Dead Lift - quickly build to a heavy but not 3RM, minimal rest b/t sets
rest 5 min
6 sets for total working time:
10 KBS - 2pd/1.5pd unbroken
20 GHD extensions unbroken
30 double unders
rest 60 sec

post Dead Lift loads and total time for sets to comments

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/40g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/60g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30 g prot/15 g carb
12-14% - 30 g prot/30 g carb
below 12% - 30 g prot/45 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


unit said...

rory... this one's 4 u...

dead lifts from this last wknd...

unit 500lb

rory 585lb

rory, feel free 2 lockout 585 and post a video reply... and yes, i already know my strength pales in comparison 2 ur might...
this wod should b fun!...


Surrey said...


Dam that is impressive fella's. Serious shit go'in on there man...

Geoff Aucoin said...

Hawt damn, what's in the water down there boys? You got any video of that gymnastics chipper, the times for that are loco!!

Garage Crossfitter said...

DL @ 335 x3, 1 min breaks, good for 350. (1 rep max is 360, goal is 400, which I WILL get by next summer)

1:41, 1:55, 1:52, 1:57, 1:56, 1:52

swings not bad
DU's were hard due to leg fatigue but i kept focused and only made a few mistakes

first wod in over a week where I have felt reaaaaaal good, last 2 night 9+ hrs of sleep.

whooofff dawgs

Anonymous said...

Hi James....

not a great energy day today re the dead lifts...315 x 3...legs and hips still burning after mountain pass scramble on Friday

part 2 = 2:07, 2:15, 2:12, 2:12, 1:57, 2:02....ghds...pretty tough in sets three through 6...some fractioning around 15th rep...d/u's represents most of my differences in time...


CDunkin said...

went to 365x3 when the hamstring said no more.

Wod: 7:30- felt strong throughout. 1st and 2nd du's broken once.

Legs sore all over from sprints on Friday.

Unit- no bruising, been icing frequently

Scotty Hagnas said...

Deadlift: worked up to 320x3, heavy but not maximal.
Triplet: total time minus rest- 17:58'
Double unders added most of the time here, also had to break the GHRs from the 3rd set on.

PWO: 40p/60c chicken, sweet potato, fresh picked blueberries. BCAA, greens

Dawson said...

Unit and Rory. Very impressive!!!

I'm still trying to understand the ratio of PRO to CHO PWO. I hope someone can help me. I've noticed a trend that the longer WODs have a higher CHO value PWO and the shorter metcons have a lower CHO value. Today at our box, CF Kingston (in Ontario), we did some strength work (squat clean 7 sets of 1 rep) followed by lovely Fran. My BF% is 12.1%. Since it's a metcon I kept the PWO CHO on the lower side. This is what I had:

1/2 banana
Protein shake - 40g whey PRO + 5g creatine + 10g glutamine + 15g Phytoberry by Progressive all mixed with water.
1 oz. almonds approximately 20 minutes after the banana and PRO shake.

I have heard pros and cons to fat consumption in PWO.

I'm just curious if I am on the right track for PWO nutrition. As well, I'm looking for other's opinions of PWO fat consumption.


Lisa M said...

man summer is tough to get the wods in been off for about a week so felt weak with the DLs

220 x 3

total work time 10:57

double unders were pathetic today and my ghd extension are on my at home makeshift bosu ball on chair and hooking feet under squat rack bar but is seemed to work pretty good.

Laura said...

Deadlift: 206--heavy, but I think I could have done more for a max effort.

Times: 1:25/1:28/1:35/1:27/1:30/1:32
Total: 9:07

Skipping slowed me down a few times--I kept hitting the GHD machine!

Rory Hanlin said...

Back is still wrecked from my 585 attempts, and no GHD so I did something different

Hang Power Clean + jerk 245x1-1 225x1-1
These felt heavy...

Tuck Planche holds x5
trying to stick a flat back tuck planche. getting there...

7 Rds
10 Box jumps, 36''
20 Pushups

Time: 8:58

Bowser said...

Good job all!

I've had a few days off from the Dawgs WODS while I attended the Cert in Vancouver this weekend. It was a blast!

Looking forward to getting back into it tomorrow with Rumble and Surrey.

Leighanne said...

Dead Lift - worked to 205# felt really good but didn't want to go too high
total: 7:33
1. 1:11 unbroken
2. 1:16 1x screw up on du's; rest unbroken
3. 1:20 2 screw up on du's; rest unbroken
4. 1:17 1x screw up on du's; rest unbroken
5. 1:13 straight through
6. 1:16 1x screw up on du's; and did 1 more kb as not sure if first one counted, rest unbroken

Gord said...

DL - worked up to 318 X3

Total time 7:55

Lower back got tight after round 3 needed a short break between the KB and Extensions.

Laura's real time 8:57---she can't add either

Garage Crossfitter said...

darn...i did GHD raises not back extensions....which one was it suppose to be?

Chad Action Brandt said...

Worked up to 345# DL
1.) 1:05
2.) 1:03
3.) 1:02
4.) 1:02 1 DU Fraction
5.) 1:01
6.) 1:01

Got into a sweet rythm after 1st round. I taped my 1st round and 5th round and will be up on my Action Conditioning blog later today.


Hey Brent I taped my warm-up today for you to check out & all others interested. I will place this on my blog later today as well.

Rob Ottesen said...

No Geoff it was just so dang hot we busted our butts to finish.
It was and intense chipper to say the least. Army prevented me from doing this one today
We ran stadium steps for an hour. I ran to gym to try to pr clean and jerk
I put up 245lbs pretty happy about that 20 over last pr attempt. UNIT sorry about
Sunday I was smoked just chilled out. It was a pleasure meeting you hope you come back soon.

SteveC said...

DL: Worked up to 355 (not 3RM)

6 sets: I am still brutal on the double unders, got lots of work to do. I can't seem to string them together so my times are slow (and all over the place)

1. 2:01
2. 1:44
3. 1:50
4. 1:49
5: 1:58
6: 2:01

Used a 70 lb db

Joel B. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joel B. said...

DL: worked up to 285...probably my 3rm today. I keep thinking I am stronger than I am. Or maybe I just keep wishing myself to be stronger.

1. 1:41
2. 1:47
3. 1:49
4. 1:51
5. 1:54
6. 1:59

total: 11:12

KBS were with 68#'s...1.5 pood kb with 2 5# db's duct taped to the side and a 5# plate taped to the bottom. Unbroken.

GHR's were with my roman chair up against a wall for a foot plate and braced for stability. I did my best. Kinda a long movement and it took most of the time on this triplet.

Were these supposed to be just back extensions on the GHD machine? If so, the times on the triplet would have been quite a bit faster. I was trying to do GHD raises. Anyway, it was good 'n hard so whatever.

DU's were pretty good. 1-2 breaks but no rest...right back at it on all but one set which was unbroken.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Back to life, back to reality at the firehall.

Worked up to 315 in deads, barefoot, purely for technique practice.

Total working time 8:53 WITH MODS.

Used a 75lb DB held the long way, which is the only way to go with DB's for me now, and did back extensions on a swiss ball. Not a tough WOD today and I needed that.

Todd Dyer said...

Deadlift = 315 lb for 3
total triplet time = 10:31

Sweeney said...

DL: worked up to 329lbs - felt easy

Total Working Time: 6:57

Rd 1: 1:09
Rd 2: 1:09
Rd 3: 1:10
Rd 4: 1:09
Rd 5: 1:10
Rd 6: 1:10

Thanks for the coaching Mike and Trevor.

Pfeifalife said...

DL: worked up to a solid feeling 435

Total working time: 12:02

Rd 1: 1:41
Rd 2: 2:05
Rd 3: 2:05
Rd 4: 2:10
Rd 5: 2:10
Rd 6: 1:51

KB swings were easy and fast, GHD ext's got tuff at the end but were managable (all unbroken). But DU's on the other hand, are my kryptonite. On the first round got like 20 in a row then stumbled through the other 10 (mental mistakes), hence my variance in times. Other than the fact I can't string together 30 straight, I did extremely well on them tonight considering my usual. Really had to concentrate, but got my breathing jumping and swinging in cadence. this one left me floored at the end, but I feel really good about it, pushed it hard.

Holy batshit Sweeney, those times are blazin...

post wod: rolled and stretched
40g isopure protien, 1 apple

Paul said...

325 DL

Rd1: 1.48
Rd2: 1.43
Rd3: 1.43
Rd4: 1.28
Rd5: 1.47
Rd6: 1.47

Used a 70lb db. Round 3 was the only round that I hit all 30 double unders straight up. Still need lots of practice.

Mack said...

Triplet 11:17.

Pfeifdog said...

DL @ 435 x3, breaks just long enough to change the weight and chalk my hands.

5:03, 4:43, 3:42, 2:01, 2:32, 2:43

Had some issue with the DU's to start with, my timing was no where to be found the first 3 rounds. Final came around in round 4.

deejay said...

DL - 440lbs
metcon: 1:05/1:09/1:10/1:12/1:11/1:09
total - 6:56

Jefff said...

Deadlift 3RM - 400#

Metcon -
1. 1:16
2. 1:20
3. 1:22
4. 1:28
5. 1:32
6. 1:54

Total - 8:52

Last round got killed on back extensions

Brent Maier said...


DLx3: 140kg (308#) Had a long warmup today including snatches. Felt 308# was enough today. Focused on form today, felt good.

1) 1:21
2) 1:19
3) 1:15
4) 1:25
5) 1:18
6) 1:18
Total: 7:56 as RX'd

Notes: 2P KB swings were games verticle today. Between the back extensions and KB swings, I don't think I could have gone much faster without shorting on RX'd movement. I had an average failure rate of 2 to 3 on each round of DU's. Unbroken, your easily in the <1:10.

Great job Sweeney and Chad. James must have been overindulging in Spolumbo's sausages last night when he posted the WOD because I swear I saw GHD raises. Glad I checked in before hitting this up because 120 GHD raises would have left a mark.

Robin Lyons said...

DL: 275lb


DUs were my weakness tonight. I am using one of those cable speed ropes and finding it hard to time my jumps with. What brand do you guys like/use for jumping rope?

Sweeney said...


There is no substitute for Buddy Lee Ropes.

Some may argue, but I think the fastest rope is the plastic handled red/blue. They promote the platinum and silver rope as being faster but these ropes have shorter handles and for me, the shorter handles are more difficult to achieve multiple DU reps. Perhaps it's due to imperfect form, and Buddy himself may explain it better, but my vote for value goes to the red handles.

unit said...

WU - 1/4 mile fast jog w/ sprint mechanics... sprint drills

DL = 425 x3

WOD = 72 / 71 / 67 / 69 / 69 / 68 = 6:56
(KB swings sure felt light/fast after the DLs]...

KB work = 2pd KB snatch w/ 1 arm switch... 48 [PR by 1... previous pr of 47 done as 25/22, today 27/21 (R/L)]... need to keep working the pace/rhythm and grip...
then did 2pd KB push presses x12 each arm...

Hand Stand Wall Holds for max time x5

Front lever work...

time for post-WOD fuel...


unit said...

glad to hear the hammy is doing better... continue ROM work and take er ez... each tweek u feel at this point is a minor setback and will make it linger longer...

i actually checked my camera/phone and the monitor on it said 'temperature'...b/c where i put it down to potentially think about filming it was toooooo hot... but it was a fun wod!... Freaking Unbelieveable 'N'ihilation...

no worries bro... the workout rory and i did was mostly mobility, grip, ring and hand-stand f'ing around... i'm sure i'll be back and we can tear it up in the ANVIL!... nice meeting u bro...

ur weethopian is precious... u must be a very proud dad... i'm a proud uncle; thanks for having me over this wknd... i'll c u soon...


Brian Maier said...

Warmup: 800m run, 500m row, 5min jump rope

DL: 325 X 3

1:16 (2 missed d/u's)
1:03 (all unbroken)
1:10 (1 missed d/u)
1:04 (all unbroken)
1:14 (1 missed d/u)
1:29 (multiple misses on d/u's. completely lost my pace/rhythm... last round killed my overall time)

Total: 7:16 (substitution with 55# dumbbell)

Unfortunately, no kettlebells and largest dumbbell I have is 55#.

Brittany said...

250 deadlift: felt so heavy today

1:16- 3 misses on du
1:14- 3 misses on du
1:11- straight
1:12- straight
1:12- 2 misses on du

N.H said...

Man, unit and deejay, you guys are beasts!

BW: 182.4

Deadlift: 405/3 Weight felt heavy from the beginning, but it kept coming up. 405 was heavy but I know I could've gone heavier, so I'm happy with that as a non 3RM heavy set.

Metcon: 8:44

1:27 average

That fourth set sucked, damn double unders. I got a few sets of unbroked du's but most had at least one break.

PW: 6C, 5P


Geoff Aucoin said...

DJ! Brittany! Welcome back, old friends!!

Ali Jansen said...

My turn to post last.......:o)
220 on deadlift...could have done a bit more but was tight for time.
Used 55# DB and back ext. over a swiss ball (sloooow)
1:39 (1 miss)
1:52 (3 misses)
1:33 (1 miss)
1:34 (straight through)
1:39 (straight through but 1 quick rest in Back ext.)
1:33 (1 miss)
Total working time: 9:49

Michelle said...

220 x 3 for deadlift...felt like doing more but stopped here.

1:14 (straight thru)
1:17 (straight thru)
1:15 (straight thru)
1:15 (straight thru)
1:19 (DU 1x broken)
1:24 (dropped last KB swing behind me and had to chase it down and redo the rep, but based on the WOD description, guess I should have redone the whole set???)

total working time - 7:44

Kathleen said...

DL X 3: 165/185/205/215/225/235/245

1:35 [1 break on DU]
Total working time: 9:28

Evan J said...

DL worked up to 345 x3 a little heavy for this workout for me.


Total: 9:53

Messing up double unders killed the pace along with adjusting the ghd. Really need to work on consistancy during fatigue with the du's. I believe if I could improve these I could shave a lot of time off this.

Grant said...

@ CFC @ 7:30
DL 335#x3
total working time = 9:19
KBS unbroken
GHD BE broken on #5 & #6. Still haven't made friends with the GHD @ CFC. Slow to get in & out of GHD & tons of movement. Better each time I use it however.

Tight hamstrings from the gynamstics cert. Thought my shoulders would be the tight part?

I say they call the silver & black handlle rope the "speed rope" for a reason. Far quicker spin & I own both. Sweeney has the patent on the long handle type & stands to make millions of dollars if you endorse his long handle type. My motivation however is pure as snow

YoungManRumble said...

5"10 - 168lbs - 29yrs old

It is HOT in Vancouver.

Strayed a little off the WOD as i did not have a GHD.

I was also jacked up by the UNIT and Rory DL videos and threw down a 1 RM DL at 469 a PR by 19lbs.

I did

10 - 2 pod KB
15 - SL DLs @135
30 - DU

as this was not rx'd so did not time it.

Sam Edwards said...

had to sub good mornings for GHD. total working time was 9:38

Sam Edwards said...

and deadlift was 374

CrossFit HR said...

DL 5 x 365lbs (looking for a 450+ 1RM)

Total working time was 7:34
1:14/1:12/1:10/1:13/1:16/1:29 (rope broke on last set, had to get another one)

only 1 break (broken rope) throughout WOD.