WG - phase 2

For loads;
High hang clean/hang clean/clean - 1.2.3 x 5; 180 seconds b/t sets
Chin ups @ 31X1; 2-3 x 5; 120 seconds rest b/t sets
3 sets for reps;
AMRAP CTB chin ups; 0 seconds rest
AMRAP air squats in 60 seconds; rest 60 seconds

Post loads for clean complex and chin ups and total reps for gymnastics intervals to comments


Anonymous said...

hey, i have been following this blog for a while, doing the occasional workout posted that i can do. Id like to follow this site every day, but I am not sure what some of the terminology used means.
1)What do the names of the days' workouts mean. (WG phase 2. M phase 2, etc.)-what do these from the past few weeks mean??
2) For today's workout, what does 1.2.3x5 mean for the high hang cleans?
3) For 8/17/2009 workout, what does thruster cleans @20x1; mean???
4)Also with this day's workout, what do the A1 and A2 terms mean before each lift. I noticed there are B1 and B2, etc from other day's

Surrey Sterling said...

OK Call me dense but whats the diff' between a HHC and HC?

Rob Sifton said...

The GW is refering to Gymnastics, Weight lifting.

1.2.3X5 is
1 High hang Clean (mid Thigh or higher),then into
2 Hang Clean (around knee), then
3 Cleans (from floor), then
180sec rest do that 5 times while adding weight each set.

20X1 is referring to pacing of a movement in seconds
2 is the eccentric (so the descent of the squat)
0 Is the rest at the bottom,
X is explosive contraction effort Up out of the hole.
1 Is the rest at the top while standing with Open hip.

If there is A1, A2, A3 you would do those movements together in sequence 1 then2 then 3 then do the B's together etc.

Anonymous said...

what are air squats... are the just body weight?

Anonymous said...

thanks alot rob-that clears up alot

Steve Smith said...

OK, one more clarification question:

For the chin-ups @ 31X1 -

The eccentric move here is pulling up to the bar, right? Then one second at the top, come down fast, one second at the bottom?

Or do I have that backwards?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Backwards, Steve. The eccentric portion of a lift is always the lowering - which is almost always the slower portion as well (3 seconds down, pause, explode up, pause).

The first number in any tempo whether it's 4020 or 31X1 is ALWAYS the lowering/eccentric phase.

Steve Smith said...

Got it. Thanks Geoff. I started looking through old CF Journal articles and came across the same thing (we're slow at work right now). "Exploding down" wouldn't have made since anyways.

Appreciate the help.

PTS said...

clean complex - 105/120/135/155/165
chins 3x25/3x35/3x45/3x55/3x55

ctb chins 22/14/12
squats 58/54/51

total reps = 211

legs will be sore later.

David X said...

Hitting this one tonight..

Just bought my first pair of weightlifting shoes. I can't wait to get them!

Surrey Sterling said...

Thanks Rob for the clear explaination, much appreciated!

Rory Hanlin said...

Power Snatch: 205 x1x4

3 Pos Clean: 205 for all sets

CU: 25-35-53-63-70x4

CTBPU: 21, 13, 12
Air Sqt: 48, 38, 37

Garage Crossfitter said...

squat clean complex: 115,135,145,155,165

weighted chins @ tempo- 3 reps each set, 50,55,50,55,55

3 sets for reps (messed this up)

*i didnt take 60 sec between rounds, i just jumped right into the next round...i need to learn how to read..., that 2nd round hit me like a train, haha wow*

KurtGP said...



13 ctb, 55 sqt
11 ctb 53 sqt
8 ctb, 45 sqt

Brent Hilton said...

Are the HHC's & HC's with a squat? New to the site ... sorry!

Anonymous said...

Thx Anon @ 7:10PM. I had the same questions.

M = "metcon"?

Is an all-out 200m close to 100% pacing in this protocol?
35s for 200m TT (=100%?)
90%: 39s/200m
80%: 44s/200m
70%: 50s/200m

Laura said...

Yesterday's workout--a bit of a disaster.
1st mile done yesterday: 7:45
4min DU's--6 sets, a few mistakes starting out (darn floor joint). Then the wheels fell off--rotten old "stomach ache-kidney side" had to hobble out of OPT and lie down at home for over an hour, not fun.
So--finished rest of workout today.
mile run: 7:23, close to best time, and felt easy.
30 sec on/off DU's--all unbroken
Last mile run: no time, just tried to enjoy running,something new for me!

Overall not exactly as prescribed, but got it done eventually--that wouldn't have happened a year ago for sure!
Will do today's workout later tonight!

Sweeney said...

Did this at a globo gym in Weyburn.

Clean Complex: stopped at 135lbs. Scared to drop the weight.

Weighted Chins: 25,35,40,45,50lbs. 3 reps each


C2B: 27,22,17

Squats: 56,52,48

Note to self: do not wear core shorts when doing high rep air squats!!!

funinthesun said...

Cleans 75, 80, 85, 90, 95...PB I think

Chin ups, 20lbs 3reps, 22.5lbs 3 reps, 25lbs 2 reps, 27.7lbs 2 reps, 30lbs 2 reps

Chin ups(did kips instead of chest to bar)


Squats 59, 61, 61

total reps 226

KSC said...




Chris Dunkin said...

Cleans: 185,190,205,215,225-1.2.2
cu: 70,70,80,80,85
c2b/sq: 15/57,10/52,11/47

woke up feeling beat, but good warm up brought out good energy. Hit the wall on first round of c2b chins.

Pwo: 40/63 whey/refuel

Erik Luber said...

complex: 45 kg/50/55/60(1.2.+f)/58(1.2.1+f)
weighted chins: 3x10 kg/3x20/2x30/3x25/2x25

CTB: 20/20/13
squats: 53/43/40
Total: 189

Should have done squat cleans instead of power cleans for the heavier weights. I want that 60 kg bad. New shoes felt great today!

Ryan G. said...

Clean complex. - 132#/142#/152#/157#/162#

Chins. - bwtx3/5#x3/10#x3/15#x3/20#x2.

AMRAP C2B/Squats. - 18/49. 10/40. 9/37

Ali Jansen said...

Intensity was lacking due to my mind racing with my ever increasing wedding to do list. 2.5 days and counting.

Used 35# DBs(wrists have been really sore lately) for all 5 rounds and focused on form more than anything.

No weight for C2B chins - just focused on doing as many as I could following the rx'd tempo. - Definitely getting better at these.

AMRAP Chins & Squats
1: 10/64
2: 10/55
3: 6*strict/61

I'll be MIA for the next week or so due to the pre wedding and wedding festivities (WED/THUR/FRI)and then we're heading to Fernie afterwards. (DBs and Buddy Lee will be joining us in Fernie :o)

See you all when I'm the new Ali Loach!

Mack Lar said...

Clean's 135/155/185/185/185 wouldn't normally count the round at 135 but I was running short on time.
Chinups 35/45/55/65x3 75x2 and I was generous with the 2nd rep.
CTB/Squats 25/55 15/50 14/51

Scotty Hagnas said...

Clean complex: 135,145,150,155,160 Better than I expected, PR at these reps.
Chins: 36x3;44x3x3x2x2
CtoB/Sq: 11/58,7/55,6/50

PWO: 40p/45c Turkey sausage, yams, applesauce again.

YoungManRumble said...

Kept it real basic on the cleans. I'm trying to focus a lot more on technique rather than load on the o-lifting these days.

Cleans: 40,45,50,60,70KG

Chin ups: 3reps at 20,25,30,35,40KG

CTB: 20, 15, 12
Air squats: 50, 45, 45

Bowser said...

Cleans felt good.

40,50,55,61,65 KG's

Chin ups: 3reps at 20,22,22 *Started to kip - Lowered weight, 15, 15 *lbs I suck at these but will get better.

CTB: 10,11,10
Squats: 46,50,40

Steve Smith said...


Death by 10 Meters - 15 rounds; running; 10 meters down, 10 meters back; touch ground and go.


Clean Complex:
1 - 185#
2 - 195#
3 - 195#
4 - 205#
5 - 205#

80# - 3 Reps
90# - 3 Reps
100# - 2 Reps
100# - 3 Reps
100# - 2 Reps

C2B + Squats:
1 - 25/60
2 - 20/59
3 - 16/54
Total: 234 reps

Post: 52g Carb/32g Prot (Whey + Endurox)

Rob Ottesen said...

Steve good shit today I'm hitting this after class.
Will post in couple hours.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Worked up to 162 for the complex;
I felt like I was gassing on this?!

35lbs for the pull-ups, started too light and I was gaurding my neck so the weight didn't get too high.

21-56/12-46/13-48 for 196 total reps. That hurt; both of those movements gas me hard on a good day.

rwcorson said...

Clean complex - 118/132/142/147/152
chins - all 3s, 5/7.5/12.5/17.5/22.5
My elbow has been hurting, so I kept the weight light
C2B/Squat - 10/52,9/51,8/46
didn't push to hard for C2B and I had no mental push for the squats

Rob Ottesen said...

did this solo today wish i had someone to motivate me o well still performed well.

200lbs for clean complex

245 CJx1
255 CJx1

CU 25lbs for all

C2B 10/63, 9/60/, 7/57 total 206

could have gone a little higher on Cleans maybe could have mustered 210 but lack of mental focus and intensity.

deejay said...

Complex - 155#, 198#, 220#, 240#(1.2.2), 250#(1.2.0)

Chin ups - 22.5#(3), 27.5#(3), 30#(2), 30#(1)

Mini WOD - 20-55, 15-50, 10-46
grip was done for chins

Joel B. said...

Wife got a flat tire on the way home so she was late and I had the kiddos today. SO, my choice is late wod close to bed time after dinner or double up tomorrow. Or just skip today. I'll probably double up an a.m. and a p.m. wod tomorrow.

Is there any known best practices from the group or does this just boil down to personal choice? Any feedback appreciated!

SteveC said...

I took the MCAT today so I felt a little drained from that experience.

For loads:
Cleans: 135,145,155,165,175

Chin at tempo: 25/3,35/3,40/3,45/3,45/2

This is were I was just cooked.. no mental toughness today

21 + 54, 16+46, 15+40

Laura said...

Complex: 60/70/80/88/95--probably could have gone a bit higher, but my knee is starting to get cranky!

Chins: 20/22.5/27.5/30/32.5 --all 3's

C2B/Squats: 11/46; 9/40; 8/30. Maybe not my best effort here.

Gord said...

clean complex 120/132/142/152/162
chins (all reps of 2)-30,35,40,45,50

met con
rd1 29/47
rd2 14/44
rd3 14/45

Total 193

EHR said...

Eric R.
Clean complex 135, 145, 165, 175, 175
Chin ups (all sets of 3) 25, 35, 45, 55, 65
CTB/ Squats 18/55 15/54 12/53 total 207

Heather R.
Clean complex 65, 75, 85, 95, 105(1,2,0)
Sub's negative chin ups 5 sets of 3
Kipping chin ups/squats 6/40 5/44 6/45 total 146

Paul said...

Clean complex:
135, 145, 155, 165, 175

Chin Ups:
3 reps all rounds
25, 30, 30, 30, 30,

1. 13 / 50
2. 11 / 45
3. 10 / 43

David X said...


rds 1-5. 20#x3


felt like shit all day and it was tough to get loose during warm up. I think the lack of sleep and poor diet during vacation has finally caught up with me.

Jefff said...

HHC/HC/C - 135,145,155,160,165 (Dropped weight after each of the last 3 cleans in last set for re-grip. Not sure if this is okay or not? Anyone?)

Chins - 3/45,3/50,3/55,3/60,3/65 (All @ Rx'd tempo)

AMRAP C2B/AMRAP Air Squats - 20/62, 15/60, 13/49 = 219 Nothing left in arms!

Surrey Sterling said...

Clean complex 40-45-50-55-60 KG’s

I’m having to throttle back as my foot can’t take the beating.

Weighted Chinups 40-45-50-55-60KG’s

The 88# Pulled easy for 3.

Gasser at the end.


Surrey said...

Chin ups were 20-25-30-35-40KG. mind you 60 kgs would be nice.

Geoff Aucoin said...


I made this tonight for the family; it was quite yummy. This site has a ton of good, mostly paleo (primal), foods.

Brent Maier said...


Clean Complex: 70/75/80/90/95kg (209#)
Weighted Chinups @ tempo: 25#x3/35#x3/35#x2/45#x2/55#x2

Chest to bar w/60s squats:
1) 22/58
2) 11/55
3) 9/49
Total: 204

Notes: On the complex, the high hang clean and hang clean was easier than the 3 full cleans. Not sure if I was getting tired by the time I hit the full cleans or if I wasn't effective in the transition. Strange indeed. From the outside looking in, I would have guessed that the complex would get easier. Good workout, I needed this weight training.

Body squats and C2B's sucked!

Brent Maier said...

I'm such a cherry lush! I'll be lucky to get this thing made before I eat them all. That looks fabulous Geoff, I'll give it a try. Thanks!

unit said...

I'm a day behind... yesterdays WOD

7 +18
5:51 (much harder than negative splits)
6:14 (felt very ez and relaxed)

will try 2 catch up but at the wimb of my friends on getting around as my car is broken down (currently work 35 miles from where I live... just for 1 more week!)...


unit said...

oh... pr in the mile
hs - 4:37
college - 4:19 (1500m at the end of a decathlon)
med school - 4:42
residency... these were my first timed miles...


joey warren said...

clean complex - 135, 155,175,185,195
tempo pull ups- all x 3- 45, 50,55,60,65

amrap chin ups (underhand) + air squat - 18/65, 15/63, 13/ 59

Brian Maier said...

clean complex: 165, 175, 185, 195, 205(failed on last rep)

weighted p/u's: 25(3), 35(3), 45(3), 55(3), 70(3)...all at RX tempo

total: 206

felt good tonight but CTB chinups were really brutal in the mini WOD.

Surrey Sterling said...


That is a sick PR dude. 4:19! 1:05 average 400M. Wow that is something to be proud of man!

Pfeifalife said...

clean complex: 199, 199(easy), 209(easy), 229(tuff), 243(hard, but wasn't an absolute)

weighted p/u's: 45(3), 55(3), 67(3), 72(3), 77(2, couldn't lock out last one)...all at RX tempo

total: 156

had to do pullups at public park as i don't have a pullup bar at home yet. did weighted on the monkey bar ladder rungs, but had to do CTB on the side. which was like a 3" pipe so i had room to kip, which killed my grip on the CTB pullups.

felt flat and worn down before the last part of the wod. was on the road for 6 hours of wonderful interstate 72. legs were aching all day from it, work was stressful and just plain mentally fried. looking forward to getting back on track

Michelle said...

Clean complex: 85, 95, 100, 105, 112.5 (felt SO compelled to be more aggressive with the increase on the last set...number I had to try was so clear to me...so I went with it...glad I did...)

weighted pu's: 15x3/20x3/25x3/30x2(weight slipped from legs on 3rd)/32.5x3 ('K' and I found a way to go up by increments of less than 5# at CFC!!!)

CTB/AS: 10/56, 9/50, 9/49
Lowering is too controlled on the CTB...I really think I need to try closing my grip. Keep talking about it, now I have to start working on it!

Had awesome company in Trevor, Kathleen and Grant at CFC tonight! Kathleen, I know I was talking a lot, but I just couldn't help it...I was so happy to see you!!!

Kathleen said...

Cleans: 74 84 89 94 99
C-ups: 15/3 20/3 25/3 30/2 32.5/2
[db kept slipping; used pronated grip; kipped on the bottom or there would be no explosive]
CTB/Sqts: 10/46 9/43 7/42
[used supinated grip; squats harder than I thought they would be]

Great to work out with you M!

Way to persevere Laura!!

Huge dawg howl for Ali - congrats -enjoy the day, you earned it!!!

unit said...

ha! surrey, thanks bro!...
however, it was a 1500m time (this is the distance done in the decathlon) and the mile conversion would be around 4:36... i.e. 69sec / 400m
wasn't sure if i could run sub 5, but after yesterday, i'm feeling pretty confident in a sub 4:50... maybe i'll have to test this sometime...


Anonymous said...

77,89,99(f on rep 2), 99 (f on last 3), 99 got it pretty easy! Using hook grip only now, still getting used to it!
Sub'd strict supinated pull ups: 2 x 5
Sub'd kipping pu: 16/42, 10/42,9/40, coudl shoulda woulda pushed out a few more aquats. Did pu's on fat bar at cabin, happy pu's are finally coming back!

Joel B. said...

Did on 8/26.

HHCX1/HCX2/CX3: 135, 140, 145, 145, 145.
Chinups@31X1: 26#/35/45/53/58X3reps

C2B/Sq: 15/54, 15/50, 12/48
total: 194

That clean complex was hard. Hope I did it right.

Robin Lyons said...

Multi pull Cleans 115/125/135/135/145