Wed, Aug 5th, 2009

A1. BB Forward Lunges @ 10X1; 4-6/leg x 4; 90 sec
(push through heel to get up; alternate legs/rep)
A2. Strict Ring Dips @ 2121; amrap x 4; 90 sec
B. Pistols @ 3011; 8-15/leg x 3 sets; 45 sec b/t legs
(ass to grass, use assistance if needed but get full ROM)
C1. Heavy Implement Russian Step up @ 1110; 12-15/leg x 3; 60 sec
(carry something heavy wherever/however; bench at or higher than knee cap, place working leg on bench, step up and kick opposite knee as high as possible in air at top of step up; working leg remains on bench throughout set)
C2. Knees to Elbows @ 10X0; 20 x 3; 60 sec

post loads, reps and notes to comments

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/15g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/35g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/55g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30g prot/20 g carb
12-14% - 30g prot/30 g carb
below 12% - 30g prot/40 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


Geoff Aucoin said...

Jesus H, my abs.

Scotty, the marinade was awesome. Tri-tip is a winner!

Steve said...

Two quick questions:

A1: Forward Lunges = walking lunges, or alternating in place?

C2: K2E 10X0 = One second down, zero seconds at the bottom, explode up, zero seconds at the top, correct?

Hope everyone's having a great day!

Steve said...

Also, Geoff: Your comment yesterday got me wondering, when we are given a range of reps to complete (ex. today's 4-6/leg) is there a progression that's implied? Do we build up from 4 reps on the first round to 6 on the last, or simply, as you said, don't go up in weight until we're able to accomplish the max reps at given weight?

Thanks for the clarification!

David X said...

I gotta catch up from yesterday in addition to doing this one! Wow. I'm in trouble.

unit said...
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unit said...

i didn't realize that there was a stipulation of max reps before increasing weight... in the last set i knew i wasn't going to get 6 reps at 315 so i dropped the weight to stay within the rep range... as i thought that was the only rule...
thanks for the heads up and clarification on the wt/rep range meaning and i'll be sure to max out the reps before bumping up the weight!...

Geoff Aucoin said...

Steve when you see a rep range you goal is to get the highest number listed (aka 8 reps in a 6-8 range). Once you get 8 good reps with proper form then you add weight; but if you only get 6 or 7 reps then you stay with the same weight. So no, you don't purposely use less reps in early sets, you are meant to push yourself in each set.

Unit you shouldn't drop the loads in the final set when the rep ranges are set because this is progressive overload-style. Your body is getting the wrong message when you end the exercise with a lighter weight.

Oh and Steve you're right about the 10X0 and for the forward lunges you alternate in place.

Garage Crossfitter said...

-BB forward lunges-95,95,115,115 @ 6 reps per leg
-strict ring dips-11,7,7,5
-pistols 8 reps per leg, first 2 sets were @ tempo, last set was at the tempo I would normally do them.
-step ups with 35lb sandbag, box was at knee height. 12 reps per leg. I did 1 set
-knees to elbows, 20 reps for 1 set.

*I still have no appetite, looking at food turns my stomach so less than normal calories = much less energy. My stomach still feels full all the time and it is still unsettled also. I do not have anymore body aches, and last night I slept all night for the first time in 4 nights, so making improvement but I need to boost these calories so I can get back to full speed.
Scotty, Unit or any other big dawg, any insight on why this didnt pass after 48 hours like normal food poisoning is suppose to? And why dont I have any kind of appetite?
Thanks guys!

Brent Maier said...

We're back from vacation and look forward to the WOD's again. I didn't check the blog while I was gone but that press metcon last week wrecked me before heading out on my vacation. I haven't been that sore for quite a while.

Anyway, it's good to be back. Ouuuu

Lisa M said...

Hey Garage Crossfitter i would try and get some probiotics into your system. Sometimes a bad stomach infection like can destroy the good bacteria in your intestine and it needs to be re-established. The best on the market is made by Garden of Life and it is called primal defense. Take about 4-6 for about three days and then you can back it off from there. I take 1-2 every three days just to maintain a good intestinal flora in general since we don't get any good bacteria in our food. Hope that helps.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Thanks, I have something similar to that product, Greens Plus, which contains the same probiotics, I am going to give this a try. Much thanks!

Sweeney said...

A1: 88,108,110,120 x 6/leg (easy)
A2: 9,6,6,5

B: Blue band assisted - 15/leg

C1: Sandbag over shoulder (not sure of weight), 15 x 3

C2: Rd 1 - 20 straight
Rd 2 - 10,5,3,2
Rd 3 - 5,5,3,3,2,2

Leighanne said...

Had 40 min total to do warm up/wod...
A1. in #, 88(6), 88(6), 88(5), 93 (4)
A2. sub'd Strict perfect form push ups from toes
B. Pistols - 15, 8, 8 (used band to assist down and up)

ran out of time, only got 2 rounds in for each (with no rest between)
C1. 6 kg kb, 8kg kb x both 15/leg
C2. Knees to Elbows, counted attempts.. got most of them.

legs are shaky!
still need to focus on tempo, counting reps and tempo at same time is almost the hardest part -pls tell me i am not losing ability to multitask :)

PTS said...

A1: 6x95, 6x115, 6x125, 6x135. maybe a little light here
a2: 15,13,11,10

b 8 per round. all left legged pistols were done without assistance. held onto 1 ring for right legged pistols.

c1. 15x35, 15x35, 12x35. used a 35lb plate.

c2. 20, 20, 16/4. grip slipped and failed on last set.

also did the HSPU portion from yesterday and that was 3,2,1,1

Jeremy said...

Opt what do you reccommend for figuring out grams of carbs sources for the post wod meals

unit said...

this is a huge clarification for me... in the past i had tried to pick weights to MAKE the rep RANGE and not the rep MAX. i would always have sacrificed a few reps, still make the range, but go heavier at the expense of those reps. i've never had this explained in such a manner before, nonetheless it makes good sense in the way you present it and i think it's good info for all to know. although i suppose i should not have gone up in wt while maintaining the minimal reps, i can see how my muscle memory would have been better served by not dropping the weight and perhaps falling short of the rep range (which might not have had to happen had i done it correctly from the onset). in thinking about this issue of reps/weight/muscle memory, i am left with a puzzling question then. if the goals are as you stated, then should one consider doing extra sets, if, at the end of the final set, the weight chosen and reps attained was easy per that individual's standards?... and, perhaps count earlier, lighter wt sets as 'warm-ups', since they are not truly work-loads geared toward the desired outcome?... it seems that there have been some comments that reps/wts were 'easy' and 'should have' gone heavier... thoughts?

garage CFer,
i agree with the above in that certain infections can cause issues in messing up the proportion/colonization of the bacteria in the GI. probiotics are definitely good in helping prevent such things as clostridium difficile [c. diff] colitis, helicobacter pylori [h. pylori] infections, and so on... the symptoms of food poisoning are not caused by the bacteria directly, but by a poison that they produce and secrete... but to have enough 'poison' to make you sick, you need the numerous bacteria to produce it... u r correct in that the typical bout of food poisining classically lasts <48 hours, but having ongoing anorexia (loss of appetite/inability to eat... a symptom not to be confused with anorexia nervosa, the eating disorder) can be due to a multitude of causes... i.e. a conditioned aversion response to food in the acute setting (since food made ur stomach upset, your brain, in the stimulation of the gustatory phase of eating triggers that response), myscle cramps secondary to the 'workout' that you gave your stomach from ongoing vomiting [emesis] and wretching, as with any other 'workout' your stomach can feel the residual pain of being pushed to its max so to speak... although smooth muscle is inherently different than skeletal muscle it can still get overworked. this does, however, assume that food poising was the issue to begin with... if, however, food poisoning was not the issue in the first place, i am highly curious as to more details regarding your symptomatology... the most simple straight-forward way to ask would be the 'OLD CARTS' method...
Onset - when did it start
Location - where is ur pain
Duration - how long did it initially last and how long does it last at a time now
Character - can u describe what it feels like?... crampy/burning/sharp/dull...
Aggravating/Alleviating factors - anythimg make it better/worse, types of foods, etc
Radiating - does it stay in the same spot in your stomach of does it go anywhwere?
Temporal - morning / night / after/before eating... when do you notice it?
Severity/Similarity - scale of 1-10, have you had this before, if so when and what did you have?...
usually the answers to these questions can lead to a better understanding of what's going on...

anywho, hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

Re: BB lunges, anyone do these with the bar in the clean rack versus back squat position? Definitely forces you to stay upright torso but not sure if it is the same training effect or not.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Unit- thank you...i shot u an email...

Geoff Aucoin said...

A1. 132,138,142,148x6/leg
A2. 11,10,7,7
B. 8 reps/leg/set, unassisted
C1. 12/leg/set with 50ish lb bag
C2. 20 straight/set

My glutes are going to be ruined tomorrow. Maybe I won't notice because my hams will be too sore.

Unit, good info and good questions. Not wanting to speak for James's intentions, but I'm pretty sure the intent for the past 2 WODs is moderate intensity. The low numbers of sets, rep ranges and tempos are designed as such that we keep the weights much lower than 1RMs. If the athlete manages to find a weight that he cannot reach the max reps with in the first set then that's pretty much the ideal weight. If he somehow manages to reach the max reps on the next set with the SAME weight then he should add weight immediately to keep progressively overloading. All this comes with training experience so when I say something like, "Started too light" it's because I kept hitting the max reps each set after adding weight each time. All sets should be 'working sets' with any warm-ups sets done in advance.

If you wanted to add more sets with varied reps at the end then that would be good to serve your needs but I was frackin' smoked after I completed the sets of all exercises.

Anonymous: bar behind neck.

funinthesun said...

A1 45, 65, 75, 85 12reps for all last set challenging
A2 4,4,4,4
B All assisted 8,8/door jamb, 8/8, bench, 8,8crash on floor, 8,8 bench....this is my weakest link

C1 0 weight, 10lbs med ball, 15lbs dumbell,

c2 10,4,6 set 1
7,5,5,3 set 2
7,5,5,3 set 3 ...these also need work

Chad Action Brandt said...

-BB forward lunges-95,@ 8,8,6,6 reps per leg
-strict ring dips-10,10,10,10
-pistols were to a 14" box. I would do 3 reps one leg, switch, 3 reps other leg, switch and get to 15 reps per side X 3 sets. My hips and knees do not like pistols!
-H.I.Step-ups I used 95# bar@12reps
-knees to elbows: lucky for my my Pull-ups bars are not in yet so I did Bosu Supine Knee-In to Elbows hold onto my P-Bar legs.

I am friggen tied these days might take next two days off :-)

Surrey Sterling said...

A1 88,88,88,95 x 12 Perfect weight, last set was tough.

A2 11,9,6,5

B - 8x4 All unassisted a2g
very last rep on the last set I failed took two more attempts to get it.

C1- Two 8KG Kettlebells for all 15 reps by far the hardest movement of the day.

C2 20-10-10-15-5

Hoofed back to work right after no rest! Sitting here in the gov't office typing while the sweat drips. Still in my shorts and shirt.

Most CF's don't stink its the chip eat'in fat F#$Ker in the cubicle next to me that stinks!

Surrey Sterling said...

Dam Mr. Unit I think is safe to assume your a doctor?

Steve said...



CFWU x 3
Practice Double Unders
Practice Hand Stands/walking on hands
Practice L-Sit
135 BB Forward Lunge x 4
225 BB Forward Lunge x 4
245 BB Forward Lunge x 4
265 BB Forward Lunge x 4


A1: 265 x 6 x 4
A2: Someone stole my rings. Unreal. Did bar dips instead - 15/10/6/7

B: 8/10/11/10 Absent minded, did an extra set.

C1: 50# x 12 x 3 Bench was about 4'' above my knee.
C2: First two rounds unbroken. Last broken into 13/7 Grip, or some other body function, gave out.

Unit, I tend to do what you describe: Start going up in weight until I get somewhere that I think is good for the upcoming exercise. If I find that I misjudged at the end of the iteration, I just count my first set (or two) as an additional warm-up. Like today, for example.

Steve said...

Forgot to add:

Post WOD:

Approx Pro. 40g
Approx Carb. 55g
Stretch/Yoga Stuff
Trigger Point Roller/Ball

SteveC said...

A1. 115/6, 135/6, 145/6, 145/6
A2. No rings so regular bar dips

B. Wow, these were tough. I lack a bit of flexibility. Normally, I do these on a box, but today on the ground. I used assistance to stabilize

C. 35 lb/15 reps, 50lb/13 reps, 50 lb/13 reps

C2. 20 unbroken, 20 unbroken, 15 and 5

YoungManRumble said...


A1. 40kg, 44kg, 48kg, 52kg x 6 x 4
A2. 15, 12, 10, 11

B. I suck at theses...used a 15lb db as my counter balance on my first set. Used a 10lb db as a counter balance my next set. And I did alternating pistols the next set with no assistance.

C1.Held 2 8kg kettle bells x 15 x 3

C2. 20, 20, 20 unbroken

Could have gone a little heavier on the lunges but they were comfortable..other than that is was another challenging WOD.

dontpanic356 said...

Front Squat 70% 3 x 5: 230

Snatch Push Press 75% 5 x 5 : 150

Clean High Pull 90%: 245

A1: Bar in front squat position: 145(8), 145 (8), 145(7) , 145 (6)
A2: 15, 12, 10, 9
B: only managed 6 per leg per set
C1: Held 45 lb bumper to a knee level box
C2: sets of 1o

Scotty Hagnas said...

A1: 115x6;120x6;135x5x4 Oops, bar in front rack.
A2: 10,7,5,5
B: 9,9,8 Right leg no problem, left has started to bother me a bit on pistols. Did partial ROM w/band for VMO activation on left leg.
C1: 45lb sandbag on opposite shoulder. 15,15,15 Knee fine here.
C2: First round unbroken, others fractioned.
This one was a sneaker, I'm cooked!

PWO: Butternut squash puree + tuna. My Refuel arrived after I was done, so I'll be using that tomorrow.

Geoff: I am going to have to fix the tri tip now! Getting hungry thinking about it.... also, thanks for the clarification on hitting the rep ranges.

Garage: I don't have too much to add to the excellent responses above. However, Ultra InflamX is a product that I've used to accelerate healing after a bout of food poisoning.

I'd definitely dial the training back a bit until you get right.

Joel B. said...

A1: 95X6; 95X6; 105X6; 110X6
A2: 11, 8, 7, 6...rep cadence made this a scorcher
B: 8 reps for both legs, all sets
started out assisting with the rings but this was too much assistance so I switched to the doorway w/fingers on outside/other side if that makes sense. Brutal at these but got better through these sets
C1: 35# sandbag on opposite shoulder. 14, 14, 14
C2: 1st round unbroken. 2nd: 14/6 10 sec break. 3rd: 12/8 w/10 sec break

Thanks Geoff also for the rep range clarification. And, not to butt in too much on the convo but I made the tri tip last night as well. Delicious!

Jeremy said...

Scotty i was wanting to know what you guys use to get the carb values for the given amount posted
example acorn squash 3oz cooked.
i appreciate any help

Doug Zirkle said...


Many Web sites provide nutritional information. My favorite is If you're technically inclined, you can obtain the database that powers this site and slap your own front-end on it. The DB is available from the U.S. government. If you're interested, let me know and I'll track down the site for the DB for you. Otherwise, just use or some similar site, and you should be in business.



Scotty Hagnas said...

Hi Jeremy-

It depends. Today, I was somewhat pressed for time and unprepared, so I used a can of squash and tuna. Simply looking at the labels and doing the math got me to the planned quantity.

Other days, I'll cook. I have done it so long that I have many values memorized, but if I'm not sure, I use this great site:

Jeremy said...

Doug thank you very much big help

Jeremy said...

Scott the site u gave me says a 1oz sweet potato has 27carbs all other data bases say 4-5 carbs.
Thank you for any help

Sam Edwards said...

A1- 135, 135,145,145.. 6/leg through out
A2- 14,14,12,10
B-8/leg, 10/leg, 8/leg all assisted
C1-25lb plate held in front x12reps/leg
C2- (13,7) (12,8) (12,8)

Pfeifdog said...

A1: 115X6; 125X6; 125X6; 135X6
A2: 8, 8, 6, 7
B: 8 reps for both legs, all sets
assisted band. This is a weakness, I get up on my toes and lose all my power.
C1: 1.5 pood KB 12 each leg, each round
C2: 10/5/5 just regrip break. 2nd: 10/5/5 10 sec break. 3rd: 8/8/4 w/10 sec break.

Michael FitzGerald said...

Long day of work so reduced volume
A1. 145/165/185
A2. 10/8/6
B. 15/leg x 1
C1. 15/leg x 1 to 24 inch box with green sandbag on shoulders
C2. 20 x 1
That was tough. Cudos to those who did it all at 100% effort!

Rory Hanlin said...

A1 145x6, 185x6, 185x6, 205x5
A2 8, 8, 6, 6
B 8 Reps x3
C1 1.5Pood x3x12
C2 very broken

This is going to hurt tomorrow...

Brent Maier said...


A1. BB FW Lunges - 60/65/70/72.5kg (160#) All sets with 6 reps per leg
A2. Strict RD - (7/6/5/4)
B. Pistols - (8/8/8) per leg
C1. Russian Stepup - 20/22.5/25kg (55#)
C2. K2E - (20/20/20)

Well now, I left a little in the tank today but I think I should have backed off a bit considering I just got back from a 7 day vacation.

Notes: Lunges got difficult but managable. Didn't hold back on weight much even though I knew what was ahead. Strict RD's, not much to say but I still feel the tri's from last weeks press Metcon. Pistols were painful. 8's were all I could take with the 3 sec negatives. For the step ups, I was in a daze and just kept chugging through them. K2E's, I wrote down 10x0 and 20x3 on my paper and didn't think about why I had two tempos for the workout. I used the 20x3 for the first 20 and then checked the workout. Doh, it was 20 sets of x3. Last 2 sets were much easier using the 10x0 formula.

Good to be back but I'm going to be walking like an old man for a few weeks until the body gets used to the abuse again!

unit said...

3 rounds for time
500m row
21 burpees
400m run

time ~ 14:19

A1 - 135 x6 / 135 x6 / 155 x6 / 185 x6
A2 - 14 / 12 / 10 / 8
B - 15/15/15 each - these were done assisted... i figured since i was doing them assisted i needed to get the max reps before doing a set unassisted...
C1 - 15/15/15 each - 25lb plate held overhead
C2 - all unbroken

feel sore already... doesn't bode well for tomorrow...

surrey, i finished med school a few yrs ago and am currently in my 3rd yr of residency training...

michael, def good 2 have u back bro!...

rory, my bumper plates came today!...


Rob Sifton said...

Decided I might as well put what James has been writing me for my schedule as the Big Dawg's do not fit right now.

5 Rounds of Cindy + 20# vest
10 115# C&J + 20# Vest
5 Rounds of Cindy + 20# vest
10 115# C&J + 20# vest
5 rounds of Cindy + 20# vest

Just crushed me. I have never done Heavy Cindy or Murph so this was an eye opener to say the least just for the 5-10-15. The C&J just added insult to it all.

An hour after I was still not feeling right. 2 hours later I am feeling much better.

Thanks Grant for the observation about the 2nd pull and shorting my Shrugs. I wish I could have used it more than for 3 reps, but it might have helped for them at least.

2 Scoop Dream Whey, 2 Scoop ReFuel

deejay said...

A1: 185#/195#/205#/215#(5)
A2: 6/6/5/4
B: 8/leg x 3 - I can usualy do pistols well but not at this temp
C1: 2pood KB held in front x 12, 1.5 pood KB held in front x 12, 2 pood KB held at side of working leg x 12 - this just didn't work out all that well, I felt the fatique in forarms and shoulders more than anything and couldn't push for 15 reps/leg
C2: all sets 10/5/5 - felt pretty good

Brian Maier said...

A1: 135# X 6, 4 rounds
really started feeling my glutes tighten up so decided not to go up in weight

A2: 14,11,7,7

B: worked on assisted pistols..really struggle with flexibility on these

C1: 25lb. plate held in front X 15 - 3 rounds (seemed like this took forever...legs started feeling numb by this point)

C2: 20 unbroken; 8,7,5; 8,7,5 (ouch...really struggled with these after the 75 GHD's yesterday)

PWO: 40g protein, 55g carb - shake consisted of 1 cup green machine, 2 scoops whey protein with BCAA's and glutamine, 25g dextrose tabs

Jefff said...

A1. 115,135,145,155(5/leg)
A2. 6,5,5,5

B. 3 sets of 8/leg. Not @ 3011. Completely broken, but unassisted.

C1. 25,35,45(R=15, L=8) Used plates.
C2. 20,14-6,13-7. Completely different feeling from normal K2E. Abs were on fire, and grip was weak link. Don't normaly feel abs on normal K2E.

Michelle said...

Didn't expect to take all the days at the cabin off, but once i got there it felt like the right thing to do, so it was fun to get back at things today! Time was short so not much rest between A and B and no rest between B and C.Also, I only did one round of the RSUps/K2Es. Hey Leighanne...i had the same experience with counting reps and tracking tempo!

A1. 95/100/105/110 (6/leg/set)tempo as rx'd
A2. 8/6/6/4 tempo as rx'd
B. For the last 2 sets, when i could no longer follow the rx'd tempo, i stopped. Could have continued if i had taken longer pauses at the top...pistols were unassisted. Should i be stopping when i can no longer do the rx'd tempo?
15/15(pause at top longer at 12); 9/9; 8/8
C1. 25# db to 18" box 12/leg
C2. 15/3/2 (really wanted the set unbroken, but grip was gone).

Grant said...

@ CFC @ 7PM
Weighted lunges (6) 115/135/140/145
SRDs 12/11/10/9

Pistols used a pillar to grip from side. All x15

HIRSU 1.5pdx15 once, 30#DBx12 twice
K2Es all straight.

Michelle your pistols were a thing of beauty. I saw some tatoos in Aromas you should consider.

Michelle said...

Thanks Grant! The same could be said for your K2Es, it just doesn't sound quite the same in a sentence...Oh, and...thought about the tattoos and...NO! Thanks to all of the Big Dawgs at CFC who answered my many questions tonight!!!

DBs for 'C' were 25#/hand.

Kathleen said...

A1: 65[12] 75[12] 85[12] 95[12]
A2: 8 6 6 4
Will need to increase weight for lunges next time, not really sure where to start

B. crazy 8's band assisted - needs serious work, when Unit gives me that ass implant look out

C1: 12/12 12/11 12/5+7
20#/h 25#/h 25#/h
C2: singles 10/5/5 8/4/4/4
Left shoulder is a hurting unit and impeded K2E
Left leg/glute defintely weaker for all exercises today

Michelle gets my hero cookie today today for those textbook perfect pistols - she is a pistol packing mama

Evan J said...

First day back since injuring back and still rehabing so had to adjust WOD a little bit to accomodate.

A1. 6/ leg x3 just did light (80lbs)
A2. Ring Dips: 15, 11, 10, 7
B. Tough tempo and due to back rehab only went to 90 degrees. 8/leg x 3
C1. 25lb db in each hand 12 per leg x 2 (short on time)
C2. 20 x 2. Both sets broken into 10's.

Overall happy with performance in comparison to where my body was at even 2 days ago when I could barely tie my shoes. Looking forward to getting back in the swing of things.

CDunkin said...

18,15,12,12- done on fixed dip bar at here at beach gym
8x3, first rd assisted on left leg, then switched to single leg squats on top of box unassisted with leg hanging straight down.
30lb dbx15/35lb dbx15/40lb dbx15

CDunkin said...

oh, and thanks Geoff for the rep clarification. I, too, was not doing them correctly.

Laura said...

A1: 75/80/88/88 (12 for 1st 2, 8 for last 2)
A2: 7/9/9/7

B: 15 per leg--band assisted

C1: DB 20# per hand--15/15/12 on last set

C2: No go--lot's of physio/torture massage on shoulders, can't hold on to the bar yet for sustained amounts of time.

Todd Dyer said...

A1 1. 115 lb x 12, 2. 135 lb x 12, 3. 145 lb x 12,
4. 155 lb x 10
A2. 1. 13, 2. 11, 3. 10, 4. 9
B. pistols I suck at these, right knee can't seem to handle them
assisted with minimal help and full rom
1. 15 L/ 11R, 2. 15L/10R, 3. 15L/ 10 R
C1.All three sets done with a 45 lb plate for 12 reps per leg
C2. All three rounds done for 20 reps last one tough

Pfeifalife said...

A1 1. 225 x 12, 2. 225 x 12, 3. 225 x 12,
4. 225 x 10 (these were rough)
A2. 11-9-8-7 = 35 (seizing of joints became a feeling of detachment)
B. I suck immensely at these. All were assisted and the 4 count decent drained my legs 1. 8/8, 2. 9/9, 3. 8/8
C1. first 2 sets were done with 1.5pd KB held on working leg side for 15 reps each leg each set, 3rd set used 2pd KB for 12 reps each leg. Should have got 15, mental lapse and fatigue, which seems to be a problem for me.
C2. completed tough, abs were fatigued from stepups