pull and run

20 sec AMRAP touch and go Power Clean
Sprint Run 200 m @ 95%
rest 3 min
7 sets

choose a weight in which you can perform non stop reps of power cleans for 20 sec (no pause on ground or in rack position), when the 20 sec timer goes off, sprint run 200 m @ 95% effort
you choose the power clean weight for all 7 sets
ensure the sprint is powerful for entire 200m, focus on speed and form

total the reps lifted per round; add them all up x load used in kg x distance travelled in feet (measure distance of bar height when loaded with weight on ground to acromion @ shoulder joint in feet)
(i.e. 84 total lifts x 50kg x 5ft = 21,000 as score)
you cannot change weight once chosen for 1st round

post your score to comments as well as post workout fuel choice in exact amounts and choice


Pfeifalife said...

I am pumped for this wod. Don't really want to wait for my brother to do this one. You just made my day Coach!

PTS said...

86 reps x 56.7kg (125lbs) x 4.5ft = 21943. The sprints were difficult to say the least.

Post WOD fuel: - 1.5 scoops of Optimum Nutrition, Pro Complex Whey Protein, 1 cup milk, 1 banana, 1 cup blueberries= 52g P, 45g C.

I currently eat btw 22-25 blocks a day( Paleo with dairy) with 3x fat in an effort to add a bit of mass. If I am way off with this, please let me know.

Chad Action Brandt said...

YoungManRumble: tell your bro to drop by for a WOD, you as well when you come for visit. Sweet!

Geoff: your a funny guy..banjo haha and you can wash yourself in patchouli, while smoking a big chonger :-0

Garage Crossfitter said...

57 reps x 61.36kg x 4.33 = 15,144

Not sure but by the looks of things I may have done something wrong...i got 8 reps for 6 rds and then 9 reps for 1 round, that was moving full speed and runs were @ a 1:30 4oo/m pace. 135lbs was not difficult, but i am thinking I used the wrong weight due to low reps?

Garage Crossfitter said...

30p, 25c
1 jarrow shake with 1.5oz steak
3/4 cup applesauce

PTS said...

also did a heavy 3 rep DL at 365lbs.

dontpanic356 said...

Clean and jerk 90 % 1rm x 4 : 245 lbs

Weighted Pullups 5 sets of 3: 70, 70, 70, 70, 80

I was about to start today's Wod but got called into work....I'll pick it up tomorrow.

Evan J said...

75 reps x 52.16 kg (15lbs) x 4.4 = 17199.6

runs could have been faster, but was also dodging cars in the cfc parking lot. good pace and I believe a good weight for the reps I did, overall a fun wod still need to work on the pull in the powercleans though.

Sweeney said...

I like the looks of this one but I'm skipping the next few days of the Big Dawgs wods.

I have my Club Championships (golf) this weekend. Stiff legs and torn hands don't help the golf swing.

For the record, since starting Crossfit two years ago, my handicap has gone from a 5 to a 9; but my gut doesn't hang over my golf shorts... ;0p

unit said...

are u gonna start the crossfitgolf.com website?...

Brian Maier said...

Wow...Sweeney...a 5 handicap. That's awesome! Didn't realize hard core xfitter's had other talents....just kidding!

Ya, my handicap(16) has gone down a few strokes as well but on the brighter side, I'm hitting my 9 iron the same distance I used to hit my 8 iron so I've added some distance to my shots.

Sweeney said...

Ha, Crossfitgolf...I like that. I'll pitch it to John Daly, perhaps he can be the ambassador.

Maybe I'll bust out a few push-up burpees on the first teebox to see what kind of reaction I get from the boys.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Warmup: Joint mobility, scap stabilization work, wrist strength routine.
Handstand form drills, then some capoiera flow drills thru bridges, squats, and QDR positions.
Specific warmup: run form work, PC warmup.
WOD: 65 reps w/50kg; 5.16 ft= 16,790
Runs 200m slightly uphill. Times ranged from 38" to 44" I'm glad the weather finally cooled off today!
Finish with bridging, press headstand drills, and band work for the shoulder.

PWO: 30p/50c. Chicken, yams + applesauce, red drink. Taurine, magnesium, vit C, ALA.

I'm off to a strongman contest with an athlete of mine; hopefully I can squeeze in tomorrow's WOD.

SteveC said...

Power Cleans: 135 lbs=61 kg
Total reps: 72
Height: 4.75 ft


Did this one barefeet because the grass on the football field was all wet.

CDunkin said...

23,897.8: 90 reps @ 115, 5.08ft high

insufficient warm-up once again. speed on pc's increased throughout. Runs were consistent.

pow: 40p/30c refuel/dream whey.

CDunkin said...

that 115 should be 52.27kg.

Rory Hanlin said...
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Rory Hanlin said...

Warm up:
Hurdle agility drills
Sprint drills
Medball max effort throws
Clean Warm up

70 Reps x 75.4kg x 5.34ft= 28,184

Post WOD
Steak salad, banana

Rob Ottesen said...

Went rock climbing with Rory had a great workout with that. handled some 5.9s and 5.10s but strenght only goes so far we need to work on technique. As for this WOD coach you killed me today. i collapsed in a pile of exhaustion after this one.

70x65KGx5= 22750

post wod- 45g Protein/glut. then had an egg white flatbread, and then a chicken salad to top it off. just one of those days i needed to eat.

never posted this

6ft 215 not sure on BF now last check 8 months ago 10.5%

Bowser said...

Just got back from pounding this one out with Surrey, and Young man Rumble on the street in downtown Vancouver. Fun times!

I Choose a lighter weight (34 KG's) to maximize reps, perhaps should have gone heavier to maximize overall score, but oh well.

94 Reps * 34 Kgs * 4.55 inches = 14,541

I Had to re-calculate as I forgot to account for the distance from the floor to the bar, that alone took about 1,500 off my score.

Grant said...

8/8/8/9/9/9/10=61x43.1kgx5.5' (pulled this number out of my acromion-didn't measure the distance) =14,460.

Tough for me to move even a dowel faster than 10 reps with full range of movement from the ground to the acromion (I love this new word).
Ran hard up the OPT trench.

Chad Action Brandt said...

I am having a Mini Competition for my clients to help with the transition from Old gym to New Box. They looked like they were having so much fun I decided to join in.

OLD GYM WOD "Farewell WOD"
10 Rounds of Cindy for time:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

50-40-30-20-10 rep rounds for time
Double Unders
Sit-ups (abmat & anchored)

REST 8-10min

B.) Zone GRACE
30 rep Clean & Jerk for time


Day 1: Cindy = 5:58
Day 2: ANNIE = 4:56 PB
Day 2: Zone Grace = 2:39 Annie killed me!
TOTAL = 13:30

The new gym has some serious ENERGY, I love it. Great to hit a PB on 1st day in box!
All you dawgs "Come Get Some"!

Joel B. said...

63 repsX50kgX4.5'=14,175

No pauses, no slow down in PC's and ended up getting 9 reps on all sets. May have been able to move 5-10#'s more that fast and consistent. Oh well.
95% runs slowed a bit as got deeper in the sets. Guesstimate an average of no more than 45 secs for the runs with an out and back route.

Easy 500m row cool off after mostly catching my breath following the last set.

PWO fuel: 40g protein (grilled chicken breast, no oil); 40g carb (20g yam, 20g freshly picked blueberries). 72.5" tall, 160#'s...estimated 7-9%bf. waist/wrist/weight estimator says a touch lower, but I am skeptical.

funinthesun said...

79 reps, 2948kg(65lbs), 4 feet =9315.68

Still learning what weights to lift when...maybe could have been a little heavier.

Had a Geoff pancake after. Two eggs, shredded apple, 1/2 cup blueberries, cinnamon, cooked in coconut oil and a scoop of almond butter for desert.

Jefff said...

Am I the only one absoluely hurting from the previous 3 WODs? I can barely sit today let alone Power Clean and run. This should be fun!

rwcorson said...

50kgX77 repsX5.125'=19731.25
11 reps per rd, runs felt good, focused on lean & quick turn over.
PWO-30g dream whey/30g recoverite

Brian Maier said...


65 reps X 70.3kg X 5ft = 22,847.5

Didn't measure acromion so just estimated 5ft.

The runs were done outdoors. For those who aren't aware, Google has a mapping application that allows you to zero into your neighborhood and map out distances, literally to the meter. It will mark off any distance in english or metric units and you can pinpoint it right from your driveway. Just google "gmaps pedometer". Be sure to choose satellite image once you zoom in.

Jeffffff....yes, I am extremely sore from previous workout,specifically from those back squats. I spent a little longer warming up and stretching than normal because of it (40 mins).

PWO: 30g Recoverite and blended shake w/ 2 scoops whey protein, 1cup green machine, banana, 2 TBSP's Udo's oil, BCAA's and Glutamine. 1 1/2 hour later, I had a 3 egg scramble, with turkey breast,avocado, spinach and cheddar cheese + fish oil capsule

Gord said...

used 95 #..got 75 reps total. I think I may have been able to use slightly more weight, but talked myself out of it as I wanted to be able to touch ang go all reps every round. Runs were brutal after round 4. Couldn't find the tape measure at opt to give a score. Will figure it out later

Flemming ....I also am one sore dude. My right shoulder is still killing me from the press complex. Warm up well and 3.2.1 - go.

YoungManRumble said...

90reps x 41kg x 4.177 (height of the bar mid shin to my shoulder) = 15,413.13....

I made my best efforts to really gas it on the runs. We had a bit of an incline to deal with so this one hit home real good.

Thanks Sterling and Jeff for making it out for this one..

Paul said...

70 reps x 52kg x 5' = 18200

I hit 10 reps on all seven sets. I stayed moving for all 20 seconds each round.

Geoff Aucoin said...


Rhythm too slow on the 1st round (8 reps) then got 10/round for the next 5. I was feeling about 5 different types of wrong before this workout and that's the way I felt. Running was brutal up and down the trench, but that's a new distance for me.

And for all you math geniuses out there; I'm 6'4" so unless you're a lot taller than me then NO ONE'S distance is 5 feet. Measure from the bar to your acromion, dudes!

Funinthesun, who are you again and why are you eating my pancakes. I was really hungry today!

Paul said...

Thanks Geoff, I just assumed that acromion was somewhere at the top of my shoulder. I did a little web search and learned I was wrong.

After further review:

I am 6'2"

70 x 52kg x 4.2' = 16464 total score

Geoff Aucoin said...

Ha, speaking of math geniuses, I only did 6 rounds. I'm a complete jackass and I should have stayed in bed.

And this is actually Geoff speaking this time.

Joel B. said...

OK, so I just had my wife help me re-measure. I did it myself earlier and got 4.5 feet (54") from bar to acromion. It is actually 4.167, or 50" (I am 72.5" tall). So, my corrected total is:

63X50kgX4.167= 13,126.05

Regardless, the WOD smoked me. And, I too am sore from the last cycle.

Surrey Sterling said...

104reps x 34kg (75#) x 4.177 (bar at load height to shoulder)
= 14769.872

Went nice a light today as I'm with Jefff my body is beat down from the last couple. This was a good hit to loos'in shit up. Sprints were fast until round 7 when my tank was suck'in fumes.

rwcorson said...

I double checked the height of my acromion process with landmarking help from my wife. I had my shoes on, which I wore during the WOD & it was 60".
Geoff, you are 6'4", but you have a self admitted huge head, which may be @ least 24" in length, so do the math!

unit said...

6'0" 192lb. acromian-2-bar [a2b if I may] = 4.167

75reps x 84.09kg [185lb] x 4.167 = 26,280

round / reps / run [160m flat friggin indoor pentagon]
1. 11 / 28
2. 11 / 31
3. 11 / 34
4. 11 / 35
5. 11 / 33
6. 11 / 40 (ran in2 a wall)
7. 9 / 34

def sore from the previous cycle... did some c&j yest as well as muscle snatch (got 135 - pr!... finally learning 2 get under that frappin bar)...

nice work 2day Rory!...


Rory Hanlin said...

measuring screw up... minus bar height is four and change.

Oh, and I'm 6'3''. Not much shorter than you Geoff...

Jefff said...

Distance from LOADED bar to acromium = 53" = 4'3" = 4.4'

73 reps * 4.4' * 50kg = 16,060

Runs - :33,:33,:36,:39,:41,:41,:39

Jefff said...

I measured to top of shoulder. I guess thats not the acromium. I'm 5'10" or 5'11". Thats all I know.

rwcorson said...

I'm 3 days back & already I'm shooting my mouth off & diss'n G about his head 'n' shit.
I reread the r'x & of course I screwed up the measurement.
I didn't know crow tasted so good!

Laura said...

Gord: 75x43.2(95lbs)x 3.83= 12409

Laura: 78x 31.8( 70lbs)x 3.5= 8691

Brian Maier said...

I took the measurement this evening and acromion to bar is 54" = 4.5

My total is:
65 reps X 70.3kg(155 lbs) X 4.5 = 20,562.75

OPT said...

74 reps x 31kg x 4ft = 9176
post wod:
whey shake - 25 g and water
2 plums and fruit juice

Rob Sifton said...

I am not doing the WOD's from the Big Dawg's lately, I have to come and read the the soap opera we have involving Rob and GAucoin! It is priceless.
Makes me laugh lots!

I need a laugh after doing a 10K Row today, thanks to James. His programming is awesome even when it is not on the blog.

Kathleen said...

62 reps [8/9/9/9/9/9/9]
34kg [75#]
4.3 [measured myself and also compared to Jefff score]
How did eveyone get into the 70 + reps?? I don't think I could go any faster - I was moving pretty well for a 7:30am WOD

Pfeifdog said...

Shoulder and lat still sore for Tuesday and Wednesday. Spend about 25 to 30 minutes warming up.

70 reps x 61kg x 4.5ft = 19215

post wod:
Isopure whey shake - 30 g, water and
half an apple.

Scotty Hagnas said...

I am still torched from the last cycle, too. Didn't help that I did GH raises, not extensions on day 1. After a nice 4 1/2 car ride today, I could barely walk....

I will remeasure when I get home, also.

CDunkin said...

my measurement was off too. I'll check and get back.

unit said...

I didn't actually measure, but based on what people r saying the value of 4.167 (4ft 2in) for a 6'0" guy seems abt right...

Anonymous said...

Hi James

57 reps x 4.8ft x 52kg = 13976.6


Robin lyons said...


good sweat...cleans felt light but reps were tight and quick!

dontpanic356 said...

Some clean and jerk practice before hand.

54 reps
70 kilos
5.34 distance