day one of another year

for as many sets in 7 minutes:
25 straight double unders
(you cannot fraction once the 7 minute timer is started, score is amount of sets of 25 in 7 minute period)
rest EXACTLY 3 minutes

A1. Stiff Legged DL @ 3020; 95#/115#/135#/155# x 12 reps x 3 sets - you choose weight; rest 90 sec
A2. HSPU @ 42X2; amrap x 3 sets; rest 90 sec
rest EXACTLY 3 minutes after last HSPU set

skill work - kipping knees to elbows on rings - 5 sets of 8-15 reps; rest as needed b/t sets; goal here is constant movement; allow rings to move as needed to get the job done

post DU score, weights and reps for middle couplet and notes on ring work to comments

post wod fuel - male:
above 12% - 30g prot/10g carb
8-12% - 30g prot/20g carb
below 8% - 30g prot/30g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 20 g prot/10 g carb
12-14% - 20 g prot/15 g carb
below 12% - 20 g prot/20 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


Geoff Aucoin said...

What, no sledgehammers?

Brent Maier said...

Great job for everyone that competed this weekend. Fantastic performances and you all should be proud! I'm proud as hell and still horse from screaming at everyone this weekend.

Here's a quote I would like to share:
“I hated every minute of training, but I said, "Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion."” -Muhammad Ali

We're all champions and today is the beginning of a new year for us. Let's give it hell and grow together as one team! Ouuuuu, Crossfit Games 2010, here we come!

Matt said...

Relativly new to your training. What does the @3020 and @ 42x2 mean for the associated movements? I understand the rest, just not that.

Hixy said...


4 seconds eccentric (down)
2 seconds in the down position
X EXPLOSIVE concentric (up)
2 seconds in the top position

Garage Crossfitter said...

My wife bought me the new Pendlay Nex Gen Bar for our 2 year anniversary yesterday, finally no more walmart BAR!!! WHOOOFF

games 2010 here we come...

Matt said...

That def cleared it up. Thanks Hixy! On the crossfit main board I would have been berated for wasting their time with a question like that, as I have been before. All I have to say is that here is awesome.

SteveC said...

I'm with Matt on this one... what is @3020? Does it mean 3 seconds up 2 down?

Hixy said...

Steve, the same applies to the stiff-legged deadlift as with the HSPU. Whether or not the first number means the eccentric og concentric phase depends on the movement.

With the stiff-legged deadlift (knees allowed to bent slightly afaik), you begin in the top position, i.e.:

3: 3 sec eccentric(down)
0: 0 sec in bottom position
2: 2 sec concentric(up)
0: 0 sec in top position

Hopefully it helped.

Joel B. said...

I have been lurking on this site for quite some time. You all turn in some fantastic work. I have been utilizing the post wod fueling strategies with some success, so thank you for that!

I would like to start following this programming, and today seems like a great day to start.

I do have a quick question. I promise not to bog the blog with trivial queries though! When following .com in my garage, I usually do a little light rowing and the cfwu to warm up. Is that in line with recommendations here? Or, whatever gets you ready to perform?

Thanks very much, and I look forward to getting started.

David X said...

Welcome aboard Joel. Personally speaking, I do the CrossFit warmup as well as some dynamic stretching and throw in some movements to practice the movement in the wod. Also I take the time to stregthen some of my weaknesses.

OPT said...

thanks Hixy (rookie of the year) my boy for the answers...welcome Matt and Joel and Steve C....
i'll include warm up ideas from now on as they should be specific to the exercise demand....keep on truckin'....

Stacey said...

I just wanted to say "Thank you" to everyone that came out to cheer us on at the games. I learned a lot about 'spirit' this past weekend. We have a great support team around us. James thanks for coming to watch our events! It was like you stepped into my head. Job well done by everyone and a truly unforgettable experience. Thanks Rob, Geoff, Laura, Michelle and Brett for believing in me and our team! Enjoy your time off James.

Ali Jansen said...

Tried DUs with my regular skipping rope and it was a disaster. I've already contacted Trevor to get a Buddy Lee so next go round should be good to go.
A1. 115#, felt good but my grip was what was giving me problems
A2. 5,5,4 (folded up my T-shirt and touched my head to it - sooo fricken close to getting full depth)

No rings so I just worked on Knees to Elbows - my ABSOLUTE least favorite thing in the ENTIRE universe so I did a few extra sets for much needed practice. My grip was junk on these as well.

Glad to be back at it,
Thanks DUDE!

Steve said...

- 10 Unbroken rounds of DU's

- Semi Stiff - 135 grip was tough

- HSPU - tried parallet at that tempo today was able to get 4, 3, then 2

- 5x8 K2E on rings, shoulders weren't feeling good on these.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Feeling really good after the games, so back at it today. Got to relax/spectate/visit over the weekend, then spent the last 2 days doing lots of joint mobility, stretching, and movement drills.

DUs - these were really bad today; basically 7 min of practice.

SLDL - 1 set @ 115; 2 @ 135. These were easy, but didn't move up as my hands are still trashed from the games.
HSPU 4,4,4 Head touching floor at bottom.
Ring K to E -15,12,10,8,8 Rhythm good on these.

Finished with some elbow and shoulder prehab work, and more movement/flexibility chains.

PWO: Mackrel and yams 30p/30c

Garage Crossfitter said...

11 rds DU- messed up on reps 24 and 22, should be 13 rds.

SLDL-135lbs, hard on my whole body, got all reps though

KE on rings- 15x5 1 min breaks, rythem good.

Leighanne said...

First official big dawgs wod! Looking forward to joining the crew.
7 rnds DU's (missed a couple rounds in the 20's, darn)
SLDL - 95#, felt really easy
sub'd check to deck parallette push ups - 6,9,7
KE on rings - 11,10,11,10,8 (those were fun, kip felt awesome, mid section needs strengthening)

so nice to meet Brent and Unit at the games... Unit thanks for helping Chloe and I down the sandbag sprint hill.

JonathanT said...

I've also been lurking on here for some time, marveling at both your programming and the athletes it has been producing (congrats to everyone for doing so well at the Games!). I work out at an affiliate here in Washington state during the school year, but have been kind of "meandering around" for the past month or so with the main site's programming and my own while at home for the summer. I decided it was finally time to give this stuff a shot and do my best to stick with it, as opposed to just "doing my own thing." I almost didn't post, and was just going to follow this on my own, but figured that THIS way, I will be held accountable! That being said...

double unders - 9 unbroken sets, messed up in the 20's once or twice, argh..
sldl @ 115
hspu - 4,4,2...really, really horrible at these. made even more difficult by the tempo! kipped them up from the bottom.
kipping kte's - 11,11,12,12,11...these were kind of fun.

tuna and blueberries afterwards (not in the same dish...)

Chad Action Brandt said...

DU's = 14 rounds no fractions
SLDL = 125/145/165 x 12 reps
I can do more on these, I was a little unsure of weight to use.
HSPU = 4/3/3 all strict. When strict amrap was finished I kipped out a few more reps.
Ring K2E = I put these in my warm-up from time to time, I like them better than bar K2E.

Joel B. said...

Thanks for the reply, David X! Sounds pretty much exactly like what I generally do. Usually a few light reps each round of a movement from the WOD or something too. Looking forward to some of the suggestions tomorrow as well!

DU's: 5 rounds. Lots of practice interspersed though.

SLDL: 135#'s. First time on these, and hopefully I didn't overshoot. I may be walking funny tomorrow.

HSPU: 5, 5, 3.

Ring K2E: 5X12. I actually felt these on the outside of my hips as my pullup bar is only 7'4" off the ground and I adjusted my rings to 6" lower than that so I still had some slack to swing. Had to keep my legs bent and my knees slightly spread at the bottom to avoid dragging.

MacDaddy said...

I have just started to follow your WoD postings and love what you do for programming. I do have a question: Why do you include slow eccentric movements in some WoDs while CFHQ never seems to be concerned with the eccentric. What is your rationalle for including them in training vs the main site's approach of concentric only?

Anonymous said...

Hi James

DU's: 5 rounds + a couple of fractioned rounds .

SLDL: 155#'s. felt issues....I could do more

HSPU: sorry...did these wrong..didn't look at the I just did them regular..15, 11, 10...feet suspended on barbell at 6'4" mark

Ring K2E: 8's


David X said...

Felt nice and strong this afternoon despite getting the WOD in later than I like.

Warmed up with some thrusters and worked up to a 1RM PR @ 200#! I felt good and hed plenty left in the tank to get after it.

DU's are steadily improving and I linked together 20+ teh first go around, then maxed at 15. While no complete sets of 25 reps, this is still world's away from where I was just a short time ago. Also I broke down and bought a Buddy Lee rope which I'm hoping will be worth the hype.

Deadlifts @ 155# unbroken felt light and actually did this one a the 4030 cadance because I'm dumb.

HSPU's 4/4/3. This is also an area where I'm improving quickly. Very slow decent and I felt like I had pop at the bottom. My head went all the way to the floor for each set which reminded me I need to buy more stall mats for the gym.

Kipping K@Es: 12/13/8/10/15. I think I could've pushed myself harder here.

Dawson said...

Hey everyone. My name is Dawson and I am a level 1 coach in Kingston, ON. I stumbled across this blog not to long ago and find it informative. It appears that there are a lot of great athletes that follow this site. I'm wondering if anyone can explain how the ratios for post-WOD meals are determined. Thanks.

Brent Maier said...

DU's: 10 complete w/ 3 failed rounds of (5/10/13)
SLDL: 155# x3 rounds
HSPU: 5/5/5
Ring K2E: 15x5

I was sweating like a dawg on this workout today.

DU's - Still working on these but not bad.
SLDL - I wasn't sure what weight to go on these but the single warmup sets of 155# seemed alright. The 3&2 counts started to get tough the last set however it was managable.
HSPU - Pushed these out hard and used the 2 second headstand at the bottom to build energy for the drive to the top.

Trevor Salmon said...

Welcome Dawson. The post workout ratios are based on a number of factors such as the intensity of the exercises and bodyfat percentage.

rwcorson said...

Welcome to all you new Dawgs!

Pfeifalife said...

DU's: more like 7 minutes of practice and shin flogging. Just got Rouge jump ropes in and they are fast and thin and they really f'n hurt. so my timing is all over the place.
SLDL: 155# x 3 rounds (these started to get tough, mostly in my grip and then my lower back started to burn. still working on hamstring and hip flexibility)
HSPU: 4/3/3 (explosiveness was gone after first rep, tried to explode but reps kinda hot air ballooned up.
Ring K2E: 15 x 5 (Felt really good on the kip, abs feel wrecked though)

Evan said...

Did this am, and went easy as I was going to tonights CFC class to do wod 5 from the weekend

DU: 8 rounds, 2 failed in the high teens.
SLDL: 95# on all three. Hammies real tight
HSPU: 2/2/1 just all around terrible movement for me
K2E: 8 x 5 did on bar, just tried working on the kip

SteveC said...

Thanks for the answer Hixy. I have been doing CFFB for a while now, but I want to try these workouts. Have done a few of these and they were lots of fun.


DU: not so good at these so I just worked at them.
DL: 155#, a little tight from yesterdays CFFB but felt good
HSPU: 6,6,7

I don't have rings but hopefully will work something out when I am back at school in the fall.

I am also following Crossfitendurance a 2-3 times/week

Surrey Sterling said...

Hi all! I'm also new to the OPT Army! Been following Jame's blog for a long time and a .com'r for the past year. Time for a change since it is a new CF year! Been wanting to switch programming for a while now and the time is now!

Looking forward to meeting some new rockstar CF atheletes!

Need to get the cadence down. Here's how she went down this evening in my garage box.

DU's were pretty frustrating and I had the camcorder running with a dead battery. Cuss'in away with my wife coaching. Pretty funny!

DU's 4 complete sets
Failed @ 12,22,11,15,16,16,17

SLDL - 135-155-155 think I had the timing correct.

HSPU - One of my strong movements
7-6-3 My cadence was wrong so we won't count those.

Kippers 15x5 on rings!

Jefff said...

SLDL - 155,155,155
HSPU - 9,7,6

DUs - 5 complete rounds. Missed lots of reps in other rounds. Did DUs after SLDL & HSPU due to gym space in little globo I'm at tonight.

Kipping Ring K2Es - 5 x 15. 2 mins rest between sets.

unit said...

leighanne... it was my pleasure 2 meet both u and chloe!... thank u 4 making me feel so welcome!... I hope 2 c y'all again at some point, hopefully in the not so distant future!...
hixy... did u get my email?...

yesterday went on a 5.5 mile run...

loved todays wod...

du's - 8 complete sets (+21,22,21,19,15,17,19)

RDL (Romanian Dead Lifts) - 155... used double overhand grip and 4arms were feeling it
hspu - 5, 5, 5 (I could tell the cadence work is def needed)

ring k2e - 15,15,12,8,8 (this was the number that I kept dynamic, however I was able 2 stay on the rings 2 complete 15 reps each set... took 60sec rest bw sets...)

then 'cool down'
heavy calf raises / 225lb bp 5x5 w explosive intent...
1mile run + 100 bw squats


unit said...

oh... jump rope was w weighted handles (2.5lbs each)... am going 2 try and get a legit rope so I can stop barreling through the du's... feel that I lose the intent of quickness w the added weight...


Kathleen said...

DU's: 11 rounds [8 straight]; broke on 12th round with 15 secs left
DL: 95/115/115
HSPU: 2 blue bands on high bar at CFC 7/5/4
Rings: 10/15/15/15/13 [1st round rings too low; last round forearms were cooked]. Interspersed with Grant.

Welcome all new dawgs! Awesome to see you in the kennel Leighanne!

Grant said...

posted my comment last night but I don't see it today. Not sure what happened...
At CFC @ 6PM
DUs 10 rnds although Sifton was counting my reps at the same time & often got 5 fewer than me. As I tire I must be counting rope rotation & not jumps from the ground.

SL DL as RXd although I thought I grabbed 55# bumpers but I noticed after that they were 45#. So meant to do 155# but really only did 135#

HSPU 2/2/4 as Rxd. Wider hands is key for me here & figured this out on last round

KK2Es on rings as RX'd. Found them easier than K2Es on bar

Todd Dyer said...

double unders = 15 rounds
sldl 160lb./ hspu sets of 8
ktoe 5 sets of 15

Ross Blake (Aus) said...

DU's 7 rounds
SLDL @ 50kg
HSPU with orange and yellow power bands 4-4-3
K2E 15-15-15-10-10

PWF: Turkey breast 60g and banana 40g (Was going to only have 30g/20g but hadn't eaten for 6hrs and my next meal was not organised)

CrossFit HR said...

DU's - 16 rounds with heavy rope. Wrists/shoulders were limiting factor. Metcon felt strong

155 for SLDL
6/5/4 for 42X2 HSPUs (disappointed)

Kipping KTE-really strived to feel "clutch" at bottom to generate efficient hip drive on way up. Felt very much like second pull in Clean. Also worked on rhythm of breathing: "In" on way down, hold for kip, out at top.