Day 41/45

Power Snatch - 3 x 3; rest 240 sec
rest 5 min
3 rounds for time;
35 double unders
12 burpees
rest 5 min
20 back extensions x 3; rest 60 sec

post loads and times and notes to comments
OPT Big Dawg Championship #2 - Nov 14th/2009
4 workouts - one day


Garage Crossfitter said...


Dave X said...

Slept in after a long weekend. I will hit this one tonight after work.

Ryan B. said...

Power Snatch- 100 115 130

DU'S/burpees= 8:58

back ext- with 25lbs x 3

Ryan B.

Kyle F said...

PS - 135/135/145
DU/Burpee - 3:49
Back Ext - as Rx'd

Focusing on getting the bar in the "pocket" before the second pull. Helping a little.

Wes hendricks said...

PS - 135x3-135x2-135x3
DU/Burpees - 2:31(had nothing in hips/chest for burpees
Back Ext - Unbroken/continuous

PS at 135 is a weakness of mine. Focused on form. This is my first set of three....Feedback would be much appreciated.

Mark R said...

PS - 95,105,115x2
DU Burpees - 5:28 Achilles still an issue
20 Back extensions X3 unbroken

Chris Dunkin said...

PS: 155,165,175x1
DU/Burp: 2:26
BE: straight thru

OPT said...

Wes, there are few things to work on...but work on explosion at point where bar gets to your pubic area (think this ..."i'm gonna stand up as tall as possible and as that bar comes back into my body i'm gonna jump the SHIT out of that thing"...)sometimes speed through the middle and getting to full extension comes by cueing it and not focusing on mechanics
there are others but don't dissect it too much right now

Joel B. said...

PS: 120, 120, 125
DU/Burpees: 3:33
3-4 misses on DU's. Haven't done that in this short of a set in a while. Burpees started out fast (for me) and got slower as I fatigued.
BE: unbroken/unweighted

Lisa M said...


are saturdays WODs going to be done at CFC or your place?? I would love to be able to come and do at least a couple of them up there. THanks

OPT said...

Lisa, yes, OPT is the place.
we will have folks here throughout day ready to manage the "flow"

Evan Johnston said...


Off for a little business deep in the heart of Texas for the next week so WOD's will be spotty and competition a couple days late for me. Best of luck to all, hit it hard and have a blast.


Martin Altemark said...

Lagging a bit here. Did yesterdays WOD today:

HB back squat: 3x80kg, 3x90kg, 3x100kg
Pullups: yes
Push press: 3x70kg, 3x77.5kg, 3x80kg
No GHD so did abmat situps

4 hours later:

row intervals: average 530w/165 pounds = 3.21 (longer rest lifted average compared to last week)

However - and I did this last week as well - I had the rower spinning when starting work intervals. Don't know if that's ok - it certainly help getting a higher average, but I don't know if it's considered ok practise?

Joseph Weigel said...

Power Snatch 155, 160, 160
DU Burpees- 2:58
Back ext. unbroken. felt a little burn but pretty easy.

rwcorson said...

Power Snatch-130,135,140x1 3rd pull was too slow. I'm getting plenty of height on the 2nd pull, I need to work on pulling under the bar more agressively.
Metcon-2:33 unbroken
Back extensions unbroken.

PTS said...

ps- 135,135,140. snatch lift has been stagnant for awhile now.

metcon 2:44. one miss on DU's. burpees unbroken but started to slow 2nd half of wod.

bball game later tonight.

Dave X said...

PS: 145/165/175
MetCon: 3:41. Tripped up at the start of each rd of double unders, burpees slow but consistent.
Back Exts: Unbroken.

Ali Loach said...

Power Snatch: 75/90/100
*last set was not the prettiest. Need to work on popping my hips and getting aggressive!
Met Con: 4:06
*DUs broken/Burpees unbroken but slooow as hell.

Back ext: unbroken....felt good.

Lisa M said...

Great thanks James

Gord said...

p. snatch 110/120/130(3)
Metcon 2:32
back ext - unbroken x 3

Rob Sifton said...

Power Snatch - 3 x 3; rest 240 sec
Last was very poor. Failed on 2 reps.  Not my best effort.  Being up all night certainly has side effects. 

rest 5 min

3 rounds for time;
35 double unders
12 burpees

rest 5 min

20 back extensions x 3; rest 60 sec
Reps= C,C,C

With only sleeping 5 hours in 36 I can definitly feel the difference.  On the heavy (er) lifts I was just not able to get the coordination together.  Surprisingly though the DU & Burpees part was very fluid. Must remember this as it seems the coodonation movements that are more familiar were less effected by the lack of sleep.  
I mentally focused on the DU & burpees part to relax (lesson learned from Annie last time and being juiced up) = much better results

Back ext were straight but tough.  The GHD was not comfortable with no "man canyon". 

Anonymous said...

Power snatch
3/115 3/125 3/135 form not great had to press out 1,3 reps of last set need to focus on getting a bit more speed

DU's & burpees 3:40 really struggled with DU's today

Back ext 15lb db 20, 20, 20

April said...

Power Snatch 65lbs for all
worked on form with Rory. first pull needs a lot of work.

DU/BP: 9:02
Couldn't string together any good sets of DU. BPs unbroken.

Back ext 1&2 unbroken

Lisa M said...

Still not feeling 100% did yesterdays first wod today

155(3)/165(3)/175f pathetic - lower body strength stuff is the bane of my existence for some reason...

PUS - all unbroken

Push Press 105/115/125 all 3s these felt great! i think my heel might have lifted off slightly on the third rep of last set

GHD unbroken except when my rigged up system tipped over and my whole squat rack almost fell on me - yikes!!

Will hit the other one tonight after work

joey warren said...

PS - 155, 165, 175x2 (almost had 3rd rep)

DU+burpee = 2:31 - 1 break on DUs

Back extension 3x 20 unbroken w 15lb

evanz said...

Power Snatch
110/120/130(2)- back still bothering me, and my tech is poor.
DU's & Burp's 3:26 broke set 1 and 3 of DU's - mental idiot
3x20 back exten. - fast... actually felt really good on my back. Felt like it opened up. Guess what I am doing in tomorrow's warm up?

bso said...

I'm back!

Power Snatch 145x3x3

Metcon: 2:51 (doubles unbroken, so burpees could be faster)

Back Extensions: 20-20-12/8 Had to break up third set because I felt like I was grinding broken glass in my QL.

md said...

115, 125, 135 (2)

2:42 - one broken du

Back extensions as rx'd

Sweeney said...

Hey Gang!!!

Did this WOD at the CF(squared) Facility.

Power Snatch:
115/125/135 x 3

Metcon: I did 90 bench press reps @ 90% BW yesterday, so I'm not sure I could push myself out of the bottom of the burpee, therefore sub'd CFC Saturday WOD

39/26/13 Power Snatch @ 75lbs
20/40/60 Jumping Pulls


Felt good to be doing some work again.

Rory Hanlin said...

Good to have you back BSO

Adam said...

I've been following your blog for a while and I have been considering switching from .com to your program. I would love to qualify for the games and while I am confident in main site's ability to prepare me for the unknown and the unknowable but I question whether that will be the best method for games prep.

So, I guess what I am asking is: Is this program geared toward games prep and is there a danger in jumping in part way through a periodized program?

Thanks so much for your help!

Rob Sifton said...


James writes this programming with the games in mind as well as qualifiers. If you are interested, jump in. We are just starting to taper for the OPT Challenge #2 on Sat. So you might find the WOD's seem lighter than normal. If you have the ability to do the chalenge hit it hard.

Enjoy the journey, and welcome.

unit said...

bso... sweeney...
gd 2 c y'all back!...
April and Rory... I'm gettin excited!... it's nice 2 sleep in and have some time off...

Murdock said...

PS 95/105/110
Power Snatches is one of my weaknesses. Worked on technique and depth.

DU/Burpees 9:06

20 Unbroken Back Extensions

Doug Zirkle said...

Power snatch x 3: 85, 95, 100(2)
DUs/burpees: 3:15
Back ext: unbroken

Wanted sub-3 for the DUs/burpees. Went 0:55/round for the first two, then I cleverly missed three DUs in the last round.

First time into triple digits on the snatch, as humbling as it is to say. Progress, even if modest.

The extensions hit me nicely in the hams.

unit said...

tweaked my R shoulder yest... kept the snatches lightish...
155 / 155 / 175(1)


subbed RDL @ 135 x20... all unbroken...

hit the hangboard a bit afterwards...


Mike Molloy said...

Power Snatch- 135-135-135. They got better with each round.

DU/Burpee- 3:00 on the dot.

Back Extensions- Yes

Paul Klein said...

Power Snatch 115, 135, 140
I am seeing a doctor tomorrow about my left wrist. This has been limiting me for too long now.

Double Under/ Burpee
3.54 the last round of double killed my time

Back ext. unbroken

Slater Coe said...

Power Snatch - 3 x 3; rest 240 sec
155x3, 160x2,1, 160x1,1,1

rest 5 min

3 rounds for time;
35 double unders
12 burpees
4:14... burpees were slow, but I never stopped moving... DU's sucked because as I got tired I caught my foot on the rope, so the last two sets were broken into something like 15, 10, 10

rest 5 min

20 back extensions x 3; rest 60 sec
15lbs, 20, 26.5
My hamstrings didn't like this one bit...

Jefff said...

Power Snatch - 99,109,119
DUs/Burpees - 2:46
BEs - 20,20,20 Straight through

Brent Maier said...


HEY BSO, OUUUUU, welcome back brother!

PSx3 - 50/60/70kg (154#)
DU/Burpees - 3:29
BE's: unb

Running on only 5 cylinders tonight. The head won't stop pounding and hips have been very achey. What is odd is bouncing up and down there is a dense inner pain in my lower to mid back with every bounce. I hate sitting around, did what I could tonight. Didn't push real hard but didn't want to grow stale assuming I'll be able to compete this weekend. 3 misses total on all the DU's, all burpees were not at a frantic pace but unbroken. Back extensions didn't have an effect on the head. HSPU's and GHD situps are impossible as of today.

Steve Howell said...

Was feeling sick all weekend so rested up back at it tomorrow.

Rob Ottesen said...

First post in a while been really busy and whatnot. Getting super pumped for the festivities at the Anvil this weekend. Rory, Unit, and April looking forward to getting nasty before Rory and I have to leave.

PS 155,165,175

-DU getting better just need good rope been using what they have at gym.

All Bxt Unbroken

KSC said...

c)allun broken

Chris Fodera said...

Power Snatch: 125X3, 135x3, 145x3
MetCon: 3:06
Back Extensions: Unbroken

PWO: 30gP (MRM shake), 20gC (mashed sweet potato w/ cinnamon)
60 min later: turkey, brussel sprouts, avocado, mac nuts

Notes: Power snatch felt pretty good. Was probably pushing out the last inch or two on set w/ 145.

I could not get into a rhythm for the life on me on the Double Unders. Stringing 35 unbroken is never an issue, until today.

Back extensions felt good in set 1 and 2. Set 3 the lower back and hammies were getting tight.

Laura said...

worked up to 70#--any higher and I seem to just press it out

DU/Burpees:3:55, 1st round 53 sec, then downhill fast on the skipping

Back extensions all unbroken and relaxed

Grant said...

PS 110/120/132 (didn't push it-staying smart)
4:53 (deceleration hurts a bit on L shoulder)
20BEsx3 as RX'd.

Lauren said...

69/79/89- had some issues pressing it out.

B/DU- 3:20

BE- unbroken

Mack Lar said...

Recieving the bar too far forward. Kept dumping it out front from overhead position.
Metcon: 2:33 DU's broken 2nd and 3rd round.
Back Extensions: UB

Justin Flynn said...


D/U and Burpees: 3:22
unbroken double unders. Burpees a bit slow in second round.

Michael said...

Power Snatch- 135, 155, 155
felt no power here, i guess from the back squats yesterday

3 RFT double unders/burpees- 2:56
messed up on the DU's first to sets, just lack of focus

Chris Biles said...



will said...

as Rx'd
sorry for late post running behingd

Robin Lyons said...

Power Snatch 3x3 95/100/105


Last itme I posted I weighed 160lbs..down to 148 and feeling better on the Met-Cons!!
James I obviously lost strength BUT what % of strength lose should I truley expect
Back Squat 60 days ago 235 x 1
Now 210 x 1...

Brittany said...

Forgot to post
pwr snatch 75/85/95
DU/burps 2:44
back extensions straight through