MWG - phase 2

For time;
25 SDLHP - 95#/65#
Row 400 m
25 burpees

Post time to comments

A wise man once said "sure you can fraction the reps and make it feel a little easier and still get a good time; or you can not be afraid and get uncomfortable"


Surrey said...

Were the initials of the wise man J.F?..

Brent Maier said...

Thou shalt not fraction! Uncomfortable is our middle name! Ouuuuu

Garage Crossfitter said...


David X said...

I'm shooting for a sub 8 minute after my WOD yesterday...

unit said...

get comfortable with uncomfortable... I LOVE IT!!!


EHR said...

Heather R.
as Rx'd 5:47
SDLHP broken @ 16 and 20 everything else unbroken

PTS said...


Not sure how to feel about this time. Sprinted through the SDLHP, slowed towards the end of the row. Slowed in the middle of the burpees. Never fractioned, just wasn't able to keep sprint pace all the way throughout.

May do a heavy lift in the afternoon.

Garage Crossfitter said...

recovered extremely fast afterwards

*noticed on video review i did 24 SDLHP and 26 burpees, ha go figure...*


KSC said...

no fraction

Hixy said...

1st WOD of this cycle (sorry for posting late)

1 mile ascending: 6:44
30 unbroken DU: 3 sets, 14 (f), 18 (f), 20 (f), 10 (f)
1 mile descending: 6:48
6x30s 20 unbroken DU: All sets

Thanks for your e-mail, unit. :) It was very helpful. That song is awesome, by the way.
Some days ago you wrote about running styles and that we should let you know if we would like to know more about what you think about it. I'd like to know :)


dan said...

25 40#db/h sdhp - heaviest weight in the hotel. was slow going...a little more awkward to handle.
Sprint 400 m - no rower in the hotel - lost a lot of time on transition of pace and start up on treadmill.
25 burpees
TIME: 5:40

At Utecrossfit we do a challenge everyday. Todays was most unbroken hspu - 14 hspu. Shoulders are worked from yesterdays ring dips.

Evan Johnston said...


fun WOD

Steve Smith said...

WOD: 3:15 - Finished the SDHP in 44 seconds. Was really shooting for under 3 minutes. Burpees just weren't fast enough though.

Rest 15 minutes

On the minute for 15 minutes, Deadlift 80% 1RM X 01.

Current 1RM = 495#
Completed DL w/ 405 (about 82%)

If I'm understanding right, this is the type of work I need be doing given my mediocre to poor neuromuscular efficiency.

Leighanne said...

4:14; at cabin, ran instead of row, used 67# for sdlhp
all unbroken, burpees need to get faster (like Michelle's at the games!!)

Sam Edwards said...

hey scotty,
interested to know how your progress is going with you trying to put on some muscle. and what your doing. im trying to do the same thing so i need some help. thanks man

Geoff Aucoin said...


The whole story was the burpees; unbroken but too slow. I was so focused on going straight through that I paced them too much.

This is the hardest I've pushed in a while so there's signs of life. Good long warm-up helped. Hoping to do some posterior chain work for a post-WOD.

Some smokin' times out there. Anyone going under 3 minutes needs a witness or video!!

Bowser said...

Met Surrey and YMR at Westside today.


Didn't let go of the bar on the SDHP, however the pace did slow down at the end.

Held row approx 1:40 pace

Burpees Sucked, Again, the pace was slow.

Surrey Sterling said...


Came out to slow on the SDHP wasn't gasses at all. Pulled 1:42ish on the rower to leave lots of gas for the 25 straight burpees.

Bowser said...

Ok, after video review by Surrey, my time is actually 4:39

Hey, 7 seconds i'll take it!

YoungManRumble said...

3:46 did not have the juice on the burpees that I usally do...oh well got er done...

rwcorson said...

3:21 unbroken, but burpees were too slow. Legs were hurting, but lungs recovered quickly.

unit said...

geoff... y only under 3min 'needs a witness or video'?... i.e y does the 3 min mark require such a stipulation?...

joey warren said...

checking back on the video, on SDHP my elbows might have been even with the bar at the top and not above, but were unbroken. Rower started at 1:28 pace and finsihed with 1:33 pace. Burpees were unbroken and took 55 sec, they actually got easier recovering from the rower, until the last 8 but able to push through.

Scotty Hagnas said...

3:23', all unbroken.

Fun WOD! Did a long warmup today; felt good. Recovery was quick, but legs were on fire for a while!

Worked some prehab movements and some practice on my weaknesses.

PWO: 30p/35c Refuel, whey.

Sam: So far it's going well. Training wise, I'm not doing anything outside of these WODs, except some gymnastic skill work and capoiera mobility drills. As far as diet, I am around 1.2g protein per lb of bodyweight most days, 100-160g carbs (depending on the workout), and 5x fat - so around 180g right now. I fast one day per week, and have one day per week that I eat lightly. After the Games, I was 174 and 6.6%; now 180 @ 8%. I feel a little slower on some gymnastic movements, but everything else feels great, including metcons.

How is it going for you?

SteveC said...

Last workout at home... then back at the school gym with a real rowing machine. I didn't time this one b/c my rower doesn't have distance on it. Just did it as fast as I could with 1.5 minutes of rowing.

Joel B. said...


sdlhp had to regrip 2x so not really unbroken, but that didn't slow me down as much as just getting slower on the reps did. no break other than to regrip at least. burpees unbroken, but need to be faster.

done 15 min after making up yesterdays wod.

Sam Edwards said...

sounds like your making some good progress. As far as eating goes for me keeping carbs relatively low, and fat is really high. body weight movements are feeling really tough, i definitely struggled alot more with the pull ups yesterday. keep me informed though

Erik Luber said...

(1:34/1:26/2:40) = 5:40

Happy with this time. At 135 lbs bwt those SDLHPs are heavy, failed on the 15th rep. Had to break it up into 15/19/25. Legs were smoked after I got off the rower, making burpees painfully slow. Lungs not an issue, wanted to go faster, but legs simply wouldn't allow it.

Ryan G. said...

Time - 3:49
Burpee's... GRRR!!!

rwcorson said...

If you haven't already figured it out, Geoff is the Big Dawgs' form Nazi (PC?). He more often that not says what we all may be thinking. When he's sees any stellar time, he wants to have proof that the form is there. We all know that there can be a big difference in time when proper ROM and form is used.
I know that my form is a lot better when I know someone may call me out on it.
That being said, when someone comes along and shakes the tree with great times that are true to form, it motivates all of us to do better. So, thanks for shaking the tree.

Sweeney said...

Calgary Dawgs:

Just came across this...

If you need an indoor track, the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sport Centre in Cochrane has a 225m track.

The price is right: $2.00 drop in fee.

Paul said...


My lungs felt like someone poured acid in them when I got to the 10th burpee.

Nice work to everyone in the low 3 minute range. Those are some impressive times!

Chris Dunkin said...


called my buddy Jesse and we fit this in this afternoon. his time was 3:12.

pwo: three scoops of refuel

David X said...

SDLHP: 1:00
row: 1:22
burpees: 1:10
total : 3:32

extremely unhappy with this time. I wad shooting for the lower 3:00 range. Intensity and form were smooth throught the movements. Sloppiness disngaging from rower and last five burpees cost me the time I wanted.

Gord said...


rower was my slowing down factor.

nice times Chris and Joey!!!

Chris Dunkin said...

we were timed by one of our other level 1 trainers who was doing some skill work with two of his students.

at the NW Qualifier a number of my sdhp reps were not counted due to elbows below the bar. i've been very conscious of that particular issue ever since.

look for two of the other guys i train with that have started posting here on occation: Kurt GP, and Marcus Allen.

EHR said...

Eric R.

Sam Edwards said...

sub'd 400m run for row.. 3:45
burpees murdered me!! 30p/30c post wod fuel

Brent Maier said...


The dawg pound is our name and uncomfortable is our game!
Check this cycle off the list dawgs! Great job everyone, Ouuu!

Time: 3:17 as rx'd

Notes: Not sure what is up this week, 2 of these workouts this cycle, I've been beat going into them. Today, I had a minimal warmup and thought about AFT. Got the fire burning and 3,2,1 go! Practiced the transitions in and out of sturrups several times before hand.

Sumo's to chin started to get tough around 19, looked down at the watch after 25th rep and saw 41 seconds I believe.

Pulled the rower at a 1:40 500m pace. Thought pace here as legs were already burning pretty bad from the last 2 days.

PUB's were with jump/clap at a steady pace with no breaks!

funinthesun said...


Done in Fernie gym, underconstruction..sawdust and travel between lifts and rower...felt good

Brian Maier said...


no fractions...finished SDHP's at about 45sec. Rowed at a 1:44 500m pace. No breaks in the burpees but definitely need to speed them up. Last 5 burpees were brutal and really "uncomfortable" but plowed through them.

deejay said...

2:59 - Brett Marshall (AFT) coached me through this one... Gave me an extra push on those danm burpees

unit said...

~3:35 [3:10-3:15 if u subtract the run across the gym/camera transition]...

was upset at first abt the camera angle on the row/burpees... however after watching it, it is blatantly obvious that I REALLY need work on getting my chest down on the burpees, not to mention they are slow as flippity flap... my hips/gut/thighs seem to get down ok, but the chest is a problem... sad really, but i'll work on it!...

10 min rest...

yesterday's WOD

clean complex - 135 / 185 / 195 / 215 / 225 [fail w/ 1/2/1]
tempo chins [overhand wide]- 25 x3 / 45 x3 / 70 x3 / 90 x3 / 135 x1
mini-metcon - 14 [dead hang], 60 / 14 [dead hang], 62 / 20 [kipping], 60 ~ 230

gonna go hit the hangboard 4 a bit...


Laura said...

4:04 Rowing was the slowest. The burpees were steady--they actually were faster than the row. SDLHP (66lbs) straight through except for regrip on rep 20. Maybe could have pushed the row harder.

Pfeifalife said...


SDHP was done in the basement on an uneven floor, which slowed down my tempo a little bit as one side was hitting first, easy for the most part. Didn't have rower so ran 400m (which winded me bad as my form kinda went to shit immediately on the run). Burpees felt slow. kept adjusting during them trying to cut and momentary pauses i might have had throughout transitions or motions in the burpee, really tried to be efficient, got tuff at the end.

felt slow on all the movements, probably due to my hastened warmup. reset this rest day and hit it harder starting friday.

Kathleen said...

@ CFC 5:05
SDLHP 12/3/2/1's WTF is with this movement for me
Row @ 2:02 pace [ugh]
[100m splits 24.5/24/24.6/24.8]
Never felt like I got up to speed couldn't break out of the pace, glands are sore.

Nice work L and L
My word "ovies" - as in I gotta grow some

Sweeney said...


No fractions.

Transition to rower was too slow.

Chris Dunkin said...

Working on building capacity:

tried 17rds 3hspu's on the minute; failed on round 8

completed 15rds of 2 L-up's on the minute

KurtGP said...


Rory Hanlin said...


6 30ft Rope ascents
4 rds
10 Pull ups
10 Dips
10 Pushups
10 75lb DL

Metcon: 3:19

rest 10min

Deadlift: 505x1x3

Run down from this week of no rest days. Taking the weekend off...

Laura said...

Thanks Kathleen. You have to pull the weight a lot higher than me with those long giraffe legs of yours! I think shortness rules for SDLHP-- and maybe burpees!

Rob Ottesen said...

today was pretty good.

6x 30ft rope climbs

4 rounds of
10 pull ups
10 dips
10 diamond pu
10 75lb Dl

the metcon from yesterday

-after the fact saw were i could tweak it to cut some time but solid effort to you guys that got sub 3 way to push it. I may have been able to get 3:03 or just even but not sub 3 good stuff guys.

10 min rest

DL 365x3x2

taking it easy this weekend pretty burned out and still have tomorrow to get through.

Michelle said...

Did this Aug. 27 at CFC. Just couldn't get a WOD in yesterday...spent the day with the kids as it was their last day before back to school today and coached in the evening.

3:52 unbroken

Pleased that it was unbroken, but didn't like how paced it felt. Trying to think of where I could improve...burpees were steady but certainly not fast. The first 100m of the row was the slowest of the whole 400m so I guess there's room for improvement there.