Front Squat - 10 sets of 2 @ 90% 1RM; rest 180 sec b/t sets
2 rounds for time;
50 double unders
20 knees to elbows

post front squat weights and notes and time for met con to comments


David X said...

225 for all 10 sets. 1 RM is 240#.

Felt strong on all sets save for the last two.

MetCon was a cluster f---. No explosion on the double unders which have been strong lately and K2Es were no problem.

PTS said...

215 for all sets. I estimated my 1RM based on my 3RM of 225 from the "OPT 3" on 6/30/09.

MET con was 3:16. Couple of misses on the 2nd set of double unders, and a couple of re-grips on the KTE's. I think sub 2:10 may be possible but my feeling is the grip will be shot and prevent a completely unbroken 2 rounds. Somebody prove me wrong!

Garage Crossfitter said...

Front squat x2
235 for 6 sets
*1RM is 260*


2 mistakes on double unders, knees to elbows unbroken, no prob with grip, legs felt super heavy on 2nd set of doubles coming from the knees to elbows.


Geoff Aucoin said...

We're supposed to be using the same weight for all 10 sets, are we not?

Hixy said...

Back from summer camp and rdy to go as soon as gym opens (1-1½ weeks). Did you get my email, unit?

OPT said...

same weight for all sets

Paul said...

250lbs 1RM Front Squat

225lbs for 10 sets

4.37 for metcon.

My double unders in the second round were awful! Really slowed the time down.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Yea I figured we had to use same weights but 205 felt heavy at first so I decided to start with that...jump to 225 which felt better, then to 235...last two sets were just to push myself a tad harder...no way i could have done all 10 sets with those weights.

Joel B. said...

FS: 185 for 10 sets

These were pretty much all hard. Full depth and a bit of a bounce at bottom.

Metcon: 3:30

shoelace came untied and I had to stop to tie it of all things. 2 missess first set of 50, several 2nd set...maybe 5 but not sure. K2E slow as I can't quite figure out a kip on a bar without massive swinging. Real grip smoker.

Geoff Aucoin said...

221 for all sets, 1RM is around 240-145

2:32 for metcon. Doubles straight through, K2E improved but too broken in the 2nd round. Damn!

Gord said...

198 for all sets. did 205x3 back a few months so I guessed my max was around 220

met con - 3:23...k to e are slow...but I got 15 in a row in my first set. Major improvement

Laura said...

120 for all sets
4:08 for part 2--k to e still slow, no real kip motion

funinthesun said...

120 for squats

3:41 for part 2.

Evan said...

230 for squats. 1RM 255.
All rounds felt good, except the last, really had to battle for both reps

3:18 for metcon. Double unders straight through but took time to ensure no f ups. K2Es broken in second round, grip issues

Grant said...

@ OPT in aft
218# x2 x10 but lost focus on set 7when the new 500# tire & steel log arrived! PB 250 or 260

DUs & K2Es 2:37

good work Evan. 230# is a good number.

Kathleen said...

FS pb = 145 @ 90% = 130#
130# X 10 [bwt]
MC = 3:56
1st rd 1:30 50 straight; K2E = 15/5
2nd rd 2:26 17/8/13/12; K2E = 5/4/3/3/3/2

Steve said...

Hello all,

I found out about this blog at the CrossFit Games this year (thanks Lauren P.) and look forward to learning everything I can from you guys. Hope to contribute in anyway I can.

This was my first WOD after the Games (three weeks off). Week one was spent maximizing time with the family, week two, traveling back to Iraq, and week three, on mission.


Three Rounds:
10 x Pull-ups
10 x HSPU
10 x Sit-ups
10 x Super-Man
10 x OHS
10 sec L-Sit
Front Squat: 135# x 4, 225# x 2, 315# x 2


Part 1 - 300# (1RM Unknown)

This was a bit too easy, which surprised me.

Part 2 - 3:23

Double unders broken probably 4 times on each round. K2E fell apart on the second round. Was just under 2:00 when I jumped on the bar for round two.

Post WOD:

Approx. 25g Carb (Banana)
Approx. 25g Pro (Sliced Turkey)
Stretch 10 minutes

James – I'm sorry we weren't able to link up after the games. During the competition I saw that I have a lot to learn, and will only go so far trying to do this alone. I look forward to trying to learn as much as I can from you and your slice of the community as I can. Thanks, to everyone here, in advance.

Steve Smith

Evan said...

Thanks Grant. Felt good today, had some excess energy to burn off due to the excitement for the Rider/Stamps game tonight. Look for me at the game tonight, I'll be the one streaking down the field with OPT painted on me....in green of course!!


unit said...

250 x2 x10sets [felt too ez; but got great a2a ROM]...

2:09 - frapped up in the 2nd round of DUs w/ a miss... first round 58 or 59 sec... was hoping for sub 2... filming wasn't the best b/c it was busier than usual and couldn't set up how i would have liked... but hopefully u get the idea...



unit said...

oh yeah... 120sec b/w sets as opposed 2 the rx'd 180...

Gord said...

Unit...Love the videos. Keep them coming...they are fun to watch.

Where do you work out? Ever get heck for doing crossfit there?

rwcorson said...

1RM 230ish
Met con 3:13 2 misses on 2nd rd of DU & too broken on 2nd set of k to e.

Jefff said...

Sets 1,2 = 215#
Sets 3-10 = 200#

Dropped weight. Lacking energy.

Metcon - 2:59

Last set of DUs broken up. All others straight through.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Hawt damn that was fast, Unit!
I can't tell if your knees are bumpin' the elbows there but you were motoring, man.

unit said...

hixy... got ur email... now that i know ur back, i'll hit u a reply...

gord... i WOD [verb?] at a place called Kirmayer Fitness Center [KFC if u will... and there is a KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) across the street]. it is the fitness center that is apart of KU MED. it is the hospital facility and it gets the job done. if i go 2 early, there is most definitely a lady who enjoys yelling at me to stop disturbing others' workouts b/c of the banging of weights (WR is on the second floor and if u do anything more than slowly place the weight upon the ground like a feather, the place reverberates...). but there is now another person who crossfits there and i am encouraging as many others as possible to join in... in which case how would i b disrupting anyone when we r all doing similar things?... nonetheless, on occasion i'll head to 24 hr fitness b/c the hrs at KFC r HORRIBLE... but it works for now i suppose...

geoff... sorry i couldn't get a better angle for u... initially i was going to try and DU right by the squat rack, in which case i could have gotten more of a side view... but a few people kept walking through that area and i tried 2 b as mindful as possible... i appreciate ur eagle eye!...


Todd Dyer said...

front squat all 10 sets at 225lb
couplet time = 2:42

Brian Maier said...

warm up: 10mile bike ride

right knee has been bothering me so did not do the front squats.

metcon: 6:04
1st round in 1:50 (36/14 d/u's, 15/5 k2e's)
...fell apart in the second round. (d/u's broken up, 7/5/4/2/2 k2e's)

Unit...nice job bro... very impressive! very controlled on your k2e's. i have a tough time stopping my swing and keeping my momentum going. they are very slow and painful. k2e's are my nemesis.

Pfeifdog said...

Warmup: .5 mile run, dynamic stretching, and 6 sets of FS.

FS all 10 sets at 285lb
Met con = 5:17

44 straight DU's, my longest consecutive set to date.

Post WOD: 40G of Isopure.

YoungManRumble said...

5'10 168 29yrs

245 for all 10 sets

2:18 on the met con...shoe came undone on my first set of DU's so had to tie it up and lot a few seconds...

Thanks Sterling for the hospitality! The weekend Langley WODS in the lane are pretty sweet!

I credit those Big Dawgs that have to pull a solo mission on these WODS...

David X said...

@ PTS + the guy in Seneca Falls.

I've been talking to Garage about getting signed up with a local CF affiliate here in Rochester to participate in the Fight Gone Bad! fundraiser. Josh (GFR) said that he'd be willing to come out to Rochester and I have two othe rbuddies that are into as well. I thought it would be sweet to get a miniteam together and raise some cash for a great cause as well as rep out our mad OPT skills! Anyway let me know if you're interested.

Hit me up at gammaraygummo@gmail.com.

Evan J said...

First 5 sets at 195lbs, then due to extreme tightness and not enough stretching felt something tweak in my back. Tried to roll it out and try and relieve but decided to stop and will be focusing at rehabing and settling down the muscles for the next couple days. Great job today guys, lots of great weights and times!

SteveC said...

245 for 10 sets.

Metcon 5:32

I am still horrible at double unders. I can't string them together yet. Gotta work at it. The KtoE were all unbroken.

Surrey Sterling said...

215 x 2 x 10

Metcon 3:25

Good times Rumble. Your a machine brother!

Unit that was a smok'in time. You've got the KTE's mastered.

Rory Hanlin said...

FS 335 10x2

Metcon: 2:48

Weight felt oppressive today.

Couldn't hold the pace on the K2E, had to rest.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Got this done in my friend's garage while dropping him off after our trip to rainier's strongest man contest.

FS: 201x2 for 10 sets. felt good, fast.
Metcon: 3:08', but did single unders (100 ea. round) since I was barefoot and am bad at them. Got to remember other shoes than sandals... Will do 100 D.U. tomorrow.

PWO: 10 oz raw milk 10p/15c/10f?? (all he had there, bad planning on my part!)

Anonymous said...


165 all sets

met con was awful???? k2e's sucked....6:57

Bowser said...

Got this done a day late:

200lbs X 2 X 10

MetCon: 5:05

Met some stunt dudes on the street that are in town filming 'Twilight something or other', they joined me for the MetCon and did well. Good times!

Pfeifalife said...

3rm is 305 and found some calc online that put my 1rm at 345. This was mistake #1.

used 310
felt heavy and back finally gave out on set 7 on the second rep. dropped to 295. back finally just quit on 10th set. I didn't strain it, and it didn't burn. It just ceased to keep my back straight and down went the weight.

K2E's were fine and unbroken. DU's gave me tremendous fits. when practicing before the wod i was fine and then @ 3,2,1,Go I started flogging my shins without mercy.

Robin said...

1. FSq 10x2 / 165lb all sets

2. 4:36 no kip on KTE

DUs better...still broken

CrossFit HR said...

245lb for F.S
2:37 for metcon. unbroken till second round of KTE at number 16.