Rest Day chat - July 18th, 2009

Warm Up:
just as in variety with CF for wod's, there is never the same warm up...warm ups are different for day 1 to 2 to 3...are different for the trained versus untrained...etc...
my philosophy is to mimic the work out as much as possible..i'll give you an example;
WOD: DL - 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1; 240 sec rest b/t sets
(warm up - full body d-rom on all joints - 1 minute, circuit of squats, pull ups, push ups, sit ups, ext's - 5 of each x 2-3 - 3-5 minutes, test out DL x 1 @ 135 (feel it...i mean really feel it, how does it feel, light, fast, heavy, slow...the adjust...if it feels light, then light it up, get into the "eating bees" mentality and build quickly...if it feels heavier or sore...either warm up more, foam roll a little or back off and just focus on form for session and leave some on the table) too many folks make a mistake here and "will" there way through when it just will take a longer time to get there or they just need to back off
WOD: 5 rounds: 400 m run, 15 DL - 185#, 20 GHD Sit ups
(warm up - row/run/skip 1 min each x 2-3, full body d-rom on all joints...then 100 m run, 5 DL @ 135#, 5 GHD sit, then run 100 m faster, 5 DL @ 185#, 5 GHD sit do that over and over until you feel like your first round will feel light and fast...remember the goal is highest power output and if your warm up will not get you there, you'll continuously be gassing when really you just did not prime the CNS enough)
i'll end there,,,i know there are more questions from this but it might just get you started...and based on everyones warm up yesterday...i'd "highly" suggest folks start thinking more about it and putting more energy into will yield better results.

Eccentrics - i invlove speed b/c of the season (i.e. no comps coming now)...its easier on the joints at this time of the season...but more importantly, it decreases intensity for the CF'er...b/c you have to focus a little more on cadence you can pick up on some form issues or some inabilities in the movement...this is especially seen in RDL's for example..done at high speed is MUCH different than done at slow speed...i will not get into the speed versus muscle building vs strength argument but to say that food and sleep are MUCH more powerful than the exercise and the speed itself
so to recap, you'll see slow eccentrics for control, form focus and based on what i want for the intensity of the workout - i.e. back squat - 1,1,1,1,1 is MUCH different than high bar back squat @ 40X1 - 2-3 reps x 5 sets...and side note, endurance on the squat at that tempo is one thing that WILL take the CF'er to another level as it carries over to so many things...we take the high bar back squat score and can give determinants for the power clean, power snatch, DL...and others based on how you do on this...
on that note...X means intent, not the actual speed of the movement

lastly, for fuelling, these numbers are based on everyones BF% b/c its all i know about those who post...outside of that there are WAY too many factors for determining EXACTLY what you need post wod except to say "experiment" and play with it...but i would be happy to answer questions regarding this on the daily posts about your own situation the best i can...
i'd suggest for those that are "blocking" to experiment as i've done with a lot of folks and do not count your post workout fuel in the day allottment for a few reasons, one of which is that this is the time to play with that...and secondly...i've found it a little better for recovery with the various exposures you'll get here...that is different that other recommendations simply b/c it is different training...that's all
as for fat, the research shows that it might help in post wod nutrition...Di Pasquale tried hard to tell Charles that but i'm in Poliquins camp that the leaner the person is, you bascically load them up with as much sugar as they can handle without f'ing up the daily insulin rhythm post it yields so many good results...for example, i Rx up to 80-100 g carbs post wod for an 8% athlete being trained for their sport under CF methodology...and they STILL take on 12-15 carb blocks per yes, that is 10 blocks post wod plus 12-15 in day...and they gain mass and have better 5K runs, DL x 1, 2K rows and max chin ups...and i think it is due to the leanness and the uptake ability..this changes of course the fatter you get..BIG TIME.. so stay nothing tastes as good as being lean feels!

next little while will be some tests to see where everyone is at...we're in down shift mode right now, lots of movements and variety...not really any jaw dropping intensity wod's..they'll come...we're in the works of setting up online competitions throughout the year to ensure that the sport evolves and it allows all fitness junkies to stay on track and see where they stand...i'm thinking once every 8 weeks starting in of course it does not take long to go from elite to average...this will not allow that to keep on it!

for those who have competed in're brain might be willing, but take more time...practice shit, relax some more (this does NOT mean eat like shit)...and take some time to'll know when it's time....i can answer more questions on this over time...

i know there is a bit of a babble in that (blame my bro as he's sitting here asking me questions as i'm trying to write this up here at the lake) but I hope it may have answered some questions...lets begin the revolution!


adam said...

Good post. I've been following this site for about a month now but have not posted but once or twice. I've been back and forth from these workouts and the main site WOD's. Well I think I am going to make the switch and just follow this site. Lots of good information here. Decided to also finally switch over to paleo but im probably about 90% true to the paleo diet. Although tonight when I drink, ill just stick to the Jose. Just joined the Marines, have a pretty nice gym here in the barracks, and looking to take my fitness to the next level. Thanks to everyone here on the site and also OPT for all the information here. Also, good job to everyone who participated in the games! I followed the site all weekend about every hour tracking yall's progress. I'll be on board for this revolution!

Hixy said...

Very enlightening and well written. It made me realize a lot about warm-ups.

I like the idea with competitions! Competition, for me, is one of the primary driving forces. That, and the will to become as good as possible.

I love the programming and everything you provide.

David X said...

Thanks James. I too will focus more on using warming up as preparation vs just getting limbered up.

Joel B. said...

Great information! Thanks very much. I will be implementing these ideas in my warm ups. I have been doing the same thing pretty much (outside of addressing specific weaknesses on a rotated basis) for a little over 2 years since starting CF, and I really appreciate the advice.

I will be experimenting with the PWO fueling idea of not counting it towards my blocks. Not to go into too much detail, but I have been toying with the idea of adding 4-5 B protein anyway (and further skinning my already "skinned" block prescription) so that idea dovetails nicely. Really, I use blocks as a way to account for and track food more than anything I guess. I am going to Robb Wolf's nutrition seminar next Saturday, so this may come up there as well.

Thanks again and looking forward to seeing what is to come!

refl9x said...

Just wondering if anyone knows how OPT comes up with the measurements for the protein and fat intake for a PWO meal...just want to try applying it to my own routine.

And any advice on if I'm doing two workouts about 5 hours apart? One at 10am and another one at 2-4pm? Should the meals be right the same split between the two? Ones the and the other is a "body building" workout - but only using CrossFit movements.

Any help would be awesome!

unit said...

coach... awesome post... I need 2 focus on day specific warmups a little better myself... stll love doing my sprint drills regularly... and if I didn't b4, I think I have a man crush...


Brent Maier said...

The eccentric/concentric movements are ass kickers in a different way and I'm enjoying them. Great post, thanks coach!

* said...

Coach Fitzgerald,

Million thanks for the generosity of your time and expertise. Training partner and I have been following your workouts/nutrition for about 2 months. We love the program design and it is yielding great results. Take care and best to all.

Crossfit Camas