OPT Big Dawgs Championship Series # 2 - Nov 14th, 2009

Workout 1:
For power ratio:
Row 800 m
rest 5 min
Workout 2:
7 sets (95#/60#) for time;
Power Snatch x 1
Snatch Balance x 1
OHS x 1
Hang Squat Snatch x 1
rest 5 min
Workout 3:
As many rounds (total reps) in 3 minutes;
3 chest to bar chin ups unbroken
3 push up burpees
rest 240 min
Workout 4:
For time;
50 walking lunges
20 clean and jerk - 135#/95#
30 ring dips
25 wall balls - 20#/14# to 10ft
30 GHD Sit Ups
30 KBS - 1.5pd/1pd
75 double unders

Workout 1:
row 800m; take your avg watts for the 800m divided by your bodyweight in lbs = your score (to the first decimal place) (i.e. 360 avg watts/180 lbs = 2.0); you have exactly 5 min total rest after row until workout # 2 begins
Workout 2:
once you power snatch the 1st rep, the bar cannot rest on ground until the hang squat snatch is complete; there are 7 sets with 4 reps/set; bar must drop to upper back after power snatch then with hips completely straight you drop to full squat under bar; the hips must then straighten with bar overhead before you perform your OHS; then hips must come to full extension with bar overhead at top before you drop bar to thigh for hang squat snatch; again hips must then come to full extension with arms straight overhead at top before dropping weight to ground; time taken for 7 sets is your score; you have exactly 5 min rest after last hang squat snatch is complete before workout # 3 begins
Workout 3:
burpees - chest to deck and jump to touch object with one hand at 7' for females/8' for males at top of burpees; total reps for 3 minutes is score; you have EXACTLY on the clock 4 hours (240 min) after last rep is complete before you begin workout # 4
Workout 4:
knee grazes ground and full ext of hips at top for lunges; anyway to lockout overhead is good for clean and jerk, there has to be 2 movements (you cannot snatch it); biceps to rings and arms START and FINISH at full extension for dips; sit to ball for wall balls; 2 hands overhead for sit ups to touch ground or object when body with arms outstretched overhead; ear must be visible from side with arms overhead for swings; time taken is score

post questions and notes on this post
there will be another post on Saturday for scoring in which each athlete will post results like this:

W1: 2.2
W2: 5:55
W3: 73 reps
W4: 14:02


Michael McCabe said...

I'm sure I'm not the only one with no GHD machine... coach would you like us to perform knees to elbows, as is suggested on the faq?

Wes hendricks said...

Video Submission?

Brent Maier said...

Oh its on, Good Luck Dawgs! Now I can get to bed!

If there are any big dawgs in the Colorado Springs / Denver area and want to smash it up this weekend, send me an email!

rwcorson said...

Any sub for ring dips? Liz can't do them.
Good luck to all Dawgs.

Chris Fodera said...

In workout 4:

a. 50 total lunges (ie: 25 per leg)

b. are the cleans supposed to be squat cleans? Bar goes from overhead after jerk back to deck to count as 1 rep?

Good luck to all

Brent Maier said...

Will the method of how scores will be calculated be divulged before the competition?

bso said...

I haven't done any of the average watts workouts yet. Anybody have any tips, or do I just tackle this the same way I would any 800m row?

bso said...


50 lunges is usually interpreted as 50 lunge steps.

Clean and jerk is "anyway to lockout overhead".... so I'm guessing floor to overhead with 2 movements is good.

bso said...

Oh... by the way... I AM STOKED! Looking forward to game day!

Colin Jenkins said...

Good luck everyone! This is going to be one rough 5 hours!

Steve Howell said...

If we don't have a rower would we sub for SDLHP. 80 reps?

then take your time in seconds and divide by your weight to get the watts?

Dave X said...

Awesome!!!! AaaaRRrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooo!!!!!!

OPT said...

GHD sit ups -> K2E's a sub
ring dips -> use band, then signify
athlete gets points based on how they rank per workout to other athletes competing
c&j -> squat clean if you want although not indicated
video -> for out of towners submit video under scores on saturday or when downloaded
lunges -> 50 total reps
steve -> no rower..sdlhp is not a good sub, how about run 800 m and score time, without rower it is tough to compare

Wes hendricks said...


Burpee/Pull-up question. My 8ft target is going to be my pull-up bar so I will just drop down and go into burpees. My question is on my third burpee rep can I jump right onto the pull-up bar or do I need to come back down to the ground?

Sorry to bother you with this but I would hate to get DQ for just this.

Crossfit Lions said...

We have quite a few people coming to CrossFit Lions on Saturday to go to battle on this challenge. Should be lots of fun. Thank you OPT for doing this. Have really enjoyed the training (even though I only got to day 28 of this cycle.....I started late).
Anyone in the Vancouver area is welcome to join us. 7:45am start, 1pm ish for the second session.

unit said...
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OPT said...

wes, no bother, please come down to ground, then mount chin up bar; good question

Martin Altemark said...

Can't wait. Will be loads of fun tomorrow. A few questions:

Where I will have to to the first 3 ones there will be no target to jump to (globogym...). Is it ok to just REALLY jump 20cm off the ground every time? Should I put something to monitor height beside me? Any other ideas?

A photo of the c2 monitor is that allright or do you need vid of the whole row?

Also: A friend has compartment syndrome in thighs and cannot do double-unders because of that. I suggested burpees as a sub (lesser amount of course). What would be other good substitutions/ratios for DUs?

Katrina Burton said...

Calgary Big Dawgs...

Chad and I will be in Calgary for this one. We should be at OPT around 8:15am ish on Saturday. Driving in that morning. Hoping some of you can also make that time and maybe hang out for a bit post comp.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Not sure if this has an obvious answer or not, i am new to using "watts", so i am assuming that a faster time for an 800m row would equal more watts which would equal more power? correct? so row like hell...?


Steve Howell said...

Thanks coach.

Good Luck to everyone tomorrow! should be good times!

Chris Fodera said...

Here are some numbers from one of my power ratio row workouts (30 seconds row w/ 2 min rest between each)
Row 1: 595 avg watts @ damper 6
Row 2: 572.9 avg watts @ damper 8
Row 3: 582.4 avg watts @ damper 7
Row 4: 560.7 avg watts @ damper 6
Row 5: 539.5 avg watts @ damper 7

I am trying to decide what damper to row on for tomorrow. I started at 6 above and dropped significantly for row 2 @ damper 8. But, then I went back up for row 3 @ damper 7. Leads me to believe that row 1 could have been better if done at damper 7. Any thoughts/suggestions?

ehayes said...

how many Big Dawg Championships will there be? Will there be another 45 day progression until #3

Surrey said...

Rumour has it Crossfit PT Vancouver is on the horizon! If its true I can't wait!

Murdock said...

What is the sub for Ring Dips?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Murdock, scroll up 10 posts and see what James has already suggested for that.

Brent Maier said...
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Anonymous said...

Just wondering what times the workouts will get started at Opt and how to get there, will be coming from Airdrie

Brent Maier said...

Garage, these are my numbers from the last row. In this case it does appear to be related to the speed of which you row. The rower is mysterious and evil, the only way to achieve your goal in time or watts is as you said, Row Like Hell!

769w (45rpm/195m/1:16)
678w (42/187/1:20)
657w (44/185/1:21)
575w (37/177/1:24)
537w (40/173/1:26)

Anonymous said...

email me at optadmin@optimumtraining.ca and i will email you directions.
Sounds like people are gathering at 9 ish.