M - phase 2

Run 1 mile
(Athlete must increase speed and intensity per 400 m so that last 400 m is the same speed as your 90 percent 400 m)
I.E. 60,70,80,90 percent
Rest 3 min
As many sets in 4 min:
30 unbroken double unders
(Athlete MUST stop at each 30)
Rest 3 min
Run 1 mile
(Reverse order of 1st mile...400's in 90,80,70,60 percent efforts)
Rest 3 min
Attempt in 6 x 30 second intervals;
20 double unders within each 30 second interval on a repeat 30 second interval timer
Rest 3 min
Run 1 mile as cool down, focus on form..keep effort below 80 percent

Post double under scores and notes of running to comments


PTS said...

ah the solitude of the track at 5am. on empty stomach. this is 3rd time on empty stomach and it just doesn't work for me.

first run - 6:22. could not make myself go to 90%. once I got settled in that 70% pace I couldn't chage gears. mile time is usually 5:40ish.

double unders- 6 unbroken sets of 30. also had a set of 28.

second run.- 7:02. couldn't get it even close to 90%.

second double unders- fast/easy. 20 unbroken from the start of every interval.

David X said...

Phew! It's feels great to be back at it again after vacation. Thanks again Josh for all your help. It was awesome to hang with one of the Big Dawgs for the afternoon. BTW: I've watched that muscle-up video about 1,000,000 times so far!

This AM:
First run:
Tweaked my hamstring playing some beach football, which made going at 80-90% very, um, painful...

Time was 7:36.

Double unders: 0, however my sets were all broken deep in the count--all after the 19th rep.

Second run:
7:41. More of the same except the initial start was less painful, but a pain in the ass nontheless.

Second doubleunders: all sets with 20 reps, except the 4th when my shoe came untied.

Final mile: slow and deliberate. I didn't even time it.

Despite eating like shit for 1/2 the vacation (other 1/2 strict paleo!) and not getting near enough sleep, I felt okay. I needed this WOD for a good sweat to clear my system and test my hammie.

Rory Hanlin said...

Coach, you'll be happy to know that the US Army Special Warfare School has been introduced to the concepts of OPT.

I ran PT today and introduced my team to OPT training concepts. Baby steps...

12 Sets of stairs (40 steps), working on explosion

First run: 6:34

25 Burpees for time: 56 seconds

Second run: 7:28

100m Buddy Carry: 23 seconds

25 Burpees: 1:07

Ten minute rest

Bench Press 275x5, 275x5, 280x5

Rob Ottesen said...

Yes Rory indeed it was a great day in the history of SWC. Glad we were able to do this to show some of the guys a baby taste of what CF is.

12 sets of stairs

1st Run 6:50

25 burpees 54 sec

2nd run 8:00 horribly outta gas

25 burpees 59 sec gave it all i had.

bench 225x5 210x5 210x5

good day to say the least. hope we can get more people involved down here. some guys are totally not into it others you can tell are starting to ask more about it so well see.

Chris Dunkin said...

1st DU's: 7 sets
2nd DU's: all 6 unbroken

Didn't time runs. Felt best on last 200m of 3rd run when I relaxed my shoulders and neck. Unit's "toes up" cue seemed to help on the 90% efforts during the first 2 runs; seemed to get my center of gravity forward.

Steve Smith said...

Rory and Rob: Good to hear you guys are paving the way. I'm on orders for Selection in FEB, then MCCC in MAR. Hope OPT/CF are well in the genes of the Q by the time I come around (assuming I get selected!).


Cindy w/ 45# vest - 12 rounds. Max w/o vest is 29 rounds.

1st Run - 5:54 (Treadmill)

Double-Unders - 4 sets complete, 3 sets broken betw/ 24-29 reps (yes, breaking a set at 29 was a bit frustrating).

2nd Run - 6:34 (Treadmill) - Hit the first 400m right at 90%, then I fell apart.

Double-Unders - All completed unbroken.

34g Prot/52g Carb (Whey and Endurox Mix)

What do folks on here think of training twice a day?

Garage Crossfitter said...

Mile 1
Mile 2
1:38 (opps)

6 sets of 30 unbroken double unders and 7th set i got 28 and messed up

all 6 sets of 20 double unders done easily in under 30 sec.

cool down= 9:30

calves sore and right shin, favoring right side maybe?

Garage Crossfitter said...

Coach puts in plenty of doubles and sometimes triples....i am sure they are coming down the pipeline...

Sweeney said...

1st Run: 6:39

DU: 6 sets complete. Missed 2nd set at 24

2nd Run: 6:56

The second run felt like I traded in my running shoes for a pair of Rory's boots.

2nd DU: all complete.

Cool down: 800m trot.

My calves are smoked and have been for 2 weeks now. These DU's are taking their toll on this old body.

KSC said...

1) First run felt good; Natural progression for me to speed up.

2) 6 sets unbroken Dub Und

3) Second run felt long and dragging, hard mentally to stay at lower intensity when body felt some recovery.

4) All sets reached 20 du; only three sets unbroken.

5) Last mile 60-70% and it felt like running; what I mean by this is “I don’t like the feeling of running, so it sucked”.

Evan Johnston said...

Runs as rx'd. Moving up to 90 percent I found was much easier then keeping the 80 70 and 60 percent on the second mile. At CFC so turn around every 200m

1st set of du's: very frustrating kept getting between 17 and 25 in all my sets and unable to push through to 30 without messing up. Something I definitely need to be working on.

2nd set of du's: straight through...guess I just need to focus on the high rep du's.

funinthesun said...

First run 7:54
2:08 5:23/km
2:02 5:05/km
1:54 4:48/km
1:46 4:23/km

6 rounds of 30 unbroken double unders...tripped a few times early then had good timimng.

Second run 7:39
4:44/km oops

6 sets of double unders straight through unbroken

Last mile moderate pace 7:58

Erik Luber said...

1st mile: 6:34
1st DU: 5 sets (30/30/30/30/8/30)
2nd mile: 7:21
2nd DU: All sets reached 20 DU. 4 sets unbroken
3rd mile: 6:48

Really polarized workout; best day of DUs in my life, but arguably worst running. Would have been very happy with 4 sets of 30 DUs, felt smooth like butter. Was aiming for a 5:40 on the mile...legs felt an extra 20 lbs heavy today. 2nd mile killed me, after the 90% start I was toast, think I ran a 2min 400 m after.

My right calf has been in a lot of pain after these last few workouts. Especially with all the running and skipping we have been doing. Figured it was time for some new shoes. Went out and spent a solid 400$ on shoes after this WOD...hopefully that should make things a bit better.

Steve Smith said...

Funinthesun - How in the world do you accidentally triple?!? I'm not sure if I should be amazed or disbelief!

Scotty Hagnas said...

1st mile: 7:12'. Last 400=1:28', missed my 90% time of 1:19'
Scaled this one to sets of 15, only made one. My first jump rope broke in the middle of this.
2nd mile: 7:03'. 1st 400@90%=1:14' - oops, little faster than target.
Double unders=didn't quite get 20 in any, but ~15 on most.
3rd mile- 8:27' Easy pace.

PWO: 30p/50c Turkey sausage, yams, applesauce, green drink.

Surrey Sterling said...

1st mile was
Achilles is still giving me grief.

DU's 30/30/30/20/30/30/30

2 Run 7:51 total.
First lap was 1:30 last lap was 2:22

6x20 4 unbroken

Geoff Aucoin said...

Run 1 in 6:27 and felt pretty good.

5 rounds in 4 minutes, missed at 28th rep of round 6 because (get this) the frickin' rope wrapped itself around my right wrist!? Right arm issue was in full effect so I guess the wacky form I was using to get the last 5 reps caused the miscue. I was pretty pissed off with that.

Run 2 was over 30 sec slower so I guess that tells me I'm better at speeding up rather than slowing down? Good testing for the mental aspects of running; which is where I sorely lack.

I got all 6 sets of 20 reps but I missed at around rep 16 of the 4th set because (get this) the rope hit a lip in the rubber mat! SHOOT! I re-grouped quickly and just got the 20 reps but that put me under the gun something fierce to get the last 2!

Run 3 was about 7:30, really focused on breathing and POSE running.

Another good WOD for my 'needs improvement' area.

My word today is 'encove;' if anyone has seen where I grew up in Newfoundland you'd understand why that's funny to me...

YoungManRumble said...

1st mile - about 8 mins (our mile is CF Westside is 1760m, so it takes a bit longer)

6 sets of 30 DU's unbroken (missed one at 25)

2nd mile - 7:51

6 sets of 20 DU's in 30sec all unbroken.

Bowser said...

After 2 weeks off due to vacation and sickness I got back into the saddle today with YMR and Surrey.

1st Mile 7:54 (Same Westside Mile as YMR)

4 sets of 30 unbroken. Plus 8, 16

2 mile, hit major cramps in first 400M, took it slow but got it done in approx 11 mins.

6 sets of 20 DU's. 5 Unbroken, 1 broken.

Brian Maier said...


Hey...just wanted to chime in on your achilles since I dealt with it for some time earlier in the year. I continued xfitting/running despite the pain. It never restricted me from going all out but I did notice constant discomfort especially running uphill. It wasn't until I laid off it for a good 2 weeks that the pain finally subsided. It is my experience that the longer you let the pain linger, the longer it will take to recover. I would recommend laying off box jumps, uphill running, d/u's, etc... until you're able to start running again pain free. These injuries are such a pain in the ass. I know the frustration you're going through.

good luck!

Joel B. said...

Now I am thinking my 90% (1:15) from last week was more like 95-98%...anyway.
Disclaimer: these "miles" are 4 400's in my neighborhood. Next time I should get to a track to calibrate/check my times.
Mile 1: 6:07 (1:36/?/?/1:26)
Sets of 30 DU in 4 min: 5 + broke 1 at 28
Mile 2: 6:27 (1:20/?/?/1:40)

6X30sec DU intervals no problem. Broke first set at 1, rest unbroken.

Mile 3: 7:08 surprised it wasn't slower as I wasn't concerned and didn't look at the time until I was done.

Mack Lar said...

Run1 5:45
DU's 8 rds plus 26
Run2 5:36
DU's 6x30 All Unbroken
Run3 6:15
Felt very strong today. Ready to be humbled by the heavy stuff sure to come tomorrow

Sweeney said...

Holy sh-t Mack!!!

You are obviously a runner.

What's your PB for 1 mile?

Surrey Sterling 39/5'10"/174 said...

eh thanks Brian!

It sucks to have to throttle back on the training but I fully agree. The dam thing is gonna snap if I don't give it proper rest. I'm off on Vacation this Friday for 11 days so I will do nothing for that time except fish and drink beer. I'll ice it daily and then go easy the rest of September and then I should be good to go!

Mack Lar said...

Not a great runner but I am a runner. I've done 5 flat for a mile when I was doing CF Endurance runs consistently. I've reduced the amount of CFE I'm doing to be able to keep up with OPT programming. I was surprised at how good I felt running the last 2 wod's despite the reduction in mileage, certainly a testament to Coach' programming.

Ryan G. said...

First mile - .25m@6mph/.25m@7mph/.25m@8mph/.25m@8.5-9mph.

DU's 3 sets of 30 / 3 sets mid 20's. Several short sets.

Second mile - .25m@8.5mph/.25m@7.5mph/.25m@6.5mph/.25m@6mph.

DU's 6X20 all sets unbroken.

Cool down. .5 miles at various pace.

Legs felt suprisingly ok today. Doesn't change the fact that it still sounds like an elephant is on the tread mill.

Michelle said...

Those of you who know me and know how I feel about running are going to be very surprised when I say this...but...I really liked this WOD!!! Thinking about the % effort didn't allow my mind to wander to the other places it usually goes when I run (eg. 'I want to stop!!!'). I kind of enjoyed the runs...a little bit...

Run #1: 7:06 (distance was likely just short of 400m. I was at CFC and cut corner on grass, but went a little beyond 200m turnaround).

DUs: 5 sets...30/30/30/30/27/30

Run #2: 7:29 Think I hit the % efforts for the last 1/2.

DUs: 6 sets (1/30s interval)

rwcorson said...

DUs-7 sets of 30 unbroken in 4 minutes
Mile - 7:03
DUs-all 6 sets of 20 unbroken

SteveC said...

Rode my bike 25 mi today

3 hours later...

1st mile: 5:31 PR
(Really happy with this. My previous PR was 5:35 that I had ran back in 10th grade. The last time I ran a timed mile was two summers ago, where I ran in the 6s.)

DU: still working on these but a big improvement. I was able to string some 20s together. Working on more

2nd mile: 5:56
I think I could have ran closer to 5:35 but my right hamstring cramped up really bad on the last 400m (especially the last 200m). I had to take 10 min rest before moving on to DU.

Anonymous said...

Eric R.

It was easier to increase the pace than to decrease. Run 1 felt better than run 2.
5 sets of DUs complete and 2 sets over 20 in 4 minutes
5 sets of DUs unbroken 6 sets complete

Heather R.
Run 1 was ~1.4km (according to runningmap.com) 5:48
0 sets of unbroken DUs completed, had 3 sets in the 20s
Run 2 same distance as run 1 had difficulty starting at and maintaining 90% 6:11
Six sets of DUs complete 2 sets unbroken

Gord said...

run1: 7:08
DU - 4 sets of du unbroken- 2sets failed-in the 20's
run2: 7:29
Du-most sets around 15-18 before failing
run3: 8:05

runs felt better today.

joey warren said...

run 1 - 5:45
1:38, 1:33, 1:19, 1:15
DU's in 4 min
4 sets unbroken to 30, failed at 28 one time
run 2 - 6:30
1:19, 1:40, 1: 38, 1: 48
20 unbroken Du's all 6 intervals of 30 sec
run 3 - 8:12
(calves blown up)

Brent Maier said...


Run 1: 6:58 (1:51/1:48/1:40/1:37)
DU's: 5 sets with 1 failure
Run 2: 6:46 (1:34/1:47/1:47/1:35)
DU's: All sets hit except for 5. Failed twice on it but finished it out.
Run 3: 6:59 (1:38/1:47/1:47/1:47)

Sucky day, didn't eat worth a flip today, crappy day at work. Didn't want to be out there today but packed the kids up and we headed for the high school track. Ran with a stopwatch in hand without looking at times. Dirt track in the rain.

Jefff said...

Each run included a turn-around at 800m.

Run #1 - 5:59
DUs - 5 Unbroken rounds of 30 in 4 mins
Run #2 - 6:47
DUs - Completed 20 DUs in 30 sec intervals x 6 no problems
Run #3 - 7:10 - Focused on attempted POSE running tips from Grant. Started feeling okay by the end.

Pfeifalife said...

lower legs have been aching from all the DU's

run1: 6:56
DU - Big fat 0. I sucked it up big on this one. Just couldn't string it together.
run2: 7:30ish? (hit reset before i noted my run time for some reason
DU - all sets complete, about half were unbroken. Felt awesome on these DU's. night and day difference between the 2. heavy rope was fatiguing my arms.
run3: didn't record time, but stayed between a 5:30-6:00/km pace with focus on form.

my calfs and feet are smoked.

Brian Maier said...

run 1 - 6:10
DU's - 5 unbroken rounds of 30
run 2 - 6:25
DU's - finished all 6 sets...4 unbroken
run 3 - cooldown...did not time

ran on a track tonight...sub 6min mile definitely within reach but calf tightened up on me. D/u's definitely getting better.

Kathleen said...

@ heliport with Grant and Jefff
1 Mile run: 7:03 [this was close to a PB so I think too fast]
DU sets: 5 [this hurt]
2nd mile: 7:45 [this hurt some more]
DU sets: complete [that was ok]
3rd mile: 8:04 [thought I was running faster than the 2nd mile]
Thanks for the company tonight Jeff

Grant said...

@ heliport with Kathleen and Jefff
1st mile: 6:33
DU's: 3 sets
2nd mile: 7:09
DU's: could only do 1 set due to shoulder pain
3rd mile: 7:11

Leighanne said...

at cabin...

Runs felt quite good overall, except for the 2nd 90%
got 5 sets of unbroken du's and all 6 rounds of 2nd part were unbroken

deejay said...

First mile - 7:10ish
DU's - 7 sets no trip ups
Second mile - 7:20ish
DU's - made all 6 sets no trip ups
Third mile - 7:50ish

I don't like running