day 44/45

Squat Clean - build to a weight that feels fast for 1; no struggle out of bottom
Chin Ups - 3 sets of 10 unbroken - high speed
3 rds:
20 double unders
Row 20 sec
rest 1 min

workouts released later Thursday for Nov 14th
all in local area are welcome to OPT to participate


PTS said...

everything felt good this morning. ready to rock this weekend.

Dave X said...

Squat clean: 195. Light, pop out of the bottom.
Chins: Unbroken. Getting kip down.
MetCon: Smooth and steady. Focused on power stroke and timing.

I'll be checking the site all day until the WODs are posted for Saturday!!

Ryan B. said...

Squat Clean- 175lbs (felt strong)

pullups- unbroken/strong/need to work on speed tho...

Metcon- felt good, still need to do alot of work on DU'S

Lisa M said...

Just got my powerfirm lifting shoes I am so excited however it seems like there is a little slipage in my heel does anyone know if this means they are too big. They fit lengthwise but aren't tight like I have heard most people describe. It would totally suck if they are too big but at the same time I don't want to have wasted $125. Any input would be appreciated

Steve Smith said...

I've been on the road and on mission for just over a month straight. I only managed to workout twice that whole time, but today, I'm back.

Should be leaving Iraq on 14 NOV. Will be trying to squeeze in the competition to celebrate.

As always, Coach, thanks for all the time and effort you put into this.

This is going to hurt. 3, 2, 1...Go!

PTS said...

welcome back Steve, glad to hear you will be trying to squezze the comp in.

unit said...

at the ANVIL 2day WODing with Rory...

gm2-- 225... felt deep and smooth
Rory-- 275... "that felt ez"... said the robot gorilla

gm2-- hang / kip / frog (all covp)
Rory-- butterfly / frog (covp) / frog (covp)

gm2-- 1:21 / 1:19 / 1:19 avg
Rory-- 1:16 / 1:19 / 1:20 avg

we did some grip work at the end... softball grip with weight, hangs, CoC, reverse static hold, etc...


Wes hendricks said...

Squat clean - 215 in 10 minutes, not to difficult

Chin ups - all unbroken CTB 1 min rest between

3rds: unbroken du/107 meters each round

Felt surprisingly good today, even w/ massive amount of stress from exams, and lack of sleep last night. Some how made it through week...the comp will be fun can't wait!

Rob Sifton said...

SClean up to 150, felt really good

chin ups all unbroken, break vertical. 45sec rest
all took 12 sec or less for 10.

3 rounds felt great. All really fast DU's and not broken. Rows were good for getting the flywheel moving quick

look fwd to Sat and the WOD release later today

Chris Dunkin said...

PC: up to 205
Chins: butterfly
DU/row: 1 break on du's in rd. 1

looking forward to the weekend.

Colin-you out there?

Joel B. said...

Clean up to 155.
Chins: combo of trad kip chin over bar and bfk.
DU/Row felt fast/good.

Looking forward to seeing the events!

unit said...

posting 4 April...

A- 85lbs (ties PR)... felt reeeealy gd
B- sets of 5, focusing on speed...
C- many breaks on DU... rows 2:00 / 2:01 / 1:57 avgs

nice work 2 day April...


Lisa M said...

SC 130 felt good in my new shoes just stuck and insert in them and they feel much better. concentrated on "standing up" explosive.

Pullups all unbroken 45 sec rest rhythmn felt a little off today

DUs easy rows 1:43 ave felt good

did some light snatch work and wall balls - managed to string 15 together and all easily over 10 ft yay!!

butterflies already in anticipation of the weekend. Tommorrow lots of stretching, massage, and some good eats!!

Sweeney said...

1st time doing any squatting since injuring the groin during last BD comp.

SC: 135 felt easy but stopped

Chins: Butterfly/Chin over bar/Chest to bar

DU/Rows: No breaks, felt good.

Super pumped to test the adductor muscle today and even more super pumped to be back on the blog.

YoungManRumble said...

Squat Clean - 100kg
Chins - frog kip
DU's / Row - unbroken / 1:28ish avg

Steve Smith said...

Squat Clean: 225lbs; Felt fast and smooth.

Pull-ups: Butterfly/Frog/Supline

Mini-Metcon: DU all unbroken. Sub 95lb SDHP for row. Felt good.

This felt suprisingly good today. We'll see how a little more than one month off feels on Saturday!

Rob Sifton said...

Welcome back to Sweeney and Steve,

travel safe Steve, look forward to seeing both of you posting lots again.

rwcorson said...

Squat clean 185
pull ups un broken
missed a few Dbls

Omar Arvizu said...

Clean 217# felt fast and built up quick and confident
Pull-ups were wobly but quick and neck was at bar level
MEtcon was quick but focus on pulling the hell on rower and getting 2- unbroken DUs

Surrey Sterling said...

Squat Clean 100KG PR
Chins - all BF and fast
DU's/Row - Broken/1:35

Sweeney said...


Can you shoot me an e-mail?


Kyle F said...

Lisa M,

How did the butterfly kip go? Did you get it?

Joel B. said...

Holy cow, Dawgs! It looks like I will have to take a break from the WODs starting mid January. I just got a conditional offer of employment from a great local fire department.

If memory serves, there are a couple people on here that are in the fire service. Should I do anything different--in addition to big dawgs over the next couple months before your opinion?

Scotty Hagnas said...

Welcome back, Sweeney and Steve!

Good luck to everyone this weekend!

Ryan B. said...

Congrats Joel B!!

Firefighter = best job ever!!

ive been on the job now for almost 2 years, and i LOVE every minute of it!!!

David said...

chin up felt fine
DU getting better, rows fine

evanz said...

175 felt good while doing them but after setting the weight down my back would bother me again.
Chins were good.
DU's and rowing were not a problem.

Chris Fodera said...

Squat Clean: 190 and felt really quick
ChinUps: Worked butterfly kip, felt good
Row/DUs: 4:19 with rest included...tripped up a couple times on DUs. Worked foot positioning and power strokes on row

PWO: 40gP (MRM shake), 10gC (mashed yams w/ cinnamon)
50 min later: turkey, apple, almond butter

Lisa M said...

Ha Kyle i totally gave up for now i really feel like a complete spaz i think i need someone who knows how to watch me and help me. I watched hours of video and kept trying but it was just getting too frustrating, and my shoulders and hands were killing me so for now i will kip my brains out...

good luck this weekend if you are competing

Mike Molloy said...

Glad to hear you're back safe and sound Steve.

Squat Clean- 185. Light and easy.

Pull Ups- Chest to bar frog kip

DU/Row- averaged 1:30/500 on the rows.

bso said...

Tall clean practice up to 145x3.
Squat clean doubles at 165... 3rd pull is already getting better.

Pullups... frogs and butterflies were equally fast for me. Frogs take less concentration, but feels like I could get faster at butterfly with practice.

Rowing: 114 @ 5, 117 @ 7, 111 @ 9
Doubles: worked on high speed. Tripped up third set a couple times.

Practice pistol negatives and bottom holds.

Powell Raise.

Justin Flynn said...

205 felt explosive out of bottom. Did some halting deadlifts to work the 1st to second pull transition.

Chins- Regular kip. 14 seconds about per 10 pullups

Double unders- worked on going faster and played with holding the jump rope handle a bit different.
1:30 pace on rower was about right.

Paul Klein said...

Great to see that you are back Steve.

Hit it hard Saturday and travel home safe!

Brent Maier said...

SC: 225# - Started losing speed at this weight.
PU: Unb with varied movements, blazing!
DU/Row: Sucked

Still no events... It's like christmas!

Horrible workout for me tonight still fighting sickness. See all you big dawgs on Saturday!

Brent Maier said...
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Slater Coe said...

A. Up to 215 before form started getting shaky and was slow out of the bottom... stopped there
B. chest-to-bar... easy enough... worked on butterfly kip afterwards for sets of 10 and it's finally coming around.
C. Foot felt funny from the squat cleans so skipped double unders and did tabata row... covered 105-120m per 20 sec... about 1:30/500m pace for all rounds... pathetic.

Followed it up with practice on Handstand Pushups, L-Sits, and One-Legged Pistols.

Lindsey said...

Been on the IR the last couple days due to chronic back issues but thankfully back at it today.

SC- did from a hang instead, trying not to push my luck with my back- got 95 hang clean/ass to grass twice which is a PR for the clean! Felt pretty easy and no back issues!

Pullups- band assisted unbroken - felt quick

Metcon: had to sub row with barbell due to no rower. Got 16 DUs in a row today which is a new PR! A little bittersweet... Psyched to get 16 but mad I couldn't get those last 4!! My first unbroken set is within reach!!

Good luck to all this weekend!

Jefff said...

Squat Clean - 175#
Chins - Butterfly
DUs - Straight Through
Rows - 110m each row

Joseph Weigel said...

squat clean 255
pull ups felt fast and smooth
DU fast and played with damper for rows

April said...

Nice job Lindsey!

Doug Zirkle said...

Done yesterday afternoon, just didn't get around to posting until now.

Right elbow was a little sore, so kept it light on the cleans. Also did some clean shrugs and clean pulls to try and improve my technique.

Pull-ups all frog kick. These are getting faster, but still have a ways to go to be really fast.

One DU miss; otherwise unbroken. Rows were good; ~1:30/500m pace.