no excuses

prep for travel
who can guess what fellow Big Dawger would have to do this numerous times per month?


Gord said...

I guess Jeff Flemming or Rob Sifton

Jefff said...

That has to be Sifton. Avocodo makes me sick. Just looking at it makes me uncomfortable.

Story of my life as well though. Eating cold chicken, veggies, and nuts in my dirty hotel room/camp trailer. Living the dream!!!!!

Leighanne said...

cool! for sure Rob Sifton... i can't imagine the food he sees consumed by other "non-prepared" pilots...

do you have a rower in the cockpit yet?

Grant said...


Geoff Aucoin said...

Aw man, I thought I'd be the bright one and guess Sifton but I got beat to the punch.

I'm going with Alvaro.

Flemming, don't bitch about avocados, they are wonderful.

Live, man, live.

Rob Ottesen said...

Hey if anyone has any good articles or would be willing
To share their knowledge please email me.
I always like reading what other people are doing.
Maybe even just some good recipes. thanks.
Nice kinda off day went for a jog. 30min at
7:45 pace. Hope everyone has a good day

Rob Sifton said...

I guess I should comment a bit.
This picture is for 4 days of work. It is only for
while I am in the plane and for breakfast in the
morning before departure. With limited refrigeration
you have to be selective on what you take.

The biggest pain is heading into the US with
restrictions on what is allowed. I sometimes have
food scattered all around the country picking it
up at different times. Thankfully very few pilots/flight attendants like Ostrich or Elk!
Leigh, I am lucky to get a rower in even a handful of hotels. I did see today a pilot carrying some rubber tubing and some Bi curls in cruise from Vegas today. So maybe I can Jerry rig something with that into a pseudo rower.

The most common question I get asked is how to pack on the road. You would think that since we have been flying for over 100 years someone could have figured it out before now. I guess that is my job!

Rob what topics are you wanting to read/hear about? Just in general or specific to one part of life? ie travel.
I see you are in the army and I hope that the rations that they afford you south of the 49th are better than north of it. My wife is in the Cdn Airforce and it is horrible what they make them try to perform on in regards to fuel.

Rob Ottesen said...

Just mainly general health. Thankfully I live off post
And get money extra for food so I have freedom to eat
What I want. Anything really ob the lines of the zone diets and paleo diet.
Things that work well for fellow crissfitters.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Good Calories Bad Calories
Detoxify or Die
In Defense of Food
Omnivores Dilemma
Deep Survival

Good reads!


Joel B. said...

A little about diet AND sleep is one I just read called Lights Out. Interesting read. Or, if you have kids, a more realistic one (depending on their age) is Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child (this one isn't really about diet). Great book.

I am a new guy around here, but I do all of the cooking around my casa. I'll shoot you a couple recipes. This time of year it is mostly grilled meat and fresh veggies, but I'll send you a fun paleo one or two.

Rob Ottesen said...

Thank you joel i appreciate it. I do eat well but i know i could refine it quite a bit. We have a Whole Foods Market about and hour and a half from my house i try to go up there for all my organic stuff. i really wanna find game meat but have failed in my quest so far. will have to stick with lean meats like chicken and fish. i still have a bad habbit from being a heavy lifter, to eat alot of protein. i drink milk alot and still eat cheese i know the paleo goes against this. but ill take what works from you guys and mold that into my own program here. im really open minded to anything.

rwcorson said...

That can't be Alvaro, there's no Subway in the photo.