day 42/45

equipment for weekend workouts being delivered to north west Calgary...Bearspaw

Dead Lift - 55% 1RM; 6 sets of 2; rest 45 sec
(speed on concentric)
Wall Balls - 20/14# to 10 ft - 15 reps; 30 sec rest x 3
Muscle Up practice (3-5 min)
Toes to Bar - 2 sets of 10

post loads and notes to comments
workouts released on Thursday, Nov 12th, 2009


Martin Altemark said...

Still one day behind...

Power snatch: 50kg, 52.5kg, 52.5kg Not feeling it at all today.

DU/burpees: 4:08 Last round was horrible, took as much time as the other 2 rounds.

Dave X said...

Deads: 200# (fast and easy)
Wallballs: unbroken x3
Muscle-Ups: 5 in 5 minutes.
Toes to Bar: Unbroken x3

Just enough to break a sweat but not get taxed. Looking forward to Thursday and seeing the WODS for Satuday.

Ryan B. said...

Deads= 225lbs

20lb DB thrusters= unbroken fast

4 pulls/4 dips for 5 mins, felt good, dips broken near the end

10 T2B x 3 broken

Ryan B.

Wes hendricks said...

Deadlifts - 205 (reset on rep 2, so it was like my first rep)

Wall balls - unbroken but not consecutive(these have gotten difficult for me since I have made a board target I need to hit, and the bottom of it measures just over 10 feet)

Muscle-ups - Nothing to hang rings to in garage yet

Toes to bar - unbroken/consecutive

Wasn't feeling it today, much rather be out of it today then saturday

Gord said...

dl 209#- felt good
wallballs- unbroken X 3
MU-did ring dips due to elbow
toes to bar unbroken X 2

Mike Molloy said...

Deadlift- 225#

Wall ball- yep

Muscle Ups- worked on not kipping as well as the transition from above to back below the rings while keeping the false grip

Toes to bar- yep

unit said...
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Chris Dunkin said...

DL: 275
WB: straight thru- catch low and quick transition with rebound at the bottom.
MU: worked on transition from hang to bottom of dip
T2B: straight-thru....good rhythm today.

spent nearly 45min warming up. lots of droms, and 3x10 cf-warm up.

unit said...

not sure if anyone has seen this... but i got a kick out of it... it may have been posted on an earlier post, but for some reason today's the first time i've seen it...

wish i could partake in the tire lift!


bso said...

Unit.... tire LIFT???? I was thinking some sort of tire jump burpees. Looks like I could probably burpee right in the middle of that thing.

*Practiced tall cleans
*Deadlift at 225... practiced driving through heels
*Wall Ball... tried to catch low, but ball kept crashing on me. Accuracy was mostly right on.
*Muscle-ups... practiced "true" grip
*Toe to bar... did more than 2x10 because I really wanted to kip all sets... PNF on hammies helped a lot for second set
*Practiced pistols
*Trap 3 raise 2x8 @ 12# and 15# (weak)

Lisa M said...

Holy Crap those look big and very heavy!!!

hey big favor could someone at OPT or anyone that has your rings suspended from the ceiling take a picture for me and email it to me. My husband is going to hang them for me but I wasn't sure of the best way to do it. thanks

unit said...

A- 302... felt pretty quick on the eccentric...
B- all around 25sec
C- 15 MUs
D- did 3 sets, 30sec bw sets... 17-19sec ea


unit said...

2-3 min rest bw exercises...

Rob Sifton said...

Lisa I will send one when i get home. I use eye hooks with screws into the joists.

PTS said...

DL- 245.
wall ball- unbroken
mu's-- worked on a few things and figured out a bit. need to do this w/ my weaknesses more often.
T2B- smooth,steady.

rwcorson said...

WB - unbroken
MU- multiples & singles
Toes to bar - slow but unbroken
Gaucoin, where are you?

joey warren said...

245lb x2 x6- concentric fast
wall balls - unbroken
MUs- 10 unbroken, 10 with 1 breath rest between- 3:15
Toes to bar- unbroken

Ali Loach said...

DL: 145#
WB: Unbroken....focused on getting over 10ft, felt good
MU: no rings at work
Toes to Bar: Unbroken....felt better than I thought they would.
Felt like I was draggin' my ass yesterday but feel good today. Looking forward to this weekend!

Steve Howell said...

DL: 243# Felt strong and fast.
WB: Unbroken.
MU: Worked on linking rep after rep.
T2B: Unbroken, fast and had a good rhythm.

Did yesterdays WOD as well.

Power snatch: 111x3/121x3/131x3
DU/Burpees: 3:26
Back Extensions: Unbroken.

Geoff Aucoin said...

I'm standing right next to you, Corson, admiring your arse.

Let's bring it Saturday!! WOO!

Laura said...

DL: 137#
WB: much better, maybe not all made it to proper height--that's the most I have done in a row yet--thanks Rob, no wonder they are so hard if I only use 1/2 the muscle power!
MU: best I've done for awhile, got a few fairly strict ones. Some days they just seem easier.
TTB: unbroken

Doug Zirkle said...

DL: 170#
MU: 6 w/toe assist

Felt about 3x better today than yesterday. Did the Catalyst Athletics standard warm-up, then 3 rounds of 5: squats, extensions, GHDSU, push-ups, and pull-ups. Total: ~30 minutes. Good 'n warm by the time I started the WO.

unit said...

I meant concentric felt quick...

Lisa M said...

Thanks Rob S I need to start working on my muscle ups

Rory Hanlin said...

DL: 315
WB: Subbed 25#DB thruster, its pouring outside and at the Anvil, we do Wall Balls outside
MU: Worked on speed
T2B: Unbroken

David said...

8 sets of 2 with full extension at bottom.
10, 10

Rory Hanlin said...

For those who care here are the results of the benchmarks I did the last 2 weeks. All weights in pounds

Front Squat 1RM: 370
Fran: 2:50
Elizabeth: 5:29 (Squat clean)
2k Row: 6:40.4
30 Muscle Ups: 6:15
Diane: 3:43
Split Jerk 1RM: 365
Pull Ups: 45 (kipping, chin over bar)
Annie: 5:04
500m Row: 1:23.1
1RM Weighted Pull Up: 140
14" Close Grip Bench Press: 310

I've had some serious improvements since last January when I started. Thanks Coach.

After this weekend's comp the NC Anvil crew will be taking a three month sabbatical for Army field training. We'll hopefully pick it up again in February.

David said...

Beautiful, sandwiched in between 2 Rory posts.

Those are some great numbers.

rwcorson said...

Awesome Rory!!
Good luck and stay safe.

YoungManRumble said...

DL - 265
Wallballs - a few drops I HATE them
Muscle Ups - a few strict the 8 consective
T2B - unbroken

I'm a day behind

I did the 35DU / 12 burpee wod in 2:23

I will practice the ol power snatch at O Lifting tomorrow AM.

Rory those numbers are pretty f^*king impressive!

Rob Sifton said...

Deadlift 185#- felt good and quick today.  

Wall balls - all straight. 

Muscle up practice - 2 sets of 5 with a bit of rest between. Practicing pulling my hands in tight for the transition. 

T2B - 2 sets straight, felt really good today.  Need to work on the Kip though to increase the turnover rate. 

Sugar Shane said...

Deadlift: 225; focused on keeping everything tight

Wall balls: Straight sets; A little winded after the 3rd

Muscle Ups: Practiced doing multiple muscle ups without stopping my kip. Felt pretty good. Need to be able to tie more together before I have to come off the rings.

Toes to Bar: Straight sets

I missed yesterday so I did the 3 rounds of double unders and burpees.


I messed up a couple times on double unders each round and the burpees definitely got progressively slower.

Joseph Weigel said...

DL 245. fast concentric
wall balls unbroken
muscle ups. 12 straight then worked on strict muscle ups
T2B worked on speed

Dave X said...

Stay safe Rory! See you next year!

Slater Coe said...

Dead Lift - 55% 1RM (225lbs); 6 sets of 2; rest 20 sec... felt like I was raising my butt a little fast and not getting a good push off the ground, but I couldn't tell... power cleaned the weight after I was done. That's probably a good sign...

Wall Balls - 20# to 10 ft - 15 reps; 30 sec rest x 3... no problem

Muscle Up practice (3-5 min)... sets of 2-3... Shane helped me with a wrist-technique so that I could progress from one straight into the next without having to regrip.

Toes to Bar - 2 sets of 10... sets of 10 was about right.

Joel B. said...

DL: 55%=165. Felt it should.
WB: unbroken, felt good.
MU's: easy pace, 12 in 4 min. I really need to mount the rings from a ceiling joist through the loft ladder opening. Hanging the rings from the pullup bar forcing bent knees and doing the wiggle/half kip really sucks.
T2B: felt good.

Chris Biles said...

DL 210#- felt good.
Wallball- rx'd
Muscle up work felt fine. Got singles down just can't hang and do multiples.
T2B- fine

Chris Fodera said...

DeadLift: went at 275 (57.5% of 480) instead of 265 (55% of 480) because I don't have the plates to make up 265. Felt good and fast.

WallBalls: Need to be a little farther from the wall. All unbroken w/ an occasional mistimed catch/squat.

MuscleUps: I can't string two together for the life of me. I have to come off the rings and reset my false grip. Worked on keeping my grip directly in line with my center of mass and the straps. Worked on getting into the dip position and lowering back into the false grip.

Toes2Bar: All quick and unbroken.

PWO: 30gP (MRM shake), 10gC (mashed yams w/ cinnamon)

Chris Fodera said...


Those are some impressive numbers...nice work!

Surrey said...

Mr. Hanlin,

UnF#$King Real numbers brother!
The pinnacle of success...

Grant said...

@OPT @ 8PM
DL 220# (went 14# lighter than 55%)
WBs as Rx'd
MUs; did ring holds. MUs would not have been smart. Got progressively more comfortable. Maybe the L shoulder is starting to come around...
T2B as Rx'd

Grant said...

stay safe Rory. Good work

Justin Flynn said...

Deadlift 285# x6 Felt really light. Xplode on concentric.

Wall Balls: Worked on eye positioning. Felt fine. Wish they made a 25 or 30# med ball to practice with.

Muscle Ups worked on making kip more efficent.

Toes-Bar: Need to work on these. I kipped all 10 unbroken but could not get 20 thats for sure.

evanz said...

Dl's with 200 and felt good. No back pain.
Wall balls, chucked it really high. Interesting timing with 30 seconds rest. Found it took 30 seconds to complete each round.
Knees to elbows, then went home and setup my rings in my garage. Needs work, needless to say.

Jefff said...

Deadlift - 255#
Wall Balls - New garage target very small. Found these hard tonight.
MU - Felt okay
T2B - 45 sec rest b/t sets. Both sets straight through

Brent Maier said...


DL: 245# (445# PR)
WB: Unb
MU: Worked on some static MU's
T2B: Unb

T2B were incredibly slow but unbroken. Slight swing at bottom adds about 2 seconds for each one.

Murdock said...
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Murdock said...

DL: 6 sets 195
WB: 3 sets unbroken
4 Pull ups/4 dips in 3 min
Toes to Bar: 1 unbroken 1 Broken

Michael said...

Dead Lift- 215- felt strong and quick on the concentric
Wall Balls- 27, 27, 25 seconds per set
Muscle Ups- 10 Strict, 5 w/ 10lb weight (little disappointed in dead hang number
Toes to Bar- strict, unbroken

will said...

dl 245
wall ball as RX'd
could get singles. rings were too low to actually hang.
T2B As Rx'd