Sun, Nov 22, 2009

day 4 Training:

Sprint Row 30 sec @ 100% effort
Rest 2:30
repeat 7 times

post total meters rowed to comments
(i.e. 1400 m)


Dave X said...

Thanks for the early post!! Anyway to get them at this time everyday??

md said...

So is this a total of 7 or 8?

Geoff Aucoin said...

md, 7 total.

md said...

Thanks Geoff!

Katrina Burton said...

Great videos from the Black Box Summit where James is presenting:

Martin Altemark said...


Forgot to check average watts. Would have been nice to be able to compare to the sprint rows from last month. Anyone know how to calculate average watts from distance in metres over 30sec?

Slater Coe said...

Row 30 sec
Rest 2:30
repeat 7 times

Total Meters (184, 184, 184, 183, 183, 181, 183) = 1282
Avg Watts (649, 641, 641, 639, 637, 614, 631) = 636

Martin Altemark said...

Answering my own question with this fantastic little row calculator I found:

Chris Dunkin said...

1272: 184,186,184,177,180,182,179

KurtGP said...

150,154,147,149,154,153,150= 1057

Ryan @ CFGP said...

169 / 168 / 172 / 168 / 172 / 172 / 170 = 1191
played with damper (range 2-7) and did not get much difference.

Erik Luber said...

Martin- Just a word of caution. The formula that these calculators use is:

P = 2.8(d/t)^3

where d and t are your distance and time. This is _only_ true if you have rowed at a constant speed throughout the entire interval. So, over large distances this is a pretty good approximation because most of the time is spent rowing at a steady pace...but in a short interval like a 30 sec sprint this is typically a poor assumption because there is a lot of acceleration going on. So depending on how fast you accelerate to your top speed and if you can maintain it, there can be a lot of error in estimating your average power using any of the online calculators.

PTS said...

181,181,174,169,179,168,169 = 1221.

plenty of HSPU practice in warm-up.

Ryan B. said...

176,175,173,173,168,170,170=1205 m

Ryan B.

Weezie said...

166 / 172 / 173 / 173 / 171 / 169 / 169 - 1193m

Erik Luber said...

166, 163, 162, 158, 156, 153 153 = 1111 m

Took a long time to recover, that was painful. Just got back from Mexico yesterday, good to be back!

Geoff Aucoin said...

1197, I wanted/expected more. Played with damper on every round and it seems somewhere between 5-7 is best for this time/distance. My one round below 170m (164m)was @ damper 3, my best was 176m @ damper 6.

Recovery good, I just don't have the power in my hips to really kill this WOD. If I was to repeat this WOD my damper wouldn't go below 5. Ass slippage was present again so I may have to play with the foot stretchers, too.

My bis are really pumped up, that's not a good sign.

My word is 'dedgerls', as in that's what my arms feel like.

Paul Klein said...

176, 177, 181, 180, 179, 179, 177 = 1249 total meters

Played with damper settings from 7 to 10, I didn't notice much difference in them.

Thanks Doug Zirkle, Lisa M and Geoff Aucoin for the comments on the T2B yesterday. I really do appreciate the help!

Chris Stroud said...


EHR said...

Eric R
Avg watts were lower than last time we did 100% x 30secs

Katrina Burton said...

Total = 962m

Ali Loach said...


Thanks to Laura for talking me into doing this after a 1rm deadlift session where I pulled a PB of 276# :o)
I felt good for the first 3 rounds but the last 4 were a stru--gle! However, once it was over I was glad I did it.

Anonymous said...

Played with damper 9-5, 8&7 felt best
slipping off of seat at lower settings but over all pretty happy with effort much better then last row sprints

evanz said...

Damper at 7 for all but last which was set to 8. Messed with stroke rate and power, not sure which worked best.

Joel B. said...



damper 7 for all. played with foot board on 1st and last set. I don't really think it made a difference between notch 3 for 2-6 and 1 on the other two. Got a little queasy but not as much as last time when I did it early a.m. According to De Vany maybe I got more GH fasted/first thing=queasy. I dunno.

rwcorson said...

176m @ damper 5
176m @ 5.5
177m @ 6
175m @ 6
173m @ 5.5
172m @ 5
171m @ 5
total - 1220m In the last 2 intervals they form started to drop off in the last 10 seconds. The seat was all over the place.
To warm up I did power snatch, OHS & hang squat snatch, then power snatch and hang squat snatch and finally squat snatch. All were singles. I ended up getting a PR snatch @ 155# and still felt like I had more to give.

Mike Molloy said...


Just found myself a Model D on craigslist. Picking it up on Wednesday. Excited to have one less reason to have to use Dartmouth's undergrad facility.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Jaysus, Corson, nice work buddy!

Greg Soneff said...

Total meters = 1223 (Damper 6 all the way through)

Catching up after being out all week with the flu. Did yesterday's workout a little while before the row intervals.

A: 60/70/80f/80/83kg
B1: 40kg (2.5 pood) unbroken x 3
B2: 3/3/2 (embarassing!!)
C1: pace definitely made these ones burn
C2: unbroken x 3 (finally got the hang of the kipping T2B)

James, sorry for the late message but my name didn't make it into the overall results for last weekend (not that I was a contender) is it because I subbed DB Thrusters for the wall balls?

Sweeney said...

Did this one at Crossfit Las Vegas.

Thanks to Joe and Zach for the hospitality. Great box, great atmosphere!!!

169/168/166/164/162/163/165 = 1157

md said...

total meters - 1322
Did not track watts.

KSC said...

1174 as rxed

joey warren said...

total meters = 1283

184, 182, 184, 185, 184, 182, 182
@ damper 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 7, 7

Evan Johnston said...

1142 as rx'd

Need some serious rest and technique work....body fried

Brent Maier said...


Total: 1269

1) 184m @ 1:21 pace
2) 183m @ 1:21 pace
3) 188m @ 1:19 pace
4) 182m @ 1:22 pace
5) 178m @ 1:24 pace
6) 176m @ 1:25 pace
7) 178m @ 1:24 pace

Tried to maintain 180+ but started losing ground at round 5.

unit said...

174 (fell off) / 182 / 191 / 189 / 185 / 184 / 184
total- 1289


atom said...

Don't have a rower and none of the local gyms were open on a sunday...guess that's what you get for living in a small town.

Sub 65# SDHP for the rower:

21, 22, 22, 22, 21, 21, 21

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 10:30AM
gave all I had so it is what it is. Work capacity needs to come back & then improve from there. Thanks Geoff/Corson
Good rows Rob & Brent!

Ross Blake said...


took a little while to find a way to max this. Used a more aggresive stroke return to up my rating from interval 3 onwards.

Rad workout James!

Gord said...



For those keeping track the leafs won their 4th game last night.

Laura said...


Doug Zirkle said...

161, 159, 162, 163, 164, 164, 163 = 1136

Justin Flynn said...

Just finished with Mark Rippetoes seminar. Looking forward to getting back into the mix monday.

Slater Coe said...

damn... beaten by Joey and Unit... "til we meet again..."

will said...


Lisa M said...

total = 1033
something obviously happened after round 3???

checked my watt ave it was 331/128 = 2.5
did some snatch work after
Good job on the PR Ali!!

funinthesun said...

140,141,139,143,143,143,141 990m

Kathleen said...

144/138/115[fell off ~ 12 secs left]/138/136/136/133 [fell off with 6 secs left and kept rowing]
Total = 943
First 2 @ damper 6
Remainder @ damper 4
Need to work on faster turn over
Thanks to Geoff and Rob for trying to "fix" my form - will keep your comments in the frontal lobe for next time.

Dave X said...


Chris Fodera said...

1: 168m, 43 s/m, 1:29.2 avg/500, 492 avg watt
2. 167m, 43 s/m, 1:29.6 avg/500, 487 avg watt
3. 167m, 43 s/m, 1:29.5 avg/500, 489 avg watt
4. 169m, 45 s/m, 1:28.4 avg/500, 507 avg watt
5. 166m, 45 s/m, 1:30.0 avg/500, 480 avg watt
6. 166m, 43 s/m, 1:30.2 avg/500, 477 avg watt
7. 166m, 43 s/m, 1:30.2 avg/500, 477 avg watt

Total Meters: 1169

PWO: 40gP (MRM shake), 10gC (mashed yams w/ cinnamon)

- Done at home.
- Damper at 7 on all sets.
- Lost the seat a little in set 5.
- Unhappy with my Power Ratio here, previous workouts of Sprint Row have yielded much higher Power Ratios. I am still nursing the hurt right knee, so I am not overly concerned.
- Need to play with damper settings and determine best for me in relation to Power. Thinking about trying 5/6.

Mack Lar said...

Avg 169m/30s
Damper 5/6 for all

Lauren said...

damper was at 7

Lisa M said...

Watched the Wods from the black box summit - i must say the ROM on their pullups was very suspect. I really appreciate James emphasis on complete full rom i think it makes us all better athletes. I would hope that all those owners of their own boxes would be more particular about their ROMs hmmmmm

Robin Lyons said...

Row WOD: 30sec 100 effort for meters!

= 1118m

Chris Dunkin said...

Did an extra :30 about 20min Later on damper Zero to see the results, and my score was 184 which was my second highest during the wod on damper 7. I'll take this as an indication of my stroke getting more efficient.

Sugar Shane said...

Had to do this a day late. Damper on 5.

1. 178
2. 182
3. 179
4. 177
5. 175
6. 175
7. 175

Happy with the consistency but I need to pull harder.

Sugar Shane said...


Total = 1241

Anonymous said...

Felt bad...sore back

Tyler Smith said...

Well, I successfully pulled and held a 1:20 sec 500m pace today... for about 22 seconds.

1. 171?? give or take a few
2. 174
3. 177
4. 173
5. 171
6. 179
7. 172

Total meters traveled = 1217m

Becky said...

total was 1011.
individaul rounds were in the 140's ea. time. lost the paper where i wrote them down.

Steve Smith said...

Total - 1473m

- Was right around 200m on each round
- Didnt even think to look at or change the damper
- First time on a rower since the Games. It's good to be back and to have access to equipment!!
- I'm not sure how to use the concept 2, so it will take me a bit to get comfortable here. How do you keep from falling off the damn thing?!?

chris in Tampa said...

37 y/o M, 6ft 180lbs. Chris in Tampa. 30 sec x 7, only 1:30 rest. Total = 1318m.

Harmon said...

1.5 mile warm-up run (12:39)

total row: 1212m

1.5 mile cool-down run (11:33)

1 heaping scoop refuel, PFC, yes

Blaine said...

Total = 1137 m

CF Hampton Roads said...

1214 total.
Damper at 7 for all but one. dropped to 6 and didn't like the feel.
Needed to push more in rounds 1 and 2..insufficient warmup