WMG - phase 1

Build to a quick and tough 5 in the front squat
Rest 3 min
For time:
1-10 HSPU ladder
Rest 3 min
Run Tech work;
1 min @ 90 percent
1 min @ 50 percent
2 min @ 90 percent
2 min @ 50 percent
3:3, then back down again to 2;2, 1:1

Post loads, time for ladder and notes to comments
No kip allowed in HSPU, once you come off support, set is over


Mack said...
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Garage Crossfitter said...

-Front squat @ 215 x 5, built quickly and used 1-2 min breaks to get there.
-HSPU ladder 8:50
- Run Tech, felt good, very humid out, probably lost 5 lbs in sweat, really focused on relaxed face and upper body, and landing that foot just behind my hips. distance approx 2.25ish miles.
-Front squat felt good, nervous system def wasnt awake for 215 but i managed.
-hspu's felt real good, full lockout on each rep, stayed on wall entire time.
30p jarrow
30c applesauce

Gord said...

runs--something I need to work on. They hurt me today. Tried to pose as much as possible.

Scotty Hagnas said...

FS-210 Felt good, PR I think.
HSPU- 11:52' Felt heavier on these.
Run: This felt good today, too. Form focus, staying relaxed.
PWO: 40p/40c Fresh juiced carrots, celery, cucumber, apple+ whey.

Off for the weekend to learn to toss a caber!

funinthesun said...

FS - 115
HSPU - did a ladder of 10,20, 30, 40, 50, 60 seconds came off wall at 42 seconds on 60. Only rested enough to set timer on watch.
Runs felt pretty good

PTS said...

only had 165lbs in weight at the lake

front squat was 10x165
hspu was 25:13. not done in ladder form. was just 55 reps. still a weakness, but can feel it improving.

run felt good approx 2.7 miles. running at 50% hurt more than running at 90%.

Sweeney said...

FS: 225

Ladder: 19:25

Did the ladder 1-10-1.

As I was at about minute 15, I was thinking that coach prescribed a pretty long WOD today; but I rationalized it by concluding that what goes up must come down, so suck it up and get down this friggin ladder.

My bad...

Off to brunch with my inlaws fron Mauritius.

I'll do the tech work this afternoon.

Evan Johnston said...

FS- little tentative as I messed up my back last time doing these...worked up to a heavy yet still comfortable 180lbs.

HSPU- not happy with these...didnt complete with sharp pain in right shoulder, dissapointed.

Run- best part of WOD for me, PTS I have to agree that running 50% hurt a lot more than running at 90%. Good route through Arbour Lake starting from CFC.

Anonymous said...

Eric R.
Front squat 225
HSPU Ladder. 7:21
Completed run as Rx'd

Heather R.
Front squat 115(5) 125(2)f
HSPU ladder asst. 7+3 15:13
Completed run as Rx'd

Rory Hanlin said...

Snatch 225x1 245 failx3

Front Squat 275x5x5

HSPU Ladder: 15:45

Close Captains of Crush 2.5 x4
All full close

Working up to closing the 3...

Where you at Unit?

Laura said...

Front Squat:120#--best I have ever done for 5, probably could have done more but had to get on with the rest of the workout.

HSPU: to abmat+5lbs metal plate. Time was 12:35, but last rep of 10 was a bit wonky--one arm lock out other arm doing it's own thing.

Running: Not bad, difficult to sustain an even 90% pace for full 3minutes.

Gord said...

Welcome Heather R. and Eric R. Glad to see you posting.

unit said...

WOD at The ANVIL [II] today...

FS - 222 x5 [felt ez... this is all the wt i have... plan on getting more]... all wts from the floor.

HSPU Ladder - 8:29... feel like the parallette work has been paying off...

Runs - felt smooth...
note on running... gonna put this out there... my personal thought on the pose is that, although it is good for running distance, it fails below 800m... although it is an efficient running style, it is not fast and efficient. when tapping into the ATP and CPK systems [~90sec or less], the way to run fast and efficient involves front side mechanics... knees up, toes up... if this is not trained, then fast efficiency doesn't get utilized or trained. it seems that sometimes this point isn't fully utilized or emphasized in the .com site... short runs are a different animal as longer runs and should be treated as such, in my opinion... when u look at sprinters with relation to foot strike, the faster people, the better job they do at getting foot under their center of mass... the perfect ideal would be directly under the center of mass with an intensely brief foot strike... when running the pose, however it feels, the foot strike [where toes/heel/flat] is grossly in front of the COM... the challenge is keeping relaxed to get the knees up with a powerful foot strike... [analogy... hmmm... trying to step on a bug as hard as you can... much more power with the knees up [90deg]]... just thought i'd put it out there b/c it is my feeling and thoughts that runs should involve this emphasis where indicated... i.e. the 400 x6 WOD a little while ago...
getting used to running fast and efficient... not just efficient. i have a lot more thought on the topic if anyone is interested...

close a #2 for the first time a couple days ago... this hang board work as really been helpin!... i comin!... all the time i am coming!... [watch out]...
also... got an abmat and 50lb wt vest... they're awesome!... can't wait for u 2 checkout The ANVIL [II]...


Michael FitzGerald said...

Low Bar for moderate single - 300
HSPU Ladder - 2:59
Inverted Hangs, 10 rep x 5
No running today.

Michael FitzGerald said...

Low Bar for moderate single - 300
HSPU Ladder - 2:59
Inverted Hangs, 10 rep x 5
No running today.

P.S. I have a spot for the October 10/11 Oly Seminar with Greg Everett. I am not going, would anyone want it?

Geoff Aucoin said...

2nd attempt at posting.

197 FS, felt a twinge so backed off.

11:05 ladder, too much rest in the middle. No misses.

Runs were great; I'm afraid to admit but I need more of this. I feel that my work capacity improves with my running abilities. I really haven't run a whole lot since I sprained my ankle in March of '08.

Sweeney, did you say your in-laws are Martians?

Chris Dunkin said...

FS: 265x5

HSPU's: 21 singles took 5min.

No runs.

totally depleted after 21hspu's.

Surrey Sterling said...

Can anyone quickly tell Rumble and I what the 3:3.2:2,1:1 ratio refers to. We are stumped and just getting going now. Thanks!!

Jefff said...

Run for 3 min @ 90%, then 3 min @50%. Do the same for 2 mins, and then 1 minute.

Paul said...

Front squat 135, 155, 165, 185, 195

HSPU ladder
1 - 6 all legit crown to towel on floor
7 - 10 I had to anchor my feet on a bar tied to my gymnastics rings.
Total time 12.45

Run Tech was hot and sweaty.

Ryan G. said...

Kind of a dissapointing day.

FS - 175/175/195/215/235

HSPU - DNF, Unable to get past the 5 rep/round with out kip. Unable to complete the 10 rep/round at all.

Runs felt brutal. Can shins explode?

unit said...

Ryan... yes if ur packing dynamite in those pistons that hold up ur torso...

joey warren said...

front squat 225 x 5
hspu ladder - 6:04

run tech - felt fast, winded after wach sprint but recovered very quick.

Rory Hanlin said...

COC #2 ? nice work Unit. The hang board def does help. I just made some new grip implements for the Anvil. Even better though, is I have a power rack, iron weights, another bar and a flat bench coming next week. Huge addition.

Look forward to seeing the anvil's little bro...

Steve Smith said...


Yesterday's WOD (sub 1.5pd KB Swing x 40 for row):

Time: 12.04

- No C2 here. This felt surprisingly good. MUs were the limiting factor. All were singles. Think I could have (should have) gone a bit faster on everything.

3 hours rest

Front Squat: 285 x 5 - Took only 6 minutes to get there. Maybe too fast as I'm confident I can do more.

HSPU: 16:49 - A long and frustrating 16:49 at that. Was on round 8 in 5 minutes. Hit a wall, slowed WAY down.

Run - Made it just under 3 miles.

Unit - Thanks for the thoughts on Pose running. I've been playing around with it and have come to a very similar conclusion. I do think I'm going to keep trying it out on longer stuff and some barefoot running for speed drills.

rwcorson said...

Front squat - 180# 5th reps was tough.
HSPU Ladder - failed on 7th rep in last set, rested 1 min & did 4 reps. 22ish minutes. UStill need a ton of work here.
Runs were into a headwind for 1, 2 & 3 minute runs. Then with the wind. Tried to be relaxed and quick turnover.

Joel B. said...

FS: 185 reps 3 through 5 were hard, harder, hardest.
HSPU Ladder: 12:48
Broke sets 8 (6/2) 9 (5/4) and 10 (4/3/3). Hope I did this right.

Run felt good. 2.5 miles on the button which got me thinking I should do something similar and sell out at the end and maybe pr my next 5k.

Ha...my word is "killing"

PTS said...

quick question:
I take a fish oil supplement that is 1000mg per softgel. 300mg active EPA/DHA. approx how many of these should I be taking daily?

I appreciate any input.

Jefff said...

Front Squat - 5x220#
HSPU Ladder - 11:58 (Had sub-9:00, but failed last rep on 10th set, and had to re-do round)
Running - Felt brutal. Legs felt like lead. Was not a very fast 90%, and 50%

Erik Luber said...

FS: 60 kg
HSPUs: 18:46
Run as Rx'd

Tried 65 kg on the FS but failed on the 4th rep. Definitely a doable weight, but the gym was going to close on me and I knew HSPUs would take a long time. HSPUs and OHS still my biggest weakness, but working on my flexibility. Really found my POSE stride halfway through the 3min run.

Joel B. said...

Hey PTS...on the fish oil question. I just went to the Robb Wolf's nutrition seminar. He recommends .5-1.0g per 10#'s of body weight. The .5 for healthy/no issues...higher if you are trying to lose weight or have some inflammation going on. So, for instance me at 160#'s going for the .5g/10#bw mark that would be 8g of epa/dha which would be 9 caps, 3 times a day to equal 8.1g.

If that seems like too much for you or you don't want to buy a new bottle of Kirkland caps every 3 weeks I've also read a while ago that 2-5g a day of epa/dha can serve as a general rule of thumb.

Brent Maier said...


FSx5: 110kg (242#)
HSPUs: 10:29 - Got to rep 8 of the final 10 at this time and felt the nerve in the back fire up and so I shut it down. These left me with a splitting headache! Head still hurts after the run. Have we done the unbroken HSPU ladder before? BRUTAL!

Run: 2.28 Miles - Run felt horrible after the workout today. Finally started feeling good at the 2 minute mark. All 2 and 3 minute 90%'s were uphill and the 50% downhill. Picked the wrong streets today I guess. Built the interval workout on the Garmin Forerunner. Kept me from having to worry about anything but running.

Sam Edwards said...

Front squat 225x5

Handstand- 9:11 decided to do assisted to get full range of motion. biggest weakness by far.

Sweeney said...


Crazy ladder time!!!

Spent the day with the inlaws (that's Mauritius for those of you without a filter)then did the run tech work at a high school track in Weyburn at 9pm in the dark.

That's the best I've ever felt running. Running is not my favorite movement and consequently I'm not a great runner, but for some reason I felt like Forrest Gump tonight. Not sure if it's the diet, the atmosphere or what, but I oowwww I feel good.

SteveC said...

Did this one on Sunday.

FS: 225/5

1-10 HSPU ladder

I did the runs outside on a soccer field. Did everything barefeet. Felt good.

Made myself a nice pair of rings over the weekend (cost about 15$). It is nice to feel actual ring dips compared to the 3:1 regular dip sub for ring dips!

Brittany said...

FS- 125
HSPU- 1-8 (band assisted) brutal..shoulders were shot from the 90 dips the day before.
Runnin' in the heat- 90% on the way down (3-->1) felt great.

Mack Lar said...

205X5 Stopped there due to lack of squat stands. Had to clean the weight up. Felt very strong at 205.

18 minutes for HSPU. Miserable.

2.75 miles for run.

Todd Dyer said...

front squat = 225lb x 5
hspu ladder = 7:33
did not run, ran out of time