OHS - find your 1RM, get there quickly; rest as needed b/t sets
rest 3 min
55% of 1RM OHS - 3 sets of 3; 1 min b/t sets
rest 1 min
70% of 1RM OHS - 4 sets of 2; 2 min b/t sets
rest 2 min
85% of 1RM OHS - 5 sets of 1; 3 min b/t sets
rest 3 min
30 sec db push press (30#/20#)/30 sec rest with arms locked out and DB's overhead x 3 sets for total reps; db's can NEVER rest below shoulder height once the first db push press is started; if you have to rest on shoulders in rest; note your rest

post OHS 1RM, weights and notes for OHS practice and total reps for OH DB intervals to comments

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/10g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/20g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/30g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30 g prot/10 g carb
12-14% - 30 g prot/20 g carb
below 12% - 30 g prot/30 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


Surrey Sterling said...

Very nice...Thanks Boss!

Garage Crossfitter said...

Dawg Pound-
How much weight should be used for barbell push press? 75?


Anonymous said...

To Unit and Rory Hanlin,
Wish you guys some wicked WODs this weekend! Can't wait to see your posts!
Have Fun,
Dr. V

Garage Crossfitter said...

OHS 1RM- 205(pr) Just missed 215
115 3x3
145 4x2
175 5x1 (wrists and shoulders toast at this point)

Mini Wod
Disaster- 32 reps but I racked weight on squat rack 3 times throughout the wod, i held first 30sec lockout the entire time, but the last 2 lockouts were broken by racking the weight, as my shoulders were GONE. big weakness of mine.

Garage Crossfitter said...

*used 75lbs for push press*

Gord said...

Jeff or Shelly Flemming...are you missing your OPT hoodie from the Cali trip. We have it if so

CDunkin said...

GC, I,m with you; big weakness of mine also.

Max: 225, 3x3:125, 4x2:160, 5x1:195

30#db/pp: 44reps, 3fails (1 in rd 1, and 2 in rd 3)

I'm going to fit this, or a variation of it, 2x/week.

pow: 40p dream whey/20c pear

I'll be looking for DJ on this one today.

Surrey Sterling said...


OHS PR - 187.5 felt very solid

Fraction as needed for the rest.

35# DB's

13-full rest overhead
7 - 15 seconds rest overhead
6- 12 seconds rest overhead

Bowser said...

158.4 PR very pleased.

30# DB's
10 - 5 Seconds rest overhead
9 - No rest over head, shoulders are done
8 - 5 seconds reast overhead

Geoff Aucoin said...

Worked up to 187 on the OHS but things were feeling off there (like at the Games) plus my wrist were smokin' so I stopped there and estimated a max of 200 so my #'s were 110, 140 & 170, all those sets were fine but I was feeling dragged out.

I got 45 reps in the db push press but my hands dropped below the shoulders after my 2nd rest interval. I didn't think I was going to hold on for the 2nd rest but I started thinking about Mike on his last few steps of the walking lunge and that kept me going.

Today I feel like I'm still in recovery mode.

YoungManRumble said...

YoungManRumble 5'10 - 168lb - 29yrs

OHS PR - 187.5 (90kg)a little wobble at the top...had trouble jerking the weight into overhead position. I know I can beat that. My wrists took a pounding. One of my goals is 15rep OHS at BW so this is a start!

30# DB's

12- full rest overhead
7 - full rest overhead
6- 5 second rest

Sterling and Bowser...good times this morning!

YoungManRumble said...

sorry 85kg

Gord said...

OHS - 171# (new PB) -Need to get stronger to reach goal of 15 reps of BWT (152)
Youngmanrumble -join the BWT OHS X 15 reps goal. So far it is you,me and Todd.

30# DB

1. 20 reps - full hold
2. 12 reps -1 breaks- 3sec
3. 7 reps- 1 break- 3sec

Shoulder done
Great energy tody @ OPT....thanks for the support on the DB gang

Laura said...

OHS -103(PB) moving closer to goal of BWT x 1

DB -20#
got 26 reps total
1st set of hold- 3 breaks.
switched to a 45#bar for holds as shoulder flexibility is a big problem..was able to not break on the last 2 sets

Leighanne said...

84#, wrist giving me grief (just didn't feel stable).

20# DB
1. 10 reps - 30 sec hold
2. 6 reps - 30 sec hold
3. 0 reps - was going to do 30 sec hold then heard i didn't need to so dropped the db's... talked to James after and was supposed to end with a 30 sec hold... will hold Hannah about my head for 30 sec later!

Chad Action Brandt said...

OHS 1RM = 185 felt easy, but was runnung short on time.
55% = 105lbs 3x3reps
70% = 130lbs 4x2reps
85% = 157lbs 3x1rep
Scatter brain today:
did 30/28/27 reps holding with front rack = 85

James, Geoff & Gord I can't make it up this weekend. I have a family emergency back in B.C. to attend to. I will catch up with you guys another time.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Well I screwed that one up; I didn't end the push press set with a final hold. It didn't make sense to me to do finish with a 'rest' so I just dumped the db's after I finished the last set of push press.

Sorry Leighanne, my bad!

Leighanne said...

no worries G, my shoulders and grip say thank-you!

revision to my post... got 94# for 1 rm not 84#... geeze my math needs to get better.

Rory Hanlin said...

OHS 1RM: 315

Total DB Push Press: 71

Used 25lb DBs, don't have 30's. Didn't have to rest on shoulders

Unit is in town. We are going to be kicking it in the Anvil (AKA my garage gym)
Looking forward to some good training this weekend.

Surrey Sterling said...

Mr. Hanlin that is sick! Are you sure you typed that correct? 315! HolyS@$T!

Scotty Hagnas said...

OHS - up to 165, probably had a little more, but my shoulders felt off. Haven't OH squatted much since focusing on gymnastic strength for a while; I guess I have some more issues to work on.
140x1x1x1 (running short on time)
Push press fun: 42 reps, made the first 2 holds, had to rest the first 10" on the third, but then got the final 20".

PWO: Sweet potato and tuna 40p/30c


I use a wide variety of routines, but what I have been doing recently are the routines from my good friend Ido Portal. I do these with some modifications to hit some other personal trouble areas.

Shoulder: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YHIV4a81Os&feature=related

Squat mobility: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPwG2hqnOx0

SteveC said...

OHS- went up to 185. Could have done more though had I been able to not have to stack the weight back on the squat rack.

DB: 31+27+25=83

CDunkin said...

unit or scotty- attempted a cf endurance interval today at lunch consisting of 10x100 sprints w/ 90sec rest b/t. half way through 4th i felt a slight pull in the right hammie. I've been icing for 20min/ hour. Anything else I should be doing?

first sprints in a long time. went 14/14/13, and was feeling pretty good.

Chantal said...

Yeah-got to do this with the incredible Stacey D at CFC-
we did the same max to 100-she is still recovering and my shoulder is sore from rope climbs and I didnt want to kill myself priot to gymnastics cert-it also made the math really easy (with no sleep I am not as smart as I used to be)
55 lb set easy
70 lbs set easy
85 lbs set easy
PPress 30s/30s rest (rest with db on shoulders)
Stacey 26 22 and 20 total 68
Chantal 22 19 and 18 total 60

So Todd and Gord-interested in your bodyweight OHS contest...what is date and are we each going to throw in some cash to make it interesting???

PTS said...

OH is large weakness
used the mickey mouse barbell set I have at the lake and worked up to a 135lb. Also had to clean and jerk the weight or snatch it up.

75lbs,95lbs and 115lbs, all went ok.

db workout- 32 reps
holds were 20 secs 15secs and 20 secs. always glad to work weaknesses though. shoulders and grip will be sore after waterskiing, and wakeboarding.

Surrey Sterling said...

Another video from today's OHS Wod.


Garage Crossfitter said...

I just checked out Ido's blog and his workouts...holy sh*t, those movements are hard, i can barely do the beginner movements....and ive been crossfitting for 4 years....insane stuff....

what crossfit benefits do you find by doing his workouts?

Rob Ottesen said...

I felt pretty off balance in the begin only got 160lbs at first.
So it was 88,115, 135. I got really irritated and ended up doing
205 could have gone higher but balance outta wack.
For the DB 63 reps never set them down.
The army is killing me w their pt throwing me off. This week was all
Legs so rory and unit it may be a bad day tomorrow but looking forward
To it. I also was able to do bubkas fairly well. Till tomorrow
A bientot.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Uh oh, Chris. I hope it's not too bad. I have several thoughts here.
1) A good friend and trainer here did the exact same thing, on the exact same workout. (he had his pull on the last 25m of his 10th sprint, and crashed to the ground hard) He used this protocol with very good results: http://www.strengthmill.net/forum/showthread.php?t=309&highlight=hamstring+pull
2) You can accelerate the healing process with an aggressive supplement protocol for 1 week:
• Wobenzyme - take hourly for the first week (eats excessive scar tissue)
• 30g fish oil
• 2g taurine, 3xday
• 2g carnosine, 3xday
• 600mg curcumin, 3xday
Poliquin recommends this protocol post surgery or tissue injury. I have had several clients and friends use it with very good results.

Good luck!

Joel B. said...

OHS 1RM: 185
PR...which is great because I felt fried after the rowing yesterday morning and o-lifting class last night.


Started the OH DB intervals with a 25 and a 5# DB in each hand and tossed the 5's after the first round and rest locked out.

No rest first round
15s rest on shoulders 2nd round
10s rest on shoulders 3rd round

45 total reps.

Weighed in at 155 post WOD, then yams, cherries and some chicken for fuel.

Katrina Burton said...

Dawgs meeting Chad tomorrow: he will be unable to make it. He has a family emergency in BC. He says he'll catch up another time.
Also wanted me to tell you all that CF lethbridge is moving into a sweet new 5000 square foot facility. You are all welcome to come down for a visit when we open at the beginning of August.

Scotty Hagnas said...


Also, get to an ART practitioner in the next few days.

Gord said...

hey Chantal ..No date as of yet on the OHS goal. My hope is by Christmas...that may be a little optomistic. no cash involed as it really is not a race more of pushing each other.(I am scottish...only bet on sure things -like the leafs winning the cup before I die)

Rory - 315 # is out of this world.
Unit - I finally watched your k to E workout today...very impressive.

CDunkin said...

Thanks Scotty. I'll do it.

Todd Dyer said...

max 200 lb for 2 reps got it Gord
everything else done
db push press 40 total reps no breaks on the three holds complete lock out surprised myself

Paul said...

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to bring the weight down from an OHS? I have this horrible fear that I am going to smash my neck and it hurts my shoulders like mad to slowly lower it. I am lucky enough to have a platform and bumpers so I end up just dropping it, even if its 100lbs. I see guys in videos do it all the time and they make it look so easy.

WOD Results:
195 1RM

110, 140, 170 for OHS

30, 27, 23 for the DB Push Press. All rest above shoulders. However, I'm in the same boat as Geoff Aucoin, I didn't hold after the last set. I just dropped the weights. Even though it makes perfect sense, for some reason it never even occurred to me to hold after the third set.

Evan J said...

1 RM 175lbs (PR). Felt like I had more in the tank but with a newly recovered shoulder I didn't want to overdo it, especially with the amount of OHS still remaining.

97lbs, 135lbs, 150lbs, *last group only did 2 sets of 1 as I was running out of time and had to get to work.

db push press total of 60 reps. Like others, however had a tough time resting at the top and last one just dropped them. Thanks a lot Chantal and Stacy for the push! Great work today!!

N.H said...

184.4lbs this morning, 72"

Blocks: 3C,5P,5F@4x Meal about 3 hours before workout.

Overhead Squat: 265
55%: 145
70%: 185
85%: 225

All solid reps. Might've been able to get 275 for 1, but was happy with that PR.

50 reps total on dumbell PP, with about 15seconds of rest dispersed between the sets.
29 first set, 12 second set, 9 third set... BURNED!! Keeping it overhead was mentally tough, I was staring at the seconds as they ticked by so slowly. :)

PW : 5P, 3C (chicken and dried mangos)

James has been helping me dial in my diet and I really appreciate it. I'm excited to see what happens over the next few weeks! Thanks Coach!


unit said...

first off it's awesome 2 wod w Rory again in the anvil!... 4 his oh squat wod was impressive 2 watch... he got 295 easy... looked like he could have repped out one or 2 more... failed his first attempt at 315, the we got his a$$ pumped and pissed and he crushed it!... wish I would have recorded it!...

second... gord, Rory and I r joining u on ur quest 2 oh squat bw x 15 (Rory 225, myself 190)...

cdunkin - sounds like u pulled/strained ur hammy bc 'haven't done it in a long time'... that wod u did is something that I made sure I was able 2 do bc I built up 2 it... fully recommend that if u (plural) haven't sprinted in awhile 2 build up 2 90-100%... in addition 2 nutrient supplimentation, ice 20min three times a day should suffice, along with resting ur hammy... rom/pt would also b beneficial... is it bruised?... bc if there is active bruising it can b a clue as 2 whether or not this may b a bad tear... let me know...

as 4 the wod...
max 205
4 req reps... 135 / 155 / 185... did 60sec rest until sets of 1 w/ 185, then took 90 sec...

db pp... used 25lb dbs... 101 reps (38/34/29) w full 30 extension first 2 rest periods... after the last rep I dropped the weights as shoulders couldn't take anymore...


Ali Jansen said...

Today's lesson learned.....
Do your workout BEFORE work so that you don't have to jealously watch others workout for your 8 hour shift even if they are doing lateral raises and leg curls. I spent the entire day watching the clock waiting for my turn to workout :o)

OHS 1RM - 140 (8# away from BW)- I was hoping for 150 but I just can't get the weight overhead. I tried 150 once and failed so I striped the bar back to 130, got it easy, and then did 140. Decided I should just go with that for today since I nearly lost it in the bottom.
I've diagnosed my 3 problems as;
1.My grip was too far apart.
2. I jumped from 130# to 150#....shouldn't have done such a big jump in weight.
3. I wasn't focused.

77# - easy
98# - easy
120# - not as easy on the last 2 sets

DB Push Press
24-rested 10 sec
11-rested the full 30 sec
14-rested 10 sec
*this part was harder than I thought it would be.

Brent Maier said...

OHx1: 105kg (231#) New PR by 33#
55% 3x3: 60kg (132#)
70% 4x2: 75kg (165#)
85% 5x1: 90kg (198#)
DB PP: 78 (33/30/15) First two 30s breaks held at full extension. Last one required a 10 second shoulder rest and then finished it out overhead, crying like a little girl too I might add.

OHS Max) Failed once on the 131# because of lack of determination to drive under it. A little self motivation and a 3 minute rest is all I needed to get the next one up. Solid and a new PR!

OHS rounds) Rounded all the weights up to the nearest 5kg.

DB PP) We did a similar one to this several months ago with DB's and handstands. I was amazed how easy the presses were after holding your arms above your head in such agony. The rest is the worst part about this one.

This workout gets a * in my log. Fantastic workout. I needed this!

Leighanne said...

nice work Ali! wow!

David X said...

Ohs: 175#. I was pissed that I couldn't manage my snatch to control 195# for a true PR. I was too taxed too try 185#.

3x3: 95
4x2: 125
5x1: 150

DB push press: 45 reps. I wAs extremely lucky I didn't clobber myself with those weights overhead.

Jefff said...

OHS 1RM - 195#

3 Sets/3 Reps @ 110#
4 sets/2 Reps @ 135#
5 Sets/1 Rep @ 165#

Push press - 40 reps. Dropped DBs twice. Shoulders were done.

Brian Maier said...

Sh$t Rory...you are a beast! Very impressive.

Dealing with a meniscus issue the last 2 weeks so had to lighten up the OHS today.

Worked up to 135# but knee started bothering me so stopped there.

3 X 10 @ 75#
4 X 5 @ 95#
5 X 5 @ 115#

DB Push Press - 75 reps (30/20/25)

First 30 sec break was held at full extension. Second and third break was held above shoulder but not at full extension. The hardest part of this workout was the 30sec rest periods. I looked forward to beginning the reps each round. Tried to pace myself round 2 and left some in the tank for round 3.

After watching Unit's k2e video, it inspired me to do 100 k2e's and 100 pushups post WOD.

Pfeifalife said...

WU: rowing, dynamic stretching, joint mobility, shoulder dislocates, then pvc and bar warmups on OH squat

275 1RM, felt strong, but haven't done these in awhile and still wasn't quite in the grove.

Rest of OH Squat wod went ok and weights felt good (151,192,233) rested as rx'd

the shoulder press wod ended up being failure. tried to make 30# dbs out of 20# dbs w/ a 10# plate strapped to them. This turned out interfering with ROM and was cutting off the circulation to my thumbs which was causing bad cramps. had to drop weights after 2nd round due to hands. spent 30 secs readjusting and then finished. big pain in my ass, should have just used the 20#'s on their own. 12/11/13. Might bring the 20#'s in and re-do that last part just for mental sanity, need to make up for that.

pwf: 40g isopure protein, 10g flour tortilla as there is nothing to eat in my brothers house.

rolled and stretched

Grant said...

worked up to 175# OHS. Prev PB 185#
96# 3 sets of 3
125# 4 sets of 2
154# 5 sets of 1
Both shoulders still sore from HSPUs on Tuesday

DB PP & hold
25 rep's
full 30 sec hold
11 rep's
17 sec hold
12 rep's
10 sec hold & then 15 sec hold
Hell'ish. Congrat's Kathleen on doing the whole WOD as Rx'd

Kathleen said...

Nothing like being thelast to post:

OHS worked from 80/88/93/98/103/108/113/118f
DB push press:
Held on for the 30 secs of holds X 3 sets, although the form was in the toilet - big back curve - here's to the weekend!

Robin L said...

OHS- 95,110,120,130,140PR
55%- 80lb (easy)
70%- 100lb (easy)
85%- 120lb Did not do...limited time, wanted to get shoulder work in.

DB Overhead #20/45 reps
held the first 30sec hold, split the 2nd hold at 15sec, lowered DBs on final rest period

Doug Zirkle said...


Thanks for the thoughts and the links to Ido's videos. Interesting stuff. I just subscribed to his blog. FWIW, I tried the squat clinic routine before the WO today; it made a noticeable difference. Thanks again!


Mike Cundiff said...

OHS 1rm...225

weights as followed for percentages


Had to bring down weights after 2nd round. this was much harder than expected.