Monday, Nov 30th, 2009

Day 9 training:

part 1:

A1. Hang Power Snatch @ 11X1; 2-3 x 6; rest 120 sec
note-drop weight to floor b/tr reps if needed
A2. Bench Press @ 30X0; 3,2,1,3,2,1; rest 120 sec
note-wave load; 2nd 3,2,1 is higher effort and loads than 1st 3,2,1
B. Dead Lift @ 11X1; 60% 1RM; 8 sets of 3; rest 45 sec
note-focus on speed on concentric
C1. Dips @ 30X0; 6,4,2; rest 90 sec
note-full depth
C2. GHD Raises @ 2020; 15 x 3; rest 90 sec
note-change hands to ensure you get all reps

rest 8+ hours

part 2:
5 min row warm up @ 50% effort
20 sec increasing work/10 sec easy recovery x 8
(focus on increasing effort per interval so last 6,7,8 are very challenging)
rest 5 min
1 min row sprint @ 90% effort, rest off rower walking for 2 min x 3
(goal is same meters covered in all 3 efforts EXACTLY!!!)
5 min row cool down @ 50%

post loads/notes for part 1 and notes and meters for part 2 to comments as well as your fueling strategy post workout for these 2 different workouts


Matt said...

I was just wondering how this programming varies from that found on crossfit calgary, is this a much more intense program?

Erik Luber said...

Confused about the note on C2: "change hands to ensure you get all reps"...are these supposed to be GHD sit-ups instead of raises? Or is there something I am not understanding about GHD raises?

Trevor Salmon said...

Erik, they are ghd raises. What coach means is if you start with fingers at temples for example and you notice a difficulty sticking with reps/tempo then move your hands to hips for example to shorten the lever hence making it slightly easier.
Make sense?

Trevor Salmon said...

Matt, the program is much different than CF Calgary. These are geared to the athlete working alone more often that not and not a class setting. CF Calgary programming done by AFT is top notch and geared towards improvements/progression of the CF Calgary community. This OPT community is a different one therefore different training modalities are included.
my $.02 anyway.

Erik Luber said...

Cool, makes sense. Thanks Trevor.

md said...

Trying to catch up from the long weekend. Crammed everything into today so not the best but...

Friday -
a. 135, 145, 155, 165, 175 (pr), 180 (pc only pr)
b1. 2 pood x 18 x 3
b2. 5, 4 3 shoulders were smoked
c1. 15 x 3 unbroken
c2. 18 3, 15 4 2, 12 4 5

Part 1 6:23 felt heavy and from was poor throughout. Probably a little too much thanks and not enough giving Video coming shortly

Part 2
better - treadmill @ 5:23 mile 3.5% incline 3,2,1,2,3

Craig said...

I have a question. I've been Crossfitting for about two years now, bounce around from mainsite, CFSB, and now follow Invictus( for about 6 months). I know alot of folks have benefitted from OPT and I'm curious to see if it's going to work for me, I just don't know at what point should I jump in?

Garage Crossfitter said...

we just started a new cycle 9 training days ago...our next cycle starts after our Jan 23/24 competition. I would recommend jumping in right now...

Martin Altemark said...

...Hard to find time today. But will try my best.

Part 1:
HPC: 3x50kg, 3x52.2kg, 3x55kg, 3x57.5kg (3xPR), 3x60kg (PR), 3x62.5 (PR)
Bench: 75kg, 80kg, 85kg, 80kg, 85kg, 92.5kg

Deadlifts done with 110kg. Felt easy and strong.

Ring dips instead of dips: 6x12kg, 4x16kg, 2x24kg
Good mornings with bar instead of GHD raises

Had this feeling of being able to pull whatever I wanted in the snatch! Never done 2xsnatch over 60kg before, even with full snatch/PC.

David said...


A1. 110, 115, 121, 128, 133, 137
A2. 3 x 201, 2 x 210, 1 x 220, 3 x 210, 2 x 220, 1 x 236

B. 8 sets of 3 at 256

C1. 6 x 20, 4 x 45, 2 x 50
C2. 15, 15, 15

EHR said...

Eric R
A1 205,220,230, 215,230,240
A2 125,135,140,145,150 (pressed last two reps out), 150 (got them)
B 205# aimed for speed
C1 ring dips 12kg,20kg,28kg
C2 3x15 50% of reps assisted on my new homemade ghd machine

atom said...


Did part 2 of cycle before heading off to work.

Part 2:

Tabata Intervals:
Total: 1238m
Avg Watts: 300

1 min sprints:
After 3 mins: 989
Extra 4th round to bring it up to 1300m.

Omar Arvizu said...

Craig I was in the same position as you a few weeks ago and jump right in... it worked.

atom said...

As well as:

Felt a huge difference in cardiovascular endurance since I woke up at 5am to accomplish Part 2.

Came home and refueled with a post WOD shake + a usual breakfast of lean red meat, nuts & a grapefruit.

Michael McCabe said...

part1 - hit this on an empty stomach, which felt ok today
A1. 95x3, 115x3, 125x2x4... form really deteriorates on these above 95... really need to start video taping to figure out what i`m doin wrong
A2. 175, 185, 195, 205, 215, 225
B. 255lbs - these didn`t feel heavy but didn`t feel as fast as dynamic effort stuff should
C1. 30lbs, 45lbs, 60lbs - dips felt amazing today, probably coulda done 70 or 75x2
C2. still learning these, getting better

post wod - whey, skim milk, oats (approx. 40p/50c)
40 mins later - almonds and some good ol tim hortons coffee.

part 2 after work tonight

Jess said...

Part 1 :

A1 HPC: All 6 set 3x50kg. Weak in the top, almost a push press the last 2 sets.

A2: 80kg, 85kg, 90kg, 85kg, 90kg, 95kg. Went really well, strong in all the reps.

B: Deadlift done with 80kg. Felt ok, but have to improve.

C1: 6x30kg, 4x35kg, 2x35kg. Felt really strong, full depth on all reps

C2: 15x3

Have to find the will to do part 2!! Hope I find it in my couch :-)

Kyle F said...

A1. 135 X 6
A2. 205/215/225 X 2
B. 225
C1. 70/80/90
C2. As Rx'd

Didn't feel too hot. Still recovering from flu this weekend.

Ryan @ CFGP said...

M / 5'11'' / 205# / 32yrs

A1. 115x3 / 125x3 / 135x3 / 135x3 / 145x2 / 145x2
B1. 165 / 185 / 235 / 175 / 215 / 245
B2. 225# unbroken
C1. Bodyweight
C2. Bodyweight

Snatch is still pretty rough for me, as weight goes up, my form falls apart. Miss judged the BP and should have had more weight in the earlier reps. Everything else felt good.

Gord said...

A1 98/108/117/125/130/135
B. 228x3x8
C1 15#/25#/40#
C2 unbroken x3

Wes hendricks said...

A1. 115-125-135-137-140-142x3
A2. 165-175-185-175-185-195
B. 225 x 8
C1. 12-8-4 w/ 20lb vest...all I had so I doubled reps
C2.15-15-15 on tempo

Couldn't believe how easily I was power snatching 135+. Lately I have gotten very mechanical w/ the snatch and today all I thought about was jumping as high as I could with that weight and it seemed to work.

Craig said...

I appreciate the feedback!! Those who are relatively new to OPT, what do you think?

About these cycles, how many of these are incoporated into the programming or are they simply just to prepare for competitions? How many comps do you participate in typically? I apologize for all the questions, just trying to get a better idea of what's going on.
Is there any sort of personal info that needs to be provided to the coach?
I'm going to jump in, wish me luck!!
Thanks again.

Michael said...

A1. 135, 135, 135, 145, 155, 165
A2. 185, 205, 245, 245, 265, 285
(started too light here last set with 285 did 2 reps
B. 235- felt strong
C1. 53, 70, 123lbs- felt good
C2. All unbroken- felt better than usual

Post WOD fuel- Advocare muscle gain & Post WOD shake- 40g protein, 20g carbs

1 hour later- eggs with avocado, onions, tomatoes, and cup of mixed fruit.

KurtGP said...


Part one



DL- 180

Ring Dips- 25#,27.5, 1pd kb
15X5#,15X5#,15X Body wght

weezie said...

A1 - 135 x 3 / 145 x 3 / 155 x 3 / 165 x 2 / 165 x 2 / 165 x 2
A2 - 205 x 3 / 225 x 2 / 245 x 1 / 235 x 3 / 260 x 2 / 275 x 1

B - 270 x 8 x 3

C1 - 60 x 6 / 70 x 4 / 80 x 2
C2 - 15 / 15 / 15 (45 degree bench, hands at ears, unbroken)

Rest 5 minutes

1 min row sprint @ 90% effort, 2 min walking rest x 3

301 / 316 / 317 - 934 meters total

Had to combine (sort of) the workouts today as there was insufficient time today for two separate workouts.

The difference between 155 and 165 on HPS was insane. 155 went up easily for a triple. Added 10 pounds to the bar and I suddenly felt as though I didn't have any pop at all in my hips. The doubles were serious struggles.

Deadlifts felt fast and easy.

Rowing, as always, felt like death. I consistently seem to have a hard time getting into gear on the first interval.

Chris Dunkin said...

A1 155x2, 155x3, 160x2, 160f, 160x3, 165x1
A2 225x3, 255x2, 285x1, 255x3, 285x2, 305x1pr
B 295x3x8
C1 30x6, 45x4, 70x2
C2 3x15 (hands behind head)

A1: bit of a mess with intensity overriding form on middle reps. settled down, focused on technique and felt much better. A2: was targeting 305, so started a bit lighter than I could have. B: Felt heavy.

Erik Luber said...

A1. 35 kg, 35, 37.5 40, 41, 42
A2. 64 kg, 66.5, 69, 69, 73, 85 (f)
B. 90 kg
C1. 10kg, 20, 30
C2. all unbroken, arms fully extended on first set and moved to crown on last two.

Kept the weight low on the snatches and focused on tech. Really focused on receiving the weight with my ass out. Found that splitting my legs parallel to the bar made a HUGE difference. Going to video these next time to compare. Dips done on bar, but felt surprisingly strong, think I could have done 35kgx2.

Post WOD fuel: Blueberry smoothie + 40g Whey. Breakfast 40 min later: Scrambled eggs+back bacon+kiwi

Omar Arvizu said...

Part 1... firts time bench pressing in years. Just got a bench in this mrning as a donation


HPS All x 3: 95/105/115/120/125/135(missed)Need lots of work. Knee felt good
BP 135/145/165/185x3/205x2/225x1 fetl hard
DL 225 unbroken
Dips: 35/45/55
Sub for reverse hippers, still feeling pain on the back of the knee.

I'm gonna practice skill work on my snatch, All of you guy's numbers got me so pumped!

dontpanic356 said...

A1: 135, 145, 155, 155 x2, 160 x1, 160 x 2

A2: 225, 235, 245, 245, 265, 275

B: 275...Felt good

C1: all done with 45 lb DB. Did sets of 6, 5, 5.

C2: all unbroken, arms on chest.

Dont have time to do 2nd part 8 hours from now so did it immediately following first.

I did not count warm up and cool down.

-20/10 x 8 intervals : 1128 M
-1 min/ 2 min rest x3: 291, 278, 289

total: 1986 m total

Question for those who know....If I dont have time in my day to do the work out later, should I do 2nd part like i did today...or just to part A?

Thanks for the help

Sweeney said...

A1. 95/115/120/120/125/130
A2. 135/150/165/175/185/205
Started way too light. I think I had another 10-20lbs in me.

B. 230x8x3

C1. Ring Dips: 10/25/45
C2. 15x3 unbroken - good gains here in the last 2 weeks.

Ryan B. said...

Part 1.
A1. 75,85,95,105,105,105 x 3
A2. 165,185,205(fail, realllly close, no spotter)165,175,185
- the 205 attempt took alot out of me.... so i went lighter

B. 245-felt strong!

didnt get to finish the rest of this wod, was forced to leave the gym, im working out at a newly opened affiliate and they arent open all the time... he had to go back to his other job, so i had to leave....pissed off haha

-will work on dips tonight before part 2...

Ryan B.

William said...

I have read the FAQ, but feel that my warm-up on a day like today could be a lot more productive. I would greatly appreciate if some of you would post how you warmed up today.

Would it be best to bounce between the 3 barbell movements, getting them all up to the starting weights being there isn't time once the workout begins?

rwcorson said...

A1. 110,120,125,130,135 all 3's, 140x2 none dropped to floor
A2.176x3,186x2,201x1,186x3,196x3,211x1 I should have been heavier in all sets
B. 253#
C1. 15x6,20x4,30x2 all sets should have been heavier
C2. 15x3, hands on hammies. First time I was able to keep tempo.

Sweeney said...


My warm up is similar each day in that I start with a light 250-400m row or run. This gets my blood moving. Then I start my stretching; pass throughs for the shoulders, stretch out my glutes, scorpions for my back, foam roller etc. Then I usually do three rounds of 7-10 reps of sit-ups. push-ups, squats, back ext. and chins. Once done this I start with focusing on the WOD. If it's a WOD like today, I start with low weight (sometimes just the bar) to get my muscles used to the movement. I will gradually add weight throughout the warm-up until I get a good feel for where I should be at the start of the WOD. I will do a few rounds of the WOD with the Rx'd weight or close to it to visualize what it feels like to get my head in the game. For a WOD like this, I would be focusing on what I think my max weight is and work backward to a starting point. If the pot's hot (Coach's expression) you'll know it early on and you can increase accordingly.

My 2 cents

Perhaps some of the trainers in the crowd can comment...

evanz said...

A1. 95x3,10x3,115x3,115x2,115x3,120x2 - these are getting better
A2. 175,205,210,185,205,215 - proper breathing is a must!
B1. 219 for all sets
C1. 45,55,75 - should have gone heavier.
C2. No GHD so did 15x3 modified
Ali, thanks for the spots.

Anonymous said...


A1. 95,105,110,115,120x2,120x2
A2. 135,145,155,155,160,170
B. 207.5
C1. 10,11.25,20 these were really hard
C2. Did good mornings w/ barbell all unbroken

Trevor said...


A1. 75x3 All six sets (concentrated on form)
A2. 155,175,185,165,185,205
B1. 145,165,165,165,175,175,185,185
C1. 20,35,55 - should have gone heavier.
C2. 15,13,12 - Damn those hurt!


329 meters, 309 meters, 298 meters - hard to gauge 90% so I think ended up doing max effort on all three sprints.

Michael FitzGerald said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Geoff Aucoin said...

A1. 176,186,196,186,196,206
A2. 98,108,113,118,123 (form), 123

B1. 225 x 8

C1. 15, 30, 40 (way too light)
C2. Straight through with progressively more challenging hand positions (behind back, at hips, arms crossed)

Loads off today, started too light on bench and dips. Still a little off from sleep deprivation and yesterday's debacle. The good news is I got a LOAD of sleep last night.

What a strange and random thought by young Michael. Emotional lad, isn't he?

Ali Loach said...

A1. 65(3)/75(3)/85(2)/75(3)/80(2)
A2. 95(3)/115(2)/125(1)/ 115(3)/125(2)/135(1)*PB
B. 8 sets of 3 at 165#
C1. 6 with Body wt(150#), 4 with 10lbs, 2 with 20lbs
C2. Not done.....had to cut it short as I ran out of time.

Didn't warm up enough so Hang Power Snatch was pretty fugly. Hips were not popping like they should have been.
Poor sleep and poor mental focus def. affected training today.
Positives - PB on bench and definitely felt strong in the dips. Should have done more weight for all three sets of dips.

Thanks for the spots to you too Evan!

Garage Crossfitter said...

* i did power snatches on accident*



*done on rings @ tempo, easy*
unbroken, hands on hips, these are getting much easier..

40p jarrow
25c, applesauce

felt real good

Martin Altemark said...

part 2:

8x20/10: 94m, 95m, 95m, 96m, 98m, 100m, 103m, 104m work efforts

1 min@90% sprints: 303m, 304m, 306m

Had cramps from time to time during the day, so was positively surprised how well part 2 went. Still happy about those HPCs from earlier!

Chris Fodera said...

A1. 135x3 (dropped between each rep), 135x3 (dropped between each rep), 135x3 (no drop), 140x3 (no drop), 145 (dropped between each rep), 145 (dropped between each rep)
A2. 185x3, 200x2, 205x1, 210x3, 225x2, 240x1
B. 300
C1. 35x6, 60x4, 85x2
C2. 15, 15, 15 all unbroken

PWO: 40gP (MRM shake), 28gC (banana bread Lara Bar)
60 min later: beef burger, apple, almond butter

A1. I felt pretty good on the 135's and even the 140. When I moved to 145, I was about an inch or two shy of full extension and had to muscle it up.
A2. Felt really good and will definitely try to go up next time.
B. 60% is actually 288, but I went with 300. Felt really good and smooth. Fast coming up.
C1. Started out too light and could possible increase towards the end still. Kipping to get up.
C2. All unbroken at tempo...felt good.

Brent Maier said...

Brent Maier - 38/6'2"/195
Brian Maier - 34/6'2"/190

A1 HPSnatch:
- Brent: 60/65/70/72.5/75/80kg (176#)
- Brian: 0/65/70/72.5/70(2)/70kg (154#)

A2 BPress:
- Brent: 85/90/92.5/95/110(1)/112.5kg (247#) - Couldn't drive out of the hole on the last set.
- Brian: 85/90/92.5/95/110(1)/112.5kg (247#)

B DL: 125kg (275#) - Not too bad at all.

C1 Dips: 25#/45#/70#
- Brent: 6/4/2
- Brian: 6/4/7

C2 GHDRaises: 15/15/15
- Brent: Full raises
- Brian: Back extensions

My brother is the last of the family still in town. We'll hit part 2 before he flies out of here tonight. Good workout today and paced as rx'd.

Brent Maier said...

Craig, don't over think it. You're only going to get out of it what you put in so start today and give it 110%.

rwcorson said...

No part 2 today. Tweaked something uh upper back & neck area.I'll see how it feels tomorrow, if good, I'll do part 2 then. If not good, I'll rest.

joey warren said...

A1. 135x3, 145x3, 155x3, 165x1 (fx2), 165x1(fx2), 165x2 (ugly but got it)
A2. 235, 245,255,245,265,285 w spot

B. 275lb- felt great

C1. 40x6, 55x4, 75x2, 95x2 - started too light did extra set
C2. 15, 15, 15- best these felt

Greg Soneff said...

A1: 50/60/60/65x1/65x2/67(f)
A2: 70/80/85/75/85/90kg
B: 100kg focused on explosive concentric
C1: 20/25/30kg
C2: added a 10kg plate across chest

covered 2300 meters in the warm-up and tabata intervals

3 x 90% intervals were 327/324/326m

skipped my 5min cool down and instead did a 15min bike ride home.

I taped my power snatches and would really appreciate some feedback but I'll have to upload them tomorrow.


Becky said...

65x3/ 75x3/ 75x3/ 80x2/ 85x1/ 80x2
85/ 95/ 105/ 95/ 105/ 115
dl 155#
dips 6-5#, 4- 7#, 2-10#
ghd's only with body weight, 15x3

tried to work on the things you said opt. the 85 was to much. only one time up. and felt unsure. didnt' get hurt though. went back down for last set.
i did feel like i kept it closer.

Lindsey said...

A1. 55/65(2)/65(2)/65(3)/70(2)/70(1) Really struggled to get under the weigth today
A2. 85, 95, 105 / 95, 105, 110f
***rushed the rest, big mistake

B. 100#x3 - 8 sets - went slower on eccentric because my form tends to go down the tubes when I get tired and I wanted to get it right, concentric felt strong and quick

C1. Green band assisted
C2. 15x 3 sets - felt smooth

Lauren said...

A1. 75, 85, 85, 90, 95(F)but right away tried again, focusing on form and got it for 1.
A2. 115, 125, 135, 135, 140, 145
C1. body weight, 10, 15
C2. completed with hands on shoulders

Sweeney said...

Part II:

5 min warmup

Tabata(ish): 93/94/96/96/96/97/101/102

Sprints 90%: 295/299/299

5 min cooldown

Fuel for the day:
4 block breakfast P/C/F at 6am,
WOD 1 at 8:00am
Post WOD: 2 scoops of Dream Whey, 1 scoop of refuel - 10:00am
2 block snack P/C/F 1 hour later - 11:00am
4 block meal P/C/F 2 hours later - 1:00pm
WOD II at 4:00pm
Post WOD: 2 scoops of refuel, 1 scoop dream whey
I'll eat a 4 block dinner at 6:00pm if the roads aren't too shitty.

KHCKid said...

A1. 60kg/62/64/66/68/70 3 reps ea.

A2. 85kg/88/93/98/102/107

B. 112kg.
Used theoretical max since I've never established a 1RM. Also, haven't done heavy deadlifts in 6 months. Only snatch/clean pulls or an occasional one-legged deadlift. These felt easy today.

C1. Wasn't sure if these were supposed to be weighted? I did all reps with body weight and 2 sets of 4 reps w/50lbs.

C2. Hands crossed at shoulders. I do GHD raises each week and the cadence made it much harder.

I cant pull off a double day so I did the row workout right after.

5 min warmup+Tabata =2,145 meters
1 min sprints= 332/312/327
5 min cooldown= 1,123

Haven't been on a rower longer than two minutes for a few months. Didn't miss it that much.

Had a few ounces of chicken breast and a banana right after. Few oz. Beef, 2 eggs, small apple and almonds 1.5 hrs later.

Paul Klein said...

33yom/6'2"/185lbs (before thanksgiving)

Part 1:
A1. 3x115, 3x125, 3x135, 2x145, 2x145, 2x145
A2. 205, 225, 245, 225, 245, 260
B. 215lbs no issues
C1. 25lbs, 27.5lbs, 32.5lbs all on rings
C2. 10lbs for all three sets

My snatch needs a lot of work. For some reason today I was landing with the feet sprawled out making my legs look like a new born deer. No matter how effn' hard I jumped with 145lbs I could only get 2 reps. I will take video next time for some tips.

Part 2:
314 meters, 310 meters, 313 meters

Garage Crossfitter said...

3 hrs later

felt great, def had more left in the tank each round...

Laura said...

Part 1:

A1: 57.5/60/65/70F/70/72.5. Worked on not jumping back 1 meter or more like last day, still bending arms early though.
A2: 90.5/98/103/98/105.5/110.5--may have been able to do a few more pounds but really worked on tempo.
B 150#
C1: 2.5/10/15--started too light, used wide grip dip machine
C2: complete, all done with hands on head, elbows out

Part 2: 273/269/266

Tyler Smith said...

A2. 195,215,235,205,235,255
B. 275 all sets
C1. 53#x6, 70#x4, 123#x3 negatives
C2. All sets unbroken

Gord said...

part 2


Michael McCabe said...

part 2 (ten hours after #1):
-20on/10off went really well, ramped up as planned to the last 3 intervals
-1min on/2mins off went less well:
339m, 321m, 316m
came out as if we were doing 30sec on/2:30off at 100%; as a result my quads were toast 30sec in to round 2. i now have a better idea of what my goal pace should be for 90%

post-WOD - whey and granola bar (35p/22c); 45 mins later turkey sausage, veggies, sweet potato, almonds.

Joel B. said...


Part 1
A1: 95, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125X2
A2: 165, 175, 185, 175, 185, 195
might have managed 5-10#'s or so higher on all. no spotter. Felt strong though.
B: 185X3X8
C1: 15X6, 35X4. 53X2
Started too light. Felt good.
C2: ubX3
hammies a touch tight...must be from run and snatch burpee day.


Part 2
5 min wu: 1230m
98, 99, 100, 99, 99, 100, 100, 101
didn't increase as should have, but at least the last 2 were very challenging.
310, 310, 308
5 min warm down: 1226m

Immediately after part 1 ate 40g turkey breast chopped and mixed into 40g carb of yam and applesauce. Last of the thanksgiving bird, sadly. Had to run kid to gymnastics so made a OPT breakfast shake to go and ate it at the gym. Couple snacks (big mouthfuls, really) and a lunch through the day. PWO part 2 tonight was dinner with family due to time of completion. Pork loin, broccoli, cool carrots, cranberries, and coconut sweet potato pie (unsweetened--pecan crust).

dmarsh said...

Part 1:
A1. 132,137,142,147,152,157(all 3's)
A2. 242,247,252,247,252,257 (can go heavier on all, no spotter)

B. 291x3x8 (fast and strong, hook grip)

C1. 22x6,55x4,77x4 (too light)
C2. 15x3 (hands folded over chest)

Post Fuel: Breakfast (turkey sausage, apple, mac. nuts)

Part 2:
Tabata: 89,93,94,96,97,100,101,101
Sprints: 310,303,301

Post Fuel: 40g Whey/Paleo Greens/Blueberries

Wes hendricks said...

315-307-306 at a damper setting of 7

Brent Maier said...


Brent: 345/342/334 = 1021
Brian: 332/333/338 = 1003

All intervals exact. Ran into technical difficulties in the last 20 seconds but I think we did a good job at maintainng for 3 sets. Back was tight on the 9 minute warmup from the earlier workout. Gord, the picture of you rowing on the poster is always inspirational! Taking my brother and family to airport tonight. We had a great time working out the last sveral days. Good job Brian!

Ryan @ CFGP said...

part 2

Row came together better tonight than ever before. The 90% sprint was a good 10 seconds faster than previous efforts:
1 min row meters: 325/ 324/ 316

Becky said...

was not looking forward to the row after i was reminded of it coming up ( had forgotten about it all morning)
1 minute row distance 269. 261. 257
so, obviously i did not get all same meters exactly.

EHR said...

Eric R

Part 2
316, 317, 316
I was shocked at how close these were to each other.
Avg. Speed seemed to be around 1:34

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

found a CF gym here in Phoenix about 20 minutes from our place. THey were very accommodating as all crossfitters seem to be - an amazing community of people. WAs only able to get wod 1 in

A1: 65/75/80/80/82/82 once i hit 80 they were pretty ugly just didn't have it today??
A2: 100/115/125 105/120/130PR bench felt good
B: 145 quick easy concentrated on concentric and keeping my head down. Apparently i tilt my chin up the Leif at the CF gym said which is totally true once he said that so tried to keep it down
C:5#/7.5/10 on rings as they didn't have dip bars these felt strong
C2: 15s hands on chest. Amazing how much easier these are in an actualy GHD machine instead of my rigged up system at home.

Lisa M 41/128/f said...

found a CF gym here in Phoenix about 20 minutes from our place. THey were very accommodating as all crossfitters seem to be - an amazing community of people. WAs only able to get wod 1 in

A1: 65/75/80/80/82/82 once i hit 80 they were pretty ugly just didn't have it today??
A2: 100/115/125 105/120/130PR bench felt good
B: 145 quick easy concentrated on concentric and keeping my head down. Apparently i tilt my chin up the Leif at the CF gym said which is totally true once he said that so tried to keep it down
C:5#/7.5/10 on rings as they didn't have dip bars these felt strong
C2: 15s hands on chest. Amazing how much easier these are in an actualy GHD machine instead of my rigged up system at home.

Chris Dunkin said...

warm up: 1300
Tabata felt good
1 min. intervals: 330,326,324
Cool down: 1310

unit said...

some impressive WODs today from this crew... man, this stuff is addicting!...

A1- 155(3) /160(3)/ 165(3)/ 170(3)/ 175(1)/ 175(1)
A2- 245/ 275/ 315/ 255/ 285/ 335
B- 315
C1- 45/ 90/ 125
C2- feet anchored raises, unbroken, same tempo

10min rest

Warmup - 1310m
TI(m)- 100/ 103/ 104/ 105/ 110/ 110/ 111/ 115
1min int- 320/ 322/ 324
Cooldown- 1314m
Total ~ 4,448m

A1- 170lb is a PR 3RM PS...
A2- 335 ties a PR from the last 7yrs... earlier this year (lifetime PR of 355 in college)
B1- felt pretty quick with this wt... had trouble early on lowering on a one count, likely 2/2 the WODs from the last couple wks w/ a 4 count on the eccentric... this got better in later rounds...
C1- PR for 2RM on Ring Dips... in fact, this is a first time doing weighted ring dips... 1RM PR for bar dips is 140lbs... there is a link below for the vid... i think i may have done the eccentric a little fast after looking at the video...
C2- felt as easy as this movement ever has...
Rowing warmup felt chillax
Tabata intervals were tough the last two rounds...
1min intervals were somewhere in the 85% range I think (1:33.1 / 500m pace)... trying to feel out pacing again...
Cooldown felt good...

Had the camera at the gym today and tried to film a few movements... documenting the PRs (felt like it was going to be a good day today b/c i had yesterday off of work and just took a lazy day and napped and rested... felt good)... however, something happened to the videos of the BP and the PS, and all i'm left with is the video of the ring dips... 8^c... oh well, next time


evanz said...

Did the 5 min warm up and went straight into th tabata so I only recorded my distance for the combination. 2286m
Sprint row 298,299,299
5 Min cool down 1169m
Total = 4351m

Post WOD1 fuel was 30g of protein and 40g carbs. Post WOD2 was 20g protein and 45g carbs.

PTS said...

hang power snatch - 2x115, 3x115, 3x125,3x135,2x140,2x140

bench 195, 210, 225, 225, 237, 255

deadlifts @ 265 felt good

dips 47.5, 57.5, 70
ghd raises went quickly

30 mins rest then a basketball game for part 2.

unit said...

oh... meant this was a 3RM PR for the Hang Power Snatch... whoops... sorry...

Michael said...

Part 2- Tabata Row- 890 meters total
1 min intervals- 295, 303, 309

Steve Howell said...

Haven't been feeling good all weekend so took another rest day today will be back at it tomorrow.

Agnew said...

Part 1

A1 - 115, 115, 115, 125, 125, 125
A2 - (2X)205, 185, 205, 185, 195, 205
B - 205 unbroken relative ease
C1 - 6, 4, 3 form needs work
C2 - As RX'd hands behind head

Part 2

Warm up 1199m

100/102/96/98/101/103/114/109 = 823m

336/316/313 = 965m

Cool Down 1178m

Doug Zirkle said...

Part 1:

A1. HPS: 80, 85, 90 95 100, 105
A2. BP: 155, 165, 175, 165, 175, 185
B. DL: 185 (pronated, hook grip)
C1. Dips: 32, 46, 63
C2. GHR: 15, 15, 15

PWO fuel: 40p, 40C
50 minutes later: 28p, 45f, 27c
3 hours later: 28p, 45f, 18c

Part 2:

300, 300, 301

PWO fuel: 25p, 40c
50 minutes later: 28p, 45f, 27c

Felt good all day. Snatches are improving ... had some in the tank at the end.

Consciously held back a bit on the rows to stay in the 90% range. Think I hit it about right.

All in all, a good day of training.

Erik Luber said...

Part 2, 12 hours later:

Tabata Row: 99, 99, 100, 100, 95, 93, 93, 94
Sprints: 288, 286, 286

Feel stupid, totally screwed up the tabata row. Went way too hard off the start, not much left for the 1 min sprints, it showed. Pretty disappointed with this, thought I could do 300 m for sure. Time to get some good sleep and get my head back in the game for tomorrow.

PWO: blueberry smoothie + 40 g Whey

joey warren said...

part 2: 4.5 hour rest

warmup around 1:55 pace

20 sec intervals felt good. last two very challenging

1 min intervals: 329m, 326m, 334m - felt like 90%, still got some in the tank!

cool down: around 1:55 pace

POst wod fuel part1 = 40 g whey protein for heavy lifting plus a sweet potato- hour later small salad with chicken and nuts
part 2= 15 g protein because no weight lifting, medium sweet potato (i would have taken 2 scoops refuel but I ran out, more on the way. No more than 40g C because shorter metcon for me) 1 hour later chicken with sauteed veggies and more nuts

Geoff Aucoin said...

Good God, Unit, that is a sick amount of weight there. Don't get pinched, though!

Anonymous said...

A1. 3/115 3/120 3/125 3/130 2/130 2/130
stopped at 130 to work on form
A2. 3/210 2/220 1/230 3/215 1/225 1/232.5
B. 3/225x8 felt good
C1. Ring dips 6/20 4/35 5/50 went way to light had never done weighted dips before
C2. 15,15,15 felt good

only able to get about 3 hours rest between workouts


293,296,297 meters

Kyle F said...

20/10 = 1100 m (didn't write down the splits)

1 min sprints = 282/286/283

post WOD strategy is to eat as much as I can

stsupc said...

5"10 - 176 - 29yrs

A1.Light OHS 95x6reps for 6 sets
A2.225-245-255 / 235-255-265* had no spotter
B2. 305 - went a little heavier
C1. 12-8-4 unweighted. I just doubled the prescribed reps due to lack of DB's to ise
C2. 15-15-15 on the AB wheel

YoungManRumble said...

5"10 - 176 - 29yrs

A1.Light OHS 95x6reps for 6 sets
A2.225-245-255 / 235-255-265* had no spotter
B2. 305 - went a little heavier
C1. 12-8-4 unweighted. I just doubled the prescribed reps due to lack of DB's to ise
C2. 15-15-15 on the AB wheel

will hit part 2 tomorrow AM

Anonymous said...

Part 1

A1 125/125/125/115/115/115
A2 205/205/205/230/230/230

B 245x3x8

C1 did know these were supposed to be weighted - makes sense now, i always manage to eff up on the opt wods somehow.

C2 15 x 3

Part 2 14 hours later

5 min - 1250m

20/10 intervals 107/105/101/101/100/103/100/100

5 min - 1225m

Anonymous said...

part 2

1 min intervals 304/310/316

Chris Fodera said...


Part 2:
WarmUp = 1123m
Tabata: 101m, 102m, 101m, 100m, 99m, 100m, 96m, 97m
Sprints: 313, 305, 304
CoolDown: 1079m

PWO: 30gP (MRM shake), 20gC (mashed sweet potatoes and yams w/ cinnamon)
60 min later: turkey, apple, almond butter

- WarmUp felt really good and relaxed.
- Intervals: Felt pretty good through 4 or 5 and had to really work through the end to maintain the paces/distances from previous intervals.
Sprints: Thought my pace for the 1st one was manageable for 3 rounds. Evidently, I was incorrect. Rounds 2 and 3 felt equally miserable.

I am still trying to figure this rower out. I have a newer model here at the house and one of the older ones at work. I can not really match (/500m pace, AvgWatts, etc) the numbers I put up at work while I am at home.

I saw that there is a utility on the C2 that will help determine the best flywheel setting based on your rowing. Will likely try this out. Anyone else have any other suggestions?


md said...

a1. 95, 105, 115, 115, 115, 115
a2. 185, 195, 215, 205, 215, 225

b. 205 3x8

c1. 20# vest
c2. hands on chest

Part 2

w/u - 1350
tabata - 1046 meters total increasing
1 min - 333, 344, 334
c/d 1278

HPS are very ugly over about 105. I need to video to see what i am doing wrong. WIll be putting that new flip to use soon. Everything else felt great. A little worn out from yesterday.

Row felt great. 1 min hard but some left (maybe only 5% though)

Kathleen said...

Part I @ OPT @ 7:00am with Gord & G
A1: 53(2) 58(2) 63(2) 68 (2) 68(3)*
*These reps were push outs
A2: 85(3) 90(2) 95(1) 90(3) 95(2) 100(1)
B: 164#
Had to cut the WOD short in order to get to work before lunchtime

Part II @ Grant's lame office gym
31s/m Ave 1:55.5

will said...

a. 92x3,115x3,135x3,145x2,145x2,145x2
a2. 225,245,255,245,255 failed on 2nd rep, 265
b. 225
c1. 40,65,90
c2 as Rx'd body weight

wod 2
tabata as Rx'd
sprints 310 in 1 min felt slow today

Ross Blake said...

a1. 45kgx3 45x3 45x3 50x3 50x3 50x3
a2. 65kg-70-75-70-75-80
b1. @ 95kg
c1. 2.5-5-10
c2. 15-15-15 hip ext

Post wod fuel: poached eggs, apple, avocado, bacon, tomato, pesto with olive oil. 2 espresso

90 pre workout: 50g almonds and a bounce ball

Only had time to rest 5hrs

5min row 1100m

Screen didn't work so just did it on a timer

changed rowers and did 304m-307m-311m

5min row 1190m

felt good today

Dave X said...

A little bit of a cluster f--- this morning.

First I overslept and didn't have enough time to start Part 1.

Part 2:
5 min wamup 1235
20/10 intervals: the monitor died and I think I was at 1300 m.
Sprints: 1. 325/305/315
5 min cool down: 1136

Mack Lar said...

A1. 115x3/135x2/135x3/135x3/145x1/145x1
A2. 185/205/225/205/225/235
B. UB 230 LBS
C1. UB 45#/UB60#/UB70#
C2. 25#/30#/35#
I can definitely feel that I'm missing something in the 2nd pull. No pop today on the snatches. Kept ending up on my toes leaning forward.
PWO 40P/40C Recovery Shake. Full meal 1 hour later.

Part 2:
1051 total meters for Tabata Row
3 Efforts: 325/320/311
PWO 35P/50C Recovery Shake and fruit.

Sugar Shane said...

Was away with the long holiday weekend. Could only get to the gym once today.

A1. 3-135, 3-140, 3-140, 3-140, 2-140, 3-140

A2. 3-205, 2-215, 1-225, 3-215, 2-230, 1-245

B. 245: 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

C1. 6-53, 4-88, 2-103

C2. 15, 15, 15

My snatch and clean explosiveness and catch is horrible. I've been trying to work on form, but I feel like I'm going in circles. I'm going to try to work on it each week with some lighter weights as form is hard to emphasize when your pulling your hardest.

YoungManRumble said...

WU-2:00/500m pace - 1253m
tabatta- 1010M
sprints - 311,311,310
CD-2:00/500m pace - 1257

Lauren said...

opps, I didn't post this yesterday

299,292, 289
definitly went too fast on the fist one... paid for it in the other too.

Back was on fire from the morning DLs....

MrsPTS said...

OPT WOD #2- Back for more...

I didn't have time for doubles so I smushed it all together and did it at the same time...

Part 1
A1. #45
A2. #45 (3,2,1) and #50 (1,2,3)- I can do more
B. 5 sets o3 DL #95
C1. Dips with bands

Part 2
5 min row

20:10x8 row 675 meters

1 min "sprint" 212m, 214m, 219m
Looks like I need to work on my rowing

Steve Smith said...

Sorry for the late post:


Part 1:

A1. 165.3 x 3, 176.3 x 3, 187.3 x 3, 193.3 x 2, 193.3 x 3, 193.3 x 3
A2. 225, 235, 245, 245, 265, 275

B. 320 - Not sure how explosive I was, but the weight felt good regardless.

C1. 32kg x 6, 48kg x 4, 60kb x 3
C2. All unbroken with hands crossed at chest

Part 2.

Warm- Up: 1200m

20 Second Intervals: 98m, 101m, 103m, 106m, 105m, 106m, 104m, 106m

1 Minute Sprint: 301m, 333m, 326m

Cool Down - 1100m

Robin Lyons f/32/152 said...

A1: 95/105/115/120/120x1/120x1
A2: 115/125/135/125/135/150

B.185 DL

C1: 6/15 4/20 2/35
C2: unbroken

Dave X said...

Part 1:
C2-35x15 unb/55x15 unb/70x7,8 (Subbed back exts)

Kizzee said...


Sorry im so far behind and still posting and idk if this will be answered.. but i will be doing this 2moro... I dont have a rower .. so should i tabata run or do SDHP? Thanks