Day 40/45


part 1:
A. High Bar Back Squat @ 30X0; 2-3 x 3; rest 240 sec
B. Chin Ups - 20 unbroken x 3; rest 240 sec
C. Push Press @ 11X2; 2-3 x 3; rest 240 sec
D. GHD Sit ups @ 2020; 20 x 3; rest 90 sec

rest 4+ hours

part 2:
Row Sprint 30 sec @ 100% effort
Rest 2:30
Repeat 5 times

post loads and notes for part 1 and power ratio for part 2 to comments
(ratio = total avg of all five 30 sec intervals divided by your bodyweight in lbs)


Wes hendricks said...

total average of all five being watts?

Chris Fodera said...


For each row, the Performance Monitor will provide you with several metrics for that effort. Toggle to the Watts screen and you should see Watts and AvgWatts displayed (along with some other info).

I believe the intention here is to take each of your 5 AvgWatts and then take the average of them. You then take that number and divide it by your body weight in lbs. Refer to OPT's post on 20091101 titled "day 34/45".

Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks and good luck.

Chris Biles said...

B. All unbroken. Felt harder than the other day. Had to hang and get doubles and singles toward the end of the third.
D. Goodmornings w bar.

Jefff said...

Part 1.

A. 225,230,235(1)
B. Unbroken, Unbroken, Unbroken
C. 145,155,160
D. Unbroken, Unbroken, Unbroken

Back squat temp was hard. Legs (calves) still on fire from last WOD. Chins were easy. Push press felt good. GHD felt better than normal. Minimal headache this time.

Chris Dunkin said...

A. 315,325,335x2
B. Unbroken
C. 185,195,205x1
D. Unbroken

struggled with the PP's. My overhead needs help.

rwcorson said...

@ hotel gym-
A. 200,210,220 x2
B. All unbroken.
C. 125,140,155
Should have went heavier
D. No GHD, anchored weighted sit ups, all with 20# @ rx'd tempo. 20 x 3.

PTS said...

HBBS - 245,257,265x2
chins- all unbroken
PP - 160,170,185 these felt good today, maybe even a bit more in tank
GHD SU- unbroken

will be sitting part 2 out as I go in for a 12hr shift shortly and have a basketball game tomorrow so tomorrow will be a double.

Wes hendricks said...

A. 205-210-230 (i think this is good considering I couldn't f/s 240 1x the other day)
B. All unbroken/consecutive CTB butterfly
C. 155-170x3-185x1 almost locked out number 2
D. All unbroken, exact with the tempo not to difficult (just got a good GHD bench a few weeks back w/ a man canyon)

Only thing I wanted to note was I didn't feel like I was getting a lot of pop with my pushpresses this morning. I felt if I was pressing out to much myself at the top and not just guiding it up.

Garage Crossfitter said... correct me if I am wrong but I am assuming this is what you want me to do to heal my knee.....i hate resting...

EHR said...

Eric R

hbbs 275,295,303 all 3s
pu all unbroken
pp 165,180,185 all 3s
ghdsu all unbroken on pace

my back allways gets tight doing heavy squats. This tightness seemed to mess up the push press for me today.

Rory Hanlin said...

A. 335, 355, 365
B. All CTBPU, All unbroken
C. 245, 265, 275x2
D. Unbroken

slight pause at the top of squat to exhale/inhale

feel great today.

Ryan B. said...

Busy morning at work today, structure fire followed up by 2.5 hours of sure the other firefighters will appreciate that haha
needless to say i wasnt 100% for the workout...

Part 1.

A. 200 215 225
B. 19,1 17,3 15,5
C. 145 155 155
D. subbed 30 unanchored situps x 3
(no ghd or equal at firehall)

Ryan B.

Murdock said...
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Murdock said...
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deejay said...

Rory are you sure your not a Gorilla?
A - 315-315(x2)-315 - worked on depth ass to grass
B - all unbrokem
C- 205-215(2)-225(2) -
D - booooooooooo

Evan Johnston said...

A. 225/235/245
B. ubroken, slipped grip at 12, unbroken
C. 135,145, 155(1)
D. unbroken

Felt good, could have started heavier on squats as I felt like I had a lot left.

Ali Loach said...

A. 165(3)/185(2)/205(2) *should have started heavier
B. all sets unbroken *extremely happy with this as not too long ago by PB was 17
C. 105(2)/110(2)/120(f)/120(f) *wanted to get 120 so time!
D. No GHD.....will sub later when I do WOD #2.

David said...

251, 271, 286
all unbroken
177, 188, 201
all unbroken

Joel B. said...

Part 1:
A: 205X3, 210X3, 215X2
B: unbroken--10ctb, 10 chin over bar
C: 160X3, 170X2, 170X3
messed up tempo on first 2 sets---was trying to go down 2 secs.
D: unbroken--on roman chair

Murdock said...

Part 1

A. 205/215/220
B. First 2 sets unbroken 1 set broken
C. 115/135/160
D. Back Extension (last two sets broken)

Slater Coe said...

A. 250x3, 275x3, 280x2
B. Chest to Bar - All unbroken
C. 170x3, 190x3, 210x2
D. GHD Sit ups - very broken

rest 4 MINUTES!

Row Sprint 30 sec
Watts = 709.8, 684.3, 673.9, 654.5, 610.2
Avg Watts (666.54) / Bodyweight (218) = 3.06

Joseph Weigel said...

A. 245x3 255x3 260x3. First time doing high bar in a while and first time doing at tempo. A lot less weight lifted than non tempo squats.
B. all unbroken, easy.
C. 175x3 185x3 190x3
D. all unbroken, easy.

Part 2. 609.2 600.6 573.6 556.8 543.8.
average= 576.8/BW#170= 3.39

Rob Sifton said...

A. HB BSquat @30X0 X 3, 2-3; 240
Loads= 145,165,185
B. 20 Unbroken chin ups x 3; 240
Reps= C,C,C
C. PPress @11X2 X 3, 2-3; 240
Loads= 115,135,150
D. 20 GHD Situps 2020 X 3; 240
Reps= C,C,

should have gone higher on HBBS,
chinups felt really good.
PPress was pretty solid, started my fwd lean as the weight increased.
Situps were straight though.  

Anonymous said...

A. 3/225 3/245 1/265 started to light then increased to much on last set
B. unbroken
C. 3/160 3/170 2/180
D. unbroken

unit said...

Rory is indeed a gorilla... but alas, he is not just a regular gorilla, he is a robotic gorilla... the most formidable kind of gorilla known...

evanz said...

A. 225x3 but tweeked my back a little. Went to 250 for next and was in pain as soon as I took the weight off the rack. I think this was from moving crap yesterday.
B. unbroken
C. 140x3/160x3/180x1 - back started to hurt a lot on the last set.
D. No GHD. Did them with a stupid physio ball and hooked my legs into a rack. Touched the ground when reaching back... Unbroken.

Paul Klein said...

A. 225, 245, 260 I should have started heavier, but I didn't know what to expect with this tempo

B. Unbroken, felt fast and strong

C. 165, 175, 185

D. Unbroken, that tempo gives me a wicked headache.

Part II
Average 611.3 / 185lbs = 3.30

I burned out on rounds 2 and 3.

Murdock said...

Part 2. 401/394/417/382/386
average= 396 /BW#187= 2.12

Wes hendricks said...

Part 2:

479.72/145 = 3.30(damper setting 7)

I know it said 100%, but today I was borderline just out of control. Need to be aware of this.

Derek said...

A. 245#-275#-300#
B. Unbroken
C. 175#-185#-190#
D. Can not do GHD did 10 toes to bar 2021

Rest 6 hours

Row: 519-585-565-556-483
Avg. 542/175(bwt) = 3.10

Chris Dunkin said...

Part 2. 700/207=3.38


After getting smoked on this the last time I did some home work. Avg. for the 5 on 11/1 was 616.
Watched the "Bruce Kocher: Watt Contest" video from the CF Journal. Biggest change I made was reaching farther on the catch.
Damper was 7, 8, 5.5, 7, 7

Ryan B. said...

Part 2.


=500.06/185 = 2.7

Ryan B.

rwcorson said...

I tried to be smoother on the pulls today. I was much more consistent and I didn't gas as fast or as much compared to Nov. 7th.
Foot position was 2 and damper 4.5 for all.
Stroke rate was still high, above 50 for each set.
567/565/573/568/556=565.8 ave. watt
bwt=181.5 same as Nov. 2
634/601/557/526/489=560 ave. watt Nov. 2/09 score-3.09

deejay said...

Brother! Is that you!?

Jefff said...

Part 2 -


Avg - 510.2/162 = 3.15

Bwt down about 5lbs from flu. Feels like it too. Brutal.

Gord said...

c 152/162/176

evanz said...

Part 2
485.2 average
/169lbs = 2.87
Need to work on tech.

Rory Hanlin said...

Rowed 500m: 1:23.1
rest 10 min
then rowed two iterations
power ratio: 2.98

dissapointed with the 500, wanted 1:20

Joel B. said...

Part 2
Avg. watts...all damper 7:
1. 537, 2. 528, 3. 546, 4. 528, 5. 519

Overall avg: 531.6/157= 3.38

3.06 last time.

Grant said...

Part 1
A 174/198/220
B As Rx'd x 3
C 110 x 3
D as Rx'd x 3 but much tougher the further you go

Part # 2
524/426/432/438/433 = 450.6 avg
power ratio = 2.62
damper @ 5.5
s/m = 40/38/38/40/40

Gord said...

part 2- 491/398/385/409/391
avg 414.8/158= 2.63

an increase in score of .23 from last time

EHR said...

Eric R

avg 537.56 / 168.5#

Score 3.19/lbs

Last time 2.99

Michael McCabe said...

lookin forward to hitting this tomorrow, i have to do next weekend's comp on sunday due to commitments on saturday so i will be following the programming a day late... excited to see what you have planned for us coach!

Justin Flynn said...

A. 290-300-310x2
B. unbroken c-b chins
C. Push press 205-210-215-x2
D. Good Mornings w/65#

Rest 20 minutes

Damper on 5.

Anyone have any tips for picking up the bfly kip?? Youtube post, article, or advice? Want to learn.

Mike Molloy said...

Part I

A: 205-215-225. Tempo felt weird for me today.
B: Unbroken
C: 165-175-175. Second set at 175 WAY better than the first.
D: Unbroken

Part II

Power ratio= 3.04

joey warren said...

part 1
A. 265, 275, 285x2
B. CTB strict- all unbroken
C. PP- 195, 205, 215x2
D. GHD- all unbroken

part 2
Ave watts- 616/180lb = 3.42

played around with damper- highest wattage on 7

I used a different model rower today and my ave watts were much higher than last time, I thought my ave watts last time didnt match the watts I saw on the screen- must be broken

unit said...

A- 275 / 300 / 315(1)
B- butterfly / 1/2butterfly, 1/2 strict / kipping... all unbroken
C- 165 / 190 / 210(1)... this mayb a pr, this is a goat 4 me
D- unbroken all sets

took 2:30 rest bw sets and exercises...
then 5 min rest b4 WOD 2

646 / 689 / 689 / 657 / 646
bwt 188
PR- 3.54 (down 0.06 from last time)


Rob Sifton said...

Row 30sec X 5; 150rest
Watts= 585,537,492,433,441=2488
= 497.6
Weight= 154
Total = 3.23, Last was 2.54

this time I did the rest as RX'd as opposed to last time I only did 30sec rest. Much better results.

Now I go fly all night. Hopefully the Wod is something I can do tomorrow at the base gym.

Laura said...

Part1:A: 130 for 3, got 135 for 1 then wasn't low enough for the rest
B: all unbroken, best chinups I have done since July
C: best was 95#
D: set 1 and 2 broken--was getting dizzy, last set made it through before I got dizzy

Part 2: No rowing today, still recoveriung from being sick. Practiced skipping, tried a few triple unders, then did 5 x 10 reps of squat cleasns with very low weight practicing holding bar with open fingers for the squat--no more forearm tiredness, then worked on situps a bit. Hopefully will start having more energy and no cough.

Kyle F said...

A. 275/315/335 (all 3)
B. As Rx'd
C. 135/155/175 (all 3)
D As Rx'd

Rowing = 493/495/468/471/445
BW = 193
Score = 2.46

Pfeifalife said...

back is still in knots...pissing me off

Chris Fodera said...

Part 1:
A. 275x3, 315x3, 340x2, 365x1
B. All unbroken
C. 155x3, 165x3, 180x3
D. All unbroken

A. Got a little too confident on the back squats. Couldn't get out of the bottom on the 2nd rep at 365. Had to count 275x3 (one of my warm-up sets) as my first set. Kept my feet in a little more narrow and really concentrated on form for my Right Knee's sake. Right knee felt good.
B. PullUps felt good.
C. Could probably go higher. 180 was challenging, but not to the point that I would hesitate to go up in weight.
D. Proper set-up prevents left hip from popping. Tempo was a kicker, but felt ok.

PWO: 40gP (MRM shake), 10gC (mashed sweet potato w/ cinnamon).
50 min later: turkey, apple, almond butter

Part 2:
Row 1 = 571 at damper 7
Row 2 = 555 at damper 7
Row 3 = 513 at damper 7
Row 4 = 511 at damper 7
Row 5 = 478 at damper 6
Avg = 525.6
BWT = 175
Power Ratio = 3.0

Notes: Very disappointed. Last time, Power Ratio was 3.26 and I felt much better on the rower today. Wasn't getting winded at all during these rows and felt more powerful.
I fell off the seat on EVERY round except for the 1st. It was generally happening around 15 seconds in when the FlyWheel was spinning well and I was able to use that to increase my StrokesPerMinute a bit.

Anyone know a common cause/fix for an athlete continually coming off the seat? It seems like it was happening at the transition from gather to pull. Any help/suggestion is greatly appreciated.

PWO: 30gP (MRM shake), 20gC (mashed sweet potato w/ cinnamon)
60 min later: turkey, brussel sprouts, avocado

Rob Sifton said...

Chris, play with the foot stretcher position. If you were at say 1/2, then move it to 4 or 5. See what happens there. That was the remedy for me. I now use 4/5 for high power short duration rows, then for long row with less power to the flywheel I use 2/3.

Try it and see.

Andrea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Part 2 Rows
474, 457, 449, 441, 425
=avg watts 449.2 Bwt 160
Much better then last time trying to focus on using more legs less arms.

Doug Zirkle said...

Part 1:
HBBS: 165, 185, 205
Pull-ups: broken
Push press: 115, 125, 135x2

Pull-ups were on the swinging, rotating bar w/frog kick.

Part 2:
501, 483, 441, 441, 441

Avg: 461.4 / 149.2 = 3.09

Was going better than last time, but came off the seat in the third interval. I think I got a little conservative after that. Odd to have the last three scores be identical, but that's what they were. Ended up with a slightly better score than last time (3.07) despite the seat episode.

Chris Fodera said...

thanks, Rob...will definitely try that out. I was in position 2, which puts the top of the strap about an inch below the base of my small toe.

Where you stationed at? Pendleton, here.

Rob Sifton said...

Chris, it is my wife whotod in the forces. She is in MooseJaw Sask. I am in Calgry waiting for her to be posted.
I fly for an airline out of Calgary. I end up in Halifax tomorrow morning. I will use the gym at Shearwater on the base there.
Must use the perks when I can!

md said...

a. 205, 215, 225 (2)
b. 20, 20, 17 3
c. 135, 145, 155 (2)
d. all unbroken at pace


541/180 =3.00
Better than last time. Still came off the seat a few times. I'll try what rob was saying and move the feet down.

Mack Lar said...

A. 235x3/245x3/255x2
C. 165x3/175x3/185x1
D. UB/UB/15/5
Part 2 in one hour.

Mark R said...

Back Squats - 200x3, 210x3, 220x3
Need to start heavier.
Chin ups - 20 unbroken x 3
Push Press - 115x3,125x3,135x3
Start heavier
GHD as rx'd

Mack Lar said...

Part 2: BW 175 Power Rating 3.12
Last week was 3.01

YoungManRumble said...

Part 1

A. 120kg, 130kg, 140kg x3
B. 20 L pull ups, 20 kipping x 2
C. 70kg, 75kg, 80kg * too light
D. 10 inverted rings x 3

Part 2

Bodyweight - 174
Power ratio - 3.45

Coach - Entered a local crossfit comp and took home a silver to a guy that beat Everett and Speal at last years games. I was pretty happy with the performance all around. This programming has really boosted my game and I have lots of room to grow. Thanks.

Sugar Shane said...

Part 1

A: 250(3), 275(2), 275(1)
B: 20,20,20 (Kipping CTB)
C: 170(3), 185(2), 185(3)
D: 20,20,20

Part 2

Had to do this immediately after.

1. 542.7
2. 530
3. 576
4. 591.8
5. 522.7

Bodyweight 190 = 2.91 ratio

will said...

a. 275 (3), 295(3), 305 (2)
b. as Rx'd
c. 165 (3), 185 (3), 205 (1)
d. as Rx'd
sorry for late post, no row