W - phase 1

"My body is the home in which my mind or soul has to live from birth to death. It is the chief instrument by which I act on the world and achieve my purposes. Its state of health and efficiency not just at this moment, but for the rest of my life - will influence everything that I think, feel, say and do."
J.G Bennett, Transformation

Clean and Jerk - 15,12,9

rest as needed b/t sets
bar CANNOT rest on ground at ANY TIME, they must be touch and go reps; bar can be held in rack on thigh or at shoulder or overhead as you wish
any form of clean and any form of overhead allowed

post BWT and 3 scores to comments
(i.e. 170# BWT, 135#,155#,175#)

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/10g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/20g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/30g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30g prot/10 g carb
12-14% - 30g prot/15 g carb
below 12% - 30g prot/20 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


Geoff Aucoin said...

That boy can lift.

PTS said...



feeling sharp pain behind my right shoulder after I finished each set. Didn't feel so bad during the lifts but right after finishing the sets the shooting pain started.

Chris Dunkin said...

185x7, 165x14, 95x15
170x7, 155x9

grip failed on 185lb attempt, failed to lockout jerk on 14th rep @ 165, pressed for time, so went w/ 95 to finish round of 15. Grip failed coming down from rack after 7th rep @ 170 during round of 9. forearms smoked, and upper thighs torn up from impact. i rushed everything after 2nd failed attempt at round of 15. enjoyed having my expectations shattered on this wod.

pwo: 40/63 refuel/dream whey

dan said...

163# BWT; 95#,105#,115#

Rob Ottesen said...


Kind of disappointed for first round. Def had way more in me.
Finished strong only hiccup was grip slipped coming down on rep 6
Of last set but grabbed it right away it was like a nano second but still
Wanted to note it.

Brent Maier said...

I have some bad blood with "Gwen" because the last time I attempted it was after doing the WOD 2 days earlier with 150 GHD situps & Back Extensions. Abs were so sore that the body resisted the ability to arch back in order to clear the chin. I attempted 165# and got to rep 7 when I drove the bar up into my chin and broke a chunk off my tooth.

Word of warning, if your ABS are brutally sore, be careful jerking. :)

Can we make a few clarifications here coach so that all the big dawgs are on the same page?

- Do you want us to fully squat the weight chosen?
- Do you want us to shoot for the same weight for all 3 attempts or increase it as we go?

funinthesun said...

BWT 123lbs


Maybe could have gone a wee bit heavier....still challenging for me

Scotty Hagnas said...

178#BW, 125x15; 130x12, 135x9
I guessed my weights correctly, each round took all I had today. First time doing this adding weight b/t rounds. Last time I did Gwen was w/115 all rounds.

PWO: Rosemary chicken, coconut water, 3g taurine, green drink. 40p/20c

Coach, Ive got a quick question: I've been trying to add some lean mass, but as of yesterday my bf % has crept up over 8%. In this case, would I be best served by reducing my carbs and upping the fat, or in your experience is this a case keep the carbs up?

Rory Hanlin said...

BWT: 225


Failed at 9th rep of the 12 set due to mental weakness.

Ali Jansen said...

148# BWT
Had to modify because wrists are STILL giving me problems. Used DBs as they allow me to keep my wrists straight and pain free.
15:30#/hand (jerks were more of a pushpress)
12: 35#/hand
9: 40#/hand
This WOD was more mental than anything for me...pleased with my results.

PTS said...

In the instructions he mentioned using any form of clean or jerk. And from the example I took it to mean to increase the weights if able to.

Aussie said...

BWT: 195

145 x 15
155 x 12
165 x 9

Jefff said...

Nice work Dan. Good to see you back

Todd Dyer said...

body weight = 172 lbs
15 at 135 lbs
12 at 145 lbs
9 at 160 lbs

Sam Edwards said...

bwt- 170

#155-(5,3,1) holy shit, my forearms were smoked and could not keep a grip

Brent Maier said...

Ali, yeah I realized his weight progression in the example after I submitted it. The other question regarding the squat was geared towards the fact my max weight I'm going to be able to jerk will never require anything more than a power clean. If he wanted us to engage the legs, he would have specified squat.

I get the stupid question of the day award! Give it hell dawgs.

rwcorson said...

All power cleans
56 kg x 15 all push jerk
63 kg x 12. 1st 8 PJ the rest split jerk
68 kg x 9
1st 6 PJ the rest split jerk
20 tire flips for warm up
Rest was 10 & 12 mins.
Post - DU & 2 pood KBS

Surrey Sterling 39/5'10"/174 said...


Mixed PJ and SJ throughout. Rested bar in crouch position to give the grip a break.

Post WOD

OPT ReFuel

Garage Crossfitter said...

David X was in town so we banged this wod out together...good times..

Josh: 135,145,150
*rested bar on thighs when needed*

David X: 135(10) then 5 quick singles, 115, 115




YoungManRumble said...


135 - 15
145 - 6 then 6 singles
155 - 3 then 6 single attempts at 175 (made some missed some)

tried to hold it in the crouch position and sacked myself in round 2 all downhill after that..

Leighanne said...

141#BWT, 85#,94#,99#
got 101.5 x 7 and failed... took 20 min. went to 99# and got it...urgghhhh (but happy with my weights.)
felt very sick throughout, my forearems are done.
bad fueling last night, lesson learned.

joey warren said...

BWT= 180
155x15 (5 min rest)
175x9 +3 (8 min rest)

(grip was failing on set of 12 and bar dropped from thighs got back to it and got 3 continuous reps)

SteveC said...

BWT: 180

1)135/15 + 4 min rest
2) 135/12 + 4 min rest
3) 115/9 + 2 min rest+ 115/7

1st set: happy with form on this set but my grip was giving out on last 2 reps

2nd set: had issues with the grip here, I dropped the bar on rep 9 but picked it quickly. Should have taken longer rest

3rd set: decided to go lighter b/c my forearms were done!

Worked on DU for 25 min. after workout

Evan Johnston said...

Never done this before, but really good mental test.

bwt 173#

115# x 15 reps
125# x 12 reps
135# x 9 reps

Felt strong and ready to try this one again hopefully in the future a little heavier.

OPT said...

scotty, maintain as is..i'd only change the fat/carb distribution if you were gassing and lethargic and losing mental acuity in day...otherwise maintain as is...your body might be looking to add osme size to accomodate...i.e. you might gain mass more so at 9 or 10%...side note, it is easier to gain for most at 10%...just that you lose on met con power as weight gets higher...hope that helps

OPT said...

brent, add weight per set, take as much time b/t sets as needed, use example of loads as a progression idea most times...i'd like to see you at 145/165/185 at your BWT..

KSC said...

I came to the conclusion that I should start posting again….

Then I thought to my self, I am not sure if I have ever posted on here…
Never the less, now is as good of time as any

Therefore: BW 163

1) 130lbs x 15
2) 140 x 12
3) 150 x 9
As rxed

Geoff Aucoin said...

195lbs BWT, 135, 145, 155

Back at it today at the firehall. The only barbell is quite thick so it was very hard to hold on to in the higher reps. That probably cost me about 5lbs/round, which is what I felt capable of after each one. First time with this WOD!

Garage Crossfitter said...

Bwt 177, forgot

Laura said...

BWT: 116

82.5 x 15
88 x 12
93 x 9

Better than last time--I got to 82.5 for the round of 9--yeah improvement. Taking a bit more rest between sets is key!

Lisa M said...

BW 126#
75/85/90 can only go up in 5 pound increments at home...

Grip was the biggest issue

Geoff Aucoin said...


dan said...

thanks jefff...good to be back...been on and off this train while doing some mtn bike and training on Tommy's schedule at utecrossfit.com. I've been posting, but most of my posts are the last on the list as i usually work out at night, but something got in me today and i hit the gym by 6 this morn...the slow and steady win the race, right?! im going back through the basics and focusing on form and trying not to stress the knee. sometimes you have to slow down to speed up...so im seeing good improvements on times and knee feels good. now if i can just stay away from the choc chip cookies, ill be rockin! :)

Brian Maier said...

BWT: 192lbs

First time doing this WOD so wasn't really sure where to start with weight.


probably should have gone about 10lbs heavier each round. Can't wait to do this workout again.

Gord said...

BWT 153

110 x 15
122 X 12
132 x 9

Disappointed with this.Had a valuable reminder about nutrition today. Had a work lunch meeting where they served Lasagna, bread and potato salad. The result by 5:30pm tonight I had the nasty shakes in my legs and felt as weak as a bird.

HEATHER & ERIC RASKU---I know you are out there. post them results. HA

Jefff said...

Bwt - 174#

15 - 125# (Push jerk all reps)
12 - 135# (Push jerk all reps)
9 - 155# (Push jerk first 4 reps, split jerk last 5 reps)

All sets straight through without rest on quads, rack, etc.

Started losing focus on clean (again) on the last set. Started bending arms, and forgetting how to "jump". Not sure why this is happening in the past few C&J WODs. Lost all technique on last 5 reps at 155#. Each one of these reps was a fight. Jerks seemed to be the easier of the movements.

Joel B. said...

BW: 160


Harbored fantasies of doing 110, 130, and 150. No way...not strong enough I'm afraid. Yet. Did this once before in April '08 off .com and did 115 for all sets with two fouls.

Mack Lar said...

BWT 173
All power cleans and split jerks

Paul said...

Body Weight 185lbs

All full squat cleans
15 x 125
12 x 130
9 x 135

Am I the only dumb ass that did squat cleans?

I felt like I was wrapped in hot wet blanket due to the humidity here in North Carolina. I hope when the weather breaks I am going to feel like my parking brake is off.

Brent Maier said...


15 - 145# Tough at 10+, wasn't ready for round 1.
12 - 145# Tough at 9+
9 - 145# Tough at 6+

Notes: I'm most efficient with a split jerk so used it for all counts. Back & nerve still jacked from thruster cluster so I found myself bending over while catching the weight on my thighs to ease the stress on the back in the later reps. Bad form on any other day, today it was survival. The sweat started to pour 2/3 the way through every round. Can't say I enjoy Gwen but no teeth are broken and I've got a new benchmark.

Good work everyone!

Rob Ottesen said...

paul how close are you to the fort bragg area you got some dawgs down here that would be willing to get down sometime. i know Rory and i mentioned it a couple weeks ago but dont know if you responded. let me know..

Ryan G. said...

Unable to leave the group home I work at today. However I had my Buddy-Lee so...


Today - 7:27 (pr)

April 2/09 - 8:46

Feb 27/09 - 9:23

Nov 19/08 - 11:36

deejay said...

190# x 10 - failed and did not have another attempt at 15 in me...
175# x 12
185# x 9

The 185# x 9 was non-stop for all 9 reps, in fact I would say it took me less then 45s to complete. This tells me I took a bad strategy on my first set which was to do 5, rest on shoulders, do 5 more, rest on shoulders and then go from there.... With the first set I was probably on the bar for a good 5 mins... I learned a lot from this WOD...

unit said...

had 2 rest today... haven't had a day off in a while and the metcon i did yesterday ruined me... will be back at it tomorrow... might try 2 do both wod's...


5 rounds
135lb thrusters x15sec
45sec rest
50lb pullups x15sec
45sec rest
315lb deadlift x15sec
45sec rest
DU's x15sec

7 reps of each exercise on all rounds...
DU's - 20 / 30 / 30 / 25 / 25

1-arm DB snatch... worked my way up to 100lb for a set of 5 each arm...

100 GHD situps... games standard

got an abmat and 50lb wt vest in the mail... did 20 min on the hangboard...
look 4ward to tomorrow...


Erik Luber said...

BWT: 62 kg
40 kg x 15
45 kg x 12
50 kg x 9

Really wasn't sure what my 15 RM was... pleasantly surprised with the results. Maybe could have pushed out an extra 5 kg. Last 4 reps of each set were always split jerk.

Steve Smith said...

BTW: 193lbs

Round of 15: 165lbs
10 Minute Rest
Round of 12: 175lbs
10 Minute Rest
Round of 9: 185lbs

This workout was very tough mentally for me. High rep cleans scare me for some reason; probably because I know they're going to hurt.

Post WOD:
Pro - 40g Whey
Carb - 30b Banana

Brittany said...

Bwt: 153

15- 80lbs
12- 90lbs
9 - 100 lbs

Michelle said...

Did this on Aug 22nd at OPT...couldn't really follow the rotation this week...mixed in a training session and a CFC class...

bwt: 121#

15 - 89#
12 - 96.5#
9 - 104# had to fight so hard to lock the last one out!!!

Great to do a WOD at OPT!!!

Pfeifalife said...

did an adequate warmup and felt good and loose. have been out of town all week for work and doing wods at a globo gym. this f'n sucks. i'm just mentally burnt out today.

15 - 185 (failed at 9, finished 6 in quick subsequent set)

12 - 185 unbroken

9 - broke @ 6, finished 3 within 10 secs of letting go.

Gwen smoked me. end of the week and my brain is all fried up. diet has been crap with work and can't sleep at all in the hotel.

CrossFit HR said...

BWT 170

Went to split clean as needed near the end of each round. Probably could have squeezed 170 for round of 9 but it would have been tight.

I caught my round of 12 and 9 on camera...i'll get on Vimeo shortly.


CrossFit HR said...

Round of 15 at 155