3 sets:
12 touch and go heavy SDLHP
Row 2 minutes @ 80% effort
rest 2 min
5 min rest
3 sets:
12 heavy KBS
Run 2 minutes @ 80% effort
rest 2 min
5 min rest
3 rounds fast, not for time;
20 push ups
20 box jumps
20 sit ups

post weights chosen and notes to comments
vary gymnastics circuit at end as you wish

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/40g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/60g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30g prot/20 g carb
12-14% - 30g prot/35 g carb
below 12% - 30g prot/50 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


Anonymous said...

This is probably a dumb question, but do we include any fat in the post WOD fuel?

Scotty Hagnas said...

No. Save that for the following meal.

David X said...

Big weekend planned. Daughers second birthday party. Gonna have to get this one in quick tomorrow.

Geoff Aucoin said...

It's my son's 2nd birthday tomorrow, too! I just made a paleo cake for him but then I slathered it in cream cheese icing made with agave nectar instead of sugar.

Lisa M said...

ok based on the comments from the other day i have been doing the wods totally wrong!! Help me out please. If there is an A1 and A2 for example with say a 90 second rest do you do A1 and A2 in immediate succession and then rest the 90 seconds or do you rest 90 in between A1 and A2?? I have been doing all of A1 and then all of A2 not alternating between and have obviously been screwing up the rest portion as well. wow am i a retard. I appreciate any help clarifying this.

Brittany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
deejay said...

Lisa- for example (from previous day)

A1. BB Forward Lunges @ 10X1; 4-6/leg x 4; 90 sec
A2. Strict Ring Dips @ 2121; amrap x 4; 90 sec

This means perform A1 @ desired tempo and rep range followed by 90s rest, then perform A2 followed by 90 sec rest then back to A1 until all sets complete. Rest time always comes after the semi-colon. Hope that helps.

Anonymous - no fats post WOD. I remember James giving me a really simple answer one time which was along the lines- fat slows the absorption of proteins and carbs and we don't want that directly after a workout. I am sure there is more too it than that as well...

Surrey said...

Eh Mr. X and Mr. Aucoin!

Right on fella's! Way to stick with this insane training through those busy infant/toddler years! Been there!

G.I Joe Kewl and of course you can't go wrong with Dora!

Garage Crossfitter said...

@ 6am
-95lbs for the SDLHP (could have went 115lb but i am still not 100%)
-2:00/500m pace
-2 pood for swings, worked on getting bell directly overhead,easy
-400m on all runs, worked on keeping upper body loose and relaxed.
-mini metcon, went with 24 inch box and anchored situps. pushups and situps unbroken, they werent bad, box jumps were pretty slow as I was gassed at this point.

My appetite hasnt returned yet, I am doing my best to stuff my face to get in as many cals as possible. I am fairly certain i didnt have food poisoning, no stomach pains or cramps and it lasted much longer than 48 hours and I was speaking with my Aunt the other day and she had same EXACT symtoms as me and her appetite didnt return for 1 month, she went to doc on the 2nd day and she didnt have food poisoning, AHHH. She also knows 4 other people that got the same thing, so I am hoping this passes soon!!

2 scoops Jarrow whey
1 cup applesauce

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys. I have one more dumb question regarding the PFC meal. Does this mean we are trying to get equal number of grams of protein, fat and carbs in this meal? Or am I overthinking things here?

Sorry for the questions. I am new to this site and trying to get up to speed.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Done at 5am; busy day ahead!
SDHP: used 95 lbs, seemed about right. I could move it quickly, and 12 was about as many reps as I could pull unbroken to the full height. Rows ~ 1:53 pace.
KBS: 2 pood, runs ~ 450m
Circuit: pushups seemed unusually hard. Box jumps, I used 18" to work on perfecting my quick rebound speed. Situps easy.

PWO: Refuel + whey - 40p/60c

Ali Jansen said...

Done @ CFC....had to modify a bit because the CFC WOD included Rowing so I did the KBS/Run first.
KBS: 1.5 pood - 2 was too heavy but could have done a bit more than 1.5
Run - less than stellar
SDLHP: 80# - was having issues finding a good grip position that would ensure the bar remained balanced. Thanks to Todd for the suggestion of widening my hands - felt better with respect to balance but also felt somewhat awkward and weak because I'm not used to it. Last set was broken up.
Row: just tried to maintain a 2:05/500m pace

Rory Hanlin said...

Snatch work off of the new pulling blocks I built: 155 4x3
Always need work on the second pull.

(Unit, the Anvil is even better than when you were last here!)

SDLHP: 175/175 broken/ 155
Row: 1:42-1:45

KBS: 2Pd
Run: up a brutal hill

Ring PU
24" BJ
Anchored Abmat SU

OPT said...

anonymous, PFC in the post post wod is up to you...i just recommend getting that meal in soon afterwards as i've seen that 2 feedings within that period of time is more beneficial than one alone...and the second meal is to ensure balancing insulin and cortisol which ensures a good process of recovery...
hope that helps

deejay said...

140lbs for the SDLHP and a 1:50 row pace for all 3 sets

2Pood for the KB swings and 400m run each of the 3 sets

24" box, anchored situps for mini metcon - 6:31 - my pushups die really fast.

Gord said...

SDLHP -used 100#
row - attempted to keep a 1:55 pace
KB swing -used 2 pd
runs- I like garage cf tried to relax my body when running. Felt like I was running in sans..lots of work here
Mini met con- went with 24" box followed by pushups and the situps. Broke up the last set of box jumps 11,5,4 and the last set of pushups 15,5

Jefff said...

SDLHP - 100,105,105 (Broken last set). Should have stayed at 100.
Rows - 1:48,1:49,1:46/500m pace. Rowed at 80% of 500m PB (1:29)which is faster than 80% over 2 mins. Felt good/strong though.

KBS - 2 pood (Heaviest I have. Am going to look into purchasing next size up.) Felt good/easy. Focused on weight on heels which made runs easier. Games' standard (straight overhead, no wrist bend)
Runs - 450m, 460m, 480m. Got stronger at end it seemed. First set of KBS did not have good breathing and it felt that way for the run. 2nd and third sets were easier as more attention paid to KBS technique, breathing, etc. Interesting!

20PU, 20BJ, 20SU - Box jumps to 24", anchored sit-ups. Wanted to be able to jump up, jump down for all BJs, but that was gone by round #2. PUs, and SUs felt strong. Gassed by BJs.

Ryan G. said...

-SDLHP @ 95# / Row 1:50 500/m

-75# DB Swings / 2m @ 7mph

-24" Box

Calves are mega sore from my 1 billion DU's the other day.

SteveC said...

SDLHP: 115 felt good and quick.
Row: I only have an old rower so I just counted reps for each 2 minutes, and got faster each round.

KBS: Used 70 lb. DB
Run: went all out for 2 minutes.

Pushups: felt great and quick
Box jumps: I placed my hands behind my head on these.
Situps: not anchored

Finished with 10 minutes of DU work.

David X said...

Used 155# for the three sets. Unfortunately I accidentially did 15 reps per set. Rows were at 1:45-1:50 pace.

Used 1.5 pd and ran 400 meters. I gotta get a heavier KB pronto.

Push ups-easy
box jumps to 20" box
anchored sit ups.

Steve Smith said...

Question for the dawgs:

Max KB I have here is 1.5pd. Do you think it's better to use a heavier DB (which I can handle) or an actual KB even though it may be too light?

While we're at it, does anyone here use weight vests? When do you throw it in?

joey warren said...

First post on here:
SDHP:135,135,115 (wanted more explosion)
2 min row: 570m, 565m, 570m

70lb KB, 2min run approx. 450m

20 x pushups, 20 x box hops 24" (tap n go), 20 anchored abmat sit ups

Grant said...

@ OPT after consult
SDLHP 110# for 1st & OPT said to drop by 15# to get better speed & ROM. 95#x2. Row @ 1:50 to 1:55

12x2pd KBS
run to mailbox & return

3 fast rnds as rx'd but BxJs slow due to left calf cramp from 500 DUs on Thurs

Kathleen said...

SDHP: 70#[1]; as per OPT lowered to 60# for [2 & 3]
Rows 2:07-2:10
1.5 pood
400m run in 2 mins X 3

Had to sub 20 back ext for p-ups due to L shoulder
14" box rapid fire [broken;17/3;20]
Sit-ups on abmat

Paul said...

115lbs for SDLHP (I tried 125 and 135 in my warm up but I couldn't get a quick touch and go, 115 was fast for all 12 reps)
Rows were 569M, 544M, 540M

70 DB for Swings (heaviest I have)
Runs were all 400M

I nearly drowned in my own sweat doing the push is hotter than hell here in North Carolina.

dontpanic356 said...

SDHP @135. All 2:00 rowing was around 525 meters.

KB swings: 70LB...runs were approx 400 M

20 box jumps
20 push ups
20 sit ups (unanchored)


unit said...

sdlhp - 135 all sets... felt quick and explosive with pull 2 nose...
rows - 570m, 580m, 590m

swings - used 95lb db... felt strong... this was a gd wt... wouldn't have been able 2 complete w 100lb db as this felt like my limit... 1st time going more than 2pd... may have 2 invest in a kb >2pd...
runs - 460m, 520m, 540m (160m pentagonal flat indoor track)

closed position pushups w elbows in...
27in box jumps - quick off ground w good hip extension up top...
ghd situps - cf games standard

warmup and cool down
~1.3 mile run 2 gym w 20lb wt vest... it was so nice outside w 106 deg F heat index... I miss this weather from South Carolina!...

Rory... can't w8 2 visit again!... ull b happy 2 know that The Anvil II is up and running and we have a place 2 WOD next time u visit!...


unit said...

that 9:30 was my triplet time... whoops...

Rob Ottesen said...

Good shit Rory/Unit. Rory next weekend after this week of shananagans we need to get nasty in the ANVIL some competative stuff and you need to teach me gymnastics.

155lb SDLHP
no C2 so i rode a bike to keep HR up.

80lb DB def could have gone higher
runs were each at .30 of a mile what ever that converts to meters.

didnt time myself for the triplet.
did it none stop pretty high box i think 36in or so so i only did 15 pushups and situps smoked them.

post wod 50g P, 30g C

Steve Smith said...

Context: Tons of stress last 48 hours. Ridiculous. 2 hours sleep last night. Diet today was necessity, not choice.

Three rounds
10 x Unbroken DU
10 x K2E
10 x Back Extensions
10 x OHS
10 second L-Sit
10 x HSPU

SDHP - 135# - Felt really good.
Row - No C2 Rower here. Sub 65# SDHP. 55reps, 45reps, 35reps.

90# db swing - Felt good. Biggest problem was sweat on grip.
Run was out 1 minute and back. Distance unknown.

Gymnastics circuit all unbroken. Box jumps on 25" platform. Sit-ups unanchored on Abmat.

40g Pro/60g Carb - Whey protein and Endurox
Stretch and TP Roller - Kept falling asleep on the roller.

Steve Smith said...

Paul - Where in North Carolina are you? I'll be back and forth between Raleigh and Fayetteville when I come back to the states in November.

Unit - If you guys are in SC, would it work to get together for the comps? I'm down for the road trip.

unit said...

Steve... I was in sc 4 9 yrs but currently in kansas city... my brother in law (Rory) lives in Fayetteville... he's constructed his garage gym ('The ANVIL')... I try and visit them as often as I can and I'll let u know when I get there 2 visit, but u should hook up w Rory and Rob in the meantime!... when I visited a couple wks ago we had a blast at ft Bragg and the anvil!... it's flippin awesome!...

funinthesun said...

Hiked up Fernie Mountain...8km up and back before this workout...

Had very rubbery legs but did it anyway..

65lb SDLHP and 2:04 row average

55lb dumbell swings 13.2km runs on treadmill

Pushups still need work, fractured, box jumps 20inches good considering legs and situps I enjoy!

Michael FitzGerald said...

Decided against the intensity in this WOD, and opted for an easy 7.5 km run..didn't measure before I ran. Went at 80% effort - 34:27.
Just wanted a no-brainer today! And, got it.

Joel B. said...

SDLHP: 115#'s
row: 1:57/500m avg

68# kbs
about 450m runs

gymnastics circuit done with pushups, 20" bj's, and anchored situps.

sdlhp started to get a little slow at the end of set 2, and slower still at the end of the 3rd. no sticks, but slowed down. kbs felt fine except my rig with db's and plates taped to a 1.5 pood is a little scary to got totally vertical with.

did a physical capability test this a.m. and did a good warm up then...just a quickie warm up before this wod. no food in the house so whey protein and yam post. pushing right up against family dinner time too. fun wod!

Rob Ottesen said...

Steve I live in raeford when you get home would love to get down.
Bragg has a gym tucker perfect for crossfit let me know.
Good to have competition for comps.

Rory Hanlin said...

Steve/Paul/Rob/Unit, and anyone else in the NC/SC/VA area.

You are all welcome to drop by the ANVIL whenever you want. I'd love to have more people training in there. It would be great to get a good community for the competitions in Sept/Nov. I definitely have seen how important a good cheering section is for accountability and motivation.

My email is
Drop me a line

Sweeney said...

Part 1 - 95lbs/1:55avg row
Part II - 55lbs DB (all I had), 2 min run ??? distance

Triplet - BJ's,Unanchored Situps,Push Ups

No fractions, quick transitions, Didn't time it, just had fun.

Leighanne said...

part 1:
65#/2:12 avg row (sdlhp felt easy)

part 2:
1.5 pood kb/ran 600 m (didn't time it)

part 3:
20 kneeling push ups
20 box jumps - 14"
20 sit ups - anchored
high intensity, worked up a good sweat
that was fun.

Surrey Sterling said...

Set 1

135# pulled to Upper chest/chin. Unit your pulling to your nose! Dam dude your strong.

1620M total rowing in 6 minutes

Set 2

1.5 Pood Need to buy a 2 pooder.
Ran around my block working on Pose

Set 3

CTG Pushups w/ full lockout at top.
24" Box jumps
butterfly or V situps

Lisa M said...

Thank you deejay for the clarification i was totally doing it wrong. Oh well live and learn.

Row @ 2:08/500m

Globo only had 12kg KB BRUTAL so did 50# DB swings found grip was issue it was harder to hang onto
Runs were 480m on treadmill

first round unbroken
2,3 pushups were 10/5/5 the rest unbroken

As a funny side note i ran into a guy at my globo who had started CF a couple of months ago so i asked him how it was going - he said he didn't like how sore it made him so he quit - wow and that somehow is a bad thing??? now i see him all "pumped up" in his upper body doing bench, and isolated biceps curls - vanity does amazing things to people. Funny though i said i am still totally addicted and he said yeah it looks like its working... I guess i will take that as a compliment hee hee.

Brent Maier said...


Set 1:
SDHP: 135# for all 3 rounds up to chin.
2m Rows: 590/570/549 Meters

Set 2:
KBS: 2 Pood
Runs: Got approx 450m per 2 minute run.

Coach, I've got a little problem. Managed to run a philips bit on my drill through my left thumb. Missed the fingernail but came out dead center on the other side. Sucker is swollen. Everything tonight was done without the use of the thumb. No hook grip for me for a while. Damnit!

Good job everyone! DJ, I have the same problem on pushups, they deteriorate quickly. You'll be glad to know I ham'd it tonight by wearing a headband DJ style. Heh, I love it.

Brent Maier said...

Set 3:
PU's - Chest to deck
24" box jumps
Unachored Abmat Situps

Everything but the 2nd and 3rd round of PU's were unbroken. First round of box jumps were touch and go's. 2nd and 3rd were constant jumps with alternating step downs.

Brian Maier said...

SDLHP - 135lbs (couldn't have gone heavier, last couple reps of final round were tough)
Row: 1:43, 1:53, and 1:50/ 500m pace

55lb db swing. Heaviest weight I have; could have gone heavier. I held it from each end instead of the handle.
400m runs

pushups were closed position pushups with elbows in. Regular hand position push ups have been causing pain and popping in my tricep tendon. It's been a chronic injury and can't seem to get rid of it. Been dealing with it for over a year and it flares up w/ pushups, bench press, ring dips and sometimes shoulder press.

YoungManRumble said...

NO JUICE TODAY...This was like a being killed with a dull spoon. Poor eating / poor rest = poor effort...

got through the WOD..bailed on a UFC party to get it done...

135lb SDHP - need to work on the hips with this one.

Row 2mins 10 damper pulled over 525m per round

24kg KB swings
2:00 min cardio is not that great right now...

20 - perfect pause push ups
20 - 24inch box jumps
20 - weighted sit ups with 24kg KB

rwcorson said...

Left glute and lower back barking at me so I cut back on the weight and focused on form for this one.
SDLHP 65#, rows were 1:50, 1:48, 1:45/500m pace
KBS 1.5 Pood, runs about 450m
push ups 20/20/10,5,5
20" box jumps 20's
unanchored sit ups 20's

Anonymous said...


sdlhp = 95, 115, 125..felt good..last couple at 125 was a grind, but no fractioning
row = 545m, 555m, 555m,

kb swings...subbed for dumbells...80#, 90#, 100#...felt strong no fractioning
ran on treadmill..440meters

Pfeifalife said...

SDLHP: 165/165/165 broken
Row: just rowed, monitor doesn't tell pace, rowed hard but def not 500 pr pace.

KBS: 2Pd
Run: bout 400m each time, runs were hurting from shins do to 500 du's

pushups felt good, bj's were rough do to shins, situps were anchored and ok

CDunkin said...


kb's: 2pd

circuit was sloppy

CrossFit HR said...

SDHP - 135lb
averaged covering 525m per row at 6.5 damper

KB swings - 80lb, 72lb, 72lb
runs felt light but taxing
Ran 400m course after swings instead of 2 min.