dead lift - 50% of 1RM; 2 reps x 8 sets; 45 sec b/t sets; goal is speed on concentric
Tabata Push Up - 4 sets - goal is same reps/set...not high total
double unders - 50 reps; 1 min rest x 3
GHD Sit ups - 5 sets of 10

post notes and scores to comments

note: we're working on the Big Dawg Mix based on requests...will repost when done
The Power to Override
It can be all too easy to come up with excuses.
And it can be all too easy to let those excuses stop you in your tracks.
Stop telling yourself why you cannot do it and start reminding yourself why you must.
When you have a strong enough reason why, you'll get it done.


srutledge1976 said...

Hello all, came up on the blog via the crossfit website. The workouts look fun and I was going to give the OPT blog wod's a go, and I have some questions. whats with the post wod nutrition percentages? Are yall doin zone, paleo? Thanks in advance!

OPT said...

srutledge, it is post workout fuelling based on your current body fat that is a main determinant in hopw well you absorb nutrition in the post wod might have to guess your BF% unless there is a practitioner in your area
we do not follow a certain food plan...i recommend doing what works well for you...we definitely use zone and paleo tools...but by no means follow specific guidelines for everyone..
currently the wod's are designed for peaking for the games...after that we'll be back at the methodology we have used all year to turn most of the female and male trainees here into true fitness monsters...welcome aboard

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say Good Luck to all athletes at the games coming up (okay, mostly the West.Cda team!) Have fun!

Garage Crossfitter said...

DL @ 185, pulled that bar as hard and fast off the ground each rep as possible.

pushups-20,16,13,10- these got hard fast, using extra energy to explode out of the bottom toasted my shoulders.

DU-unbroken, focused on form and relaxation during set

GHD situps, unbroken, 30 sec breaks, focused on using less abs and more hip flexor by straightening those knees out on the way up.

FYI-sweet book recommended by david X, OMNIVORES DILEMMA

Jefff said...

Deadlift- 223# - Felt good, and fast.

Push-up 1/2 Tabata - 13,14,14,14 - Should have tried for 16 reps/set. Had lots left.

DUs - Fractioned as usual. DUs still gas me fast. Have to figure them out.

GHD sit-ups - 60 second break b/t sets. No problems. Felt popwerful out of bottom.

Brent Maier said...


DL: 101kg (222#) - Explosive!
PU's: 16/16/16/16 - Chest to deck
DU's: 50/41+9/50
GHD's: Unbroken

Yesterdays "exponential" WOD:
4 rounds + 8 pullups in the 5th: Shoulder pain at that 8th rep, I may have been able to hit 15 or so before grip gave out.

Crossfit Games workout dream-a-thon:
What I'd like to see at the games? To keep it simple here are my thoughts:
1) Run
2) 5-8 minute metcon
3) 15-20 minute metcon
4) Crossfit Total

Run & Total: Each of these are at both ends of the spectrum. Hey if you can do 600# DL but can't run up a hill or can run like the wind but can't lift a freaking moped off of good 'ol granny after she forgot to put her legs down at the stop light, your useless.

Metcons: Give us as many diverse, varied movements with weights that can be properly accomodated and judged. Lets raise the bar and weed out the folks that specialize their training to only a few wods *cough - Fran* or fail to train the weaknesses on the more complex movements (HSPU's, MU's, Snatches).

Most of us here train for diversity and I honestly think you would have seen more big dawgs qualify for this years games if all qualifiers followed the same formula.

Oh man, I'm getting older! Tomorrow I turn 38!

Coach: Any idea if there will be an opportunity to get the big dawgs not competing at this years game together for a WOD after the events are over? That would be great!

rwcorson said...

25 KBS 1.5 Pood
50 Dbl Unders
25 ring dips
500m row
4 rds for time as a team, each athlete does 1 exercise/rd and switches exercise each rd. The team cannot start the new rd until all athletes are finished their exercises.
Total team time:7:30

PTS said...

DL -211#
tabata pushups - 20-22-19-12
double unders- 50,50, 3 breaks on last set
GHD situps unbroken 30sec rest

Brent- I like your workout dreamathon. However I disagree with the second portion about having the skilled movements involved. My thoughts are that crossfit is about measuring work capacity. While I can see the obvious benefits to work capacity from MU's and HSPU's, both excercises are so skill based that including them in a competetion WOD could cripple anyone that does not have the skill, even though they could have great work capacity. I just would hate to see crossfit slide towards becoming a skill sport rather than a sport that is simply a measure of the ten domains of fitness.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Omnivore's Dilemma, good frickin' book!

OPT said...

brent, its in the works...we will be having a big dawg championship events throughout the year after the games...within all other sports the top "dawgs" are not defined by one weekend of good workouts/events but by a host of consistent patterns of high calibre exposure and results throughout months and years (take Federer for example today, do you think he would maintain thhe goodness if not for all the tourneys in the year??) plans as well as other "higher" colleagues within CF will be making this a reality in the future..we will start it here though

deejay said...

DL-242lbs - nothin' but a peanut
PU - 17/17/16/12 - I think 15 would have been better.
DU - 50, 28/28, 50 - these felt awsome
GHD - felt good

Gord said...

DL- 190-
Push ups- 20/20/20/20 -last set almost killed me
DU - tripped 1st set 3 times (28+12+10 , second set all straight
third set- 3 trips also 36,11,3

GHD- modified them---did full range of motion to bottom and used a chin up band to help pull me through the area I get a nasty pain in my lower back. If my abs hurt at all tomorrow I know it worked and I will try to eventually get rid of the band

Grant said...

For another inspiring Simon Whitfield triathlon event look for a rebroadcast of the 6 man sprint finsh in the Des Moines Iowa Triathlon on NBC today (You Tube has it). As exciting or better than the finish in Bejing. Watch it for some eye of the tiger for Aromas.

DL 205 as RX'd
Tabata PUs @ 17s (just right. Will try 18 next time)
GHDs as RX'd

unit said...

it was an awesome finish... true push in the face of punishing pain...

unit said...

rory, can u do this w/ april?... (i would suggest after she has the baby!)...


Michael FitzGerald said...

DL's @ 211. LB felt okay.
Tabata Push-ups
Scores - 18/18/18/18
DU's - 23 sec/24 sec/25 sec

Rory Hanlin said...

I'm back from a 4th of July vacation. Though I certainly didn't rest while I was on vacation. Did a lot of parrellette work, handstands, gymnastics stuff.

Power Snatches 205 3x2
Power Cleans 265 3x1
Deadlifts 295 3x2

Tabata Ring Push Ups 15/14/10/9

I also stuck a 1 legged front lever for 4 seconds and a straddle back lever for 4 seconds. Felt great

Lauren said...

DL- 160

PU- 8, 8, 8, 8- usually go with 7s on the 8 set tabata, but the 8 felt really good!

all DU and GHD straight through

Todd Dyer said...

dl's 175 no problem
push ups 19-19-13-13 blew this one
double unders unbroken
ghdsu fine

Hixy said...

DL 150 - explosive
Push-ups: 13/13/13(11+2)/13(5+4+4) - all made within the 20 sec
DU: Broken, getting better at them

unit said...

couldn't get to a gym yesterday, so workout was at homegym...

3 rounds...
400m hill run (200 up, 200 down)
50 squats
25 each arm, 40lb kb clean and push press

time 15:30

1 min rest, then

3 x 50 situps w/ 1 min rest b/w sets...


Scotty Hagnas said...

DL- w/185 Felt easy and quick.
Pu - 14/14/14/14 Improvement; and I shuld have tried for more...
DU- 50x3 - chopped up as always
GHD Situps - 5 x 10
PWO: 30p/30c rhubarb, blackberries, and chocolate egg white protein.

Off to get some ART and massage.

Rob Ottesen said...

I hurt my back over the 4th of july weekend. Did what i could to stay loose. I untilized my pool quite a bit. also went to the beach this weekend and swam about a 1000m in the ocean. feel ok today cant wait to get back at it tomorrow. hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. also made my own version of a palio kit please critique if im wrong. a mix of goji berries, papya, bannana chips, 3 dates, edimime nuts, walnuts, and some beef jerkey threw it together off top of my head.

Kathleen said...

DL = 137.5
1/2 tabata = 10/10/10/10
Du's = 1st round broken into 3, then 2 straight
GHD = subb'ed each set with Grant

An even better Michael Pollan read:
"In Defense of Food"
First line: "Eat Food, not too much, mostly vegetables."
Short and sweet. A great read for the hammock this summer.

Anonymous said...

HI James

dl's = 205 felt light and fast.

d/u's broken...gassed...what can I say..theya re actually getting better...just not good enough yet..

GHD's unbroken 120secs in between.