rest day

"always forgive your enemies...nothing annoys them so much"

this thought brought into perspective what happens within the field of coaching/strength and conditioning/fitness in repsect to pissing matches on who does what best and what others do poorly
i was definitely a part of this process at first in my younger years as a coach, when i felt that there was not much more to learn about human development
now as years have passed, i live by this creed, "when you think you know everything, it's all over for you"
i have taken the attitude and old adage of the "process" and journey as being the lesson to be learned and not what is right and what is not
in your own training/life/coaching, once you take this approach, you will be amazed at how many want to be a part of what you offer; and furthermore what i think this is is an attraction they have to someone who is honest and sincere...something of which is tough to find and hang on to in times like this
there is also an interesting dyad b/t having the attitude of "learning" and "completionism", where folks can get caught in that "it's OK to fail b/c its just a learning process". there are definite times where the compulsive urge to "just learn" has to be over taken by getting the job done; this allows humans to experience completing a task and putting forth 100% effort into it...which is enlightening...and takes us to higher orders in life
thinking about this a little more over the next little while is the 1st step, start now.


Paul said...

Very nice,

Reminds me of the saying
"It is the tragedy of the world that no one knows what they don't know...and the less a man knows, the more sure he is that he knows everything." Joyce Cary English Author.

Words I try to live by, sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much.

Scotty Hagnas said...

I think the ability to re-examine one's knowledge, and especially to change one's approaches in light of new info is what separates good coaches from great ones. There seem to be many in this field who are sure that they have everything figured out; I am in complete agreement - it's over at that point. The ability to change one's position or process, possibly even a complete 180 degrees, is truly rare today.

I'd also like to say thanks for this site. I have been having more fun training these last few months doing these WODs than I have had for years. Maybe it's thinking less about the planning myself, or possibly how it seems to have taken me back to my roots: eagerly waiting to see what the following day's WOD will bring, training alone and getting it done early in the am. Reminds me so much of my early main site CrossFit days- before opening one of the original affiliates - back when I lived out in the woods and trained alone in my garage or out in the field doing the .com WODs. ('02-'04) Furthermore, along the way, I am learning valuable new approaches to bring to my clients and gym. Thank you.

I had a great rest day. Spent about an hour foam rolling, doing joint mobility, and stretching. Lots of rest, it felt great and I'm ready to get back at it tomorrow!