#2 - post scores and videos here

Workout 1:
For power ratio:
Row 800 m
rest 5 min
Workout 2:
7 sets (95#/60#) for time;
Power Snatch x 1
Snatch Balance x 1
OHS x 1
Hang Squat Snatch x 1
rest 5 min
Workout 3:
As many rounds (total reps) in 3 minutes;
3 chest to bar chin ups unbroken
3 push up burpees
rest 240 min
Workout 4:
For time;
50 walking lunges
20 clean and jerk - 135#/95#
30 ring dips
25 wall balls - 20#/14# to 10ft
30 GHD Sit Ups
30 KBS - 1.5pd/1pd
75 double unders


Ryan B. said...

im entering the comp. for fun today, dont have a video camera anyways....

wod 1= 1.89 (349.1/185)

wod 2= 6:33 (only dropped bar between sets) concentrated on form

wod 3= 43 reps, c2b killed me, good few singles on the pullups

-might have to rest more then 4 hours, my mother is visiting me today, and i will be spending the day with her untill i drive her back to the airport.... hopefully i can still be entered into the scoring!!!

Have fun guys!!!

Ryan B.

dontpanic356 said...


I taught DT's (defensive tactics) for my entire department the last two days and had to fight several people in the red man (padded) suit. Long story short I had a few guys fall on my left knee and it is hurting pretty badly. If possible Id like to compete next week once it has had some time to rest. If not, I understand and will pick up next competition.



Mack Lar said...

W1: 2.0
W2: 2:21
W3: 53 Reps
W4: 13:14

Went with the "Fly and Die" method on the row. Not sure if that was the hot tip. Expected more from the PU/Burpees but I kept moving and thats where the cards fell. Metcon was brutal. Shoulders were toast after C&J's. I expect there will be some monster times from some of the guys that can do the C&J's unbroken.
Another great competition, thanks to Coach and all who set this up. Ready to get back at it after the break.

PTS said...

W1: 449/186 = 2.4
W2: 4:48
W3: 55 reps.


any form issues that anyone sees that can be corrected please comment on. I use these comps as a way to improve and get coaching advice I do not get throughout the year.

Snatch complex wod was a disaster because I just don't feel all that comfortable with OHS. Much better than before I started OPT though.

I ate a 3 block meal at 3:30am. I couldn't sleep and decided to eat. I then had ~10g whey protein and 3 blocks cashews at 745am and then warmed up and started my wods ~9:15. I was toasted after the row and barely recovered for the snatch complex. Felt fine before the CTB/burpee wod, probably b/c snatch complex took so long. I think I needed a bigger more complete meal a few hours before taking on these 3 wods. I got gassed early than expected in the row and the CTB.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Wod #1 442.4/178 = 2.485...sooo 2.5? not sure if we round up or not..

Wod #2 2:55

Wod #3 51 reps

Garage Crossfitter said...


Dave X said...

W1: 1.7
W2: 2:17
W3: 51

Crossfit Lions said...

The Pie first session scores
W1: 1.58
W2: 2:07*
W3: 62

*Screwed up the order and did OHS before the Snatch balance. Worst part is I screwed it up for the other 6 people in the gym doing the challenge. However all movements patterns were included and I don't see an advantage or dissadvantage in the order we did it in. Regardless it wasn't RX.

Paul Klein said...

I think I may have messed up. I dropped the bar on the hang squat snatch and just picked it up and did another hss. I didn't completly redo the whole set. I just realized that the rules say the bar can't touch the ground after the power snatch. Will I be disqualified?

I guess it doesn't matter much because I fell apart during wod 3. I only got 33 reps! I just had nothing in the tank.

Videos are loading now for 1-3 wods. And I will do #4 at 2:30.

Ryan B. said...

did # 4 earlier then i thought
-3.5 hours rest
-no warmup (not usual for me)


the 75 DU'S took me 5 minutes...haha damn

Ryan B.

Ali Loach said...

A timing malfunction during WOD 2 and a brain malfunction during WOD 3 mean I will be trying this again tomorrow.
Such is life.

Great job to all of those kickin' ass at OPT today!!!!

Martin Altemark said...

WOD #1: 361W/165pounds = 2,19
WOD #2: 4:16
WOD #3: 42+3/3+2 - missed the "unbroken" clause completely and broke 8th set 2/1, then did 3 burpees and the 2 PUs until time ran out. You be the judge of my score...

then 4 hours later:

WOD #4: 15:11

Videos soon. Thank you for today, it's been a pleasure!

Altough I'm a bit dissapointed at myself for wod #2 and #3 - #2 because I could have pushed harder, #3 becuase I didn't see that unbroken clause. And I never got out of comfort zone on that one either. Worked hard on the chipper to redeem that... Pleased however with form on CTB PUs (stomach to bar on some) and hight on burpees.

Also: aimed for 1:40 tempo on the row, which would have proved hard a couple of months ago. Now 1:39 average was with some gas left in the tank - fantastic feeling that feeling of getting better - thank you coach!

Brent Maier said...


WOD 1 (Row): 430/192 = 2.24
WOD 2: 2:03
WOD 3: 51 reps w/unbroken pullups

Held back just a bit on the row so I didn't destroy myself with only a 5 min rest. My plan to do wod 2 unbroken got shot down after the 3rd set. Kept them moving though. If there wasn't an unbroken requirement on the pullups, I would have been able to get another 6-12 reps in there. They killed me.

I'm glad the first 3 are over! Going to eat, good luck everyone!

rwcorson said...

1) 2.4 = 400/178
2) 1:45
3) 44 - pull ups cooked me.

rwcorson said...

part 1 should be 2.2 not 2.4
I'm still a bit delirious.

Jefff said...

WOD #1 - 356/160 = 2.2
WOD #2 - 5:34 (Failed hang on 2 rounds and had to repeat both rounds)
WOD #3 - 42 (No Gas)

Steve Howell said...

1: 800m run = 2:16 (no rower)
2: 1:43
3: 59 reps

CF Hampton Roads said...

1. 2.25
2. 1:51
3. 42

I'll post videos tonight.


Garage Crossfitter said...

wod #4


Brent Maier said...

Reviewing videos something must have been jacked up on the timer. Correct time on video is 1:48 for WOD 2.

WOD 2 correction: 1:48

Garage, your time on WOD 4 is smokin!

Garage Crossfitter said...


PTS said...

wod 4: 13:03.
Halfway through the WOD I had to crap. I wasn't even sure if I was going to be able to finish. That is no way to go through a workout. Right after the double unders I ran out of the garage and instantly to the bathroom. It wasn't pretty.


Coach and all that help put this competition on: Thank you. It is greatly appreciated, and it is great to have something to continue to train for and compete in year round.

W1: 2.4
W2 4:48
w3: 55 reps
w4: 13:03

Alex Duncan said...

First time following OPTs training cycle, loved it, and loved this competition.
Did the workouts here in Gagetown, New Brunswick

WOD #1: 376.5/193=1.95
WOD #2: 5:05
WOD #3: 55 Reps
WOD #4: 14:22

Videos are on the way...

bso said...

Brad Sarna:

W1: 1.8
W2: 2:52
W3: 48
W4: 23:20

Brendan Sonnichsen:

W1: 2.2
W2: 2:01
W3: 55
W4: 12:40

I have video of everything except W2 forthcoming. Camera screwed up on W2, but we had a CrossFit Winnipeg coach judging.

Rob Sifton said...

A. Row 309/154= 2.0
B. 15:25 failed 4 times total, Always in the hang squat snatch as well, had to do them all over.
C. 8 + 2 C2B = 50 (or 48??)

Thanks for the cheering everyone @ OPT on part II. I needed it. Never would have been able to complete it 1 year ago.

Bring on the coconut water. My legs are fried.

Steve Smith said...

Not going to lie, thought I bit off a bit more than I could chew today. This was awesome.

WOD #1: Sub 800m Run - 2:01 (Very pleased, but I'm doubting the GPS)

WOD #2: 1:40 even (Stoked, but don't I'm doubting the stop watch)

WOD #3: 54 Reps (Flat out embarassed. Sprawled out on the ground puking. Yes, it was bad)

Rest 3.5 hours

WOD #4: 13:48 (Sub regular dips and knees to elbows; clean and jerks, knees to elbows, and kettle bell swings were all huge mental hurdles)

No videos. Sorry.

What a great day. OPT Challenge in the morning. Pack the rest of my crap. Smoke a cigar on the flight line with my hombres. Leave Baghdad.

I'm coming home.

Steve Smith said...

Holy smokes, Garage. Awesome time on WOD #4!!

Geoff Aucoin said...

1. 411/196= 2.1
2. 2:00
3. 54 reps

Thanks to Liz and Heather for counting and timing. Nice job to everyone up at OPT (and everywhere else, for that matter).

Rob Sifton said...

Safe trip Steve, Welcome home and great effort on the WOD's today.
Awesome numbers posted by all so far. Great to see.

rwcorson said...

Liz -
1. 207/141=1.5
2. 3:13
3. 41 reps

Sweeney said...

A. 2.06
B. 7:00
C. 57

Video to follow later.

Lisa M said...

WOD 1: 244/128 = 1.9

WOD 2: 3:54 holy crapn' brain fart failed on hang squat and put damn bar down didn't know i had to do the whole round over again - that sucked and obviously added on a bunch of time. Live and learn.

WOD 3: 5 rounds + 2 reps so either 30 or 32 because didn't complete the 3CTB on last round so we weren't sure if the 2 would count or not

Great job everyone!! Way to persevere Rob Sifton that was awesome.

Justin Flynn said...

WOD 1: 470w avg./200=2.35 (could have gone faster.)

WOD 2. 2:36 (forgot my OHS on set 4 set and had to do another for a total of 8 sets.) Could have gone faster, had trouble remembering where I was at. This was mentally a very tough workout and something I had never done before.

WOD 3: 58 total reps

All in all a bit disappointed with my performance.

Greg Soneff said...

WOD 1: (416/180) = 2.31
WOD 2: 4:40
WOD 3: 39 total reps
WOD 4: 15:34 - subbed DB thrusters (16kg) for wall-balls

Having some technical difficulties with the videos at the moment but hope to have it solved by tomorrow.

Thanks to James and everyone who participated...some seriously strong performances across the board!!

Rob Sifton said...

PTS awesome effort. Even more amazing that you "held" it all in until the end. I have to ask though if the double unders were 75 or 40. As I only counted 40. Not being picky, but since I can barely move from the couch I have nothing else better to do with my time than count double unders.

Dave X said...

W1: 1.7
W2: 2:17
W3: 51
W4: 12:34

yesterday garage said that this chipper was going to be a real gut check...I say so...I pushed and pushed and pushed and I puked all over the gym floor when it was said and done.

Great day everyone, welcome back Steve, good luck Rory and the other dawgs going overseas, Garage I'll text you later. Right now I'm going to check out some Christmas trees!!!!


Crossfit Lions said...

CrossFit Lions Scores:
The Pie
W1: 1.58
w2: 2:07
w3: 62
w4: 12:13
note: had to sub 135#bench press for ring dips to due prior injury

w2:3:52 (with an extra round...woops)

w4:16:41 (purple band assist on ring dips w/t 225 single skips)

w1: 1.28
w2: 2:52
w3: 39 w/t jumping ctb pullups
w4: 20:35 w/t 85# and purple ring dips and 1/2 ghd situps and 225 single skips

w1: 1.90
w2: 5:20
w3: 54
w4: 15:33

Note: as previously stated I screwed up the order in the snatch complex and we all did power snatch, OHS, balance and hang squat snatch. We all had a great time. Thanks OPT.

Brian H said...

Wod 1 1.6 (276.8/173)
Wod 2 2:05
Wod 3 49 reps
Wod 4 11:50
No video. Just for fun.

Steve Howell said...

Rest 4 hours

4: 13:10

Sorry no video. great work everyone kill'in it out there!

PTS said...

Rob: I don't know what happened. You are definitely right though. I'm going to go re-do the WOD right now. I don't know if it will count, but since I didn't finish it I;m gonna give it another go. this will be about 3.5 hours since I did it the first time.

Martin Altemark said...

PTS: You're my hero. Good luck!

David said...

1. 355 / 182 = 1.95
2. 6:12
3. 42
4. 18:32

I started the row with a goal to stay at 2 which would have been 364 ave watts. Got going and made the mistake of thinking the number was 464. Stayed there for about half the row and started to fade. I didn't realize until the last 100m that my math was off. The snatch wod was rough, did the last set 3 times due to a dump each time on the last hang squat. The pullups/burpees just were. Number 4 was steady with some hang ups on the wall ball and especially the DU's, but at least I got 20 at one point which is good for me.

Mike Molloy, thanks for coming down. You got some great scores and have a great work ethic.

Greg Soneff said...

Here is the video for WOD 4. The video for the first 3 will have to wait for tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


Did this just for fun, no video!!!

WOD1: 249/131=1.9
WOD2: 3.53
WOD3: 5 rounds+2 (30 or 32)
WOD4: 18:21 ring lowers

Great work everyone!!!

Chris Biles said...

W1. 800m run 2:40
W2. 4:50
W3. 36 reps
W4. 18:48

No video. Just recording for posterity. C2B gunked things up for W3. C&J and DU were limiting factors on W4.

Way to go all of you guys and gals killing it today! Thank you, OPT, for all you do. Crossfit changed my life about 3 years ago and your programming has really brought it up a notch. I'm all in and can't wait to continue testing limits and getting better! Thanks again!

Garage Crossfitter said...

PTS- Dawg you are an animal...wow...i did 2 FBG's for the first championship due to camera problems....crush it man.

Steve...welcome home!!
Rory and the ANVIL crew, stay safe over there.

Only thing i would have changed today is pushing much harder on wod 2 & 3, mentally weak after row....

Coach and staff at OPT- thanks for another great challenge this weekend...awesome awesome stuff.

Time to rest...

bso said...

WOD 1: http://vimeo.com/7611086

WOD 2: No video :(

WOD 3: http://vimeo.com/7611094

WOD 4: Video coming soon....

rwcorson said...

Rob - 1. 2.2
2. 1:45
3. 42 not 44
4. 11:49
1. 1.5
2. 3:13
3. 41

Mike Molloy said...

WOD 1: 2.06
WOD 2: 2:22
WOD 3: 57 reps
WOD 4: 11:03 (the hardest I've ever pushed in a workout)

Just for fun as the grad student life doesn't provide for video cameras...yet. However, David Sailor can vouch for my times and I can vouch for his. Also, thanks again to David for use of his amazing basement.

Hersh said...

1) 2.45 - 508.8/ 208
2) 2:23
3) 45
4) 12:49

Mike Molloy said...

Also, welcome home Steve and thanks you for all you do.

Wes, where you at??? I'm predicting utter destruction of the WODs by you today.

Becky said...

wod 1. 225/135= 1.6
wod 2. 2:54
wod 3. 8 rds+2= 50 reps
wod 4. 17:56 (i think, need to check video for that exact time)

video being posted later with all the other cf gp videos.

du's get me every time. i think that took up 6 min. of wod 4 for me. very yucky!!

PTS said...

Re-do on WOD 4 : 12:30. Crushed

Coach: Sifton pointed out to me that I only did 40 DU's on WOD 4 when I posted this afternoon. I have no idea why or how this occurred. For whatever reason I thought I was done then. Once I got over my initial rage I decided the only thing to do was to re-do the wod. GCF I took some inspiration from you doing 2 FGB's last time.

I did WOD 4 again as soon as I found this out which ended up being 3.5 hours after I finished WOD 4 the first time. I hope this re-do will count, if not I understand.

W1 : 2.4
W2 : 4:48
w3 : 55 reps
w4: 12:30

if this didn't make sense or you need more info email me at : patskinner15@hotmail.com

video soon- and this time I know I got it right. Sifton honestly thank you, I'm glad this caught in time that I could re-do it.

Brent Maier said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sHELLy said...

1) 1.9 (298/153)
2) 2:42
3) 36
4) 20:40 (as Rx'd!!! first time doing ring dips in a wod and first time doing more than 1!!!)

Great atmosphere at the Hound Pound today. Nice work Jefff, Lauren, KSC and Randy V! Thanks for counting and taping Matt!

PTS said...

WOD 4:


Surrey Sterling said...

Man what a buzy 2 days.
Last night and this AM spent writing my GED exams.

Hit wod 1-2-3 at 2:35pm pacific

Wod 1 - 2.30 399/173
Wod 2 - 3:34
Wod 3 - 24 burpees only
fucked up and didn't do CTB's did standard.

Wod 4 at 6:50PM

Wes hendricks said...

W1: 308.2/143 = 2.15 (weighed myself after breakfast this morning)

W2: 2:15


W3: 64 reps


W4: 10:54

first half:

second half:

And yes I am strange, I talk to myself when I WOD

Jefff said...

WOD #4 done (Thank God).

WOD #1- 356/160-162 = 2.2 (Scale jumps around)
WOD #2- 5:34 (2 failed rounds menas 2 extra rounds completed)
WOD #3- 42 (Gassed)
WOD #4- 15:15 (Ring dips wore me down. Relatively happy with C&J).

Videos should be posted later. Sorry in advance for the "F" bombs on WOD #4. Its like I can't control myself!

Brent Maier said...


WOD 1 (Row): 430/192 = 2.24
WOD 2: 1:48 (unbroken sets)
WOD 3: 51 (unbroken c2b's)
WOD 4: 14:18

The DU's in wod 4 took almost 3 minutes to complete. Mentally I got weak and didn't hold it together.

Repost... Didn't add WOD 2 correction. We're good, videos processing now.

evanz said...

#1. 2.31 - almost died with 350m left.
#2. 5:23 - Powersnatch was really tought and holding on to the bar, but got the snatch balance working.
#3. 54 total reps
4.5 hours later
#4. 12:56 BUT did not have a GHD so had to setup the big ball in a cage. So not really legit.
Sorry no video due to technical challenges.

Colin Jenkins said...

WOD 1: 408/168 = 2.43


WOD 2: 1:39


WOD 3: 53 Reps


WOD 4: 10:44


Another amazing and grueling challenge. I though I was going to puke during wod 3. Great job to everyone who tried this challenge!!!

rwcorson said...

Great to see so many new Dawgs posting. Awesome!!!
Ali, Unless you really f*&cked up everything, I wouldn't redo it all. Do the 4th wod & learn from the mistakes.

Anonymous said...

1. 344/160=2.156
2. 2:20
3. 51
4. 12:43
All done at OPT ,it was nice to meet everybody there thanks for the help, and all the time spent organizing this event, had a great time.
Good work by everybody.

Mark R said...

1. 269.7/160 = 1.69
2. 8:53
3. 46 reps
4. 20:43

Having issues posting videos at the moment.

Rob Sifton said...

PTS, Awesome work. You deserve the award of perseverence. Great intestinal fortitude to power through after the "rage".

Lots of respect from my end.

Rob Sifton said...

D. 16:09. Thanks evryone again for the push and critique during the WOD. G you made them easier in some sick way.

Great day @ OPT. The energy was infectious. Great to meet lots of the locals I have not had the pleasure before. Awesome numbers and efforts by all. Makes me realize how tough the regionals are going to be. Glad we have the best prepping us. Look forward to some days off. Then heading to Austin to hopefully meet some more of the dawg pound.

Totals are

Martin Altemark said...


WOD 1 - http://vimeo.com/7613446
WOD 2 - http://vimeo.com/7613755
WOD 3 - http://vimeo.com/7614404
WOD 4 - http://vimeo.com/7614906

Dammit. Still irritated about staying in comfort zone in 2 & 3. Also should have remembered to bring my byddy lee rope for wod 4 - sucking at DUs and having to use flexible kiddie rope from wrestling class is not a good combination. Definetly when totally fatigued! :-)

Thanks for today!

PS: Colin, Garage CF, Wes, PTS, Mike, rwcorson and well the rest of you - you freakin' beasts!

Sweeney said...

Wod 1 - 2.1 (rounded to 1 decimal)
Wod 2 - 7:00 on the nose
Wod 3 - 57 reps
Wod 4 - 12:46

All done at my new CF2 gym, by myself. Avoided OPT today as to not get caught up in the excitement and push myself to injury. (Thanks for the advice Geoff)

Very happy to be driving home injury(but not pain) free.

Next time will be in the heart of the atmosphere with my compadres!!!

Great job today everyone.

Kyle said...

W1 - 320/166 = 1.9
W2 - 3:10
W3 - 48
W4 - 21:04

Kyle F said...

WOD 1: 330/190 = 1.73
WOD 2: 1:58
WOD 3: 50 reps
WOD 4: 13:13

Not entering the competition. No camera for me. Should have gone a little harder in WOD 3. Very close to puking after WOD 4. Good times.

Justin Flynn said...

WOD 1: 2.35 avg.

WOD 2: 2:36

WOD 3: 58

WOD 4: 12:04 (Ring dips killed me and had to break many to get done. Everything else felt solid.)

Thanks everyone this was an awesome day. Thankyou James for doing all this. I love this shit.

Lauren said...

WOD 1: 1.7
WOD 2: 1:56
WOD 3: 32 reps
WOD 4: 17:24

Well done everyone!! Great day wodding with friends!!

Ill post videos as son as I figure it out!!

Katrina Burton said...

WOD 1 - 164/109 = 1.5
WOD 2 - 1:47
WOD 3 - 48
WOD 4 - 16:21

Thanks to everyone today. That was some great energy at OPT in the morning and it was great to see you all.
Big thanks to Chad, James, and Leighanne (and Cloe) yelling at me in that last one. "You look fresh keep going" haha nice one James... I definately wasn't feeling fresh when I got to those KBS and double unders.

bso said...

W4: http://vimeo.com/7616419

Chad Action Brandt said...


1.) 2.05
2.) 3:39 oh man I could have been way faster, I wish I had another crack at this.
3.) 48reps
4.) 11:43

Sweet job today Dawgs. Had good fun watching you all train, knowing the pain I went through the day before.
Man I wish I had number 2 redo! Lesson learned :-P

Geoff Aucoin said...

WOD #4: 10:58.

Pretty happy with that time but weak areas really highlighted here. Wanted to finish strong with the doubles but I was just gassed.

Happy overall with my performance; my training right now isn't really geared 100% for competitions so to be able to do alright while training to increase strength and power is very encouraging. Thanks to James for that.

A lot of inspirational stories at OPT today; seeing how so many members/clients/Dawgs have improved over the past year is really fun to watch.

KSC said...

1) 2.0

Vids to come, Jeff Shel and Lauren please let me know if my numbers are right I am going off memory here

marcus Allen said...

Way to go CFGP! Thanks again Chris D. you smoked it!

1. 317 watts/193#= 1.6
2. 3:19
3. 6 rounds+3= 39
4. 17:58

Chris D. will post vids for CFGP crew.

Great job everybody!

Major said...

Matt Major
CrossFit Ventura

WOD #1

WOD #2

WOD #3
42 Reps (7 Rounds)

WOD #4
19:02 (Ring Dips murdered me)

My first OPT Comp! I loved it and can't wait until #3!
Check my blog for todays post:

Chris Dunkin said...

W1: 2.4
W2: 2:20
W3: 45
W4: 9:15

wod 1,2,and 3: http://www.vimeo.com/7617376
wod4: http://www.vimeo.com/7617645

Thank you to James, the OPT crew, and all who participated. We had a blast here at CFGP.

Fly and Die did not serve me well on the row, and I way underestimated my ability to recover in 5min. Thought for sure I'd be ready to go for wod 2, but that was clearly not the case. I got to experience my first ever post wod dry heaves; good times. I was entirely focused on speed for wod 4; felt like I had a lot of making up to do.

joey warren said...

WOD #1
2.7 (477/179)

WOD #2



All the trainers from my gym and a few others did this today, I will post their scores soon.
Thanks OPT for putting this on, felt great and well prepared today.

Marcus Allen said...

Sorry guys, forgot to mention my #4 included blue band assisted ring dips.

Bob Cook said...

I am posting for 4 people from The Workout in Vancouver, Washington

Bob Cook
1. 1.88 (406W/215lbs)
2. 2:46 (PS, OHS, HPS, OHSx7 sets) modified for shoulder injury
3. 34
4. 15:16
Dustin Ward
1. 2.16 (400W/185lbs)
2. 2:34 (PS, OHS, HPS, OHSx7 sets) modified for prior shoulder surgery
3. 41
4. 16:00
Madison James
1. 1.71 (257W/150lbs)
2. 3:05
3. 35
4. 18:11
Chase Homer
1. 1.71 (257W/150lbs)
2. 4:28 (Just learned the snatch 1 week ago)
3. 30 (he’s 5’6” tall, so the 8ft target was a big jump for him)
4. 24:10 (just learned what double unders were yesterday)

We had some logistic problems with the camera, but this is all legit. We had a lot of fun and are appreciative of your efforts up there in Calgary. Thank you!

unit said...

results from the ANVIL today...

W1 – 1.9 http://www.vimeo.com/7614759
W2 – 2:03 http://www.vimeo.com/7614933
W3 – 20 http://www.vimeo.com/7615059
W4 – 14:38 http://www.vimeo.com/7615968

W1 – 1.4 http://www.vimeo.com/7616836
W2 – 7:43 http://www.vimeo.com/7616950 [45lb bar]
W3 – 36 http://www.vimeo.com/7617281 [Chin over Bar]
W4 – 16:46 problems w/ video… subbed band assisted RDs, 65lb C&J, 12lb med ball

W1 – 2.2 http://www.vimeo.com/7617417
W2 – 1:09 http://www.vimeo.com/7617537 [nearly 8 rounds… missed a squat snatch and had to repeat a round]
W3 – 60 http://www.vimeo.com/7617603
W4 – 9:49 http://www.vimeo.com/7617829

W1 – 2.6 http://www.vimeo.com/7618095
W2 – 1:23 http://www.vimeo.com/7618215
W3 – 63 http://www.vimeo.com/7618265
W4 – 8:34 http://www.vimeo.com/7618332


Potomac Crossfit said...

Row 1.95
Snatch 2:38
B/P 48
Chipper 14:57

Row 1.47
Snatch 2:08
B/P 39
Chipper 18:34

Row 1.78
Snatch 2:11
B/P 42
Chipper 14:59

Row 1.77
Snatch 1:12
B/P 48
Chipper 12:04

Row 1.41
Snatch 1:56
B/P 54
Chipper 14:04

Videos are getting compiled now and will be posted ASAP.

Ali Loach said...

Thanks for the advice Rob. I ended up with no time for the second WOD since Keith had some issues with his watch and didn't end up getting it started until I had 2 sets left. I'll give it a go again tomorrow for the fun of it!

Gord said...

wod 1- 2.1
wod 2- 2:42
wod 3- 57 reps
Wod 4- 12:16

Great Job all. Thanks James for organizing this again.

Laura said...

wod 1 -1.5
wod 2-3:26
wod 3-46 reps
wod 4-16:20

EHR said...

Eric R
1. 2.1
2. 2:21
3. 48
4. 11:04

Doug Zirkle said...

WO1: 2.26
WO2: 6:26 (scaled to 75#)
WO3: 30 reps
WO4: 17:30 (C&J scaled to 115#)

Thank you, James; I had fun today.

Lisa M said...

1. 1.9
2. 3.54 brutal redid a hang clean then James informed me that i actually has to re do the whole round wasted precious time and obviously shows damn
3. 30/32 not sure if last 2 ctbs count as didn't finish the round??
4. 17:24 damn those ring dips everything else felt great

thanks everyone at OPT it was awesome energy and encouragement. Thanks for the hospitality Gord and Laura

Alex Duncan said...

First time following OPTs training cycle, loved it, and loved this competition.
Did the workouts here in Gagetown, New Brunswick

WOD #1: 376.5/193=1.95
WOD #2: 5:05
WOD #3: 55 Reps
WOD #4: 14:22

unit said...


no vids...

W1 - 800m run 3:56
W2 - 4:13
W3 - 33 (band assisted pullups)
W4 - 18:14 (65lb c&j, bench dips, 12lb med ball)


Rory and April, thanks 4 the warm welcome, food, memories and atmosphere this wk/wknd... will miss u both... great job 2day crew!... and all of y'all out there!... it's a heck of a community and I'm grateful 2 b a part of it... thanks coach...

Mike@CFCochrane said...

W1- 2.02
W2- 8:06- had to do an extra round!
W3- 41
W4- 17:43

Last minute decision to do this, I'm not a regular follower of the WOD's here but am always watching to see what you're up to. Forgot to press record for W1 and on W4 my camera shut off at 10:06 of 17...... Looks like this one os for fun but will be more prepared next time. Did better than I expected, will post my vids on my site when they finally load.
Nice work everyone!

Joseph Weigel said...

1. 353.4/170= 2.08
2. 1:39
3. 60 reps
4. 9:33
No videos just following the blog.

Michael McCabe said...

W1: 2.2
W2: 2:24
W3: 54
W4: 13:09 (knees to elbows for ghd)

-will have a video camera for the next comp.

*as a side note for the scoring of the overall big dawg championship, for the first comp i entered under the name "tusk", then switched to my real name this time around

Joel B. said...

W1: 2.22
W2: (1st attempt) 2:21; do-over: 2:39
accidentally did hang power snatch instead of hang squat snatch...did it over after 5 min rest.
W3: 48
W4: 14:31

Video link is taking a while. I will post it when it is ready.

Greg Soneff said...

Here is the video for the first 3 WODs. I just left the camera running throughout all three


I really felt like I pushed myself during the workouts but upon video review I think I am lacking some intensity. Looking forward to the next challenge!

YoungManRumble said...

W1: 2.5 (433/173lbs)
W2: 4:25
W3: 47 reps finished at 2:45pm
W4: 12:07 started at 6:45pm

Well today was a good day all things considered. The local comp I entered last week left me pretty beat up for this one.


W1: 2.5 i was happy about that score but that that left me with little juice for W2 and W3.

W2: Complexes are my goat. Looking at the video I could have gunned it a little harder but I was spent.

W3: I was looking for a mid 50 score seeing how burpees and CTB are strong points of my game. It was simply a matter of a empty tank.

W4: It was cool 4 degrees outside when Surrey and I ripped it up. I'm happy with my time, I gotta man up on the wallballs and ghds (wish my gym had one) these slowed me down. But i did manage to string 75dus in a row at the end. Also thanks to Surrey's wife for the camera work.

Vids are on the way...

Chris Fodera said...

Weigh in & Burpee Height Measurement

WOD 1: 2.4 (411/171.6)

WOD 2: 9:02

WOD 3: 51

WOD 4: 11:51

WOD 1 felt ok, but I was starting to gas significantly toward the end. I kept my stroke count in a range I felt acceptable, but my pace dropped like crazy.

WOD 2 crushed me; not only was I not 100% recovered from WOD 1, but OHS and Snatch are two things that eat me alive. I know I have form technique issues because every time I do either of them the outside of my right knee feels like hell. Bending it afterward is crazy painful. Had 1 brain fart where I started to do the HSS before the OHS and I also had two dropped HSSs.

WOD 3 is somewhat of a blur to me right now. I felt like I could have pushed a little harder early and still maintained the pace I finished with.

WOD 4 was brutal on the Right knee...the first 4 exercises really took their toll on it and I am paying for it now. Was hoping for 4 sets of 5 for Clean and Jerk, but no such luck. Ring Dips I partitioned before I hit total fatigue in a set. WBs I partitioned as needed, like Ring Dips. GHDs felt food until about 20. I could have made it to 30 unbroken KBS, but would have destroyed my DUs. Intentionally partitioned DUs b/c didn't think 75 unbroken was possible at that point and didn't want to enter the realm of singles due to muscle fatigue.

Brent Maier said...

1) Row felt good, didn't go all out. Saved some for #2.
2) Have a hard time dropping weight down to my back. Defining the movements slowed me down a bit. I think I could wack 30+ seconds off of this without having to drop the bar and smoothing up the transitions.
3) The unbroken requirement here is what jacked me up. I was afraid to miss some and took a little long on the breaks. 3 minutes isn't a lot of time.
4) I'm disappointed on this one. DU's and ring dips sucked the most for me on this one. I questioned my hip extension at the top of the lunges at the beginning and corrected it pretty quick. WOD's are tough like this. I need a person on video and another dedicated to timer, counting reps, and ensuring full range of motion is met to keep me on track. Next time I'll have more help. I'm just glad I recovered from that crap I had the last week enough to compete this weekend!

WOD 1-3: http://www.youtube.com/user/CrossfitBrent#p/u/2/ULrplpkZDkM
WOD 4 - 1st Half
WOD 4 - 2nd Half

Thanks James for arranging the event, as always, it was a fun and humbling experience!

Martin Altemark said...

Played with video editing program: http://vimeo.com/7622194

Paul Klein said...

Ok, can someone please help me here.
I screwed up the snatch complex and dropped the bar twice and didn't redo the whole set.

I am going to redo the first three workouts this morning. Two questions:
1. Should I redo the the entire thing including WOD 4? Or should I just do the WODs 1, 2, and 3 and combine them with yesterdays wod 4?

My scores so far are as follows:
W1: 430.7 / 185 = 2.33

W2: 3.54

W3: 33 reps

W4: 13.50

Regardless, I am going to redo the first 3 just so I can live with myself knowing I went by the rules.

Joel B. said...

Here is my video.


The PU/Burpee was death after doing the snatch complex 2X. Ring dips took forever right after the c&j, which also took me forever.

Thanks very much for this competition, coach! I had a great time and love this stuff! Great job by all you dawgs out there!

rwcorson said...

I would just do 1-3.

Mark R said...

Here is Mark's video from yesterday. It is in the process of converting @ www.vimeo.com

title: MRosenquistOPTChallenge11-14-09


Paul Klein said...

Thanks rwcorson,

I just finish the first 3 wods (again). It feels like the movie groundhogs day. Videos are uploading now. I am ready to rest!

Surrey Sterling M/173/5'10"/39 said...

Hit wod 1-2-3 at 2:35pm pacific

Wod 1 - 2.30 399/173
Wod 2 - 3:34
Wod 3 - 24 burpees only **

**fucked up and didn't do CTB's did standard

Hit Wod 4 at 6:50PM in the dark.

Wod 4 - 15:29


I'm still trying to get over some chest cold and I found I was gassing really fast in all wods.

I left some gas in the tank after the row and found the complex to be the best of the three. Happy with my time. Snatch feels like it is improving.

Wod 3 was going well but I messed it up completely. Wrong order and standard pullups.

WOD 4 buried me. I was fully gassed half way through the C&J's. My dips took for ever I was just out of fuel. Thanks to Rumble and my wife for pushing me through. I haven't felt like quiting in a very very long time.

Wall balls still suck and we need more GHD practice as our affiliate doesn't have one.

Thanks to OPT and his crew for co-ordinating and putting on a great challange.

Working on Videos now

joey warren said...

Crossfit Cadence

As rx'ed

1) 2.4
2) 7:16
3) 48

1) 1.8
2) 2:07
3) 52
4) 12:03

1) 1.52
2) 3:1
3) 36
4) 14:12

1) 2.1
2) 5:32
3) 60
4) 11:18


1) 1.4
2) 4:51
3) 48
4) 20:16 (ring push ups)

1) 1.6
2) 3:20 (45lb)
3) 31
4) 20:23

2) 2:43 (45lb)
3) 52
4) 21.19

Mike Mac
1) 1.7
2) 3:02 (45lb)
3) 48
4) 18:20

rwcorson said...

I watched a few of the videos this morning, great work Dawgs.
General comments as a reminder for everyone:
1) Watch your ROM.
Ring dips - you need to start at full arm extension and then touch the biceps to the rings and back to full extension.
C & J - full lock out at the top.
2) KBS - I saw some chests facing the floor, instead of being more upright. Use hip extension to move the KB, not back extension. The KB should be in line with the arms over head, not ahead of the arms.
3) Push Up Burpees - the chest needs to hit the deck.
I can guarantee that not meeting these standards at a qualifier or Games will result in wasted reps. Keep the standard high in training and you will be able to crank out the reps no problem when it really counts.
My $0.02.

Paul Klein said...

Ok this is my final post today!

The results are:
W1: 392.8 / 185lbs = 2.12

W2: 2.44 (no broken sets this time)

W3: 49 reps (8 rounds + 1 pull up)

W4: 13.50

I am spent, doing wods 1 2 and 3 two days in row killed me. My row on Saturday was 2.33 and fell to 2.12 on Sunday. However, I puked Saturday during the rest period before wod 3. No puking today!

I have a long way to go to getting "comfortable with uncomfortable". I think it would help to have people cheering me on. It gets awful quiet in my garage alone with just my thoughts and some punk rock music.

Thank you James and everyone at OPT for organizing these events. Great work to everyone here, there are some amazing times posted.

Rory, your snatch complex video is outstanding! You have the heart of a lion.

Surrey said...

Experiencing issues uploading video. My old camera's use DV tapes and after an hour of trouble shooting looks like a bad cable. Heres my mess.


Paul Klein said...


that looks like something from back to the future!

Sweeney said...


I too am having issues with uploading on to Vimeo. I'll keep trying.

WOD 2: My depth at the bottom of the squat is suspect on most reps and brutal on a few. I was controlling the depth to guard against a recent injury and consequestly the form is weak, at best.

Therefore, I'll take a DQ on the competition as my WOD 2 is not to OPT form standards.

Form on the rest of the WOD's was good, I think. Corson and Aucoin (our local form police) can verify and provide any pointers for the future. The feedback is always welcome as I know you guys know your $hit.

I'm stoked to have completed all 4 WOD's though. It was a huge mental test and I will take what I've learned from Comp's 1 and 2 and apply it to my training and future tests.


Geoff Aucoin said...

Where is Flemming's WOD #4 video, I heard it's a good laugh?!?

YoungManRumble said...

W1: still working on it...

W2: http://www.vimeo.com/7619382

W3: http://www.vimeo.com/7619810

W4: http://www.vimeo.com/7625057

Bob Cook said...

I have spent hours trying multiple times to download our videos to vimeo with no success. We did have to modify the workout for the snatch complex as mentioned before, which I realized after it was too late gave us 1 less full squat per set. My mistake. We also subbed KTE for GHD sit ups. Everything else is as written.

Thanks again!

Sweeney said...

Sorry for the delay on this. Better never than late I usually say, but I've never been opposed to a double standard....

WOD 1: http://vimeo.com/7633353

WOD 2: http://vimeo.com/7633702

Aucoin and Corson, take it easy on me here.

WOD 3: http://vimeo.com/7633848

WOD 4: Coming soon

Ryan @ CFGP said...

Male / 32 yrs old / 5'11'' / 205 lbs

WOD 1: 2.0

WOD 2: 3:35

WOD 3: 46 reps

WOD 4: 14:46

Very fatigued after 800 row.
Snatch mentally destroys me, worried about failing and slow down way too much.
Very happy with WOD 3, C2B as been hard for me to accomplish.
Could not catch my breath and get a rhythm on the DU's.
Thanks to OPT for the training and the competition. My first CrossFit comp and loved it. Love the folks from CrossFitGP, Dunkin rocks. Thanks to my wife Becky, Kurt, Marcus, Tony, Katie, Jon, and all the others, for the mutual encouragement and support.

Justin Flynn said...

Sorry OPT I was given a new camera and it took me a while to figure out how to upload. Here are WODS 1,2,3. The fourth should be up shortly.

WOD 1: http://vimeo.com/7632238

WOD 2: http://vimeo.com/7632599

WOD 3: http://vimeo.com/7631595

WOD 4: working on it.

Sweeney said...

I'm a techno dork...

Wod 4: http://vimeo.com/7634686

Justin Flynn said...

Right there with you Sweeney.

Wod 4: http://vimeo.com/7634720

Shaun Eagen said...

Wod 1 461/222=2.1
Wod 2 1:29
Wod 3 55 reps
Wod 4 10:18

working on videos, they are on multiple cameras, sorry

will said...

no video or rowing machine
wod 2 210
wod 3 6 rounds
wod 4: done with 30 min break because i was pressed for time 12 min
way to go guys there were some really amazing times out there

Chris Dunkin said...

Becky Clark Video's


Video's for Ryan Clark, and Marcus Allen


I hope to be forgiven for my delinquency on getting these posted. There was great effort and intensity at CFGP this Saturday right along with some very mediocre media planning and execution.

Ryan and Marcus have already posted their times, and Becky will have to chime in with her score for wod 1.

CF Hampton Roads said...

Here's WOD's 1 and 2 finally uploaded. Scores posted Sat evening.


WOD 3 will be up soon.


davidMMM said...

WOD 1 437/185=2.36
WOD 2 3:11
WOD 3 6 rounds plus 3
WOD 4 12:08

thanks for the support guys


davidMMM said...

did at opt
forgot that part

YoungManRumble said...

Sorry fot the multiple posts....

W1 - http://www.vimeo.com/7619499

W2: http://www.vimeo.com/7619382

W3: http://www.vimeo.com/7619810

W4: http://www.vimeo.com/7625057

W1: 2.5 (433/173lbs)
W2: 4:25
W3: 47 reps finished at 2:45pm
W4: 12:07 started at 6:45pm

Surrey Sterling said...

Swapped out my firwire card and a new cable.

Wod 1- http://www.vimeo.com/7650264

Wod 2- http://www.vimeo.com/7650783

Wod 3 - Done incorrectly. No CTB and Wrong order - DQ on this one:


Becky said...

wod 1 was 1.6
wod 2 2:54
wod 3 8 rds plus 2

wod 4, i still have to watch the video to see what my time actually was.

Sugar Shane said...

Did them all today after work. Preparing for a kid is a time consuming thing.

WOD 1: 401.1 Watts/185 lbs = 2.17
-everything felt good up to 600 meters then my legs felt like they were on fire.

WOD 2: 3:32
-I definitely need to work on my snatch and OHS. The weight was comfortable, but I slowed down to make sure I kept "good" form.

WOD 3: 62 reps
- I think the fact that I'm weighing 15 pounds less than I did this summer really helped on this one

WOD 4: 16:23
-lunges straight through
- Did 10 Clean and jerk then sets of 2 and 3 reps to get to 20
-broke ring dips into sets of 10
- did 10, 10, 5 for wall balls
-10, 10, 10 for situps
-15, 15 for KBS
-Went unbroken on double unders to 48. Then pieced the last 27 together at smaller reps.

Slater Coe said...

WOD 1 - 359.8
Huge drop-off from my 600-700 watt pulls earlier in this 45 day schedule... I have no clue what I was doing that made this so terrible...
359.8/215 = 1.65

WOD 2 - 1:59
Only dropped the bar once (between the 4th and 5th set), but that was enough to disappoint me.

WOD 3 - 51 reps
I weigh a lot more than Shane... and I'm a pussy.

WOD 4 - 13:32
Just tried to keep moving at all times

md said...

Better late than never, I guess. What a week!! I got stuck at work with no equipment until late sunday. So i figured i'd do it today. Got everything ready and 8 seconds into the row, my camera dfo's. So late and no video but...

w.1 - 2.0
w.2 - 1:59
w.3 - 61
w.4 - 10:48

Thanks coach for putting this together.

Lauren said...


Here is the link of wods 2-4 of Jefff and KSC, and wods 2 and 3 of Shelly and Lauren. Wods 4 coming soon.

ken c said...

did it for fun on monday before and after my crossfit clases. a little over 3 hours in between.

W1 1.94 (360/185)
W2 2:02
W3 60
W4 10:56

went out too fast on the row. should have hung on to the bar for the first 3 rounds of the snatch complex. pull up/burpee was good. nice chipper. might have been able to shave some time here or there but probably not enough to be sub 10.

Mark R said...

regarding MRosenquist's video - His videographer (me) trimmed too much from the Snatch complex WOD. It looks like he didn't do all the movements - believe me he did!! Hope it doesn't cause too much trouble. THanks!! Theresa R.

dmarsh said...

WOD 1: 1.9
WOD 2: 1:54
WOD 3: 54 reps

Puked in my mouth at rep 40 in the PU/Burpee and had to take a second to get my bearings and hold it down. Would've liked 60 reps. Rowing getting better but still a major weakness.

Will not have time for WOD 4 today. Could not complete these over the weekend as I was teaching the Level 1 cert at Ft Meade and Monday was awash but figured better late than never. Did not video record as I figured it was a moot point but happy to be able to post some numbers.

Thanks OPT for great programming and looking forward to meeting you this weekend in Austin.

rwcorson said...

Nice work Ken C.

ken c said...

thanks rob. hope all is well with you guys.

Lauren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lauren said...

super delayed video


and i messed up on my time, it was really 17:04