"hip work" - Friday, July 17th, 2009

A. Dead Lift - 60% of your 1RM - 8 sets of 2; 60 sec b/t reps
these are NOT touch and go reps, reset for a split sec on ground each time; focus on speed on concentric
B1. GHD Raises @ 2020 - 4 sets of 12 reps; 45 sec rest
B2. GHD Sit ups @ 2020 - 4 sets of 15 reps; 45 sec rest
C. KB swings - 1.5 pd/1 pd x 25 reps unbroken; 120 sec rest x 3
D. Toes to Bar - 10 reps x 3 sets; 90 sec rest b/t sets

post warm up, weights and reps, notes and post wod fuel to comments
rest day discussion - fuelling, warm up, movement speed...


JonathanT said...

No ghd...was going to do weighted sit ups as a sub. Any good substitutions for the ghd raises?

PTS said...

DL @ 255lbs
All movements felt good, everything unbroken no problem

warm up: leg swings, arm swings, open and closing the hips. 500m row easy pace, CFWUx1. 10 muscle-ups and 10 hspu's. warmed up the DL with some reps at 135 and 225.

post wod - 30g pro from Opitumum nutrition Pro complex. 10g CHO- strawberries.

David X said...

Warmed up with 5 minutes of double unders with my new Buddy Lee jump rope. Afterwards some dynamic stretching and light dead lifts.

A. Dead lift: 220. Concentrated on "blasting off"
B1. Steady, unbroken. Used slower cadence (4040) due to not having a real GHSD.
sit ups.
B2. Sit ups were steady and unbroken.
C. All sets unboken, but half way through the third I wanted to drop that kb so badly. Powered through it.
D. Grip gave out on me. Fractioned sets. 8/2, 8/2, 5/5.

Post WOD meal was 1 1/2 scoops of Jarrow Protein powder and 1/3 Cup applesauce.

Anonymous said...

Hi James..
Warmed up with easy 1k row at 4:00minutes then touch and go deadlifts X10 at 185lbs

A. Dead lift: 275. felt light and fast

B1. Unbroken.

B2. Unbroken.

C. All sets unboken, calmed my breathing....lots left

D. these obviously need some work...really faded in grip strength

Post WOD meal was 1 scoop of Protein powder and 1 scoop of glutamine. 1.5hours later two eggs, spinach and goat cheese



Scotty Hagnas said...

Warmup: 5 min full body joint mobility, then light deads and KB swings. Had to hurry today, I have a packed morning.

DL: 220 lbs. Felt fast.
GHR/GHD situp: unbroken. Feels like my left leg isn't pulling it's share in the GHR....I will look into that.
KBS: unbroken; I focused on staying efficient and relaxed.
Toes to bar: unbroken
Finished with 1 set each of front, side, and circular hip extensions.
A few movement chains thru cossack squats and shinboxes to cooldown.

PWO: 40p/50c Yam and plantain soup w/applesauce and whey.

I hope I didn't misunderstand the intent of yesterday's couplet. I tried to maximize recovery by breathing slowly and not fractioning, rather than trying to do max rounds...

Grant said...

Does anyone have a good way to remember concentric versus ecentric? I have figured out supenate versus pronate but not the other yet. On DL I know concentric is from the ground to hips. But on, say, KCU is concentric from hang to chin @ bar?

Scotty, was it you that mentioned kelp noodles a few weeks ago? Do you have a brand name? Would like to try them but can't find them anywhere. I guess you were at the games but I never ran into you.

Hixy said...

Hmm, Grant. Before I found CF I was reading some of all the bodybuilding hype around on the Internet. Most often they try to make the eccentric motion last longer - this should make the muscles bigger faster than normal lifting cadence. After I've read Practical Programming and other books I know it's total BS but well that's how I remember it.

Another way to look at it could be this:
Concentric motion: A CONTRACTION takes place (muscle gets shorter). You're lifting something (a bar, yourself etc.).
Eccentric motion: The opposite of concentric movement: You're dropping something.

I hope it helped. Maybe I'll think of something more useful later on.

OPT I see you've added a store to the site - nice! I'd like to buy some of the great stuff right there. My first question would be: Do you ship to Denmark?
Secondly: Should I write to the mail mentioned to see the nutritional data, amount of protein powder, amount of daily vitamins in 1 glass etc.?

Thanks in advance.

By the way, the reason I'm not posting my times is because I haven't got access to a gym with proper gear so I have to use my home stuff. So I'm making up my own WODs here. After the summer (mid August) I'll get right back to it. I'll follow you dawgs, though! :)

EvanJ said...

Big Dawgs,

Been working through improving my movements and coaching the past few months but am very excited to start my full immersion into the program. Can't wait to train with you guys.

As for today:

Warm Up: 500m paced row- focus on stroke ratio along with complete extension and power in the pulls. Went through each movement at a lighter weight then dynamic movements (leg swings, arm circles, etc).

A. Deadlifts at 268# felt good, need to work on lowering back down at a controlled pace

B. GHD raises and sit ups felt good, I like the 2020.

C. KB swings unbroken- haven't done these in a while so was a good test for the hips

D. Still need to work on the technique for this...too much swinging and having a tough time getting into a rythm.


Surrey Sterling said...

Scotty I read the WOD the same way you did. I was working on very deep controlled breathes on the breaks. not to concerned with my overall rounds. My first ten and fifteen breaths were very slow and controlled, it was pretty weird really. never done this before, once I started fractioning I tried to remain calm and breath deep for the full 15 count. Mind you more rounds is always nice:)

Grant said...

Thanks Hixy. I think you are the coolest 16 year old Dane I have ever met (sort of). By the way I saw a couple of Danish flags at the games (ie spectators) but don't think there were any Danish athletes. Just Finlanders & Icelanders.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Grant, I spoke to Thor from CF Copenhagen and they were in the Affiliate Cup. They take offence to 'Dutch' Lowy's nick-name.

I forgot to look for kelp noodles at Staff of Life!!

Grant said...

I can confirm no kelp noodles at Staff of Life in Capitola. The search continues...

Garage Crossfitter said...

-300m row @ 2:00/500
-Hang from pullup bar for 30 sec
-deep squat with bar sitting on knees for 30 sec
-10 thrusters with bar
-10 OHS with bar
-5 SP, PP & PJ with bar
-some mobility drills
DL @ 135, 185 x10

DL 225, felt like 135, fast
raises-situps- BURNED
toes to bar, other than the swinging, not bad, grip was getting tough.

Jarrow shake plus 2oz chix 35p
1 cup applesauce (natural) 30c

JonathanT said...

warm up: 50 double unders, kb swings x10, pvc pass throughs x10, pvc oh squats x10, pull ups x10, push ups x10, samson stretch, then a couple of light dl sets

DL @ 205
Good mornings w/ bar and weighted sit ups w/20lb dumbbell subbed for ghd work
kb swings unbroken
t2b unbroken (although I agree, this was tough on my grip)

post: can of tuna (~45p), large banana (~30c)

SteveC said...

Use the CF.com warmup with 3 sets 10-15 reps of OHS, Situps, Back extensions, pullups and dips

A. DL 240# a little fast
B1. and B2. all unbroken with good cadence
C. Unbroken using 55# DB b/c no KB
D. Unbroken

Post WOD: 30g protein + Banana

SteveC said...

Forgot to put in my post...what kind of grip is best on DL? I use the reverse grip without hook grip. Should I be incorporating the hook grip even if I use reverse grip?

Joel B. said...

Warm up
500m easy row
5 min DROMs
CFWU with the following tweaks/additions:
2 HSPU per round working on balance at top
12k KB swings r1, 16k r2, 16k cleans/presses, snatches r3
DL warm up sets

A. DL: 185. easy worked on back angle and speed.

B1. I have a roman chair, not a GHD, but I pushed it up against a wall and did my best to get vertical. Hammies burned though. First time on these for me.

B2. Roman chair situps--felt good.

C. 1.5 kbs: unbroken

D. toes to bar: unbroken--first time on these...I liked them, and tough on the grip too.

Post WOD fuel:
30g pork tenderloin and london broil (little of each left in the fridge); 20g fresh blueberries.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Grant and Geoff-

Kelp noodles can be elusive! I find them here in Portland at New Seasons market, and also at Whole Foods. They are in the cooler near the vegan noodles and tofu in these stores.

I am going shopping later today, I'll check out what the brand name is and post it here.

There is also always this site: http://www.kelpnoodles.com/

Sorry I didn't get to meet you at the games, Grant.

Evan - good to see you here!

Hixy said...

Hook grip uses less grip strength and hurts your thumbs at heavy weights. Some say it'll pass as long as you practice the grip.
My take on it is... If you wish to work on clean deadlifts or snatch deadlifts (to make transition from 1st to 2nd pull stronger and thus 2nd pull more explosive) you'd be wise to use a hook grip. Obviously, most people use a hook grip when doing the Olympic lifts, thus when training for them, use a hook grip.

In this exercise however, I'm sure the only intent is to move the weight as fast as possible (in the concentric motion) thus recruiting a bigger number of muscle fibers resulting in an increase of profiency in the mvoement. The more muscle fibers recruited the more you can lift.

Therefore, I say use the grip you use for your max attempts. If you're not sure what is suitable for you yet, I say play around with it until you find what you like. If it's your forearms slipping at max attempts, it's most likely your grip strength lacking. Straps, or, alternatively a hook grip, can fix this problem. I'd prefer the straps; although my weight on the DL is nowhere near this demand, I find it more reliable than the hook grip. What's more, I doubt any CF'er will ever reach a level in the DL where straps a necessary.

Some swear by it though. Like this comment on a weighlifting forum: "I am a BIG fan of the hook grip. I have seen people increase and break plateau's just by changing to that particular grip. There is a small learning curve and a little discomfort in the beginning but after that its all good."
I think "a little discomfort" is an understatement!

This isn't a direct answer but I hope it helped shred some light on the topic nonetheless.

SteveC said...


Thanks, that was very helpful. I am gonna start messing around with the hook grip to get comfortable with it. Even on the o-lifts, I never use the hook grip so I will work at it.

Wes said...

Warm-up: 5 sets of tabata rowing on a damper setting of 5, 10-15 seconds slower then my 500 PR. Did some pass throughs then 15 OHS.

Used 218 for the deadlifts, they felt light and tried to move it as fast as possible. The GHD raises were painful, the situps weren't as bad as raises. I would always finish both 5-6 seconds faster then should have been done. KB swings no problem tried moving it as fast as possible. The first round of Toes to bar sucked on my grip and I did a lot of swinging around. On the second set I found a kip rhythm and the second and third sets were easy.

4 oz steak/1 container of banana baby food (37 g carbs)


PTS said...

because of all the pullups I missed in yesterday's wod I did an old OPT wod from 2/1/09.
100 CTB chins for time: 8:37. On 2/1/09 my time was 9:36.

Trevor Salmon said...

Hixy, I'm certain we can mail to Denmark but it will be much more expensive I presume. contact me at the optclientsupport@gmail.com address if you require anything

Geoff Aucoin said...

Grant I'd bet Trader Joe's might have 'em!! I want in on the kelp noodle goodness!

Brent Maier said...

DL: 121kg (267#)
B1: GHD Raise - Unbroken
B2: GHD SU - Unbroken
C: KB Swings 1.5p - Unbroken
D: T2B - Unbroken

DL - Could have gone heavier. Back held firm, solid pulls with pause. Felt good
GHD Raise - Last set started getting tough.
GHD SU - Reached back with both hands and kept them slow.
KB Swings - HR started to climb a little with each set but not a problem.
T2B - Geoff style. Wanted to kip these babies but grip and arms were starting to get weak.

10 minutes stretching and roller
x5 sets of 25 DU's w/breath rests
25 du's between sets of:
- Upper body mobility movements
- Lower body mobility movements
- x10 HSPU wide
- x10 HSPU narrow
- x10 KB swings
Burgener Warmup
x7 FS 60kg snatches

Jefff said...

DL - 265#
GHD Raises - Unbroken
GHD Sit-Ups - Unbroken (Headache. Bad breathing maybe??)
KBS - Unbroken
T2B - Unbroken

WarmUp -400m run, samson stretching, skipping, leg swings, reach & rolls, sit-ups, HSPU, OHS broomstick, shoulder pass throughs, glute stretching, light deads, back extensions

PWO fuel - 3 scoops of OPT ReFuel. Did yesterday's WOD at 5:00AM today, and today's WOD at 5:00PM. Feels like 2 WODs too.

unit said...

wu - 135lb thrusters x10, jog 1/4mile

a - dl 315... felt fast...
b - unbroken, ghds tough... su reached back 2 tap ground
c - subbed 2pd kb swing... don't have a 1.5pd and refuse 2 use dbs anymore...
d - unbroken... felt ez...


Pfeifdog said...

DL - 300#
GHD Raises - Unbroken
GHD Sit-Ups - Unbroken
KBS - Unbroken
T2B - broken

WarmUp -500m rowing, dynamic stretching

PWO fuel - 1.5 scoops of Isopure protein and a half an apple.

Post workout: rolled out and dynamic stretching

Grant said...

DL 252# fast up

GHD raises & SU's. As rx'd but raises were probably too fast going down, Hell, probably too fast coming up as well but they were raises! Headache just like Jeff.

KBS as rx'd

T2B but I kipped the bejeezus out of them (finally a word that Hixy may not be familiar with). No rule I've heard of that says you can't bend your legs. I don't recall any athletes at the games bending their legs but who says you can't?
Probably Mike...

Kathleen said...

DL: 165
GHD raises - need to understand the motion better my calves are always cramping. Did not seem to get much work out of the butt
GHD sit-ups: 2 hands to floor as per the Games
KBS - straight
T2B: 5/5 6/3/1 5/2/1/2

Agree with Jefff major headache partly thru GHD and continued, must be the grunting on the raises.

Post Fuel: Organic Food Bar "Protein" [22g protein] and 2 scoops of Hemp Pro 70 [~16g protein] with one scoop Ultima

One of my favourite words: "Fricke" as in, I am done my fricke WOD

Todd Dyer said...

Warm up : row 500 m, roll stretch, stick, swing
dl = 245lb no problem
ghd= all sets unbroken ghraise tough
kbs good
toes to bar done on stall bar, no swing, tough

Surrey Sterling said...

DL's 245
Everything else unbroken but cadence was off of the raises. Superhot and zapped.

Post wod fuel


Have a great rest day! My abs are trashed....

unit said...

the standard at the games was that arms and legs were full extension at bottom... knees could b bent at top and through movement... that is, of coarse, if ur standards r the same, coach...


Scotty Hagnas said...

The kelp noodles I use are Sea Tangle. They were by the wonton wraps and chilled noodles.

I haven't seen them at Trader Joe's. Grant, are you still in Capitola? If so, check the Whole Foods on 41st.

Ali Jansen said...

DL 155 felt good

No GHD so subbed back ext. and anchored situps

KBS - First 2 rounds unbroken. Last round 15/5/5....HARD!

T2B - Tough.....I'll blame it on my grip but I really think by the end of the WOD I was just mentally tired so I didn't push myself as hard as I should have.

Grant said...

Scotty. I'm in Calgary
I will order online as they are only in a few states. Hope they ship to Canada

CDunkin said...

warm-up: 1min each row/run/jumprope x2, droms neck to ankles, kossack's (struggle w/ these on right side) Then tabata rowing: 1027m in 3:28

A. 295 fast/light
B. straight thru, back very tight at end
C. straight thru w/ good torso position
D. unbroken. big kip much like K2E's

30/15 whey/banana tsp. cocoa shake

Leighanne said...

i guess slow internet at the cabin missed posting my post.

a. DL at 155#, felt really easy
b1. used old ghd machine at cabin so sub'd 10# back ext.
b2. as rx'd, felt really good.
c. no kb, so sub'd 25# plate swings
d. t2b - tough, counted attemps
warm up was too rushed and felt it mentally in wod.
post wod: meat and cheese wrap

Pfeifalife said...

a few minutes medium pace on the rower
dynamic stretching
50m sprints
foam roller

A. 295
B1. Unbroken
B2. Unbroken
C. Unbroken
D. Unbroken (no Kip, just touched toes at bottom to void body sway)

deadlifts felt strong, had to focus on speed as when the weight gets heavier I tend to focus on staying tight and not so much movement speed.
Extentions and gluteham situps got rough. Tried to stay as true to the cadence as possible but mental fatigue probably skewed my counting as time pressed on.
Kb swings were easy. Focused on fast hips at the very end of the drive and the kb was flying up, had to stop it a few times from going behind me.
T2B were tough, no kip. Had to bend legs to touch bar

rolled out and stretch after wod

protien shake and half an apple

DontPanic356 said...

A. 275. First set a little slow, others were fast
B1. No GHD, Good mornings instead
B2. No GHD, did abmat situps slow

C. All unbroken.
D. All unbroken.

CrossFit HR said...

A: 255lb. Found more speed with head just slightly higher than I normally set it (just above neutral, but spine still pretty aligned).
B1/B2. All unbroken...situps challenging near end
C. Unbroken. Kept all sets < 50 seconds. Really focused on breathing again. Kept same pattern for all 3 sets.
D. Unbroken. First 2 sets kipping, then hand tore. Last set no kip.