MWG - phase 1

7 sets for total working time:
15 DB Push Press (M-35#/h, F-20#/h)
25 Jumping Chin Ups
35 double unders
rest 1 min

post total working time to comments
with 2 arms extended overhead bar should cross 8 inches below highest part of hand


Geoff Aucoin said...

Oh dear, Amy and I just polished off a huge plate of nachos and I had me a few beers today. Me scared.

Robin Lyons said...

--for breakfast?? ;-)

what does the "h" mean after the weight prescription?

Sweeney said...


35#/h means 35 lbs per hand.

My word is "opasta".

Rory Hanlin said...

Yesterday 5 mile run: 36:14

Morning today: 6 mile ruck march, 40lbs with water
Time: 1:05

This evening I'll hit yesterday's WOD in the ANVIL.

Garage Crossfitter said...

total= 11:10 (if i added right)
*subbed 95lb barbell push press*

-5th and 7th rounds broken push press
-rounds 5,6,7 huge gut check, wanted to drop bar on push press and jump off bar on chins.
- double unders got very hard due to shldr fatigue
-the more tired i got the more i was pushing bar out in front of me, not directly overhead on push press. When i found the "groove" with my form with PP, it was much easier and less taxing on the shoulders.
- on double unders, the more tired i got the more my shoulders wanted to roll forward, making it so the rope clipped my heels, when i focused on keeping shoulders pulled back and posture upright i nailed them.

40 p
30 c


PTS said...

worked up to a tough 1 in the push press. got to 185lbs which is a PR. had a little bit more in me.

total - 11:46
used 95lb barbell PP

kept slipping off the bar on the chins.

First workout with Buddy Lee jump rope and what a difference it made. Nice and smooth and much easier to keep up to speed than my old nike rope. only had 1 miss on the DU's.

Joel B. said...

Headed to the cabin this morning with the family. I'm taking my jump rope and a I'll grab a rock or something for the other DB maybe. Maybe I can pull up a salmon for dinner too!

Ryan G. said...


Total - 15:25

- DU's were the mitigating factor for me. Very broken on all but the 6th set.

Marcus Allen said...

15:07 with 30# DB's
40g p post WOD
1 hour later
4 eggs with zucchini, 1/2 banana, 1 tbsp natty PB, coffee with milk.

Chris Dunkin said...

9:08 w/ 16kg kb's/hand

round 6-7 jumping pu's broken due to fatigue, 4 misses on du's.

pwo: 3 scoops refuel and...........30min nap (very nice)

1hr pwo: 4eggs, sausage, spinich, tomatoes, and cashews

this made 5 days in a row which felt great minus the poor planning on the runs wednesday.

Evan Johnston said...


Total working time of 10:15

Happy with power output and focus on du's in fatigue but would have liked to get more in a row, espescially in round's 5 and 6. Overall great start to the day!

funinthesun said...



DB push press unbroken
Jumping chin ups broken usually 10-14 then 5's. Had bar an inch to high for first few sets. Double unders a few bobbles but pretty good. Weird my times went down generally.....

Leighanne great job on DB press and awesome jumping chin ups and I apologize for my ropes lack of cooperation! Thanks for a fun three days.

dontpanic356 said...

I went to my department today to do this workout and upon entering I'm pulled aside by my Chief who tells me we have a room full of Army guys asking to be Tasered (I'm the department Instructor).

I walk in and taser the lot of them with their buddies laughing and screaming along with them. I told me chief afterwards that its like pulling teeth to get other cops to take the Taser. Tough bunch of dudes there.

I Digress....

Did the WOD unbroken as I did not write down "rest 1 min" this morning.

Time: 19:53

Erik Luber said...


Didn't have any DBs, so used KBs instead. Definitely more awkward than DBs, forearms a little bruised, but got a feel for it near the end. DUs typically fractioned into 2 sets

Gord said...

1:29--rushed the skipping
1:25--rushed the skipping again

Total time: 8:29

DB pp unbroken
jumping chins unbroken
skipping--set 1 and 2 unbroken. rushed set 4 and 6 and made too many mistakes. Used learning from the DU workout last cycle to get breathing under control and relaxed before/during sets

Leighanne said...

Too funny, about to post my results from the pce of paper Jackie kept score on for me and i see her note at the top to call this wod "Damn Rope"! so that's what i am going to call it! (Ryan we should have done this one together). Used a different rope (shorter than usual and long handles instead of my usual BL speed rope with my "perfect" lenght). It was a good learning... I now believe it's a good thing to change up equipment/ropes lengths, workout environment, etc... the main thing is that i SWEAT HARD, worked hard, pushed it hard.

pp and jumping pull ups were unbroken (felt actually quite easy except for the fact that i could hardly grip the db towards the end due to sweaty hands!):
1. 3:07
2. 3:39 (J started documenting how long it took to do the first 2 ex's... 38 sec)
3. 2:11 (39 sec)
4. 2:25 (37 sec)
5. 2:18 (39 sec, started counting du attempts)
6. 2:03 (40 sec)
7. 2:01 (39 sec)

Jackie (fun in the sun), thx for the past few days and hosting me at your place/gym. I look forward to doing some more wod's together at OPT... i enjoy your positive energy.

Leighanne said...

oops, forgot total time: 17:37

"fighthir", interesting.

Michael FitzGerald said...


Laura said...



Last few rounds were tough--skipping seems to have gone downhill the last month!

Maklar said...

Been following this site since May but wanted to formally introduce myelf. After a disappointing showing at my Regional Qualifier I thought it was time to change things up from my CF Main Site habit. The training here has been amazing and the information provided on rest days and on the blog is absolutely priceless towards the development of a true athlete. I'm still trying to digest all the info put out on the last rest day discussion. I think I "get it", just having trouble applying it to my own training. Anyhow, thanks for an amazing program Coach.

5'9" 173lbs 6.5% BF

7:32 total working time
All Unbroken
PWO 5 Hard Boiled Eggs,Blueberries,Pineapple,Strawberries equal to 45g of carbs

Scotty Hagnas said...

2:04, 2:10, 2:37, 2:45, 2:53, 2:39, 2:50ish? (missed starting watch)
Total= ~17:58'
DB PP: unbroken.
JPu: late rounds broken.
DU: I felt like these had improved some in the earlier rounds. Still, this was where all the time went.

PWO: refuel + whey. 30p/50c

Did more rhomboid work later, and shoulder/arm flexibility drills.

CrossFit Christchurch - Pete said...

Used 12.5kg DB's - not sure about right shoulder & in the land of metric here :-)

total 13.49

DB PP unbroken - felt really good - nice rythm :-)
J pulls - 1st+2nd set unbroken then 15, 5,5 thereafter.
Du's oh my... theses are shocking broken into about 8 sets per round :-) had a few good runs but interestingly last couple of sets. Tried to relax more and find a consistent rythm - rather than pure speed.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Scotty I found some kelp noodles here in Courtenay BC but at $8.50 a pop I'm gonna have to pass. They order them up from the States, which is how I got mine last year. The place that sells them is a vegetarian place that also sells kale chips and cashew cream cheese with sprouted yam crackers. So good.

Fasted until after 1pm today and it felt awesome.

Me, Amy and Brogan have gone through an entire large jar of Macadamia/Cashew Nut butter since we got here on Sunday. Yum.

SteveC said...


Total 16:59

Really had good times going into the DU, but since I can't string the DU it killed me. I had to to 2 single jumps then 1 double pretty much the whole way up to 35. I hope I can get these here soon b/c DU are killing me.

This is more for my sake, but yesterday I posted that I was using 60# for A2. That is because I did not write the tempo down, so I did them regular.

Steve Smith said...

I've noticed a good number of people using "Refuel" here. Is this the "OPT ReFuel" or the "Hammer Refuel" Any thoughts on how well it's working for you? How do the two products compare?


rwcorson said...

12:01 total
This hurt big time in rounds 5 & 6. I caved mentally and then dug in on the last round.
It's going to take some time & effort to get back into it.

Sweeney said...


PP - unbroken
JCU's - Broke 6th rd; 20,5, 7th round; 15,10
DU's - Broke 4-7 rds

I'm pooped.

Sweeney said...

Total - 8:18

Jefff said...


JCUs - Unbroken
Dus - Broken Every Round. Focused on Garage Crossfitter's comment about shoulders pulled back which seemed to help.

Brent Maier said...


Time: 7:55 as RX'd

1) 1:05
2) 1:05
3) 1:05
4) 1:06
5) 1:11
6) 1:16
7) 1:07


DBPP) These babies can cut into your time. At the start of every round I thought pop & snap. Fast and unbroken. Depending on how fast you do these, they can buy you a second or two to reset a failed DU. At the latter rounds, I knew these had to be fast.

JCU: These were unbroken until round 5 and then I felt the shoulder on rep 20. Small shake it off and finished it out. I believe I had 5 rounds unbroken.

DU's: First two rounds unbroken. No set was broken more than 3 times.

Results of this workout show a monumental leap from my performance with DU's back in Nov. Great Job Mike and hang in their Rob. You'll be back at it in no time!

Chad Action Brandt said...

1.) 57sec
2.) 1min
3.) 1min
4.) 1min
5.) 1:04 1 fraction on rep 3
6.) 1:05 1 fraction on rep 17
7.) 1:03

TOTAL = 7:09

Worked on some weighted Chins because my new pull-up system went in while I was at the level 2 cert.

1-1-1-1 @ 65-75-85-95lbs

Robin Lyons said...

damn...this was toasty!

not my times though...:-0

2:06 (i luv du's)/1:49

My wind was definatly gone by round 6 & 7...also I was waiting for one of my achilies to snap off and hit me in my ass!! How can I recover the inflamation in the heels...just ice? will DMSO work?

joey warren said...

i did double uneders a couple days earlier and my calves were so sore I had to sub rower for DUs.
15 cal rower

1:37,1;48,1:42,1:45,1:44;1:42, 1:38

Paul said...

Total Time 16.22

I am so bad at double unders. The later rounds I was barely able to string together 6 at a time. Oh well, I will keep practicing.

Ali Jansen said...

All rounds of PP and Jumping Chins unbroken, rounds 4 - 7 of DUs had 1 - 4 misses. Damn DUs

Kicked my ass and I loved every minute of it!

dan said...

I modified the wod. my skips are horrible, so cut those down and subbed a muscle up in place...still coming around so did 5 rounds:
15 45# BB PP
25 JCU
15 DU

1:55 failed on MU
1:55 failed on MU

couldn't pull off the MU on 4 and 5. DUs were weak; all broken. JCU all unbroken.

unit said...

awesome job 2 day BrOPT, Brent, Sweeny, CDunkin... hang in there Rob... hope u keep feelin better...

66/65/71/71/73/76/83 ~ 8:25

after seeing them on video JPUs look horrendous [irregardless of the unstable base and it being 6in below highest part of hand]... DUs need a lot of work on keeping the body vertical / tight w/ shoulders to the side/relaxed more...
feel like i'm improving on locking out the PP, but still need work...
would welcome suggestions...


Evan said...

8:45 working time
Felt horrible immediately after, but awesome within ten minutes. Loved this wod

Geoff Aucoin said...

Woof, Amy and I just got back from an amazing dinner at a restaurant called Locals where everything they serve is from the island. So frackin' good, we stretched our stomachs juuuust a little.

YoungManRuble said...

No juice today...

11:46 total..not happy with that...but I'm looking forward to a rest day...

*used 40lb dbs

unit said...

i think this is the link that actually works...


Michelle said...

1:05 (did 35 JPUs too!!!)
1:09 (du's broken at 9, 34)
1:13 (du's 4 breaks)
1:23 (du's 4 breaks)

arm fatigue really got me on the last round...This was a good WOD for me in that it took me to that place where I started focusing on the discomfort and where I was so uncomfortable I desperately wanted to quit...It was good to refocus and push through that.

working time - 7:47

Steve Smith said...


Total Working Time: 7:48

Double unders are by far the limiting factor here. Really had to focus and stay relaxed in order to keep them going.

Overall surprised this was so fast, but felt fine the whole way through.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Did this on Sunday with minimal prep (fuelling, warm-up, etc) and it showed. Work capacity is in the toilet, doubles were really bad, nutrition is probably the culprit.

All times under 2 minutes, didn't write them down. Ow.

Joel B. said...

Did this at the playground of the 1 room school house near the cabin. Strung the rings for the jumping pullups, used my 1 pood kb for the push press and did 10 each arm...and jogged over to the basketball court for the du's. Running clock, then subtract 6 min for a total of:
13:54. Not exactly as rx'd, but pretty good under the circumstances.

CrossFit HR said...

7:03 Total working time
Felt great today. Nothing broken until last round of DUs at #23.

Food: Previous week IF x 2 (15hrs each). This week 1 day of higher quantity low GI veggies the day before this WOD. Caught up on sleep.

Pfeifalife said...

had to use 45# db's, didn't feel like these made any difference all unbroken. jcu's felt fine and all were unbroken. DU's sucked as i was having major shin splints before i even started killed my time severely. in 4th round switched to 105 singles as my lower legs couldn't take anymore at this point. def slowed me down and was not the same effect as DU's.

1:53 switched to 105 singles

still loved this wod and you could go balls out the whole time regardless of fatigue.