GWM - phase 2

For total covered distance in meters;
5 min burpee broad jumps
5 min row (damper 10)
5 min 70# sandbag run

Post total distance covered in meters to comments
Chest to deck for burpees
Carry bag anyway you wish except strapped to body


Steve Smith said...

Forgive the newbie question:

No time is indicated for rest, that means take as much as needed, right?

i.e. 5min Burpee Broad Jumps, then rest as much as needed before begining the 5min row, correct?

PTS said...

Steve I believe it is continous. Coach usually will state rest as needed if that is the case. Someone correct me if I'm mistaken.

I don't have a sandbag. Any suggestions?

Loaded barbell?, KB? Heavy sack of laundry? What will work best for those that have tried?

unit said...

I was under the same impression... continuous...
I don't have a sandbag either and plan on one of the following... 2pd kb, or a couple wt vests draped over my shoulder (50lb and 20lb... not attached...)

Geoff Aucoin said...

Came in early to get this one done; beautiful day for it at that.

Grand total= 1920

2K would have been nice. I had nuh-thing today. Only had goat's milk and Greens 1st at 6:30 for pre-game fuel (WOD @ 8am). Warm-up was good but I was gassing pretty hard. 2K was easily doable if I hadn't walked most of the way up the OPT trench.

I took this WOD as what I figured it would be; a nice change and some good, tough fun!

Bring it today, Dawgs, earn your rest. OWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Garage Crossfitter said...

burpees 178m
row 1180m
walk/run 512m

Awesome fun wod, nice change of pace.
2k is VERY doable, the row i paced way too much fearing the sandbag run. Burpee broad jumps were done on wet grass which made jumping difficult without slipping. Much easier to carry sandbag across both shoulders and not one...i would like to tackle this again at a later date.

tough 3 day cycle

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Ryan G. said...

My WOD for today will be-

Packing food, water and supplies for a 2 night stay. Coming back down on Tuesday. Hopefully my post workout will include some beautiful high mountain Cutthroat.

Laura said...

Burpees: 96
Row: 1019
Run: 400m with 65lbs--5 fell out at beginning! went to about 5:12 to finish 400m


Not all small person workout!

PS Geoff you did not log out--we are even!

Gord said...

My neck was much better this morning....but still sore.
after attempting some of todays wod movements decided it was a no go.

settled on the following wod

500m row (damper@5)
farmer walk with 135 barbell on back

(with damper @10 the pull hurt my neck and my head bobbing when I was running it warm up hurt like hell)

Steve Smith said...

Late Afternoon:

Five rounds for time:
185# clean x 5
20 Double Unders

Time: 4:56

Rest 15 minutes

Burpees: 170M
Sub 1.5pd KB Swing: 60reps (what?!)
Run: 550M (Used two 45 pound sand bags)

No rower here. Couldn't believe how hard the swings were. My back kept seizing.

Sand bag run was tough, but I should have gone faster. Holding two sandbags was a significant challenge.

Will sleep well tonight, and enjoy the day off.

Steve Smith said...

Thanks for the consensus earlier, too, guys. Appreciate the help.

- Steve

Kathleen said...

B'pees: 98
Row: 1112 [24s/m 2:06m]
Sandbag: 500m

Grant said...

sub'd 30# walking lunges for burp's
Row: 1216m at damper 5 (damper 10 made me pull uneven from right shoulder)
Sandbag: 640m @ OPT trench
quasi total 1973

Chris Dunkin said...

Burpees: 183m
row: 1420m
run: 820m

reset the timer before start of each. Ran with 70lb weight vest draped over one shoulder at time. Run course from the gym was slight downhill. We dumped the weights and returned in the car to pick them up.

Urge to quit was weighing heavy on the burpees and run. This was much harder for me then having a set distance or reps to shoot for.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Chris, good numbers but don't reset the timer next time. The 5 minutes includes transition from one movement to the next.

EHR said...

Eric R.
Total -2080.5m
Burpees 135.5m
Run (80lbs punching bag) 640m

Heather R.
Total-1523 m
Burpees 77
Row 1076
Run (20# weighted vest + 35# rubber plate) 370m

PTS said...

burpees- 148m
run- .3 miles so approx 536m
approx 2029m total.

used a laundry bag filled with 15 lbs of laundry, a 35lb KB and 2, 10lb plates to get the 70 total. nice flat running service for the whole run.

I straight up dogged it on the burpees which I'm sure helped my score, but was not my intention, I just had no mental toughness on these today.

I'm wrecked right now, this cycle was tough.

deejay said...

105m burpee broad jump
1275m row
600m run
1980m total

Chris Dunkin said...

lesson learned. I'll be better prepared next time.

Joel B. said...

bbj: 160
row: 1271
run: 600

total: 2031

rest day will feel great! awesome a it kicked my tail kinda way.

Erik Luber said...

burpees: 100 m
row: 1291 m
*carry: 300 m
total: 1691

No sandbag, so did a farmer's walk instead, with what I though was 1 pood KBs in each hand. Felt my traps were actually going to explode. When I was finished noticed they were actually 20 kg each. oops.

Good cycle. Legs are still sore from the smokin' 700s. Lacked intensity today, think that starting off on those burpee broad jumps just put me in a bad place.

Evan Johnston said...

Burpees 170m
Row 1250m
Run 550m (60lb sandbag)

total= 1970

Thank you Scott and Rochelle for letting me join your WOD today at CF Portland and the muscle up help!

funinthesun said...

87m burpees
1175m row
421m run (dumbells in pillow case but only 60lbs)


Brutal but fun....

Brian Maier said...

warmup: 1 hr of tennis

125m burpees
1350m row (damper on 10)
500m run

total: 1975

did not have sandbag so put a 50lb bag of water softener salt and 20lb medicine ball inside a canvas duffle bag totaling 70 lbs. could have gone further on the run but had to stop several times to rearrange bag because zipper was cutting into my back

sHELLy said...

BJ/PB: 123m
ROW: 1117m
RUN: 588m (35lb sandbag)
TOTAL: 1828m

OPT said...

At cabin, outside:
burpees jumps: 125 m
No rower, sub'd biking on mike's old CCM, 1600 m
No sandbag so ran with Hannah (about 35#): 700 m (she was such a trooper, started with piggy back, then front carry then shoulder ride), lots of giggles
Total: 2425 m

That made my day.

Jefff said...

BBJ - 115m
Row - 1186m
Run (2x35lbs sandbags) - 405m

Total - 1706m

Wished I would have gone harder on the row as to have knocked myself unconscious for the run. Sandbags were awkward to run with, and ended up dropping them several times to re-grip. Need some rest.

unit said...

warm up - cffootball WOD
5 rounds 4 time
185# power clean x 5
20 DUs
time ~ 3:28

15 min rest

burpee bounds - 165m
row - 1325
run - 760 (50lb & 20lb wt vests draped over shoulders)
total ~ 2250m


rwcorson said...

I haven't done the last 2 WODs.
I did a 8 km hike with the family today in Banff National Park. Good fun.
I will tackle DL/press WOD tomorrow.

Chris Dunkin said...

Here's a link to the article my wife wrote that appears in the August issue of the CFKids magazine. A story of brain injury and progress

Lisa M said...


i would like to pick up a buddy lee rope and a hoodie. What is the best way to do that. I live in calgary so can i just come to OPT or should i order it online and then come get it. I don't even know where you are so if you could email me that would be awesome

Just got back from one week holidays for my anniversary. Ate like crap, golfed my brains out and drank beer - made it to a globo three times so was pretty proud of that, but i am seriously going to pay this week for the time off but it was sooooo worthwile.


Geoff Aucoin said...

Lisa I would imagine coming up to visit us at OPT would be better, unless you live way south...

James' gym is up in Bear's Paw just past Butterfield Acres, the kids petting zoo.

Brent Maier said...


Burpee Jumps: 116m (382ft)
Row: 1370m
Sandbag run: 531 (.33miles)
Total: 2,017

Burpees: Took the rower to an open field after a rainstorm for this one. Marked my beginning and end points of the burpees and went back afterwards with GPS to measure distance. Estimated 140m out for my starting point so I was working back to the rower.

Rows: Held 1:45-1:48 for the entire row. Had a hard time mentally with this today. Pulled around 24 pulls per minute.

Runs: Ran with a 52# weight vest draped over a shoulder and a 20# dumbell in the other hand. Started strong but had to switch shoulders about 4-5 times through the 5 minute run. Found myself jogging a few times and kicked up the pace. Easy to lose concentration on these and fall back to a jog. *no no*

Fun workout and nothing injured. Coach, I've got the Colorado Crossfit state games here in a few weeks up at Front Range. I was a little worried I may tweak something manhandling the weight vest but all is good.

Great job!

Mack Lar said...

Burpees 190M
Row 1310
Sandbag Run 600
2100M Total
No sandbag so I carried two 35# dumbbells. My lower back was screaming the entire time from yesterdays DL's.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Upon further review it seems I gypped myself about 100m on the run!

Scotty Hagnas said...

Burpees: 154m
Row: 1211m
60lb sandbag run: 550m (no 70# bags...)
Total= 1915m

Glad to put this cycle to rest! Thanks for coming in and doing the WOD with us, Evan! Congrats on the muscle up, too.

PWO: 30p/40c Refuel + whey

Evan Johnston said...

Reviewing my distance I believe I was about 100m over my run which was approx 450m bringing total to 1870m

David X said...

Took th eday of yesterday so I cn shake this chst cod I've developed. It sucks feeling like you're breathing underwater...

Burpees: 170 M
Row: 1257 M
Run: 440 M
Total: 1867 M

I felt like I couldn't hit that next gear on any of the movements and while I used a heavy bag across my shoulders on the run, I kept losing grip which slowed my time way down.

Kathleen said...

Total was 1710m and footnote that the Sandbag was 65# [the 5# weight fell out prior to Laura's departure so we left it @ 65#]

depaul said...

Burpees - 160 m
Row - 950 m
Sandbag run: sub 2 35 lb DBs - 550 m

Total 1660 m.

I can row faster than that, but not after 5 minutes of all-out burpees - I suppose that is the point : ) Unit, thanks so much for coaching me through it and keeping me going. You really bring out the intensity in me!

depaul said...

That was not intended to be an excuse for my subpar rowing session - what I meant was, I was happy with the intensity (how could I not be going 100% with Garry in my ear telling me to get going?) - just not the results. Either I am weak on rowing, or I am okay at rowing but was sucking too much wind to show it - which really means that my conditioning is not there and is just as disappointing. But either way, not making excuses - these are both improvements I have to make.

Pfeifalife said...

wish i could have done this one but way to drained and in the gutter today.