M - phase 1

sprint run 20-30 m @ 60,70,80 then 90%, rest as needed b/t warm up sets
Run 400 m @ 50% effort
rest 2 min
Run 400 m @ 70% effort
rest 3 min
Sprint 400 m @ 90% x 6
(rest as needed b/t sets; this should be anywhere from 2-5 minutes based on how this energy system and skill works for you; the goal here is maintenance of the same speed throughout while working at 90% of maximum effort; therefore if you need more time b/t sets, take it to ensure you are at the 90% effort each time)
ex. scores should be 1:30,1:30,1:30,1:30,1:30,1:30 on the nose

post times, notes and rest times to comments
your rest times will change in the future and you will have to recall them so please record

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 30g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 30g prot/30g carb
below 8% - 30g prot/40g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 20g prot/10 g carb
12-14% - 20g prot/20 g carb
below 12% - 20g prot/30 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


OPT said...

everyone ensure a nice warm up for the hips for this one...ensure you get some rotational stuff in there to ensure you are pulling and not reaching.

PTS said...


rest time was 3.5 mins except before the 6th one when I rested 5 mins. I ran a 58s 400m about a month ago.

coming off of a 12 hr night shift. legs still a little sore from squats.

I enjoyed the warm up and drill recommendations for today. Would love to see them more often.

PTS said...

Also did anyone else see Mikko Salo's training? Wow on the volume of training


Chad Action Brandt said...

Scotty H,
just checked back on my blog; to answer your question about when I use Living Fuel:
In the morning to start my day with my morning meal. I also use it along with my last snack of the night before bed.

Do you used Living Fuel? If so how do you like it & when do you use it?

Garage Crossfitter said...

1:18, 2:30 rest
1:16, 3:00 rest
1:17, 4:00 rest
1:22, 5:00 rest
1:20, 4:30 rest
Goal was 1:18

warmup was as prescribed, but i threw in some backwards running, side ways running with high knees and hip rotations, fast pull-throughs concentrating on the hams doing the work.
then shortened version of "actions" warmup.

i was very happy with run times, felt good for the most part, runs 3 and 4 were the hardest by far, gasping for air for 2 min afterwards. runs 5 and 6 my breathing was back to normal 1 min after. i kept telling myself while running " lean forward, RELAX, head forward, quick feet.

400m pr is 1:05

bso said...

Not sure if it will be caught unless I post here, but I just posted a response to yesterday's fascinating blog post. Thanks!

Rory Hanlin said...

Times: 67, 69, 67, 72, 69, 77

Rest: 3min, 4min, 4min, 5min, 5min

Goal 1:09
PR: 55
Left it all out there on the fifth one.

Rob Ottesen said...

Keep it short only did 4 we have a 5 mile run tomorrow.
1:12, 1:12, 1:16, 1:23

Erik said...

Hey Big Dawgs,

I've been training OPT workouts since competing in the Western Canadian Regional Qualifiers (which was an amazing experience), figured it is about time to start posting.

Times: 1:10, 1:10, 1:11, 1:13, 1:10, 1:12
Rest: 4:10, 5:00, 5:40, 6:30, 6:30
Goal was 1:10.

Rests were a bit longer than I would have liked, but hamstrings were toast and needed the recovery to keep constant times.

-Erik Luber
Age: 25
bwt: 62 kg (137 lbs)
Resting heart rate: 50 bpm
Occupation: PhD student in Materials Science and Nanotechnology
Been crossfitting for about 2 years ago and loving every minute of it.

Leighanne said...

i think this was around 90%, tough to measure, felt really good with 5 min rest in between, good recovery.
Jackie, thanks for doing the wod with me!

dontpanic356 said...

Worked on some Muscle ups and rope climbs before WOD


1:09, 1:09, 1:15, 1:16, 1:15, 1:10

Legs still felt rubbery from doing squats.

On a side note, I got 4 Muscle ups in a row today....up from 2.

funinthesun said...

1:30, 1:27, 1:23, 1:24, 1:25, 1:23

5 minutes rest between. We walked back to start. Not sure what 90% is. Went almost all out but figured if I was being chased by something I had a little more in me. Leighanne thanks..nice to work out with someone.

Lisa M said...

1:21.76/1:21.84/1:21.79/1:23.74 (truck driving down street got in the way!!)/1:20:89/1:25.13

legs felt like crap on round 4 an 6 rest times were 3/3/4.5/6.5/6.5

have never done max 400 so don't know if this was 90% but felt close to max but like funinthesun knew if i reallly had to i could kick it up a bit more.

Love the Newtons for pose (at least i think i am kind of doing it)

Leighanne said...

i've been trying to figure out if i went at 90% or went less as i felt so good. I think i seem to recall my 400 m sprint is about 1:15, so if i take 10% off my times then i was right on.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Rest 3 min each, except 5 min after the fifth round.

Felt good and light today, these ended up being faster than what I was expecting. Runs done around the block at the gym, so sharp corners and uphill/downhill components were a factor. Metabolic recovery was very good in 3 min, but muscular fatigue became the issue in the last two sprints.

Finished with some side lying lateral raises, and elbow prehab work.

PWO: 2 scoops Refuel + whey 30p/40c

Chad- No, I haven't tried Living Fuel yet, but I was thinking of getting some. Right now, I am using Poliquin's Whey Stronger for PWO. I'll use some egg white protein at other times.

Brian Maier said...


PR: 49.5 sec(collegiate track) - wow, that was forever ago.

ironically, I'd be lucky to have had a sub 10min Fran time back then.

Absolutely love these workouts. Any workout involoving 400m runs or less is my sweet spot. It's a no brainer determining 90% effort when using weights. Not sure how to determine % of effort on runs however. Based on my quick recovery times today, maybe my perceived 90% effort was actually lower and I should have speeded them up a bit and allow for more rest time. Not sure but I would like to hear thoughts on this.


2 min rest time between runs and unfortunately had a turnaround at 200m. Felt really good and didn't need much recovery time to keep my times consistent. Definitely had more in the tank. Generally, when I run on a track using similar interval rest times, I am closer to the 1:05 range. I'm curious how many seconds I could have shaved off had I taken 4-5 min rest time?

A question for coach: would you rather see consistent 1:10 times w/ 2 min rest or consistent 1:05 times w/ 5 min rest, assuming each were at 90% effort? Seems to me like you could determine a different 90% effort speed based on a 2min rest, 3min rest, 4min rest or 5min rest. Each being faster as rest times increased.

Joel B. said...

4 min rest between all.

Like some others, I am not sure exactly what my current 100% is, so I did what felt like 70% during a warm up and timed it and based my percentages on that. Came up with 1:15 for 90%. It pushed me and was hard but doable. The 4 min rest was about right. Not bad in the beginning but my the last couple rounds felt pretty quick.

Out and back route with slight incline out. Last couple months working toward becoming a former heel striker whenever runs/WODs with running come up. Getting better I think, and I can feel myself not decelerating--at least not as much as before. :)

Pfeifalife said...

my sternum has always popped occasionally since highschool. I can't remember a specific time or any incident that would have caused this. Only popped occasionally when I would stretch my chest out and never gave me any fits or anything noticable during workouts besides that rare popping. But, for about the last 2 weeks my sternum has been tender midchest where one's pec major would tie in. I can't feel anything at rest, but when I flex it feels sore and grissley. And I can pop it alot now. Interstingly enough strict ring dips don't hurt nor did weighted ring pushups I used as a sub for bench. If I'm sitting and I just hunch over with my shoulders rolled forward I feel pressure up through my sternum. Any one have any idea what might be my ailment. Probably going to see a doctor about this but wanted some possible info before I go see a doc. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Matt Pfeiffer

unit said...

added sprint drills 2 warm up...

goal - sub 65

63 / 62 / 61 / 64 / 63 / 61

rest 3/3/4/5/5

pr- 49 (decathlon in college track... go USC gamecocks!)
ran 51.9 in the fall


SteveC said...

Wow some people are good runners on here!

Rode my bike 8 miles to the park to run the sprints.

Time: 69/71/69/78/77/78
Rest: 3/3/3/4.5/4

Had a real hard time pasting. I'll do better next time.

unit said...

ran on a local hs track... felt gd 2 get back on a track!...

Michael said...

I felt good doing 1:21, 1:24, 1:22, 1:23, 1:22, 1:23

3, 4, 4, 4, 4 min rest (rough)

46yr and finding fitness late in life.


Steve Smith said...

Warm-up as Rx'd with some speed drills.

Route: 450m out and back

Added a 45# vest for the first three: 1:50, 1:50, 1:50

W/out the 45# vest for the last three: 1:30, 1:30, 1:30

I was amazed at how much the vest, for one, would slow me down even after I took it off and two, how much the extra 50m would add to my time.

10 x 10 Unbroken DU
10 x Abmat Sit-ups

Posting my comments now on yesterday's blog.

Paul said...


4 minutes rest each round

I the last two rounds were more inline with 100% effort....at least it felt that way.

Steve Smith said...

Forgot to mention:

Rest for each round was 4:30

TP Roller afterwards in addition to skill work.

David X said...


Goal was 1:15

Last run was gnarley and almost puked my guts out right in front of my neighbor's cook out! Extremely happy with these times, and I feel like I'm really pumping along. I had a rought patch a week ago but got awesone pep talk by Garage CFer and I feel like I'm back on track in a big way.

Can't wait to hit a WOD next week at his place!

Brent Maier said...


1) 1:13
2) 1:10
3) 1:14
4) 1:16
5) 1:17
6) 1:17

Ran this on a dirt high school track. All rests were 4:00 on the nose. Wanted to see how my times were with a consistent rest. I wanted to quit so bad on the last half of rounds 5 and 6.

Jefff said...

Ran on 200m Indoor Track

1 - 1:11, Rest - 4:23
2 - 1:09, Rest - 4:49
3 - 1:11, Rest - 4:56
4 - 1:11, Rest - 4:59
5 - 1:11, Rest - 5:12
6 - 1:11

Last 2 felt a little harder than 90%. Took a little more rest than needed on first 3 sets. Needed all the rest taken for last few sets.

CDunkin said...

1. 1:11
2. 1:14
3. 1:13
4. 1:13
5. 1:33
6. 1:45

rest 3min b/t each

made some bad decisions today. tried to fit it in before a meeting this afternoon. 94 degrees at 4:15pm. followed the wod as r'xd w/ no other warm-up, and no fluids during wod. 400m pr is 1:06 over a year ago.

pow: 3 scoops refuel

Geoff Aucoin said...

Hey Dawgs; I'm livin' it up on the island out here in BC. So far I haven't had a chance (or a place) to do the Big Dawg WODs and it's killing me but I need to be able to step away from this and be okay with it from time-to-time.

Eating has been good, my only vices are roasted cashews and an occasional beer. I ran for a while yesterday and now my right calf is jacked up so I had to pass on today's WOD, even though it's got my name written all over it. I have been active via yard work, though. Yesterday I dug up two small trees and re-planted them and today I started knocking down an old chicken coop.

Relaxing is the primary focus while we're here although that hit a short snag today when my son got stung by a jellyfish at the beach. He was not impressed and we were getting worried until we soaked his hand in some vinegar and water, which seemed to work immediately. FYI, the whole 'peeing on the sting' is a myth that we did NOT attempt (but was floated around a few times).

Hope to hit the CF facility here soon. http://titaniumcrossfit.blogspot.com/

Lots of good chatter here these days, many good topics and WODs that I'll miss but make up some other way some other day.

OPT said...

brian, if you ran a 1:05...no matter how much rest, that's more than 90% effort..its not 90% of max 400 m x 1...it is perceived effort, focus is on pace and form

OPT said...

pfeifalife...damn that is hard to type...i have the same situation as does my wife...we both never had it until we were adjusted for thorasic mobility by our PT..then we discused that it has been there since.
sounds like a slight shift in the junction where the pec attaches to the sternum..if it does not hurt under loading, i'd suggest that it is your GH joint and long bicep might be the issue as the pec major and its pain in this situation is not the problem but the pain is there being caused by the shoulder not retracting or protracting effectively...try foam rolling aggressively on the lat on that side first, then the serratus, then the scapular muscles, then the upper trap and see if it changes the "feel" of the pain at the chest...if it does, the upper right quadrant fascial link is the issue (i.e. rotation around the shoulder) and not at the chest area.
don't discount the fact though that it could be inflamed here due to the shifting of this junction...in that case still roll but rest the area

Surrey Sterling 39/175/5'10" said...

I screwed this one up big time. I only have one gear, balls out! and I do not have any pacing skills at all so this was more of a cluster f#$K! Pist that I didn't follow the pace setout in the wod. I came out feeling good but didn't pace just poured it on. Anyway, got it done at the track. Nice night.


Took between 5 and 6 minutes rest.

75 throughout should have been my numbers. I was really pukie when I was done. Sat and watch Cardio Core bootcamp. At least their doing something I thought...

Lisa M said...


Is there point tenderness in the area that you feel the popping sensation? How tight is you midback? A couple of thougths went through my mind: a condition called costrochondritis which is an inflammation of the cartilage/rib juntion where the ribs attach at the sternum - generally with this you will have tenderness to touch in the area and can have some visible swelling as well. Stiffness or decreased mobility through the midback can cause extra stress through the anterior chest which can cause strain on the pecs, intercostal muscles or as OPT said shoulder girdle issues. I too would recommend the foam roller throughout the shoulder girdle and the midback. Some gentle stretching of both areas plus the pecs and see if that changes things. If it is purely a muscle function problem that should take care of it. If you do have point tenderness in the front ice it. If that plus some rest doesn't change it go see your chiro and or massage therapist/ART.

My two cents!!

Michelle said...


Just did 5...when I could no longer see my watch or the distance chalk lines along the path in Confederation Park because it was too dark I figured it was time to pack it in. The bonus of starting this WOD so late in the day was that I didn't have time to get into a lot of negative thinking like I usually do with running and it actually felt really good tonight!!!

Geoff, so nice to see your post!!! I was wondering about you and your clan today. Hope that sweet little boy of yours has recovered from his jellyfish sting!

Michelle said...

Oh, and...rest times were...4:00/ 5:00/ 5:30/ 6:00

Pfeifalife said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pfeifalife said...

First off thank you to OPT and Lisa M for the insight and advise. My chest isn't tender at all to the touch nor have I any swelling or discoloration in the area. I do have some tightness in my upper mid back, it pops as well with my right rhomboid major usually going numb and tingly if I'm sitting or hunched over at my desk. Will most def roll and stretch my shoulder girdle and upper back. Believe my upper back tightness is linked to my tight hammies, which is in turn linked to my shitty form in squats and cleans as the weight gets heavy. Too much drag, and it has most likely been causing trouble up the posterior chain and now it looks like wrapping around to the front. we'll see how dips feel in the warmup. Really gonna have to attack the hamstrings, hip girdle, upper back, and shoulder girdle with some good stretching and mobility. Thanks again for the help!

Pfeifalife said...

did the crossfit endurance wod yesterday and my shins hate me today for that.

warmup went ok i guess, hips and shins were really tender and tight.


my shins were screaming at me the whole time, really achy feeling, wanted to do better but legs weren't having it after yesterday.

starting strict paleo tomorrow and cutting out my incessant cheater meals sprinkled throughout the week. dog also starting raw diet once her kibble starts running lower...

Robin Lyons said...

Completed intervals last night...

Started with a series of Dynamic Stretches...

Since I haven't done a lot track work I wasn't sure what my 50%-70% running pace was for a 400m.

*Drill 50%- 1:48
*Drill 70%- 1:44
1. 1:29
rest 4 minutes
2. 1:29
rest 4 minutes
3. 1:29
rest 5 minutes
4. 1:35 -would we call this the critical drop off point?;-)
rest 5minutes
5. 1:44
rest 5 minutes
6. 1:46

So either I started too fast or thats my horrible conditioning showing its face...anyway I felt comfortable running the first 3..in my 5th/6th intervals my achilies tendons were very sore to the point I couldn't get on the balls of my feet. Been dealing with sore achilies for over 2months

Surrey Sterling said...


I have the same problem with my achillies. You more then likely have tendinitis in them. Mine will flair up after many DU's and Sprints. My left achillies is fully blown out today from yesterdays sprints. Can barely walk so I'll be modifying workouts for a while till the pain subsides. Not much you can do except back off the pressure being applied to them. I.E don't skip or sprint for a while.

Sucks big time when it flairs up but It goes away after a few weeks of going easy.

CrossFit HR said...

Went 80% (messed up, didn't qc the WOD)
J: 1:23/1:21/1:20/1:20/1:20/1:20
N: 1:25:/1:23/1:22/1:23/1:22/1:21

nice and windy