thrilla in manila

14 rds for time:
3 push jerk from floor (155#/100#)
3 L Ups

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David X said...

14 rds?!?!?!

Can't wait!

Surrey said...

Your mad! In a good way!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Okay, hopefully I'll be Ali tomorrow and not the Gorilla.

Steve said...

Quick question:

"Push-jerk from the floor" would be:

a. Power clean from floor once each round, then three push jerks


b. Power clean, push jerk, weight to floor, repeat for each rep?

Think I know the answer, but want to make sure. Thanks for your help!

Paul said...


Very slow today. I usually workout in the afternoons but did today's at 8:00am and I just couldn't get warmed up. I tried everything; rowing, jump rope, numerous clean and jerks with 95lbs, and a few sets of GHD sit ups. I just felt lethargic. I guess I need to change my routine a bit in order to make a smoother transition to different times?

Garage Crossfitter said...

SIcker than a dog, food poisioning from chicken, yuck. I'll be back in a few days....WHOOFF

PTS said...

poor nutrition last night led to poor workout today

Surrey Sterling said...

After reading Steve's comment I'm confused now. So I'll go with the Squat clean to the rack position and then three Push jerks. This equals one round??

Steve said...

Went with power clean then three push jerks for one round.


Three rounds
10 x Strict Pull-ups
10 x HSPU
10 x K2E (After watching Unit's video, I need to learn this movement)
10 x Sit-ups
10 x Back Extensions
10 x OHS
3 x 135# Push Jerk
3 x L-Pull-ups

WOD as Rx'd:



50 x K2E

Approx. 25g Carb (Banana)
Approx. 25g Pro (Salami)

Funny, I can feel my body SLOWLY starting to wake up after almost a month off.

Steve said...
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Geoff Aucoin said...


Had sub-10 on the mind, and it's doable, but the frackin' L-pulls fell apart too early. As soon as my arms reach full extension my hips want to drop immediately. Jerks were pretty much all 'touch-and-go' off the shoulders with minimal pauses in the rack position.

Some days I wonder if my inadequecy for something like L-ups is specific to my training or just an overall lack of work capacity, which has been my biggest issue this year. I'm pretty sure I'm going to start adding my own stuff here and there to address that.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Sterling that equals half a round, but just power clean that sucker. Squat cleaning 14 times is just punishing yourself.

Oh, and I spelled 'inadequacy' wrong earlier. D-oh!

Steve that's a smokin' time.

Sterling said...

Eh Geoff, so power clean that bad boy do three jerks and 3 l-pu and that equals one round? I think I got it now. Thanks

Ya that is a smok'in time!

Steve said...

Thank, Geoff.

I'll be honest though, I doubt myself after seeing your time. Did I get delirious and miscount? It sure didn't feel smokin' at the time! I like Unit's videos for accountability and honesty. I may have to find a camera or something over here.

Joel B. said...

pc up and 3 pj@155 and 3 l-pu for 14 rounds:

I know...wondering if maybe I should have scaled. I thought about it prior to starting as this is a significant % of my 1rm. Once I started I didn't want to change though. Feedback anyone?

Bowser said...


I am getting ready to do mine shortly and I'm in the same position you are. I'm thinking to scale it a bit and try for the 10 Min mark. I'll let you know how it goes.

funinthesun said...

Crossfit LaJolla doesn"t seem to be open on Sundays...

found another little gym but only had fixed weight machines

Did Annie in 5:12...

And rode my pink California Cruiser up and down the streets checking out the sights.

Would have had to modify this bad boy a bunch. Was going to attempt 80lbs and my L pullups are not up to standards from my own observation..may attempt later in the day if the gym opens and I'm not busy visiting Shamu.

Gord said...

Warmed up to 110# and my right shoulder started acting up. Tried bench press and it was only slightly better but still didn't feel good.

settled with subbing the push jerk with 175# power cleans. This lasted 4 round and then began to fail to many times. Lowered the weight to 155 for the final 10 rounds.

time 16:05

Looking forward to rest

Jefff said...


Kathleen said...

11th rd 3f so had to do an extra clean and jerk
12-14 rd the 3rd rep was a split j
L-ups are still closer to K-ups.
Tried to follow Tucker's advice - keep the hollow; tighten up the whole lower body and point those toes!
Nice work Mr. Aucoin!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Scotty H, you got any sweet paleo recipe ideas for a tri-tip steak? I want me some BEEF!!

Thanks, Kathleen!

Grant said...

wasn't sure I could do it but sacked up & got thru it. More triples @ the end than start. Had to cross that pain threshold.

Good work Geoff.

All I could think of was Sweeney golfing & deciding what club to use while I was suffering.

unit said...

as rx'ed


i need 2 work on keeping my legs as straight as possible... left shoulder/arm are done after this wod... feeling the soreness set in as i sit and type...
as usual, critiques / criticisms are welcome...


unit said...

oh... wanted to mention i had a hell of a time warming up... i think most of my soreness is coming from last night. yesterday i finally hung my metolius hang board!... couldn't stop messing around w/ it last night... RORY, u should see The Anvil II right now, bro!


Geoff Aucoin said...

Unit that was quick! I'd say there were enough reps that were somewhat questionable for height (a few for extension) that would go past the 20% slop rule.

At that intensity there's an accepted amount of form drop off, which is painfully evident in my L-ups, but I think there were enough missed reps to mention it. Overall that might have added a few seconds to your time but still a great effort and a good display of strength!

Scotty Hagnas said...

14:10' as Rxed.
PJ: got all rounds unbroken until the last rep of the 14th greedy and shorted my rest too much.
L-pullups: all unbroken

Didn't have too much energy metabolically today; poor rest and not the best food choices yesterday. However, all three days of this WOD cycle I felt stronger and more explosive.

PWO: whey, yams, red drink. 40p/40c

Geoff: I'll check my archives, I know I've cooked stuff w/tri-tip before. Got to run out right now, I'll post again when I return home.

SteveC said...

10:28 as rx'd

unit said...

thanks geoff!... i appreciate it... i'll work on cleaning up those lockouts... i've really found ur advice valuable, so please keep it coming...


Pfeifdog said...

Warmup: half mile run, dynamic stretching, push jerk and pullups.

8:15 as rx'd. L pull ups started looking sloppy at the end. I just felt extremely heavy today.

Post Wod: 30G Isopure whey.

Brian Maier said...

13:29 as RX'd....all unbroken.

Surrey Sterling said...


As Rx'd


Good times in the AlleyCat Garage. YMR (Young Man Rumble) worked across from me. We finished pretty much exactly the same time. Hotter the hell out in the beating sun.

Surrey said...

Unit as usual great intensity! Your a strong mutha!

YoungManRumble said...

13:15 all unbroken...I really just wanted to get this done in a respectable fashion! Played with both the push / and split jerk...I think I more of a pusher that a splitter...

Nowthat my arms are fried off to the golf course for a little links action! Golf and CrossFit in the same day is my version of paradise!

Rory Hanlin said...


Need to work on LPUs

Pfeifalife said...

warmed up with DU practice and light to working weight Push Jerks and L-pullups.

as rx'd (though L-pullups nearing the end left something to be desired)


pace felt ok, family meals prior day def didn't help. felt like a pile all day. Transitions could have been quicker. Power cleaned the weight up and rep'd out the PJ's.

funinthesun said...

11:02 scaled to 80lbs Pullups were okay.

I think technique limits what I can lift....okay maybe strength too. Keep on trying!

TMar said...

dubious 3rd LPUs in the last 3 rounds. learned to pause at the top of the push jerks instead of the bottom.

Geoff Aucoin said...


Scotty Hagnas said...


Sorry for the delay on in much later last night than I planned.

I looks like I haven't written any tri-tip recipes. I will have to play around and make one up.

However, a basic way I know I've fixed it before:

Make a simple marinade with something like rosemary, sea salt, pepper, beef stock, and Dijon mustard. Let the steaks sit in a bowl w/the marinade for a few hours, then remove to room temp.

Cook in the oven at 425 degrees F, fat side up. Cook for 20 min or so for rare. Tent the meat on a plate, let sit for 10 minutes.

If you want, you can transfer the pan juices to a skillet and reduce to a nice, thick sauce. Add any other seasonings you like here, as well.

Good luck!

rwcorson said...

Done on Aug. 3rd
Each set of PJs done without putting the bar down.
L ups done on rings, singles after the 4th rd.
Taylor, happy to see you are back!

Joel B. said...

That sounds awesome, Scotty!

As I happen to have all those things on hand, I just mixed it up to soak overnight (added some crushed garlic too though). I'll cook it up tomorrow. Probably on the grill this time of year though.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Sweet sweet recipe, Scotty. Much thanks, I'll let you know how it turns out!

Leighanne said...

sub'd kipping knee ups and 88# for pj; pj's straight thru

at cabin

Anonymous said...

RogerC...late post


this was really heavy for me...but got through it...l-ups like all pullups need work...

Todd Dyer said...

a couple days behind
time = 9:34

Robin said...

11:09 Rx'd
L-pull-ups are holding me back in this WOD...tried to point the toes and start from dead hang

CrossFit HR said...

8:48 as RX'd.
Damn, Unit...impressive.