Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

A1. Press - 3,2,1; 120 sec
A2. 15 CTB chin ups x 3 sets; 120 sec
Run 1K
(1st 200 m @ 70%, 2nd 200 m @ 80%, 3rd 200 m @ 90%, 4th 200 m @ 100%, last 200 m @ 50% effort)
joint mobility work - 30 min

post weights and notes to comments


Trevor Salmon said...

To all the big dawgs heading to Aromas this weekend have a wonderful experience and push hard. Know that you are as prepared as anyone out there. Lot's off workouts by the looks of things so recover well.
Stay in the present moment of each rep/step/whatever.
Congrats and do the job you've trained to do

David X said...

Press: 125/135/145
My body is still gettinng acclimated to these early morning training sessions. The weights felt way heavilier than they should have and I I just didn't have that pop.

CTB chins were fractioned half way through. Again, this seemed tougher than it ought to have.

1 K run: Legs felt strong and I was able to sqeeze that extra juice needed at the 800M mark to go 100%.

Best of luck to everyone this weekend. Take staock and remember what it took you guys to get there and find what will get you over the top!

I know I'll be scouring the internet all weekend for updates on the competition and rooting for you guys as much as I can!

Garage Crossfitter said...

BIG DAWGS, you know what to do this weekend....be willing to go where no one else wanted to...embrace the pain...enough said.

Geoff Aucoin said...

132x3,142x2,152x1/CTB unbroken.

Run felt good.

California, here I come.

Sweeney said...

Press: 110x3, 130x2, 140x1

CTB - unbroken; dangled for the last five but I held on

Run - great morning for a trot

I am in prime physical condition to be cheering and screeming like a banshee for the OPT/CFC?Big Dawgs crew down in Cali.

I'm bringing my notebook so I'll do my best to keep everyone posted while we're away.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Press 135x3 145x2 160x1
CTB unbroken

Run felt good

Joint mobility work felt great...

Rory Hanlin said...

Press 185/205/225
CTBPU Unbroken

Run was a little different. I started PTing with my small group in the SF Qual course today. Did 4x 100m sprints max effort. Followed by three stair lunge efforts up a stadium of stairs.

I'll be following OPT programming as much as possible, when possible for the next four months. However, because of my circumstances, I won't be involved with it as much as I was before this week.

I wish I was with all of you Big Dawgs at the games. Make us proud.
Good luck!

CDunkin said...

Rory, WTF? You're not going? I'm bummed. Duty calls, I take it?

Geoff Aucoin said...

I feel pretty shitty after my WOD today. Felt the women's weight was tough. Back to the beer and cookies

Gord said...

Not only can I not add...but can't read as well.

I did The press as a strenght wod
rest 2min and then did the chins
Chins all straight through.

Post wod started the pursuit of goal of 15 BWT OHS by Christmas. Todd is working toward same goal.
Tech work of 80# X 15 reps- 3 sets

rwcorson said...

Geoff forgot to log out. HAHA!

Rob Ottesen said...

155x3, 165x2, 175.
CTBPU first set shitty bar had to get down and then did last 3 it was tearing my hand apart. Switched to rubber grips and rest unbroken.

as with the Run refer to Rory's comment. i wont eleborate but i am in Rory's situation so we are going to do the best we can. Good Luck everyone from OPT.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Press- 117x3; 125x2; 137x1
CtoB- 3 sets of 10 - did the most I thought I could w/o fractioning. These are improving, though - mostly a ROM deficit.
Run- felt good.
Joint mobility - full session, elbow, hip, and thoracic focus.
PWO- 25p/25c whey, rhubarb, cantaloupe.

Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

90 x 3,,95 x 2, 100 x 1 - felt good and happy to be back up at this weight.
CTB- 9/6, 9/6,5/5/5

deejay said...

chins unbroken

I was much stonger in the press then I thought I would be. Hit a PR by 6 pounds and it was too easy.

PTS said...

Good luck to those competing. This northeastern US crossfitter will be cheering for Western Canadians to do well at the games.

rwcorson said...

C to B all 3 sets without coming off the bar
Run was @ the tail end of a rain storm, so the wind was up a bit.
I feel ready to rock!

Michael FitzGerald said...

Press - 132(3)/147(1)/152(1). No CNS drive to shoulders...probably due to loads of treatment the day before.
C2B's all straight
Run was good!

Lisa M said...

Good luck everyone at the games kick some butt and make us Canadians proud!!

85(3) 90(2) 95(1)PR wasn't sure about when i was supposed to rest the 120 secs but did it between each set??

C2Bs 15 10/5 10/5 i just can't get the dang momentum of the butterfly i need some serious help with that i feel about as uncoordinated as i do when i try to two step with my husband - yikes!!!!

1km kind of had to guess on my distances and speeds but ran in my Newtons - AWESOME!!! Thanks to whoever posted that about them - i went straight to Gords and bought some!

Michael FitzGerald said...

Runs were as follows:
First 200 - 42
Second 200 - 39
Third 200 - 36
Fourth 200 - 34
Fifth - 50

Jefff said...

Press - 3/125, 2/135, 1/145

Chins felt great. First time at C@B in a while. All sets straight through. Last set B2B (Belly To Bar). Felt great.

Did not time run.

Grant said...

Lisa M re: Newtons. You're welcome. A trip to Gord's is time well spent.
Way to work DJ on the SP! Carry that to Aromas!
135x3, 145x2, 155x1
didn't feel that I could get my next goal of 160 today so left it on a +ve note
15x3 CTB unbroken
run as Rx'd with my Newtons (~4 or 4:15. Closed my eyes to keep the bugs out - it worked). 8 to 9PM @ OPT

Brent Maier said...

70x3/73x1/75kgx1 (165#)
C2B's: All 3 rounds unbroken!
1k Run: Intense but fun way to end the workout.

C2B Notes: Brought my hands in to about 2-3 inches outside the shoulder and the strain I've been feeling in the shoulder blades is gone. The new Pullup station I built last week is a dream!

Brent Maier said...

Forgot to mention I did static presses.

Gord, I'll join you on your quest for 15 OH BWT squats by years end. Most I've ever attempted is 3 at 10# over BWT.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Brent, happy belated birthday!

Grant, talk about your shoes more.

Just kidding, love you.

Steve said...

143x3, 155x2, 175x1*pb

Never came off the bar for all 3 sets of CTB

did not time run.

unit said...

155 x3, 165 x2, 185 x1 (pr)
c2b unbroken
used 60sec rest throughout instead of 120...

1.2K run... felt strong... 3:40

30min of mobility... I actually did a sprint drill / kettlebell combo...
12 sprint drills... did 40meters x2 of each drill... between drills I performed 5 kb snatches w each arm and 5 kb swings... kb was 2pood...
sprints at the end (drags and push drills) felt quick...


Chad Action Brandt said...

x1=149 PB
My goal of 150 is right around the corner.

C2Bar straight through

James, Mike, DeeJay & Lauren your all ready, now its go time!
And to Geoff, Rob and the rest of the CFC Affiliate team, take home
the prize!

Anonymous said...

Hi James...

Presses = 115, 135, 155

jumping c2b's ..no problem

Run went well...first run since I tweaked my knee...no swelling afterwards..