paper route

A. perform 22 push up burpees in 60 sec
(all males jump to a 9ft marker, all females jump to a 7ft marker)
if you complete this you have 3 minutes rest before B; if you do not complete this you have 1 min rest before B
B. perform 40 box jumps in 60 sec
(all males jump to 20", all females jump to 14")
if you complete this you have 3 minutes rest before C; if you do not complete this you have 1 min of rest before C
C. perform 45 air squats in 60 sec
(everyone - hip crease below knee)
if you complete this you have 3 minutes rest before D; if you do not complete this you have 1 min of rest before D
D. perform 75 double unders in 60 sec
if you complete this you have 3 minutes rest before E; if you do not complete this you have 1 min of rest before E
E. perform 40 jumping chin ups in 60 sec
(bar 8 inches below both arms fully extended when on box)
if you complete this you have 3 minutes rest before F; if you do not complete this you have 1 minute of rest before F
F. perform an average of 14 sit ups anchored on a tabata protocol for 8 sets
if you complete this you have 3 minutes rest before G; if you do not complete this you have 1 minute of rest before G
G. perform 50 hanging knees to elbows in 3 minutes
(cannot touch down)
if you can complete this you have passed, congrats; if you cannot, you have to perform 150 hanging knees to elbows for time to finish including reps you have already completed within the 4 minutes; ensure you time the entire 150 and post to comments

post scores per letter to comments...start comments with "complete" or "incomplete"..then notes as well

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 30g prot/10g carb
8-12% - 30g prot/20g carb
below 8% - 30g prot/30g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 20 g prot/10 g carb
12-14% - 20 g prot/20 g carb
below 12% - 20 g prot/30 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


S.S said...

Ouch! This is gonna suck balls...bring it on!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Goonie f#$kin' goo-goo!

Brent Maier said...

Hah Geoff and still no sledgehammers! This will be fun.

Grant, was it you that got me started on shelled hempseed? Man is it good!

dan said...

hey jeffffffffffff,

im hitting the road over the next 3 weeks for mentioned you do a lot of the same. lets hook up, i could use some different "hotel" wods. any recommendations on limited equipment?


dan lindahl

Hixy said...

Full extension on all movements:

A. Complete - 51 sec
B. - Incomplete - managed 33 reps
C. - Complete - 35 sec
D. - Incomplete - managed 51 reps (gassed)
E. - Complete - 35 sec
F. - Complete - 2 sec left on all rounds except 2 last - they were on the 20th second!
G. - 50 reps 9 minutes. Stopped there.

David X said...

Can't wait to hit this one tonight.

adam said...

Rough workout.

A. Complete 54 sec
B. Complete 46 sec
C. Complete 40 sec
D. Complete 39 sec
E. Complete 57 sec
F. Complete 55 sec
G. Complete 58 sec (these were rough)

Sweeney said...

A. Complete 6 sec left
B. Complete 16 sec left
C. Complete 20 sec left
D. Complete 12 sec left
E. Complete 27 sec left
F. Complete Avg 16
G. Brutal - Did 27 in three minutes. Called it a day after 100 due to torn hands.

Surrey Sterling said...

Ok this was tough as nails and I have to say I failed to deliver. Did this at the CF Westside with my Buddy Jason Noel. Here's how she went down.

Through warmup - running, skipping, swings, PU, AS, SU, Lunges, etc. Nicely primed for this WOD.

A- Failed 14 reps 1- minute rest
B- Compete - 3 minutes rest
C- Complete - 3 minutes rest
D- Complete - 3 minuites rest
E - Complete - 3 minutes rest
F - Failed - 14-14-14-14-14-11-10-10 1- minute rest
G- Full On Failure - OK this was just no nice in the least. I completed 41 in 3 minutes and came off the bar 5x. Forarms were fried so I guess I owe 109 at lunch today. Tank was empty.

Overall I suck at delivering papers! Thanks Coach that was hard as nails!

EvanJ said...


Warm up:
10 burpees
10 boxjumps
10 air squats
20 double unders
10 jumping chin ups
20 anchored sit ups
10 knees to elbows

All back to back fast to get the feeling of the workout


A. burpees= 22 complete in 52 seconds
B. Box Jumps: 33 so incomplete really need to work on tempo for this, just too slow
C. Air Squats All 45 complete in 55 seconds
D. Double Unders: 73 so incomplete. Need consistency, one less mess up and would have had complete.
E. Jumping Chin ups: 40 done in 43 seconds
F. Tabat sit ups: complete all 8 sets
G. Knees to Elbows: 50 complete *form a little suspect on the last 5.

Gord said...

A. incomplete...did the the 22 burpies to a 8ft target. Couldn't reach a 9 ft one.

B. complete...50 sec
C. complete...51 sec
D. Complete...55 sec
E. complete...45 sec
F. Complete..stopped at 14 each set
G. Incomplete..did 29 in 3 min
Took 31:23 to complete the 150
K to E


All complete until G.
took 6:10 to do 50 and 26:15 to complete the 150

Pfeifalife said...

Question on nutrition,
what would be the recommended calc or ratio for protien per lb of lean bw? Also, if I were to do 2-4 cf endurance wods with this programming per week (run & swim) would that change? Trying to swindle my way past eye requirements to get a SEAL contract, and I def need to be swimming and running, mainly focused on technique and pacing as my conditioning is derived from coach's programming. Anyone know if it is possable to bypass having at least 20/70 with a letter of recommendation from an active duty SEAL? Think my recruiters are dragging their asses with me. Any help on any of these questions is greatly appreciated.

Matt Pfeiffer

oh by the way I sucked on nintendo at paperboy

Young Man Rumble said...

Warm Up...

Good Old Lap around the block
Dowel Dislocates
Air Squats, Duck Walk, Samson Lunge
250m Row and some gymnastics


A. 21 - penalty
B. 38 - penalty
C. 45
D. 75
E. 40
F. 14
G. 15 unbroken. penalty. Read the WOD wrong probably could have hit 20 maybe 25 unbroken. Going to fire off another 100 at some point in the day. This is my first official OPT.


adam said...

Pfeifalife, not sure on the Navy, and SEAL's contracts but i know the military is good about giving waivers. If your recruiters are giving you the run around, its probably because they are lazy and don't feel like putting out basically. I joined the Marine Corps back in January and I know they are good on getting waivers for medical things like that. If you wanna be a SEAL pursue that. Keep trying, they will eventually give you what you want.

Sweeney said...


I am by no means an expert on nutrition, but try this link to calculate your block requirements based on a numbers of different factors:

U:\Zone Block Calculator.mht

Send me your e-mail address and I'll give you a comprehensive spreadsheet of different food types and how much you should consume per block.

my e-mail address is:

Mu word is: "berpe" appropriate

Leighanne said...

A. perform 22 push up burpees in 60 sec - INCOMPLETE, got to 21

B. perform 40 box jumps in 60 sec - COMPLETE,

C. perform 45 air squats in 60 sec - COMPLETE

D. perform 75 double unders in 60 sec COMPLETE PB of 70 in row, then 5!

E. perform 40 jumping chin ups in 60 sec COMPLETE

F. perform an average of 14 sit ups anchored on a tabata protocol for 8 sets - INCOMPLETE, 16/15/14/13/10, stopped there as knew i couldn't hold average of 14

G. perform 50 hanging knees to elbows in 3 minutes A BIG INCOMPLETE, did 21 in 3 min, 9 more in :49 and completed the rest of 120 (sub'd k2tri's for last 120) in 29:34

JonathanT said...

A - Complete, 59.99 seconds
B - Complete, ~45s
C - Complete, ~50s
D - Complete, ~45s
E - Complete, ~45s
F - Complete, avg exactly 14

and then...
G - Incomplete, 32 in 3 min
5 more on bar before switching to rings (which are much higher than my pull up bar) in order to kip (and finish within the hour...)...remaining 128 took me 18:20, so a total of 21:20 for 150.

That last part kinda put a damper on the whole thing. I've done 100 for time (w/out a kip, on a bar) before in under 10 min...but I guess that wasn't after 100 + sit ups...ugh. Oh well. Good wod.

Geoff Aucoin said...


Very close call on the burpees and the frickin' K2E, I only had 3 seconds to spare at the end of those suckers. Everything else was A-OK, 75 doubles straight felt good.

I had the fear in me for the K2E as all I could picture was Gord and Laura doing 100 reps extra for like 30 minutes. Yuck.

Now where's my prize?

Adam, did you do 50 K2E in 58 seconds? That's freaky!

CDunkin said...

A.complete :52
B.complete :53
C.complete :47
D.complete :47 2 misses
E.complete :52 1 break
G.complete 2:54 15/15/10/5/5 on rings

WU: row/rope/run 1min eachx2, C2B/ghdsu/be/squat 5reps eachx2, droms, 5 burpees to target.

felt very good. i'll try not to jump to conclusions w/out more experience, but between Sat. and today the priming of the cns seems to make a big difference. the taste of bee's is addicting.

pwo: 30p/20c/6f- whey/banana/coconut milk

Wichi Woman said...

I wanted to say a big hello to DJ and Bridgitte (sorry if I am spelling it wrong, I had had a few drinks by the time we met!) who I met on Carmel Beach almost a week after the Games. My high school reunion was going on next to their bonfire and I was drawn to the Crossfit gear they were wearing! It was a wonderful thing to connect in such a random way! Thanks guys for adding a wonderful touch to my reunion weekend! Although I did get some comments when I got back to the reunion!! :-)

PTS said...

completed all rounds
burpees- 47secs
box jumps-40secs
air squats -47 secs
du's -55secs about 3 misses
jumping chins- 57 secs
situps- did 15 per rd with ease
kte's 2:50. was actualy surpirsed to get the kte's. finally learned how to kip them and it made a lot of difference.

this was 2nd wod of day 3 hrs earlier i did snakes and ladders wod:

PC - got to 215lbs (5 lb PR) and was defintely capable of 225.

ladder- BWT=185 used 70%- 130lbs
10:20 PC and push press., actually gamed this WOD well after watching unit's wod. Was pleased with this time.

snake extensions suck.

Todd Dyer said...

pub to 9 ft. my credit card vertical didn't help got 18under 1 min - penalty incomplete
bJ 40 16 sec left complete
squat 45 15 sec left complete
du 75 no breaks 17 sec left complete
jcu 40 26 sec left complete
tab su first 4 15 reps last 4 14 reps complete
k to e 50 , 50 sec left first 29 straight complete
pissed at the burpees should have worn high heels

Surrey Sterling said...

Nice Work Geoff, I'm amazed you could stay on the bar for 50 consecutive reps! That is some serious grip dude! Well done.

SteveC said...

My gym is a little too commercial so I went to the local park and the junglejim

I didn't note down the times

A. Complete
B. Complete
C. Complete
D. Incomplete, I need practice on double unders
E. Complete
F. Complete, I should have done more than 14
G. Complete

bso said...

A. complete - 46s
B. complete - 46s
C. complete - 45s
D. complete - 45s
E. complete - 34s
F. complete - 20/20/19/15/13/12/12/11
G. incomplete - 36 reps in 3:00 - finished 50 in 4:10 but then had to hit the showers

Couldn't kip the K2E because the pullup cage kept rocking. Should've gone on a different set of bars.

Joel B. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rory Hanlin said...

Lotta new faces around here. Good to see that the pack is growing.

Congrats to games competitors for tearing it up out in Aromas. I wish I was there competing with you. Unfortunately the Army is an unforgiving place and isn't keyed into the concept of CF. Maybe next year...

Last week or so I took off after doing the games workouts.

My wife just had our first baby. Aubrey Rose Hanlin was born 19 July at 0346. Needless to say rest and recovery has been nonexistent.
Pics can be found at

I did catch today's WOD though, in the little time I had.

Worked up to a nice 245lb snatch. Felt good considering the lack of sleep and hospital cafeteria food.

All complete

Its good to be back.

Joel B. said...

A. Incomplete: Burpees: 1:03...9' is no joke...much higher standard (haha)than usual for me. 1 min rest
B. Complete: Box Jumps :59 by the time I turned off the stopwatch on the work bench it read just over a min, but in the middle of the set my box (on garage slab) slipped and I ate it on the floor. I decided to call it :59.
C. Complete: Air Squats :52
D. Incomplete: Double Unders 1:25--1 min rest
E. Complete: Jumping Pullups :56
F. Complete: tabata situps 15 reps for all sets
G. Complete: 50 K2E 2:51--Done on rings and kipped. Dead hang on a bar I never would have finished in 3:00. Is that kosher?

Warm up was 1 min row, run, jump rope X2 then DROMS, then 2 sets of 5 on events A-G of the WOD.

Grant said...

Brent, yes to the hemp seed. 1 Tbsp (15g) gives 6g P & 3.5g C. Good Omega 3 (not as good as walnuts or flax seed though).

I use the HempPro 70 from Manitoba Harvest (online) for 10.5g P per Tbsp. Water soluble & no hexane used in isolating the protein.

Congrat's Rory on the addition (little dawg)

robin lyons said...

A. Completed 22/55sec
B. Completed 40/55sec
C. Completed 45/48sec
D. Failed only completed 49
E. Completed 40/55sec
F. Completed 8 sets (16-14 reps)
G. Failed completed 50 in 3:15
Owe 100 ...

pre-fuel 20g BCAA
post fuel- 20g pro whey isolate, mango, 20g BCAA

Paul said...

Warm up:
DROM stretching, 3 x around the daily WOD doing 10 reps each station.

A. Complete 58 seconds
B. Complete 52 secs
C. Complete 46 secs
D. Incomplete, only 46 double unders
E. Complete 48 secs
F. Complete 14-14-16-14-14-14-14-13
G. BIG FAT INCOMPLETE 36 reps in 3 minutes. Took a total of 19.29 for all 150. I won't be right for days.

I will definitely try harder next time to get all 50 k2E in the rxd time. I also obviously need to work on the double unders.

Jefff said...

Complete As Rx'd

A. 0:58
B. 0:55
C. 0:44
D. 0:50
E. 0:39
F. Averaged 14.375
G. 2:15

9' target on burpees slowed them down a lot. Just got in under the 1 min cap, but far from gassed

Recovered quickly after each set. K2Es felt the best they have in a long while. 30 unbroken to start. Felt good.

rwcorson said...

Rory, congratulations on the new arrival. Life is about to change for the better.
Great work to all those who finished their paper route on time!
I'm not quite ready to get back @ it, but I have tested the new bumper plates. They got rave reviews.

Brent Maier said...

A. 0:45 (Complete) - PUB
B. 0:59 (Complete) - 20" Box
C. 0:42 (Complete) - Air Squats
D. 0:52 (Complete) - DU's
E. 0:28 (Complete) - JCU
F. 14x8 (Complete) - Tabata SU
G. 2:45 (Complete) - K2E

DU's) Sitting down mentally preparing for this one, I thought DU's were going to be a crap shoot. I busted off 68 (PB) unbroken and only had 7 left with plenty of time to spare.
K2E) I thought I was going to fail this for sure and in a sick kind of way, I wanted to just for the extra work. I ended up hitting 18 kipping and kept grinding until the end.

Rob Sifton said...

P/U Burpees = :49
20" Box Jumps = :44
Squats = :48
D/U's = :36
J Pullups = :35
Tabata Sit ups = 14*8
K2E = 2:59 (That was too close!)

Have not been doing these as of late, Felt awesome tp play at CFC with Britney, Michelle, DJ and Chantelle and the Dawgs!

deejay said...

Body felt good today so I thought I would test the waters a bit and see how I really felt...
A: complete - 47s
B: complete - 43s
C: complete - 42s
D: complete - 50s
E: complete - 31s
F: complete - 129 reps 16.125 avg
G: incomplete - 41 reps

Tapped out after failing part G due to the fact that I realized my hips were still trashed from the games... Overall I felt awsome today but am going to lay off of any hip intensive work for a little longer...

Brittany said...

A: Complete 44 sec
B: Complete 38 sec
C: Complete 46 sec
D: Complete 41 sec
E: Complete 14 in 14 sec every round
G: INCOMPLETE 5:38 for 50 20:10 for 150.

Good to be back after a week of beach runs and burpies down in California!

Welcome to all those have joined in on the fun!

Chad Action Brandt said...

A.complete :44
B.complete :44
C.complete :44
D.complete :44 /1 fraction
E.complete :29
F.complete 14 across the board
G.complete 20/10/5/5/5/5 Ring K2E

44 was number today :-) Abs were done after tabata and K2E.
Nice work fellas

unit said...

warm up - row 1K ~ 3:34 [kept it b/w 17-18 strokes per min and focused on power / explosion /intent / long pull], 1/4 mile jog, sprint drills, 135lb OH squat x10.

A] burpees - 57 sec... target was basketball backboard [9'4"-9'6"]... fell short the last few [7]...

B] BJ - 47 sec

C] AS - 41 sec

D] DU - 42 sec unbroken w/ 1lb weighted handles

E] JCU - 52 sec

F] TSU - 15x3, 14x5 [115 reps] = 14.275avg

G] KTE - 1:28...
again, wouldn't mind some constructive criticism / critique / coaching on the KTE...

congrats 2 the PRs in DUs today [Leighanne and Brent]!...
no bionic arm today brent!... haha...
after the wod,
squats 5 x10 @225 w/ 90sec rest b/w sets...


adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
adam said...

No my bad Geoff just looked at that..It was 2:58 just under the 3 minute mark. Not 58 seconds. I guess I was a little happy with the keyboard and not having to add minutes to the other times. I looked back over that and thought something was a little strange with the time. Sorry Geoff. I'm not that good. Yet.

Surrey Sterling said...

Dam Unit that is impressive. Solid again. I've got nothing to say except shit your strong. Bunch of beasts around here...

Pfeifdog said...

Warmup: Row/run/skip, dynamic stretching, and warmed up all the movements in the workout. felt good and lose

A. Incomplete - 19 burpees
B. - Complete - 54 sec
C. - Complete - 52 sec
D. - Incomplete - 28 reps gassed/could not get a rythem
E. - Complete - 44 sec
F. - Complete
G. - 50 reps in 3:58 . Stopped there had to log back into work.

Great workout; abs are shakey. Everyday i look forward to your challenging WODS, keep them coming.

Geoff Aucoin said...

CONGRATS TO RORY!! Love the name (Aubrey is my son's middle), get ready to be tired for the next decade.

Sterling, I'm not sure what gave you the impression I did 50 straight because I wasn't even close.

Unit, those K2E are solid!

Welcome back #10 aka DJ! Are you fat now?

Ali Jansen said...

A - E: All Complete
F: Averaged 14 until round 7, Damn!
G: I did an embarassing 22 in 3 minutes and then kept going until I literally felt like I might barf.(no where near 150 in total) That's when the Pity Party started. I've since wrapped it up and begun sussing out an action plan to make K2Es my bitch the next time they come up in a WOD.
F&*% you K2Es

Chantal said...

A. perform 22 push up burpees in 60 sec - INCOMPLETE, got to 19
B. perform 40 box jumps in 60 sec - INCOMPLETE,
C. perform 45 air squats in 60 sec - COMPLETE
D. perform 75 double unders in 60 sec INCOMPLETE-must work on DUS
E. perform 40 jumping chin ups in 60 sec COMPLETE
F. perform an average of 14 sit ups anchored on a tabata protocol for 8 sets - INCOMPLETE, 14/14/14/14/14/13, stopped there as knew i couldn't hold average of 14
G. perform 50 hanging knees to elbows in 3 minutes A BIG INCOMPLETE, did 29 in 3 min, then really had to get home to put kids to bed...owe 150 for this week, promise
Need to sleep more...and work less so that I can CrossFit better.

Rob Ottesen said...

As with Rory took a week off or you could say that we still had army PT. Did the games workouts with him sunday of the games weekend. this was a nice WOD back. all completed for WOD although after Burpees was made to go play soccer and run sprints came back and finished the rest...

Kathleen said...

A-F: Complete
F: Did 15X4 and then 13X4 -psyching up for the K2E
G: Incomplete 44 in 3 mins
Shoulda, woulda, coulda held onto the bar longer before I got to 1's. 21 in the first min should have stayed on the bar and did 3's, but went to 1's and this took too long
Finished the 150 @ 16:41
I like your attitude Ali!

Pfeifalife said...

Warmup: Row 1min/sprint 50m/skip40m x 2
dynamic stretching and joint mobility
did fractioned reps of all the movements until they felt fast.

A. Complete - 3 seconds
B. Complete - 2 seconds (focused on coordination
C. Complete - 9 seconds
D. Incomplete - 33 reps (better than I thought I would do, had to stop for about 10 seconds to make room for a passing car
E. Complete - 24 seconds (arms felt smoked after this one)
F. Complete - got 14 all the way through
G. Complete - 50 reps in 2:50

workout was tough, but I didn't kill me like yesterday. other than DU's, still mending that weakness, I felt strong throughout it. Getting extremely amped at not just my progress but how I feel.

30g whey protien, strawberries/blueberry/yogurt smoothie (only had small amount that was in or around 10g of carbs.

stretched before bed after hot shower.

Grant said...

Pre WOD. 400m run easy/hard. Hip opening. general stuff & then specifics of below.
A. Complete. Only 1 min of hell. Somebody raised the ceiling when I wasn't looking.
B. Complete. Could not have done it without 3 min rest before. Coach B calls this motivational consequences.
C. Complete. Easy
D. Complete but weakness for me. Right at the buzzer.
E. Complete. Easy
F. Complete. Harder for me than most people. Did 15x4 & then 13x4 for avg=14. Shut up & hang-on.
G. Complete. I don't know why but these are easy for me. Odd genetics. Took 1:57 for 50 rep's.

Dj: don't push it too early. You went thru hell. Good work Chantel & Ali. You guys have the right attitude!

Michelle said...

A-F complete
G incomplete, did 43 in 3min. Completed the 150 in 24:45.

Ditto what Rob Sifton said...It was fun to do this at CFC with Chantal, Brittany, DJ, Rob, and Brett, who did it later.

Michelle said...

Oh, and, congratulations to you and your wife Rory. Beautiful name!!!

Scotty Hagnas said...

Catching up this am; feeling much better.
A) complete in 54"
B) working my rebound speed and rythym 40 to 14" in 54" 1' rest, as not Rx'ed
C) complete in 42"
D) incomplete - shoes came untied as if it wasn't bad enough already.
E) complete in 34"
F) complete 16/16/14/15/13/14/12/12 Av=14
G) complete in 2:57'
Warmup: DROM, light circuit of all today's exercises x 2
PWO: Heed + whey 30p/30c

Will hit today's WOD later tonight.

Anonymous said...

Hi James

A = incomplete..20
B = incomplete..36
C = complete...45seconds
D = incomplete ...60
E = complete...45 seconds
F = complete...
G =!!! it took me 6 minutes to get 50 off then arms cratered...lots of improvement required


Sam Edwards said...

F.avg. 15
G. complete but was touching at bottom

dontpanic356 said...

Oly Lifting first, Built up to heavy single of 185, then did 5 singles at that weight. Then heavy triple on front squat. Best weight was 285

Rest 10 min.


F. 14
G. Touched at bottom, 2:52

CrossFit HR said...

A: complete - 49s
B: complete - 42s
C: complete - 40s
D: complete - 52s unbroken
E: complete - 29s
F: complete - 14 per round
G: complete - 50 reps with 2 seconds to spare

Post WOD = 40gP (turkey) + 30gC (sweet Potato)