work out and not worry. Frustrating...I start counting breaths. Video coming soon. Time permitting I may redo.

Chris Dunkin said...


few pauses on the PS's. Improved chest-to-deck portion of burpees.

Video is also for Jesse Elliott (7:56), and Ryan Clark (7:48).

Joel B. said...

ugh. 8:20 i suck.
Pretty sure on the time...I'll time it on the video to make sure. Video will be posted later. I have a 2nd thanksgiving to host today. I'll do the run when the bird is in the oven. GOOD TIMES!

OPT said...

Chris, if you like to and can swim i'd recommend it...the energy system trained is aerobic capacity..take the same rough times for work and rest and implement it into the pool, DU's or row might hurt the knee, if you have an airdyne that will do or an upright bike if you can handle the tension on the knee.
big picture for those having knee issues, get it taken care of now, don't try to work with the pain or around it...warm up better, get it treated, get some therapy, cool down better...?..get it done.
well done Lisa!

Jefff said...


Dropping the weight after each rep to reset killed the time.

No video.

Becky said...

7:56 for me.
i did video, but chris dunkin has it. i need to ask him if he'll put a link to it.
i tried to work on not pausing as much at the top.
i think my snatches for the challenge looked better.

Noah Milstein said...

I'm just switching over from trying to program for myself to OPT's program. I've been out of whack for the past week or so and am trying to whip myself back into line. This will hopefully help me work on more of my goats, which include HSPU, DU, Snatch, OHS, and Chest to Bar kip. Time was 12:08. Form was crappy. Going to do part 2 in a couple more hours. Will upload video shortly.

David said...

Only able to take a 20 minute rest before running, family obligations.

6:53 pace on the mill @ 1% up to the second minute of the last round. Then it got a little erratic. Covered 1.75 miles.

EHR said...

Eric R

I've rarely pushed myself this hard. It's one hour post wod and I'm still coughing.

Martin Altemark said...

Horribly hungover all day after company christmas gettogether last night. After spending the day in fetal position I decided to go ahead and punish myself for those 10 beers and couple of glasses of wine I had yesterday.

metcon: 8:04 (40kg)

First round unbroken under a minute. After that I went through hell. Lots of pressing out in the top on the last 2-3 rounds. Form not too good overall.

crawling back to the sofa...

evanz said...

I found that this WOD forced me to focus on popping my hips for the snatch, especially when I was gassed. Something I struggle with. Burpess all day, snatch needs work.
Sorry no video. Santa needs to bring me a new camera. But I haven't been a good little boy this year.

Martin Altemark said...

Sorry no video. Camera is at work..

rwcorson said...

Awesome Eric!

Paul Klein said...

Part 1: 6.41

What is it about burpees that makes my lungs burn like hell.

dontpanic356 said...

Wow Eric, that is blazing...

7:31 on the Metcon for me.

Burpees were killer. Snatch felt easy.

No time for the 2nd part today, I work Afternoons today.

I did finish the workout with some shoulder press triples and double unders.

OPT said...

Paul Klein, your video from bend your arms on the 2nd pull too early on the PC - think keep elbows out at start, try that...when you go overhead for power jerk and split jerk at the bottom of your dip you lean onto your can see it b/c of your damn adidas pants, giveaway..torso is nice and tight, elbows are high, OH is solid but when it gets TRULY heavy, you will fail me, i know...fix it...think stay on my heels as long as i can and think "push press" the whole way up, THEN drop under AFTER full ext as in a push

Steve Howell said...



no video, batteries died after the set of 12 burpees.

PTS said...

7:22. no video. truly disappointing effort today. this should have been low 6's. I did not have it together mentally, maybe because I had to squeeze it in quick.

Will not be doing the run today as soccer yesterday had plenty of sprinting/jogging/running and my joints need the break.

Mrs. PTS did the burpee/snatch WOD and will be posting later.

Gord said...

ok...first time trying to down load a video to youtube. It tells me it is going to take 1hr and 41 min to do so. Does that sound right or am I doing something wrong? Sweeney can I join your techno dork club. I am starting a remedial math.

Erik Luber said...


Really wanted to do this one as Rx'd,, but should have known better. My 1RM is 105 lbs, so 45 PS at 95# was definitely too much. Made it through the first round, but had to turn down the weight to 77# after 4 reps into the second round. Gave this one everything I had. First time posting a video:

MrsPTS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MrsPTS said...

My first OPT WOD and second time doing snatches ever- and it showed...

I scaled the weight to #45

Chris Dunkin said...

Here is Becky Clark's video (7:46)

Garage Crossfitter said...

wod #2
total distance covered 600 meters.
I rested for the 1 min breaks. Afterwards i sprinted 50m x 3

That was def an anaerobic workout for me, i havent swam any distance in 2 years...felt pretty confortable in the water...

headed to my PT friend to fix my knee...its getting better daily which is good news, should be 100% in 1-2 weeks.



DM said...

Thanks for your blog. A client just pointed me here.

Grant said...

2 OPT @ 9AM
Left our camera @ the Alamo Rent A Car in Chicago in case anyone is in the area. Tried the OPT camera but only got a few lifts before the batteries died. Maybe Gord can show me how to upload once Sweeney shows him
PS & Burp's 9:05

Ran right after because roads are too icy to drive around too much today. As Rx'd outside @ OPT on Aspen Drive with K.

Evan Johnston said...

Part A 11am at CFC


7:20 felt good knowing this would have been impossible months ago but I felt I could have hit in the 6's for sure. Pwr snatch looking a little muscle-snatch at times.

I apologize if the video is messed up as it's my first every video WOD. I am seriously technologically challenged which is embarassing as us young folk are supposed to know how to do these things. EHR that is a freakish time

Wes hendricks said...


part 1 - 6:00...furious w/ this time. Lack of sleep/stress last two days was felt during this

Ryan B. said...

Lookin for some advice....

attempted part 1 today at the firehall... on my first try i completed the 15's, had to leave for a medical call....second try i completed the 15's,12's,and 9's had to leave for an elevator rescue, on my third try i completed the 15's and then started the 12's but stopped because i didnt want to kill myself.. im going to do part 2 tonight at a gym, probably in another 2 hours.... should i attempt do finih part 1 right before i do part 2?? or should i just forget about the first one and only do #2 tonight???


Ryan B.

Martin Altemark said...

part 2: had to substitute run for row because I was home alone with the kids. Aimed for an average pace of 1:46/1:47 and held 1:46 first 3 intervals, but fell a bit to land a average pace of 1:47 for the whole thing.

Kathleen said...

Burpees felt better than usual kept my hands right under my shoulders - bench press must be helping
Video shows I am bending my arms too early - will keep working on it
~ 15 minute break
Ran outside @ OPT on Aspen Road - short on the return by 50 metres from where I started. Heh if they have to play the Grey Cup in the snow, then I can run in the snow.

Michael said...

Part 1: 7:20
Could have pushed a little harder but was very winded.
Trying to get my diet dialed in over the last week so I figure my metcon will suffer a little.

I'm on vacation so had no video camera. About to do the run on the beach.

Michael McCabe said...

part 1 - 6:41
burpees slowed me waaaay down

ordered video camera after last big dawg comp... should be in soon.

Joel B. said...


my video for the a.m. metcon time 8:17: embarrassing...but it is what it is.

Run was tough. covered a little over 2 miles including walks. Pace pretty good until last 3 min. A little on the 2nd 2 min interval too I guess.

Paul Klein said...

I always forget to post my stats

Part2: Done on treadmill, runs at 9.3 / 1.0 incline. My dropping point at 9.3 was just about 3 minutes and longer and I would have had to crank it down. 2 and 1 minutes felt good at 9.3. I covered just over 1.9miles in the 15 minutes.

Way cool! Thank you for the advice on the PC, push press and jerks. I hear you loud and clear on staying on my heals. I failed the push press on the fourth set, now I see clearly it was caused by rocking onto my toes. I will work on it.

Chris Biles said...


8:06 Felt winded throughout. Holiday eating caught up on me.

First time videoing and uploading. My technique is certainly not solid. Any help would be appreciated. I'll get a better angle next time we do something like this. Email any comments to Thanks!

Run felt ok. Didn't feel recovered enough for 2nd 2 and 3 min efforts.

Sweeney said...

WOD 1 - 6:02 Would like to have pushed harder. Snatch needs work. Not getting full extension

will said...

wod 1- 653. suck at snatches.
dont own a video camera

Agnew said...

Part 1 - 11:10

As RX'd. Pretty slow compared to some of you, thank you for posting your videos, I learned quickly where my HUGE time killers were!

Part 2 - Was done on a treadmill due to ice. 3min 8.5, 2min 9.0, 1min 9.6, 2 min 9.6, 3 min - I did first 2min @ 9.6 dropped to 9.0 for last minute.

unit said...

Part 1
~ 4:50

Part 2
yet to come... on call and home for now, so should be running soon...


Gord said...

Gord and laura's video. It only shows the fist 3 rounds as the memory card became full

Laura's time was 10:20

Chris Fodera said...


Part 1:

Time: 7:20

Notes: Felt like the Snatches really slowed me down. I felt pretty decent on the first round, but the start of each round thereafter felt really hard. I would have liked my burpees to be a little faster, but am OK with them. Having to partition the snatches killed my time.

Looking for someone that I can go to for some 1-on-1 Oly Lifting help in my area. Found 1 option at Mike Burgener's place, but our schedules are never free at the same time. Today is just proof that I need to carve that time out.

PWO: 40gP (MRM shake), 20gC (mashed yams w/ cinnamon)
60 min later: chicken, apple, almond butter

Gonna head to the community pool for Part 2.

Dave B said...


Part 1. 7:34
Felt real clean with good form. No set went unbroken, I have some work to do, great job guys!! Some really good times.

Part 2 will have to be done tomorrow.

sorry no video.

Michael McCabe said...

part 2 - legs didn't have much spring in them and calves were cramping a bit but still gave er as hard as i could... a good reminder of how much i hate running.

resting hard tomorrow.

will said...

part 2- i hate running :)

rwcorson said...

Part 1 as rx'd 6:18, video ran out of memory at 4:10, Trevor Salmon witness. Head to Head with Mike F.
I needed to push harder to string some multiples together.
PS-15 unbroken, 1.2, then all singles.
rested 10 mins.
airdyne - 2 mins. at 90%, easi 1 min. X 3, 175 cals total.

Ryan B. said...

runs felt pretty good, 2 miles total... pace was real close, really tough though!!
cant wait for rest tomorrow!

Ryan B.

dmarsh said...

6:15 as rx'd

Runs 8 hours later. Second 2&3 min intervals were definitely slower than the first time around but held a pretty steady pace throughout each individual interval.

Erik Luber said...

part 2: Total distance was a little over 2 miles. Legs felt heavy after this morning. Maintained a pretty constant pace throughout.

Steve Smith said...


Part 1 - 5:14
- Round 12 and 9 snatches broken. Mental weakness.

Part 2 - Two miles exactly
- Lower back and hip flexors screaming. This tends to happen to me a lot.

Eric and Unit - Great times! Whish I had you guys next to me today!

Brent Maier said...


Considering all the food I've been eating and the strength phase we're doing with little cardio, I was happy with this effort. No flu!

Part 1: 6:22

Part 2: We'll be running this a little later. Still chaotic around here with all the family in town.

Brian Maier
Time: 7:25

Brian's video is still processing, should be done shortly.

Steve Howell said...

Won't have time for part 2 today going to hit it tomorrow.

Nice work today everyone!

OPT said...

Erik Luber, stop the video at 6:13, your pull is alright except for a little arm bending in the 2nd pull but you have to get more comfortable with the OH catch position (OHS, SN PP, and SN balance practice)...when you pull it overhead, you drive your knees forward and hips under the bar...your quads are the only muscles "accepting" the weight, get that ass back and low back arched and pull bar back over the head and you'll get in that on it with the exercises above,,,and some thorasic mobility work on a foam roller or swiss ball

EHR said...

Eric R
Part 2
The runs felt good. I ran this one with my dogs (not dawgs). Intensity remained high but speed varied with the terrain.

Becky said...

part 2, done 3 hours late, b/c of time commitments.
got 2 laps first 3 min.
1.5 in 2min.
3/4 lap in 1 min.
1.25 laps in 2 min.
1.5 laps in 3 min.

opt, are you going to comment on every one's snatch performance, would like to hear what you say about mine ( maybe...yes, i would)

joey warren said...

4:26 - all unbroken

First video in our new gym, it feels good to break it in. I did it with some other guys just wanting a post turkey day workout.
Some serious lung burn here, I was craving this and I felt it. Going for a run soon

OPT said...

Becky, no prob, pull the bar INTO the pubic area as it comes up past knees, keep your arms straight the whole time doing this..i freeze framed it at 0:21 and you'll see the bar at least 8-10 inches in front of your body at mid thigh level...
for most people today as well, watch the folks in the 4-5 min range (joey, unit, chris, wes...although 6) as they lower the bar back down they preload their hammmies and get full length on them and make them do the work cause they know the quads are @#$%ed from the this as well Becky along with pulling that bar in and keep at those "strict" push ups and negatie push ups and depth push ups in your warm up and you'll have it made!
good work capacity!

Brent Maier said...

Part II: Total distance 1.90 miles.

Cold front moving in and ran these outside in the bitter cold. It was very hard to maintain 90% in the end.

Brent Maier said...

didnt get part one in time. part two - paced with brent. 1.9miles. car temp gage read 40deg F. so that's about 33 with wind chill.

dan lindahl

unit said...

nice work today joey... impressive work not taking a breath or two between exercises... great work capacity and to see how it can be done...
almost makes me want to do it again...

Evan Johnston said...

Part 2:

On the treadmill with the snow today. All of the runs at 9.6 and tough push especially on the last 3 mins. Off to the ice bath, legs are fried.

Thank you James for this amazing programming, feeling stronger and fitter every day, this stuff is amazing.

joey warren said...

Part 2:
the runs felt great, I dont know the distance but it felt like between a 5:20-5:45ish min/mile pace for all intervals.

Unit, I learned that from you on the snatch complex in the last competition haha. Not too shabby yourself... by the way how are the shirts coming?

Erik Luber said...

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it! Ya, Overhead work has been a long time coming for me...I only got my first OHS about 2 months ago. I will definitely spend more time in my warm-up/skill work with the recommended exercises, and spent more time on the foam roller/stretching.

Lauren said...

Wod #1 6:59
ouch, burpees totally got me. Looking at video ( snatch form got a bit messy....

Wod #2 done this evening at talis track

Anonymous said...

Part.1 6:21

Part.2 Did on outdoor track in the snow
Total distance approx 3.4km pace was pretty consistent until last interval, it was a little slower.

unit said...

part 2
sorry coach but I subbed...
subbed tight high knees 4 the rx'ed time... holding sprint form keeping it tight 4 this long was brutal and much needed...
kept track of 'reps'... ie... 1 rep is 1 high knee each leg...
total -1048 (2096 steps...) not sure what my strides per mile is... but if u go by the rule of thumb as 1000strides a mile, this is just over 2... hip flexors and abs r smoked...

Joey, nice!... I must say after the high knees I played with ur burpee technique... i noticed I always kept my feet 2gether, and it seems SO much easier 2 keep them apart!... thanks... the shirts have all been ordered 4 those that ordered, and I should b getting them late next wk or early the following wk (bc of the Thanksgiving holiday)...


Chris Fodera said...


Part 2: Subbed run for row. Wanted to swim, but community pool closed early. Came home and did it on the C2.

- 3688 meters total.
- Tried to maintain 1:45-1:46/500m on the "run" efforts
- Just made sure I kept moving during the "walk" efforts
- Was able to maintain pace on 300, 200, 100, and the first 150 of the 2nd 200.
- Last 50m of 2nd 200 and the entire 2nd 300 done at pace of about 1:55.
- Quads were completely toast at the end.

PWO: 30gP (MRM shake), 10gC (mashed yams w/ cinnamon)

Looking forward to the day off tomorrow. Will rest and foam roll my right leg/knee. The lacrosse ball really helped and will likely use that tomorrow.

Been watching Unit and Joey's videos all day long...inspiring.

Enjoy the day off tomorrow all.

Doug Zirkle said...


Part 1: 11:31

1RM snatch to date is 100, so doing this WO with the prescribed weight represents quite a bit of progress for me. I'm happy with it despite having to break out the sundial to time the affair.

Part 2: runs were consistent in terms of intensity, but not pace, due to hilly route.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Unit, I can't tell if your chest is hitting the floor on your burpees. It seems like your hips are hitting but I can't see your chest. I ain't pickin' on you, I'm just trying to help get you better so you're not missing reps in a competitive setting.

Chris Dunkin said...

Part 2: 8hrs later. Runs felt good. Came up 20m short of the on the second 3min compared to the first.

Michael FitzGerald said...

Subbed 133# Power Clean.
Time - 5:12. Have to use to the pain again. It will come.

Ryan @ CFGP said...

M / 5'11'' / 205# / 32

For some reason, I could not count nor remember the reps this morning, and got all messed up. 7:47 was my time. Went in 4 hours later and did it again, this time doing the whole WOD and beat my time with 7:45.
The snatch work is starting to feel better. Did not do the Spring work

unit said...

thanks... actually i could use some tips on burpee form... i.e., ideal places for hand/foot/head placement...
what my body feels when i hit the ground: knees, hips, upperab/lower chest (like nipple level or lower) and chin tend to hit the ground... in fact, sometimes i get some bruises and a sore chin if i do quite a few...
i appreciate the form check... i know your tryin to make us all better... hell, bro, that's why we video! so that all y'all can be training buddies and coaches...
thanks again,

Ross Blake said...

Missed this last cycle due to my attendence at the crossfit Olympic weightlifting cert with Coach B. That guys is on the money with not only keeping Olympic lifting simple but helps you become a better coach. If you ever get the chance to attend do it.

James. Your committment to coaching on this blog is superb.. Having video submitted and then providing feedback with your busy schedual is top notch.

atom said...

Nice work on the metcon today guys & girls.

I'm really enjoying the training material 8 days into this cycle, glad I followed through on the research on James brand of training. Knowing that there's a high level of expertise, consideration and a goal at the end of the cycle really puts extra emphasis on hitting each day, completing the WODS to the best of your ability and keeping track of your progress.

My Day 8 Results:



Mack Lar said...

31 M 5'9" 172lbs
Part 1: 6:23. Snatches UB in first rd, broken after that. All DU's UB. Quads tired early, thought it was due to working through rest day but may have to do with form based off of Coach's post earlier. Wish I could download a video, but deployed and the computers wont allow it.
Part 2: 3.36KM or 2.09 miles

Garage Crossfitter said...

N.H said...

As always, humbled by the athletes here.

Did some snatching before the PS/Burpee WOD yesterday. Don't have a video.

Snatch: 176/1 x 4, 198/1 x 2

WOD: 5:59

I was coughing for a long time after this one. Great WOD. It looked so easy on paper! :)

rwcorson said...
Mike and Rob.
Mike doing 135# power cleans.

BK said...

Unable to workout, sick as a homeless dog. No brainer as to why,
You are what you eat
You are when you eat
You are how you eat
You are what you don't excrete
You are the sum of all stressors.
Travel,Sleep,Nutrition,Competitions and Business all effecting the system that never gets sick. Lesson learn't, time for a week break. Back in the game Friday and can't wait to dial in with the athletes on here.

BK said...

Joey! Brilliant performance, truly A grade stuff.

Dave X said...


Part 1: 7:33
Painfully slow however I only broke one set of snatches. Took a long, lomg time to recover from this one. Lack of sleep and diet over the holiday certainly caught up to me here.

Part 2:
Took a long time to warm up, and still felt shakey out of the gate and couldn't hold up the pace across the time frame. Felt slo and sluggish despite the great running weather here in Upstate NY.

I'm back home and back on my schedule.

Geoff Aucoin said...

I gave WOD #1 a shot today and it was painfully obvious by the end of the round of 15 I wasn't doing so good. After 3 bad nights of sleeping (last night being the worst) I gassed badly and couldn't stick to the game plan of straight through snatches and controlled burpees. Very unhappy with my time, 6:49, but I'm glad I tried it.

I'm good for sub-6 when I'm rested, I just know it. Video coming later. Maybe.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Oh and I worked on some 'ligher' full snatches before to get my CNS fired up. Didn't do much for the work capacity.

I need a good 4-5 hour nap.

Michael FitzGerald said...

Additional Pain today.
3 rds:
500m Row Sprint (6.5)
2 min rest
Decided to stop after 3 rds. Just cause I didn't want to dig too deep into the tank. Haven't had the best energy lately, but VERY happy with this outcome. Could have done 2 to 3 more rds at this pace.

Tyler from FFT said...

PS/Burpee.... 6:08... This was 1 hour after Day... Kinda 7 training...Having to play catch up sucks! My legs were fried!!! Skipping the sprint and getting back on track tomorrow!

video on

Tyler from FFT said...

Correction... this was 1 hour after day 7 training... I hate my laptop's touch pad.

YoungManRumble said...

Part 1: 7:02 my "cardio" has left a lot of press outs towards the end...

15 mins later on the globo treadmill

Part 2:

3mins @ 8.0 mph
2mins @ 8.2 mph
1mins @ 8.5 mph
1mins @ 8.5 mph
2mins @ 8.2 mph
3mins @ 8.5 mph

On a side note I hit 2 PR's at the O lifting club yesterday. 75kg snatch and a 105lk clean and jerk I guess this stuff works lol...

video to be posted by Sterling...

Anonymous said...

Evening OPT blog people, I'm new to this training site but not crossfit. Looking to further my fitness level, I need some clarification though on a few of the movements. A description and guidance would be greatly appreciated.
db ext rot
powell raises
lean away supinated chip ups

Thanks again, Christian

Trevor Salmon said...

Christian, you can search the faq page for alot of stuff but there were videos posted of the db ext rotation and powell raises a few weeks back. I don't know the exact date so you may just have to look back.

Surrey Sterling 39/M/178cm/175.4# said...

Better late then never I always say.

Young Man Rumble, HeadCase Mike, and I, hit this at a brand new rec centre in Langley BC. They've got it going on! $4:25 for drop in and we had the place to ourselves. Nice plates, platforms, GHD, rowers, it was sweet!

Part 1 - 7:06
Part 2 - Done on Treadmill
Same performance as YMR's post.

Ross Blake said...

part 1. 11:15 as rxd

filmed it but memory was low so only saw first 4min. Also a little out of frame. First 3 reps looked really nice then I started jumping back on my landing?? Need to do more touch and go reps to keep pace and power up..

Always learning

Geoff Aucoin said...

Here's the painful truth. Didn't think things were too bad but I mustbe pushing off my toes a bit and I'm way too bent over near the end.

Sarah Du said...

Part 1 - 10:53

First time doing snatches - too slow!

Part 2 - As Rx'd

unit said...

sarah du... where are u from?

and 10:53 on that WOD is pretty darn good for your first time snatching!... keep it up!...


Robin Lyons f/32/150lb said...

Part 1:


Part 2:
Just under 2 miles...last sprint was 100m less than the first sprint

Slater Coe said...

part 1 - 9:10... probably could have shaved two minutes if my intestines weren't fighting the urge to explode with every burpee... frustrating. That's twice now in recent weeks where I didn't properly "empty things" before a WOD.

rest 3 min

part 2 - had to sub rowing for running due to the time of night and the neighboorhood... maintained 1:50/500m pace for all rounds.

Kizzee said...

M/20/6'4"/201 lb

Part 1:
Embarassed to say.... 16:14
Cardio was terrible and my snatch isn't that great... i was heaving... didn't help that is was alot colder than usual..

Part 2: 4 hours later... couldn't get distance since i ran around neighborhood... i did keep up a desent pace though..