your hero

We all have heroes in our lives.
They are here on our blog, they are right in front of you.
They take form through medical and health professionals, firemen, soldiers, mothers, fathers, friends, etc..
My wife and I sat painfully through a program tonight about a hero.
This young man of 18 years called to the distress of his father who had his 4 year old daughter on his shoulders in deep water. The father (to whom he was dearly close) let go of the girl so she could be saved by the boy; he then proceeded to go back and attempt to save his father who had gone under. The boy lost his life as well as the father in his attempt. They left at shore a mother and her 4 other children to watch this heroic attempt.

For the Big Dawg wod today, I want you to design your own hero workout.
Do it with passion.
Do it because you can.
Do it for your hero.

Post workout chosen and the hero you chose it for to comments.
Thank you.


Bowser said...

Very touching post, and looking forward to tomorrow. Will be dreaming of my Hero and WOD tonight.

Steve Smith said...
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David X said...

tire flips
16# sledge hammer strikes

This one is for my Grandfather, a WWII vet and all around great man.

Tyler Weir said...

@OPT, I'm not sure the timing could be any better, as this was posted the same day as my daughter was born.

The experience has made my wife my new hero, so I need to come up with something worthy.


Pfeifdog said...

"Farm aid"


Combine Tire flips
1.5 pood Heavy Implement Russian Step up/each leg

I created this workout in dedication to farmers. They are some of the strongest people I know and their strength comes from good old fashion hard work.

Time: 15:52

Pic of Mitch the tire:

Garage Crossfitter said...

275lb deadlift
1.5 KBS

I left my heart on the garage floor.

My wife is my hero, RN in the Intensive Care Unit. Everyday she takes care of the dying and the sick, most of whom do not ever leave the hospital. She sits with families, cries with familes and explains to them what is going on with their loved ones. She still comes home everyday with a smile on her face. At only 24 years old, she understands the true meaning of life.
Thank you to all our heros.

joey warren said...
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joey warren said...

his workout is dedicated to all the CalFire Firemen and all the firemen across the nation. They are busy all summer working their ass off and they are some of the most fit men I know, as we saw at the 2009 Games. I work with one, who is implementing Crossfit at his station in Northern California. This is my hero workout, Frank:

4 rounds:
25 wallballs- 20lb to 10' target
15 hang squat snatches 75lb- Games standard where bar drops below knee cap
5 muscle ups - full lock out

my time: 13:10

Paul said...

I choose my Dad. He has been battling cancer for the past year and his positive outlook and will to fight are true inspiration to me and the whole family. Thanks Dad!

5 Rounds
Row 1000M
9 x 155lb Deadlift
6 x 155lb Hang Power Clean
3 x 155lb Push Jerk

My time was a terrible 38.50

Steve Smith and Rory from yesterday comments, I live in Cornelius NC (North of Charlotte) I would love to get together anytime. Feel free to contact me

Gord said...

For all loved ones who are no longer with us.


185# front squat
Knees to Elbows
ring dips

time 10:41

Ali Jansen said...

Elaine ("Mom")
Feb. 16 1955 - Oct. 19 2003

10 Med Ball Cleans (20#)
19 Pushups
10 Knees to Elbows
19 Squats
10 Wall Balls (20#)
19 Chins
10 KB SDLHP (1.5 pood)
19 DUs
10 Burpees
19 Situps
10 Push Press (25#)
19 OH Walking Lunges (20#)

A couplet for every year she's been gone. I miss her every day.


funinthesun said...

I have lots of heros in my life but at the top of my list are my parents. Yesterday my Mom who is 65, my sister, and my 9 year old daughter hiked up Fernie Mountain to spread my Dad's ashes. He drowned 10 weeks ago in a kayaking accident. I was very proud of them all for making the 5 hour hike, Afterwards with wobbly legs I did the WOD because I could.

But today I am dedicating my workout to my Mom..

She like many Mom's is a remarkable lady. She has supported my dreams and answered my questions. At 65 she went on every roller coaster and waterslide with me and my daughter at Disney World..

Since my Dad's death and despite her sadness she still finds time to laugh, carries on and still has a zest for life..

She confided in me that she thought time was catching up to her and she was losing strength..three weeks ago she started doing Crossfit and hasn't missed a workout yet. She switched to a more paleo/zone diet.

James just gave me three workouts for her and I chose to do one of those in her honour and to show her that Crossfit works across all domains..

Because Karen is taken I'll call my workout "Twamley"

Run 1/2 mile
20 pushups
50 skips...hard when you are use to double unders
25 push press with 15 lbs per hand
30 alternating step ups
Run 1/2 mile


Done with enthusiasm, passion and love.

Rob Ottesen said...

since i dont have equipment i have to do something that is going to suck.

50 burp
50 pull ups
50 sit ups
50 squats
50 push ups
50 DU

This one is for Spc. David Wilke while performing a combat mission in West Rashid distric of Baghdad, Iraq, he step on an improvised explosive device and was killed. He was killed by my side he was one of my best friends and i will never forget him. He died on fathers day 2007 had 2 kids and was expecting twins. 2 weeks later in the same area i was wounded by an IED. this one goes out to his wife and kids. I love you man this ones for you.

Steve Smith said...


Three rounds:
0.5 x Body weight pull-ups, AMRP; 60 Seconds rest
1 x Body weight bench, AMRP; 60 Seconds rest
1.5 x Body weight squats, AMRP; 60 Seconds rest
2 x Body weight dead-lift, AMRP; 60 Seconds rest
60 Seconds double-unders, AMRP; 60 Seconds rest

Post loads and reps to comments.

My score:

(Exercise - Weight: Round1/Round2/Round3)

Pull-ups - 90 lbs: 5/3/2
Bench - 190 lbs: 23/14/10
Squat - 285 lbs: 15/11/12 - Didn't go hard enough, was scared of the dead lifts, I think.
Dead-lift - 380 lbs: 3/3/2
Double Unders: 58/57/61

Approx: 40g Prot/60g Carb
Stretch and TP Roller

Was intimidated by this workout and thought I had bitten off more than I could chew. Ended up feeling very different that I expected. In retrospect, I didn't push NEARLY hard enough on the squats. My one set pr with my body weight is 66 reps.

This was my first workout with "Rouge Do-Wins."

Thanks for this, coach. Great idea.

Jason Anderson said...

I follow your blog daily OPT. Since seeing you perform down here in Naples at Crossfit Redline I was inspired by your love of the sport. This blog post says more about you than any performance you'll ever do. This post truely touched me. My Heroes are my parents, my great aunt Elaine who only a year ago suddenly lost my great uncle I was there to witness the sorrow in her eyes. It was not the prettiest of deaths. It's for anyone who has to live through such pains. This workout is for all the fallen soldiers and all the heroes you don't hear about, all the LEO's lost on a daily basis but only the closest of family members get to hear about. The unsung heroes. But today I dedicate this post and workout to my Mom who is currently undergoing Chemotherapy. She is fighting the battle of her life. The horrible ups and downs daily, hourly, she must undergo; Mom I love you and dedicate this to you.

10 Deadlifts 255
10 Burpees
9 Deadlifts 255
9 KBS 1.5 pd
8 Clean and Jerks 185
8 Burpees
7 Clean and Jerks 185
7 KBS 1.5 pd
6 Power Snatches 135
6 Burpees
400m Run


Grant said...

Muhammad Ali is one of my heros. Born dirt poor in Kentucky. Gold medal for US. Returns & can't get served at restaurants. Throws his medal in the Ohio River. Man of principle. Beats Foreman on guts & brains. Funny as hell. Great showman.

Ran 7 hill repeats near Eau Claire (Ukrainian Orthodox Church) & then up & down hill along Crescent Heights back to the Y. No time. Just keep moving. Great sun & enjoy the day with K. Last time I did hills was with Brent Maier in Aptos.

Rob Ottesen said...

adjustment to the post above its David Wilkey didnt see that i forgot the Y.


it was a smoker but well worth it.

SteveC said...


Power Clean 135#

Time: 10:54

Joel B. said...

"Wild Billy" or...pull/push/climb/run and cover

3 rounds for time of:
5 squat clean/push press: 115#
10 muscle ups
200m 40# sand bag run
15 burpees
200m 40# sand bag run

at tail kicking 23:30

I put a lot of thought into this. I came up with at least 3 heroes/wods, but in the end I went with this one. It is for my friend/brother in law and my sister. Bill is deployed in Afghanistan, and my sister is home in the States but away from family. So, I thought of them.

rwcorson said...

For my DAD, MI in January, but still going strong.
for time:
800m row
25 pull ups
800m run
25 pull ups
150 DUs
25 pull ups
time: 14:33

Surrey Sterling said...


For my Grandfather whom our family misses everyday.

He was my hero and a fine man who alway told me to "Stand up straight, stand tall, look like you know something even if you don't"

He served on the S.S Mount Robson Park in the Canadian Merchant Marines during WWII. One of many hats he wore in his time on this earth.

This workout was so brutal for me as I picked movements I suck at.


500 Meter Row
Ladder 10-1
15" Rope climb
BW Bench Press
BW Front Squat
500 Meter row

The bench was the worst but nothing compared to a day at war.

Your spirit lives on through me Grandpa!


Leighanne said...

5 rounds for time:
10 20# wallball (10 ft)
10 30# db snatch (alternating)
10 pull ups
1 round for each of the 5 family members that are enduring the loss of their father and oldest brother.

Rory Hanlin said...

Fired up today because of coach's post. So I took advantage.

C&J 335x1 PR

rest 5 min

"Aubrey Rose"
3 rounds:

3 Squat Cleans, 225
6 Muscle Ups, strict
9 HSPU, strict, games standard

Time: 10:09

Named the WOD after my new daughter.
Didn't realize how much the C&J's killed my shoulder girdle. Had to do the HSPU in doubles and singles.

Leighanne said...

hit post too soon.

wod #2:
Family playtime, dedicated to my lifelong hero... my husband - for more reasons than I can type.

Jefff said...

I decided to face a WOD I never though possible for me to complete this time last year.

For time:
30 - 155# squat clean & jerk

Time = 14:24

My hero for today is my wife. While on a brief break from crossfit, she completed her first sprint triathalon. She placed 5th out of 56 for her age group, and showed everyone you don't need the fancy gear to be competitive. She did it in her bikini (she was the only one not in a wetsuit), skateboard helmet, and clipless/cageless pedals.

Michael FitzGerald said...

"Marian" - my mother. In my eyes she is someone who has gotten comfortable with uncomfortable throughout her life - and perservered.
10 rounds for time:
3 C2B Chins
6 KBS - 2pd
9 Wall Balls - 20#
Time - 6:59

PTS said...

my heroes: my fiance. she teaches special ed and coaches special olympics. she truly makes a difference in people's lives.

my mother who has persevered through many physical setbacks the past two years but still finds time daily to workout and live life to the fullest.

my father who served in the state police for nearly 30 years and made numerous sacrifices for my brother and I. He has made the commitment to his physical well being and has started seriously working out for the first time in years. He has decided to do crossfit and hasn't missed a day in 3 weeks. He comes willing to listen and learn daily and puts forth his best effort every day.

for them I chose my worst "hero" workout and vowed to improve my time on it even if by only 1 second

in my heroes and J.T's honor
Ring Dips

22 seconds better than last time.
HSPU were mostly singles. Ring Dips and Pushups were nearly straight through every time.

unit said...
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Laura said...

"Anonymous D"

10 squat cleans (95lbs)
10 handtand pushups--mostly to abmat +5 lb plate

10 reps for each excercise--done for each year I have benefitted from my anonymous organ donor! (10year anniversary this past April)

Thanks to all the families who donate their loved ones' organs and tissues!

unit said...

for my family, for always being there to support me throughout my life, flubb-ups and mistakes and always willing 2 listen...

for my dad, who has sacrificed so much in his life so that his family could have it better than he had, ever striving to give back to the community and others around him... finding time to teach, coach and love in the midst of the challenges he faces on a daily basis...

for my mom who continues to battle and work through MS... that she still keeps herself busy... and for whom i pray takes to the ways of crossfit one day...

for my littlest sister who has yet to find direction in her life, but who i hope forgives me for missing her childhood... so that she knows she's missed...

for my sister April... she is 16months my younger, but has, in the last 5 yrs been like a big sister 2 me... while at the same time working full time and starting a family of her own...

for my brother-in-law, Rory... as he has allowed me to feel comfortable knowing that my sister is safe in his caring hands... he is a wonderful husband, friend and now father...

for my son Jaiden [JAM], that he may continue to grow healthy and strong... he has truly change my perspective with regards 2 a multitude of things in life...

in the midst of all these people lies a time in my life that i will never forget... probably the most memorable family-get together since i left home over a decade 12 yrs ago... the Hanlins and the Martins all got together for a Christmas a few years ago... and i hope that is the way it will be in the future and for years to come....
In remembrance of 'The Hanlin Martin Rumble'... or HMR


part 1:
7 rounds for time
1 x 20lb med ball toss overhead for height [as high as you can / max effort]
3 x HSPUs on Parallettes w/ hands to ear or lower
5 x 2 pood KB snatch each arm
7 x 135lb OH squat

7 min rest

part 2:
7 rounds of the couplet, 30 sec rest b/w rounds:
8 burpees
8 GHD situps

score = total working time.

part 1 - 19:47
part 2 - 5:56

total ~ 25:43


Bowser said...

My hero of choice is Fred Douglas Bowser, and his shipmates aboard HMCS St. CROIX of the Royal Canadian Navy. Fred Bowser is my great uncle, and the man my father is named after.

HMCS ST. CROIX had distinguished herself in the early days of the Battle of the Atlantic. Her crew was credited with two U-boat kills. Of the Canadian ships she was one of the most successful.

A Veteran of WW2 serving at sea on ships of the Royal Canadian Navy. Fred Bowser and his first cousin Weldon Kidson lost their lives when their ship the HMCS St. CROIX was sunk on Sept 20 1943 by German U-Boat U-305. 3 Torpedoes were required to sink her.

In Memory Of Petty Officer Supply FRED DOUGLAS BOWSER, V25715 and the rest of the crew aboard the St. Croix.

Remembered with honour


5 Rounds for time

200M Swim
30 Pushups
40 Situps
50 Squats

Swimming is by far my weakest link. Took me between 6-12 mins per round for the 200M. Thoughts of all those that sacraficed during the battle of the atlantic kept me going.

Time: 1:03:20

I enjoyed reading through each and every post today. This is such a cool idea and each and every WOD designed today was personalized. Very inspiring!

Laura said...

OOps--3 rounds for my workout--20 minutes for 1 round would be an excruciatingly long amount of time!

OPT said...


on the minute unbroken:
80kg overhead x 2
8 KBS - 2pd

7 minutes
start exactly on the minute, no rest allowed when started or in exercises

my hero is my wife

a personal shout out to all the original and current big are all my heroes for giving me every day a reason to keep doing what i love to do...the pic does not even come close to expressing how impt this present makes me feel...(ggrrrr - dawg style!)

Brian Maier said...


Need I say more...Lance is an inspiration. Throughout his terrifying struggle with cancer, including tumors in his abdomen, lungs, lymph nodes and brain, he continued to maintain that he was going to compete competitively again while no one else believed him.

Workout #1
5 rounds:
2 min uphill sprint on road bike
3 min rest riding downhill.

10 min rest

Workout #2
3 rounds:
95# Power Cleans - 15 reps
10 knees to elbows
100m sprint
2 min rest

time 7:45

deejay said...
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deejay said...

Check out my Blog for what my freind Chay, Brittany and I did for a hero WOD today.

Chay who is in the army just happened to be visiting me on his leave today and we decided this was a perfect time to do a workout in memory of Steve who was a friend of mine and even a closer friend of Chays. We wanted it to be uncomfortable, long and mentally taxing.

Brian Maier said...

here's my first video's part 2 of my hero workout today. My legs were already toast from the bike sprints I did in part 1. I'm working on speeding my k2e's up but I really struggle with stopping my swing.

Rob Sifton said...

James wrote me this one. It is perfect for today as it is one that taxes me to the limit.


Because she has a level determination that I have seldom seen before.

15 Muscle Ups
100 Squats
12 Muscle ups
75 squats
9 Muscle ups
50 squats
6 Muscle ups
25 Squats
Time= 17:25

Was able to push it to another level today. Thanks for the inspirational stories behind all the Hero choices. Great to read.

Doug Zirkle said...

Today's WO is for my good friend Jeff Jewell. Jeff is a massage therapist I met during my ultrarunning years. We became friends immediately (as Jeff does with nearly everyone he meets).

It would be hard to say enough about Jeff in 100 pages, much less in the few words that I have here. Suffice it to say that in the few years that we've known him, Jeff has come to mean the world to both me and the love of my life, Rhonda.

In April of this year--on his 40th birthday no less--we ran into Jeff while out and about. A week later, Jeff's wife called to cancel a massage Rhonda had scheduled, explaining that Jeff was recovering from surgery to remove a brain tumor. He'd had a headache when we saw him, and it persisted several days. He went in to have it checked out, and was in the OR a day or two later.

My man JJ has now been through two brain surgeries, chemo, radiation, the works. He has a particularly aggressive form of cancer, and they're throwing everything they have at it.

Through it all, he's been nothing short of amazing. He remains the most positive, warm, vital person you could ever hope to meet, grateful for his life and eager to embrace every moment with his gal Sherry and his innumerable friends.

I am humbled by the joy and grace he brings to everything he does, even in this incredibly difficult period. I'm grateful for every moment we've had with him, and I'm eager to share the next one when it comes.

I met Jeff through my running, so it seems only fitting that today's WO be a run.

Ran up one of the local mountains (Boulder, CO). It was a remarkable August day, only 70 degrees F or so when I left, with the sun shining brilliantly. I couldn't have asked for a better day to run for my friend.

The WO details are kind of interesting, and I learned some things about CF as well. I'll think I'll save them for another time, though, as the day wasn't really about physical performance.

Thanks, James, for such a great program today.

JJ: we love you, brother. Kick its ass.

Brent Maier said...

"Lukey Dukie"

This one goes out to my kids Luke 9 & Arilyn 11. Yesterday when I blasted my thumb open, the moment I entered the house, he had the cold water running and pulled my bloody stump in the water. As they were pulling out gauze, antibacterial goo and other goodies, they proceeded to tell me what I needed to do. It was almost worth the pain I went to to see how much they stepped up when I was down. Family is a beautiful thing and this one goes out to them.

Time: 16:42 as RX'd

10 OHS 95#
500M Row
50 DU's
20 Abmat Unachored Situps

8 OHS 95#
500M Row
40 DU's
20 Abmat Unachored Situps

6 OHS 95#
500M Row
30 DU's
20 Abmat Unachored Situps

4 OHS 95#
500M Row
20 DU's
20 Abmat Unachored Situps

2 OHS 95#
500M Row
10 DU's
20 Abmat Unachored Situps

Kathleen said...

6 hills @ St. Vlad's church road:
:57; 1:01; 1:02; 1:01; 1:01 1:00
plus another hill and some more hills back to the Y
There are many heros, today I choose Rosa Parks for holding her ground and keeping her seat on the bus - guts and principle rolled into one.

Kathleen said...

Fabulous read from everyone!
Goodnight dawgs.

Pfeifalife said...

had a hard time thinking of a name for this one as I wanted it to reflect a call to an urgency, emergency, or a mission. Was thinking of the countless heros we have not only protecting us oversees but also those here at home.

"the nameless"

wear 20# vest
for time:
-400m run
-climbed up the rock wall onto the roof of the garage, run to front of garage on jump down to ground off of carport
-5x's of 30 sprint then 15 pushups followed by 20 double unders
-20 burpees with 20# wall ball shot to follow (do burpee and pick up ball as getting up)
-another climb up rock wall on garage and back down
-10 combine tire flips (600#'s or so)
-400m run


shins are def still feeling it but o'well. def paying for crap food all weekend. left me a heap but seems the least i could do

Michelle said...

My hero is my 10 yr. old daughter Alix. It is difficult to adequately capture her essence, but suffice to say that she is so strong, so wise, so funny and so kind and empathetic. I am so very proud of her. Because of her I want to be better and try harder. She sometimes goes to CF Kids and she has pretty great 'pistols' and push ups, so this one is for her...


10 rounds...

4 L pull ups
8 alternating pistols
12 clap push ups


This one was a struggle for me as I did 'fran' this am. Time was 4:53 (sept '08 was 4:43 and March '09 was 4:36)...guess that's what happens when you eat, sleep, and recover at 80%!

I also worked hard to stay true to form for the movements because that's what Alix does in CF Kids!

Thanks to you, James, for the opportunity to share our 'hero' stories and do something in their honor. Amazing posts today...

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, My name is Ryan Molle...I guess i'm not a big dawg...yet. I follow the blog everyday and have done a few of the WODS with Mike F. I play Major Junior hockey in Swift Current, SK drafted to New Jersey 07'. So i'm gonna pursue where ever my career takes me, but as soon as my career winds down i'll be in here ASAP! James has designed all my programs since i was 13yrs old from the YMCA all the way to OPT.

My hereos are Dick and Rick Hoyt. First came across this video last year in playoffs and my throat felt like i just swallowed a mouth full of dry pills. Still gets me to this day.

"Team Hoyt"
3 Rounds for time:
15 110# push jerk
15 Chins-ups
15 110# SDLHP
15 PU Burpees
15 110# Squat Clean

110 = ricks weight
to be done on tuesday @ OPT
I have Mike's Hockey Boyz Comp on monday.

Enjoyed everyones posts
Keep it up guys!

Lauren said...

took a rest day this day. But thanks to everyone for sharing their stories!!

If I had to pick my heros it would be my ma and pa- for all their love and support, their strength and courage which life has it little hiccups and about a million other things that I couldn't even start to list- coincidentally I got to spend the day with them.

Sweeney said...


100 DU
90 Situps with 20lbs medi ball
80 DU
70 Walking Lunges with 20 lbs medi ball
60 DU
50 Squats with 20 lbs medi ball
40 DU
30 Wall balls with 20 lbs medi ball
20 DU
10 Push up Burpees with 20 lbs medi ball

Reasons and details are quite personal, but 4.5 years ago, she endured an event that would have stopped most of us in our tracks. The outcome; Gage Samuel Sweeney.

Thanks Momo.

Scotty Hagnas said...

My wife and I went up to Mt. St. Helens yesterday for this one:
"John" (my father)
50 Burpees
1.3 mile sandbag carry up the June Lake trail. 65/45
50 walking lunges w/sandbag in Zercher carry.

We had a great rest taking in the scenery, then an untimed carry back down the trail... this was almost worse as the core and shoulders were really starting to feel it. PWO: turkey jerky, dates. 30p/50c

My father is my hero, and I have him to thank for so much. Not only was he a great father, but he put his life on the line every day as a firefighter for 30 years, very nearly paying the ultimate price once. He loved the outdoors; bowhunting was his passion. I choose this as a workout, as it was something like the long, steep, heavy packs we'd have to do on some hunts. My father is still alive, but his days of packing in the mountains are unfortunately over. This one's for you, Dad.


MY HERO WOD was for my best friend Paul DeRosa who passed away in Aug 2003 from complications with Duschenes muscular dystrophy. Paul lived his life to the fullest and never complained about the cards he was dealt or what was taken from him. He was a beautiful human being.

1 mile run

OHS @ 95
Muscle Ups
36” box jumps

2000m row


I did this solo my box and just enjoyed myself. It was more of a time to be thankful for the blessings in my life

Hixy said...

Touching post, James.

That poster is a nice gesture, guys!