row, row, row your rower

Big Dawgs Itunes mix now available
search OPT Big Dawg under IMix and voila...enjoy
and for international...
(thanks Brent Maier and Shane Savard!)

for total working time;
500 m row sprint, rest 2 min EXACTLY x 4

post total work time to comments

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 30g prot/10g carb
8-12% - 30g prot/20g carb
below 8% - 30g prot/30g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 20 g prot/10 g carb
12-14% - 20 g prot/20 g carb
below 12% - 20 g prot/30 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


Surrey said...

Your not a nice man Mr. F

Sweeney said...

I'll be doing this one with a bucket beside my rower.

I'm guessing those cupcakes won't taste so good the second time around.

Geoff Aucoin said...

F#$k f#$k f#$k f#$k.

Gord said...

Hey Aucoin is that one f#$k for every cupcake:)

Bowser said...

Oh Good Grief! LOL

I'll call the massage therapist to be on standby for the finish.

Geoff Aucoin said...

No Gord, that would be F#$k f#$k f#$k f#...

And you're a cupcake...

Brent Maier said...

You would think I would learn not to check the blog right before bedtime. I'll be dreaming of 4 letter words, gordcakes and puke buckets all night now!

Wes said...

Is damper setting whatever our preference is?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Whatever works, Wes. Use multiple ones if you have to.

Can't sleep. Too hot. Too full of carbs.

Garage Crossfitter said...


@515AM yucky...
last 2 intervals my cardio was fine but my low back and shoulders were toast...

Garage Crossfitter said...

2k row time is 6:57:2

PTS said...

Not the ideal 5am workout.
6'1" 185lbs. foot setting at 3.
damper settings were 7,10,5,7.
total time = 6:38.4

how did I ever row a sub 7 2k with interval times like this.

need to hydrate better first thing in the am and need a longer warmup.

Joel B. said...

total working time: 7:00.6...I really hate it when that happens. interval timer on pm3 is a cruel but effective task master.


early AM wod today for me due to O-lifting class tonight and mr. mom all day.
oh...72.5" tall, 160#'s. damper 4.

Sweeney said...

5'7", 155lbs

Damper: 5
Foot Setting: 3

Got really uncomfortable with this one.

Busted my hump on the first 500 and paid for it the rest of the way. Third and fourth rows were gross.


Total: 6:54.7

Feeling super dizzy....

Sweeney said...

You've probably seen this before, but it's a good watch just to fire you up.

Notice his leg angle on the return..

CDunkin said...

Our 5:30am crew got after this today. Lots of good yelling.

total: 6:23:26

1:25:4, 1:39:7, 1:40:8, 1:39:7

Fly and Die on rounds 1,2, and 3. Paced round 4 w/ all i had left on last 100m.

Anonymous said...

Hi James...

138, 139, 143, 145

gassed in last two sets...damper at 10

Worked on k2e's and snatch exercises afterwards


Pfeifalife said...

5 am wods suck for me mentally

warmup: few minutes of jumprope work, joint mobility, foam roller. Did some short rows to warm up. Felt fast but lower back was sore

Total work time- 6:04

didn't quite go as planned, was pumped at the start and felt good on technique going in with the attitude of pushing hard, then a series of events brew me for a loop.
The rower I was on is an ATS 1400 Air Rower. No settings to adjust. Doesn't do metric so I just rowed to .4 miles each time, again I have no idea how accurate this thing is.

* the right side of the seat cracked at the mount and slumped down about 1 min in, this suprised me and I finished leaning to my left.
** started with weight sligtly to the left and then the other side cracked about 1 min in. I was now straddling a 3 inch sadle. Balance was now an issue with side to side sway (suppose it might mimick being on a real boat though).
*** started stradle mount and it took some focus away from pulling in order not fall off the damn thing. Pushed as hard as I could given my developing situation.

Rolled out afterwards
30g isopure whey protien, half slice wheat bread

Still smoked my legs though, kinda pissed cause it broke my rythm and concentration a few times but hey, prepared for the unknown and the unknowable right!?

Now I need to fix my brothers rower seat, but that will have to wait till this weekend as I have first aid class tonight, going swimming at lunch to work on form and probaly some short intervals. For some reason karma is layin the pipe to me right now.

Brent Maier said...

Sweeney, I've never seen that before but did you notice he also has an avg pull rate of 50 and his damper is around 8? That's smokin!

Ali Jansen said...


Wasn't feeling it today. Played around with my damper setting but it didn't seem to make much difference.
My PB 500m is 1:46 so needless to say I'm not too happy with what I came up with today.
On a positive note, I've started Operation Own Knees2Elbows; working on my grip and finding some sort of rhythm to tie more than 2 in a row. Any tips?

David X said...

I wanted to get this one in ASAP as I've got family coming in this afternoon...

Post again soon!

unit said...
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unit said...

wod yesterday...
Front squat 205 x5 x 5sets
Snatch Push Press 135 x5 x 5sets
Clean Pulls 275 x5 x5sets
4mile run w/ 20lb wt vest

look forward 2 rowing today!!!...

i have a small suggestion on the K2E... back when i was pole vaulting [and as i continue to train for it when i can] we would do 'bubkas' of which doing a K2E is only part of the full ROM. it is useful, in my opinion to feel what it is like not to just touch your K2E, or your TTB [toes to bar] for that matter, but once there, to feel what it is like to rock your shoulders back and extend your hips so that you are in an inverted position. this allows you to feel what it takes to hit that position with a fairly relaxed shoulder girdle while having to maintain a straight arm position [otherwise it is difficult to invert; and 2 things that can be beneficial to develop in the K2E]... i'm sure you can search youtube for bubkas, and i may try to demo them if you like and put some examples of some drills up online tonight, but once you are able to do full bubkas [or even half bubkas where you stay at the top] k2e's will start to come pretty easy.
hope this helps...

heres a brief polevaultpower link in the meantime...


Geoff Aucoin said...

1:31.8, 1:36.8, 1:38.4, 1:37.3

Was really focusing on a 1:35 average across the board but the first row was too fast. Row 3/4 felt awful.

Played with damper (just under 7 felt best), stroke rate and knee angle every interval and row #4 felt best from pull-to-pull. I found if my heels never came off the the foot stretchers then I had a better pull.

That nearly killed me, Pukie was close at hand. Damn you, cupcakes.

Ali Jansen said...

Bubkas....I just like the way that sounds so I'll youtube 'em for sure.

Thanks for the info and the link.

Bubkas here I come.......:0)

YoungManRumble said...

My background is in boxing and this WOD was the closest feeling to being in the ring and facing heavy competition. In boxing the rounds are 2 to 3 mins long and you have usually 30sec to a 1 minute to recover. In the ring your lungs and shoulders are on fire and barring being stopped or stopping your opponent you go the distance. This row was the same feeling, except the Rower is like “Ali” in his prime, you can’t beat him you just have to hang in there!

Did a general warm up which consisted of a light jog, Samson lunges, chin ups and a good stretch. Before I started I did a set of back squats at 135 nice and slow to prime my legs:

Round 1 – 1:34.7 – Feeling not too bad

Round 2 – 1:38.1 – A little fire as started in my lungs and legs

Round 3 – 1:42.7 – I’m soaked in gas and burning out. Lost my focus and my lungs pretty poor effort all around.

Round 4 – 1:40 – Redeemed myself somewhat and happy with performance overall

Total time 6m35.5 seconds

***Note you can set the C2 Rower to 500m intervals with exactly 2mins rest. You do this by going to the main menu and going “select workout” – interval distance “500m” set rest to 2mins and hit the box with the check mark and presto you are ready to rock. I’m sure the C2 site has a better explanation on how to do this with diagrams and what not.

YoungManRumble said...

Also to note i did this WOD with my buddies... Sterling and Bowser and there is no way I could have pushed myself that hard solo!

Gord said...

5'7 BWT 152


Time is 7:15

God awful. Wanted a 1:45 AVG as my best 500 row is 1:35.2 Had some bad head spins afterward. Aucoin pointed out some key inefficiencies that I can work on. Hope this helps.

Bowser said...



About half way through the 3rd row my body was starting to sieze up and feel the lactic acid buildup. I was am I going to get through. You just keep rowing and eventually the counter is at 0. The last row was simply pure torture and ended with rolling off and having a good 10 minutes of pain following. Brains scrambled, and body just messed up big time. Next time a WOD like this comes up and someone (Young man Rumble) says...."It's just Rowing" deserves a punch in the face!

Post Wod Fuel: 30G Turkey Breask, 1/4 Cliff Bar (10.3g Carbo)

Laura said...

Me + Rowing = Yuck, we are not friends!


Total:7:58, best time 8:41 for 2k

All was going well until round 4, then implosion. First 2 may have been a bit close to my best 500m of 1:51.

CDunkin said...

When I hit the link for the OPT BD mix it says it's not available in the US market.
Let me know if someone finds it.

Leighanne said...

i hit refresh this am and was hoping it was changed to runs instead of rows (darn!)
the last row was all mental. my legs and forearms felt smoked around 350 m mark.

SteveC said...

Started and finished with work on double-unders for 8 minutes

The gym I go to doesn't have rowers so I used an old one at home that doesn't have distance and went hard for 1:45 min and tried to beat the number of reps each time.

Rob Ottesen said...

Hey everyone could not do this one today we had a 6 mile ruck
March. Our packs were 60lbs. It was a good workout lots of hills.
Tuesdays wod I finished w a 5k row in about 19min damper at 8.
Post work out 40g protein 20g carb with some glutamine.
About hour after had some egg whites veggies.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Warmup: jump rope 4 min; shoulder ROM sequence w/bands; squat flexibility routine. Got interrupted at this point, then had to rush to finish.


Side lying DB straight arm raise: 10lb x 8x8 4010

PWO: Whey + pomegranate juice 30p/30c

Second session of mobility/gymnastic skills later.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Oops... 6:55.1' total.

JonathanT said...

I don't have access to a rower, so I ran 400's instead.

total - 5:22

Doug Zirkle said...


Would you mind describing your shoulder and squat mobility routines? I've been working hard on both these areas, and I'm always interested in new ideas. Also, I'd be very interested to hear about favorite mobility exercises or routines from anyone else who'd like to offer them.

Since this is my first post I suppose it was a bit rude to just jump in with no introduction. Sorry 'bout that.

I've been following this site for about 6 months, and have really enjoyed both the programming and the hiqh quality of the people and comments on the board. I came to CrossFit from ultrarunning, and before that a bunch of different athletic pursuits. I've come a long way in the 9 months or so I've been doing CF, but I have a long ways to go and a tremendous amount to learn. I'm looking forward to a lot more progress with James's outstanding programming, and to learning a bunch from the contributions you all make on the board.

Best to all,


Chantal said...

Worked really hard to pace this wod.
After 2 weeks back at work, I am very close to being kicked out of Corporate gym-they don't like their rubber plates to be dropped on the rubber floor and think that OLY lifting is 'dangerous' so no C &J without one of their Bosu ball/arm curling trainers they were upset that I recruited a guy(the fittest/tallest) I could find to be my Rowing Pace Bunny. Now I am in trouble for 'promoting CF'...he quit after round 3 so not that much help. I told them I will try to CF in Secret and not answer any more questions.

dream whey and 8oz goat milk after

Sam Edwards said...

7:41 total time legs felt like they were about to fall off

Evan J said...

double unders
dowel shoulder warmup
reach and rolls
back extensions
sit ups

light 500m row
2 x 200m row all out
Battled through this one


Total time= 7:00

Wanted to try and break 7 mins but I have never really done sprints like this before so really didn't know how to pace it (as the times reflect). Todd thank you so much for the coaching and encouragement. This one hurt bad and that extra push especially at round 4 made a big difference.

Tom Woodward said...

Hey there Doug -

I've recently started to make a big push on my hip and shoulder mobility since convinced I have have some imbalances that are holding me back. My mobility sessions are about 30 minutes every day before the WOD (including rest days) and for a bit after the workout as well. It generally goes like this:

1000m row
arm/leg circles & swings
prone leg lifts
quadrupedal - fire hydrants, bird dogs, mule kicks
Bridging - cook hip lift, upward plank
kneeling quad/flexor stretch (hit this hard since I sit at desk all day and my flexors are tight as drums)
20 step walking lunge
side lunge (10 each)
more hip lifts/glute activation
bottom to bottom air squats with hold at bottom for 5s
wall slides (scapular retraction)
cuban press
hanging scap retraction

A lot of this stuff I pulled from kelly baggett's article

and from two on stronglifts

Paul said...

6'2" 185lbs


Total work 6.40

I really wanted to break 1.30 in the first split but to avail. I am really enjoying the programming here. Thank you OPT.

I also tried to get the iTunes mix and it is not available to us Yankees.

Rob Ottesen said...

Unit. I look forward to meeting you this weekend. Rory you and I
Will have to crush some WODs. He mentioned climbing as well good times

Wes said...

"Strength Bias"
Front Squat 3 x 185/205/215

Backsquat 15 reps at 175

"row, row, row your rower"
1 - 1:40.3
2 - 1:45.2
3 - 1:49.1
4 - 1:50.8

Total = 13:14

2K PR = 7:31`
4 500's = 7:04

Still on my strength bias program. Probably not a good idea to have done squats before rowing, made it twice as worse. Today I focused on staying relaxed while rowing so I wouldn't use any extra energy and toes tight to the rower. Unfortunately this increased my SPM to around 38 when I want about 32.

Jefff said...

1 - 1:39
2 - 1:39
3 - 1:39
4 - 1:42

Total - 6:39

Was hoping to go sub 1:40 on all rows. First 3 felt good, and the 4th was a brutal fight.

Surrey Sterling said...

Warmed up really good and threw in the 135# back squat x 10 nice and slow.

Did this with Bowser and Rumble at Westside. Acheived my goal today. Sub 1:40 on all rows.

Uploading a little clip of our experience today. Should be ready shortly.


Legs were just fu#King fried after! Don't want to do that anytime soon.

Brian Maier said...

Holy s%?t, that was reeeeediculous.

1:35 (damper 5)
1:41 (damper 5)
1:44 (damper 7)
1:39 (damper 7)

Total- 6:39

Where are those gordcakes when you need them? mmmmmm

Brent Maier said...


1) 129.5 @ 7
2) 132.9 @ 7.5
3) 136.4 @ 8
4) 139.9 @ 7

Total: 6:18.8

Notes) Round 3 was off the charts on the pain scale and Round 4 was just a trainwreck. I've tried a few strategies on short sprints and it always works best for me at the present time to sprint with hard pulls at the beginning to buy you some projected time headway, then use mental toughness to pull your way to the end with an acceptable end row time. If you short yourself too early when your strong, then faltering on your throttled pace anywhere along the way has a greater impact on projected time.

Arilyn(12): 1:10/1:09/1:11/1:02 (250m)
Luke(9): 1:16/1:18/1:19/1:11 (250m)
For my kids, I promised them a movie if they could beat their previous 3 times on the last row. A little incentive goes a long way!

Surrey Sterling said...

Here is a little video of our rowing today.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Holy shit, there are 50 comments already today. This is nuts!

unit said...

Ali... and anyone else interested...
i was messing around for a warm-up and did a few bubkas to show u what i was talking about... admittedly not the best at them, but i hope u get the idea... let me know what u think and if u have any questions or critiques... as always, they r welcome...

Rob, i can't w8 2 b there 2morrow... u,rory and i r gonna rock out some sick shizzle!...

Geoff, i preesh the advice on the HSPUs the other day bro... thanks for bringing that flaw to my attention!...

1:29.7 / 1:34.7 / 1:35.3 / 1:34.9
total ~ 6:14.6

2pd KB... 15 snatches each arm and 15 swings...


Pfeifdog said...

Pre-warmup: Workout got delayed due a broken rower seat(thanks Pfeifalife). Nothing plywood and a bandsaw can't fix.

Warmup: dynamic stretching, deadlifts, ran a 800, warmed up rowing
Times: 1:24,1:27,1:27,1:29

used a stamina air rower (no damper setting). Sub .4 miles for 500 meters. Hit the wall on the last set about 1 minute in, just kept on pushing.

Post WOD: 30 grams isopure whey and worked on HSPU

Doug Zirkle said...

@Tom Woodward:

Thanks for the detailed response. I'll check out the URLs you included as well. Much appreciated!

Grant said...

Had to do this one in the freaking Health Club in my building after work (boring story). The same two fricking rowers that had 2 dead batteries 6 months ago still have the same 2 dead batteries today. So what is a big dog suppose to do? I planned on rowing 4x1:40 (total=6:40) so I just rowed balls out for 1:40 on my watch with 2 minutes rest (4 times). About 50 pulls.

At CFC in Jan '09 we did 5x500m (AFT can be just as cruel as OPT) and my time for the 1st 4 was 6:49 (130.8/144.1/1:51.0/1;43.8). I still want to get my goal of sub 1:30 for 500m. PB is close @ 1:30.1. I know it's no world record but I want it bad. Batteries better be included.

Kathleen hates to miss & wouldn't do so lightly. Maybe double day for her tomorrow

Ali Jansen said...

I appreciate the video. Those bubkas are intense. I showed the vid to my Fiance and he said he thinks I should practice Knees to Elbows to learn how to do a bubka :o)
I'll give em a go tomorrow and let you know how it goes. I'm sure I'll have some questions once I've actually tried them.

Rory Hanlin said...

1:31, 1:32, 1:36, 1:38

Total: 6:17
Goal was sub 1:35 on each

2 Position Clean 1x5

Full ROM HSPU on para's 1x5

Surrey said...

Yikes Mr. Hanlin! Scary numbers for a dude that gets no sleep! Well done brother!

unit said...

Rory... bro... t minus 14 hrs!...

Ali... i agree... the two movements are mutually beneficial!... it is just another range of motion to incorporate... if u can do a few K2E, u might try 2 work up 2 a bubka... once there, u'll notice as a consequence that the shortened, albeit slightly different, ROM of a K2E isn't so bad... akin 2 a pullup and a straight bar muscle up... pullups are good for the strength to practice, but once u are able to go past that ROM and incorporate another movement [completely pulling urself over the bar... i.e. increasing the distance through which u are applying ur force]], the pull-up [or half straight bar muscle up] seems more trivial... but alas, u r right, they r not so easy initially, but they can be done assisted, so get ur fiancee to lend u a hand!... i look forward to hearing about what u think of them!...


Todd Dyer said...

1. 1:38.1
2. 1:39.5
3. 1:44.5
4. 1:45.2

total = 6/47.4. Damper on 9

Michelle said...

Well, Laura warned me against going all out on the first row, but i didn't listen...I got a new PB for 500m, but it cost me the rest of the WOD! Hmmm, think there's a lesson in here somewhere...

1. 1:45.2 (lost paper with scores, but remember this one down to the decimal as it's a new PB by 4sec.)

2. 2:26 No, that's not a mistake...I stopped about 150m in because i thought i was going to die, just as i was getting my feet out Laura came over and encouraged me to just keep on moving...thanks Laura, i was headed for Starbucks...

3. 2:01

4. 2:09 started to slow down a lot when Laura walked away...then she said she could hear me slow down so she came back (i think she has eyes in the back of her head!) and talked me through the last row.

Laura, i'm so appreciative of your help tonite and i can't thank you enough for the coaching...i owe you big...If Geoff is ever wearing one of his super cool outfits again(like the one he wore after the affiliate finals) i'll cover your eyes!!!

Anonymous said...

To Unit and Rory Hanlin,
Wish you guys some wicked WODs this weekend! Can't wait to see your posts!
Have Fun,
Dr. V

Robin Lyons said...


Brutal...fried the last 2 sets.

CrossFit HR said...


Done. Not feeling it today