WM - phase 2

A1. Deadlift - 5,4,3,2,1; 120 seconds rest
A2. Press - 5,4,3,2,1; 120 seconds rest
B. 115#/80# power clean and anyway overhead - 10 touch and go reps for speed; 5 sets; 60 seconds b/t sets
For time;
Run 400 m
21 2pd/1.5pd KBS
Run 400 m
(Focus on breathing in transitions for run/swing not the clock)

Post loads used, time for met con and notes to comments


Steve Smith said...

Second attempt at posting.

A1: 365 - 375 - 385 - 395 - 405

A2: 155 - 165 - 170 - 170 (Fail on third rep) - 170 - 170(F) - 170

B: 0:20 - 0:20 - 0:26 - 0:24 - 0:23
Total Time: 1:53

C: 3:26

Deadlifts felt fine. Didn't get close to my 1RM though (495).

Press is a huge weakness. Suggestsions?

Clean and Jerk was straight fun.

Was a bit nervous before the run. In the end it was fine though. KB Swing was slow and focused. Used a treadmill.

Completed in uniform.

David X said...

A1. 5x295; 4x305; 3x325; 2x345; 1x365 (f)
Deads felt really heavy and I failed on my 1RM.
A2. 5x115; 4x125; 3x135; 2x145; 1x155
Presses felt lighter than normal, and I should've gone heavier at the start.

B. Sets 1-3 unbroken, 4 (6/4), 5 (5/)

Met-Con: 4:12
Run #1- 1:47 No gas left in the tank
Run #2- 1:28. Really pushed to get this done with.

This was a much harder WOD than I had anticipated, especially after the beat odwn yesterday.

Sweeney said...

I may have to take a rain check on this one.

If I get a chance, I'll sneak it in later in the day.

Good luck to all.

Garage Crossfitter said...

DL- 285,305,335,355x2(pr),370(f)
*lost intensity on final lift, was interrupted by my neighbor*
DL pr is 360, but I am pumped with 355x2 because i had another 1-2 reps in me at that weight...

Press 125,135,145,150,165(tied pr)

B. all unbroken, last 2 sets i needed to rest bar on thighs so grip could re-gain strength.

First run 1:20, swings unbroken, second run 1:41, focused on getting my breath back under me as fast as possible which took about 75m, i really felt it in my legs during the runs from yesterdays wod.

positive energy....whooooooooff

EHR said...

Eric R.
A1. 255(5)265(4)275(3)285(2)300(1)
A2. 135(5)140(4)145(3)150(2)160(1)

B. First 3 sets unbroken


Heather R.
A1. 145(5)155(4)165(3)175(2)195(1)
A2. 55(5)60(4)65(3)70(2)80(f)

B. All sets were broken usually first 3 or 4 of set were unbroken and then singles and doubles to finish sets

First time I have used 1.5pd (in my hands...it was a little dangerous for Eric)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this is a dumb question, but do I do 5 sets of deadlifts then 5 sets of press? Or is it alternating sets between the two? The A1, A2, B thing confuses me.


Garage Crossfitter said...

A1 and A2 are supersets, complete set #1 of A1, rest 2 min, complete set #1 of A2, alternate.

B is all by itsself, 5 sets

Gord said...

deadlift:284(5),308(4),315(3),330(2), 350(1)
press 131(5),141(4),151(3),161(1 -failed on 2nd rep)165(1)

tweaked neck on last press.

did one round of the 115 -neck hurt on the jerk part

for metcon I subbed back ext for the kb due to neck

run 400, 40 back extensions, run 400

Time 4:27

rwcorson said...

ring dips, pull ups & sit ups really slowed me down. Mental toughness is not there on the above exercises.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Deadlift: 297x5;307x4;317x3;327x2;353x1 Fairly happy with that after yesterday.
Press: 110x5;117.5x4;122.5x3;130x2;140x1 Press is a weakness, 140 is the best I've done in a long time.
PC+OH: 10,10,7-3,5-5,5-5 Had to break briefly in last 3 rounds.
Run/KBS/Run: 4:10' Legs heavy on the second run.

PWO: 45p/50c Refuel+whey

Off to ride my bike for several hours...

depaul said...

DL: 275, 295, 315, 330, 365 (f) or whatever Garry put on the bar for that last set, lol.

Press: 115, 125, 135, 145, 160 (w/ spot)

1st set of clean and jerk @ 115, last 4 sets @ 95.

Met con: 4:13; swings were 70 lb DB, Russian until I figure out how to hold onto a DB that heavy overhead w/o losing it.

Unit, great workout today, thanks for leading by example and pushing me.

Gord, I empathize, I tweaked my neck about a week ago on thrusters (doing Fran w/o warming up (bad idea)). Hope it is not too bad.

Paul said...

DL 305, 315, 320, 330, 335
Press 132, 137, 142, 147, 152

115# PC to OH 4.24

Did a 8K mud run this morning so I skipped the running metcon portion today.

unit said...

A1 - 365 / 390 / 405 / 425 (x1... felt dizzy) / 435
A2 - 135 / 145 / 155 / 170 / 185 (f)

B - 28 / 26 / 30 / 25 / 27 (seconds)

Mini-MetCon - 3:45
400s- 1:29 / 1:18 (focused on breathing, felt ez and relaxed)
KB swings - 85lb DB... unbroken...

depaul... thanks 4 WODing with me 2day... 4 the push and the coaching!... it's much needed and appreciated!... nice job 2day!...


PTS said...

DL 5x315,4x355,3x385,2x410,1x435(PR)

press 5x120,4x130,3x140,2x150,1x165(PR)

clean and push jerk -
30,30,32,40,43. last 2 sets had slight breaks

metcon- 3:28 at the track. first wod with new 2pd KB. I had you in my sights Steve Smith, nice time though.

Steve Smith said...

You win, PTS, I had to use a dumb bell. Didn't mention the sub on the post.

Great job on the PR!

joey warren said...

I was sick yesterday, did not do WOD, I wil ltry to double day it tomorrow
I did back squat instead because deadlifted a couple days earlier.
squat- 225x5, 245x4, 265x3,275x2,295x2,305x1
clean & jerk- 27,27,25,24,27

metcon- 3:26

Ryan G. said...

A1. 335x5/355x4/375(f).365(f).355x3/355x2/355x1

- Grip was the problem here. couldn't hold on to the bar w/ left hand past 355lbs. ( 1rm is 400lbs. )

A2. 115x5/125x4/130x3/135x2/140x1

- pretty sure 140lbs. Shoulder Press is a PR.

B. 10/10/8+2/7+3/7+3

- Grip was a huge factor on these as well.

Met Con. 75# DB swings. Somewhere in the 5min neighbourhood. No stop watch.

Ryan G. said...

Oh... I need to learn to read. I did HPC instead of PC.

deejay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
deejay said...

A1 - 402x5/422x4/442x1/402x2/442x1 (PR = 505)
A2 - 155x5/165x4/175x3/185x2/190x1 (PR = 199)
B - :25/:28/:26/:27/:26 w/ 110#

Mini metcon - 4:38 (1:39/:58/2:01) - I don't like running...

rwcorson said...

My last post was for yesterday.

Joel B. said...

A1: 245, 260, 275, 290 (f 2nd), 290 (f), 275
A2: 118, 123, 133, 138 (f 2nd), 143 (f), 133

B. sets 3-5 broken 6/4.

Metcon: 4:30--used 1.5 pood with 2 5# db's in hands and a 5# plate taped to bottom for 68#'s total. Didn't push it just ran and focused on trying to pace and relax and breath.

I was trashed before this wod started and am spent now but actually feel better. No drinking involved...just a hard wod yesterday and 2 kids 3 and under. :) Back to ripping out carpet now.

Laura said...

A1: 196/206/216/225/230
A2: 65/70/75/80(F)/80
DL form felt off-thanks Michael for trying to fix

B: 1st set straight through, then just tried to finish every set (5/3/2)

Metcon: 4:49- KB swings straight through, but then last 400 very slow-didn't recover until 200m I was barely moving and running on Aspen drive with eyes closed!

dontpanic356 said...

A1: 335, 365, 390, 405, 425
A2: 135, 155, 165, 175, 185

B: all unbroken

Metcon time: 3:44

2 pood KB

Gord said...

BIG DAWGs - if any one interested in watching the UFC tonight we are hosting. fights begin at 8pm

Jefff said...


sHELLy and me are in. Please send us your address.


Geoff Aucoin said...

Today was one of those days where you wonder if it's better to pack it in so you don't keep pissing yourself off or just suck it up and finish. I went with the latter but now I'm just a cranky bastard...

I knew I wouldn't be going super heavy today due to the environment/equipment issues at the hall so I purposely went with touch-and-go reps for the deads but they felt awful today. I've been feeling like I'm getting weaker at deads for maybe a year now and today was fuelling that theory. 315x4 reps felt like my 1RM. I failed at 345 for 1, that's how bad it was today. I also failed on my last press, which was 145. All I can gather is I need a much longer warm-up to lift heavy shit.

The clean and overhead for 5 sets nearly kicked my ass, too. They were all unbroken T & G reps but there was some pausing at the shoulders near the end.

I subbed rows for runs today so I could push harder than I would on a treadmill. There's no 2pd KB at the gym and I wasn't using the 75lb db for 21 swings so I tried to use two 16kg KBs for the mini-metcon but that just wasn't going to work so I did 21 straight 1.5pd swings and pushed the rows. That ended up being 4:30.

Bleah, I had nothing today and I have no clue why. Dietary? Mental? Who knows?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Gord me and Amy might be in for that!!

Erik Luber said...

A1. 92 kg, 105, 115, 125, 135(PR)
A2. 40 kg, 45, 47, 51, 55
B. 45 kg x 10, 45x6, 40x10, 40x6, 40x7
*mini-metcon: 5:56

*Indoor track was closed, so had to run outside which is more like 550-600m. Also had to use 1.75 pood, still can't quite get full extension with the 2 pood, although all swings were unbroken.
Felt strong today, was really happy to hit that PR on the dead, only 3 more pounds to 300 lbs. Cleans felt strong, but going overhead is still a huge issue for me,

Mack Lar said...

A1: 335/355/355/355/365
A2: 115/115/115/135/135 Upper body was wrecked from yesterday. Had no energy for the presses.
B. 3 rds Unbroken then 8/2 7/3.
Metcon: 4:00 No choice but to do it on a treadmill.

Jefff said...

Deadlift -

C&J - 0:44,0:50,0:58,0:58,0:56

Could not get metcon done today.

Brian Maier said...

A1: 295,315,345,365,395x1,415x1(PR)
A2: 125,135,145,155,165(f)

B: 33/28/28/27/30 - all unbroken...
forearms were toast

Metcon: 3:32
70lbs dumbbells....held 55lb and 15lb dumbbells with handles crossing. very difficult to keep them held together but managed to get all 21 reps in unbroken. First 400m was 1:08...2nd 400m, legs felt like sludge.

Kathleen said...

DL: 198(5) 220(4) 240(3) 250(2) 260
Press: 75(5) 80(4) 85(3f) 85(2) 90
PC/OH 80# (8); (?) (4); (4) (4)
#'s are the t+g w/in the set then went to singles
Enough time to get my running shoes on and then #3: 5:15 total
400m 1:54
21 KBS 3:22 [12/5/5] oops did 1 extra
400m 5:15 [1:53 for 2nd 400m]

Chris Dunkin said...


straight thru on clean/press


pwo: 50p/63c dream whey/refuel
big lunch right before start w/ amino's. amino's during. amino's after.

transition felt good with no pause between 1st run and kb swings. didn't get my stride back until 200+m on second 400.

OPT said...

Dl: 177,194,219,226,248
Press:70,75,80x2(f on 3),80x1,80x1
Touch n go: sub'd 60# to work on from/hook grip, first 7 clean to pp then jerked last 3 reps. I always feel sick on about rep 7 for these

Metcon: sub'd 90# dl (no kb at cabin): 4:03, dl unbroken, runs felt really good, quick transitions

2 tough wods!

funinthesun said...

155 5reps
175 4reps
195 3reps
205 2reps
215 fail
Seem to be getting weaker at deadlifts.

60 5reps
65 4reps
70 3reps
75 2reps
80 1 rep PR I think
82.5 fail

B this was really challenging for me.it took about 20 minutes. The most reps I could do at once was 3. Tried at do 3, 2, 2 and then singles but sometimes it was 3,2 and singles.


First 400m was 1:41, then dumbell swings with 55lb dumbell unbroken and last 400m was around 1:48...extremely gassed by the end.

SteveC said...

Not the smartest thing I've done recently. I was driving back to school yesterday so I missed the WOD. Decided to do both today

G-phase 2: 12:00pm

WM-phase 2: 5:00pm
A1:325/5, 335/4, 345/2 failed 345/2, 345/1
A2: 135/5, 145/4, 155/3, 165/1 + 155/2, 165/1

Time: 3:43
Ran on treadmill and subbed for a 1 pd KB. I was gonna use a 70# DB but my hands are torn from moving fences around. Couldn't grip anymore.

Brent Maier said...


DL: 160/165/170/175x1/175kg (385#) PR=445# (w/o belt)
Static Press: 60/65/67/70/75kg (165#)
TnG: Last two rounds, rested several on shoulders but kept weight off the ground. First 3 rounds were non-stop TnG.

Metcon Time: 3:59 (1:29/:50/1:40) Ran this on a hilly 400m out of my garage. It's not reflective of my normal 400m flat track pace. KB's were unbroken games standard.

Deadlift Notes: Geoff, I know how you felt tonight. I don't know if I started too heavy or what but the last single I did felt like I was lifting the weight of the world. It was nearly 60# under my PR. Don't fret, the PR I listed above was set maybe 2-3 months ago. We've all been doing the same WODs, I think todays performace isn't a reflective of getting weaker, just the result of being weaker because of our previous workouts.

funinthesun said...

Can't spell very well when posting with the Blackberry.:-)

Michelle said...

Did 'death by 7 rounds' from yesterday today...Will try get to this one tomorrow...

Congrats on the press PR Jackie!

Evan Johnston said...

Missed WOD today due to travelling then watching my brother play Seattle down here in Portland. For all of you that watched the fight tonight I walked by the Rose Garden as the fights finished and there were many upset Oregonians with mr. couture.

david.griffin said...

My apologies for this question. I'm new to OPT's site and have question about today's WOD.

What does
mean? any specific time between the deadlifts and the press? I have a bunch of questions I guess.....after the power cleans do you do the run/KB swings immediately after or 3+ hours like the endurance website?

Thanks for the help,

David Griffin

sHELLy said...

B1.5:51(1&2 straight through)
Run/KBS/Run - 5:46

Michelle said...

A1. 205x5/225x4/240x3/250(F)/245x2/250(F)had to try again
A2.70x5/80x4/85x3/90x2/95x1(PR)/97.5(F)press felt good so i went for it.

B. 80#;first 4 sets straight thru, set #5 6/4

times: ?/53s/44s/42s/58s
started out slow and reluctant with these, then got into it.

C. did 2 laps to the tree and back at CFC so it was flat...

KBS straight thru, but had to redo the 1st one and walked a little with #18!


Left shoulder very sore...think it was the PJ WOD I did on Friday then was exacerbated by the ring dips and PUs yesterday...This is day #4. I really want to finish off the cycle with the sandbag WOD tomorrow...I'm tired...

YoungManRumble said...

This one did me in...

I was an idiot and tweaked my neck straining on the 155x3 on the press. I heard a "pop" and my left arm went totally numb. I suspect a disc might of slipped out. Needless to say it sucks. I have a kick-ass physio that has put me back together so I hoping this wont keep me on the shelf too long.

rwcorson said...

done August 31/09
A1. DL - 306x5, 336x4, 352x3, 382x1 stopped here
A2. Press - 110x5, 115x4, 130x3, 140f stopped here
B. Touch 'n' go 115# Power cleans X5 - this killed me, I was gassed after the 2nd rd, the rds were broken from 4-5.
Metcon-3:14 runs were tough

Pfeifalife said...

A1: 396(F:1) - 352 - 370 - 396 - 415
A2: 143 - 154 - 163 - 172 (Fail) - 170 (Fail)

Felt weak as hell. The weights just felt unusually heavy and had a hard time recruiting my body to move any weight. first set of deadlift shocked me to say the least.

B: 0:23 - 0:24 - 0:23 - 0:24 - 0:25
Total Time: 1:59

this felt better than the first third but still zapped. first couple was pressing it up which slowed me down.

C: 5:26

didn't have any kbs, so did 21 jumps onto tailgate of dads ford ranger. was around upper-thigh height. the tempo took some figuring out as was slow at the start. weird.